so as I sit home alone on a sunday morning at 11:19am I become filled with this nagging sense to write. now I do have a storyboard to draw for photography with over 50 frames to draw, due on tuesday. so as I get out my awsumm DVD I watch The Witchfinder as I do it. some of you may know that Gaius is not exactly my favourite fact I possibly even HATE him - though his creepy eyebrow of doom is kinda a bit cool. so I think to myself. dude, Ima kill him off.
so a what would happen if for The Witchfinder. if Merlin and Gwen couldnt save Gaius in time..

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Chapter One.

Gwen fidgeted near the window, watching as the sun rose eerily. I was as if today, it travelled up the sky faster than any oter day. "Come on, Merlin..." she whispered. She could only imagine the thoughts running through Gaius' mind. Fear? Betrayal? Disappointment? Abandonment?

Merlin busts through the door, breaking her thoughts. "Merlin! Where have you been?"

"It's done," a small light of triumph in his eyes. "Everything's in place."

"But it's too late, Gaius has already left the dungeons."

Merlin shook his head. No, Gaius was not going to die. "Then...then we'll have to delay the execution."


"Arthur, I'll speak to Arthur."

"No." They only had one chance at this. "Leave Arthur to me."

They sprinted out the door. Blood pumped through Merlin's head - he was panicking.

They reached the square. Gwen pushed through the crowd, not taking care of anyone else, her only thought to get to Arthur.

Gaius was already tied tightly to the stake. Aredian already had the lit torch the the surrounding wood.

It spluttered dangerously as it caught fire.

"Arthur! Arthur!" Gwen called out. "Arthur, you've got to stop this."

"I can't, Gwen. You know I can't"

Aredian stepped back, his job of lighting the fire, done.

"Merlin has proof that Gaius is innocent!"

"My father has already passed sentence, there's nothing I can do."

The flames spread fast. Too fast. They had already reached the old man's feet...

Then Gwen got angry. "You can do the right thing Arthur Pendragon (A/N lolz. does anyone else simply LOVE how she says 'Arthur Pendragon' ;D). You can show some faith in a loyal friend, or oyu can stand by and watch an innocent man die!"


Gaius cried out.

"You did it once before to my father, are you really willing to let it happen again?"

"Gaius!" Merlin screamed out, he could not stand this. He jumped forward ready to jump into the flames and save Gaius if he had to but a guard stopped him from proceeding. "Let me through!" he struggled. "Let me through, I have to save him! Gaius!" Tears streamed down his face. He continued sturggling until he broke free of the guard. He ran forward, feeling the magic build up inside himself... He felt his eyes burning... He raised his hand...

The guard ran forward and punched Merlin a good one in the jaw. The young warlock was thrown to the ground. He grunted as the guard kicked him in the stomach for good measure.

He lay at the guards feet, dazed. Vaguely he heard Gaius' voice, "Stay safe, Merlin! Don't do anything stupid...I love you boy!"

He just lay there sobbing uncontrollably as his mentor drew his last, final breath...

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