*~*~*New York*~*~*

Danny was walking into his house thru the door that connects to the Marauder Mansion when his cell phone started ringing. Danny looked at his phone to see Mac was calling him.

"Hey Mac I am at my apartment can you call everyone and have them come over a to bring a bag with some clothes we might be gone for a couple of days I promise to tell you guys everything when you all get here." Danny said as he walked in to his room and started packing clothes.

"Ok but you have to call Lindsay she has been going crazy since you left. Flack and Stella have been trying to calm her down. I will call and tell them that we are going and inform the lab we are going to be gone for a couple of days." Mac said over the phone Danny could him moving around his apartment.

"Ok Mac see you soon." With that Danny hung up and called Lindsay. When she picked up he had to pull the phone away from his ear cause she was shouting at him.


"Linds calm down I am fine. Where are you right now?"

"I am at my apartment when you disappeared everyone started going crazy and Mac told us all to leave and go home." She said a little calmer this time.

"Ok can you pack a bag for a couple of days and come to my apartment. I need to tell you guys something and we will be gone for a few days. I already called Mac and he is calling everyone else you guys will meat the rest of my family." Danny said as he finished packing his stuff and set it all by the door to the manor.

"Ok I will be there soon." With that she hung up and Danny went back to setting his place in order since he would be gone for a while. 15 minutes later there was a nock at his door as he opened it there stood Hawks and Flack with bags over there shoulder.

"Hey man Mac said we had to get here as soon as we packed clothes for a week. What happened to you back at my place?" Flack said as Danny took there bag and put them with his.

"I will let you guys know as soon as everyone gets here." Danny said. About 5 minutes later there was another nock on his door. Flack who was closest opened is to see Mac, Stella and Adam.

"Hey guys, the only one we are missing is Lindsay, then he said he will explain everything." Danny walked over to them all and grabbed there bag to put it with the rest. Mac walked over to talk to Danny while Flack, Stella and Adam talked with Hawks. They where waiting for another 5 minutes before Lindsay showed up. After all the bag's where together and they where all sitting around his living room did he tell them all that happed happened when he was smaller and how he meet the Marauder.

"So after Harry's Uncle tried to kill him. His aunt gave him the box Sirius left for him telling about us." Danny Said and looked around the room to see everyone's reacting. Lindsay and Stella looked like they wanted to just start crying. While All the guy's looked like they wanted to throw Vernon behind bars for the rest of his live.

"Danny are we going to meet Harry and if so how are we getting there." Mac asked after they calmed down.

"Yes we are going now it has been almost on hour since I left, the others might be there already." Danny walked up to the door leading to the Marauder Mansion. "Grab your bags and follow me." He opened the door and Mac and Flack walked over to him. Lindsay and Stella still looked upset so Adam grabbed their back along with his own. One by one they walked thro the door into the foray when Adam come out of the door it shut by itself and two other ones opened showing Tony and his team and Greg and his.

"Guys perfect time huh." Tony asked as they all go to the middle. When they started to make introductions the door into the family room opened and showed Remus with blood still on his shirt.

"Guys we have a problem."

Sorry for the long wait been some problems with my family plus a big writers blog the next two chapters will be way easy to write and will be up soon. (Sorry for the spelling and grammer mistaked when i have more up will have my friend halep me wi that.)

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