"Hand in your reports, class." my teacher, Misaki says.

I stare at her blankly and raised my hand halfway.

"Yes, Aiko?" she stares at me.

"What report?" I question. She sighed.

" The one that you had to write about a poem."

I blink.

She sighed and said "Well, you were absent, but didn't Ayaori give you the homework?"

I stared right at her.

It wasn't her fault.

It wasn't her fault that she didn't know me and Ayaori were avoiding each other.

It wasn't her fault.

"Would Aiko Fumiko please report to the main office with her belongings." the loud speaker announced.

I picked up my belongings and waved good bye to the teacher for the last time.

Because I would be going to America.

Peacocks Company was pretty large now.

Shacho stretched the company all the way to America.

Its great isn't it.

But he has to send some of his best actors there.

So me, Narasaki-sama and Kaname-san are going.

The boss there is, god, Fujumaru's dad.

Who knew he had the 'eyes' also?

We aren't suppose to tell anyone we're leaving.

Its sad but…

Its for our own good.

Me and Shacho walk out the school door.

Yep, Shacho came to pick me up.

There's a black car waiting for me out there.

Narazaki and Kaname are already there.

"Well, here you are, have fun!" Shacho closed the door.

Who knew that it would be 5 years before we would see him again.

5 years later…


"Yes Fujumaru-san?" Ryou turned around.

"They're coming back!"


Everyone rushes to the door

And was blinded by flashing light.

-Clap, clap-

Everyone looked at Shacho.

"Everyone please welcome back our stars, Aiko, Narazaki and Kaname!"

Many people started clapping.

"Please say a few words." Shacho step upside.

The first one to speak was Narazaki.

He was wearing a t-shirt that said 'ROCK ON' and a pair of jeans and converse.

He changed a lot.

He cut his hair shorter and dyed it silver and was taller and stronger.

Also a flirt.

"Hello everyone. I am very glad to be back with the Peacock company. I am very please to inform that I will be staying at Peacock for the rest of my acting career." Narazaki smirked and stepped back.

Next was Kaname.

He was wearing a green turtleneck sweater with a pair of jeans and nikes.

He changed also.

His hair grew up to his shoulder and he was taller.

"Hi, I'm back and will be staying here. Please make me feel comfortable." Kaname scuffed his nikes together.

Finally it was Aiko.

Boy did she change.

She was wearing a black hat, white tank top that reached right above her belly and black pants with a orange belt. she had orange sandals on.

It was her appearance that changed.

She had short black hair and green eyes.

" um, hey. I'm back and I need sleep so yeah…." she said awkwardly yet so cutely.

"KAWAII!" the fans yelled.

"Oh! Its our fans, Kaname-san!" Aiko waved at the fans.

"Uh, yeah.."


" Just to tell you guys, me and Kaname-san broke up." Aiko said.



"Aiko, I am sooo glad your back!" Yukairi said.

Aiko smiled sadly and said "I have surprising news.."

"Hmmm?" Ryou, Yukairi and Ayaori looked at her.

" I have a child…"



"She's 5 years old. She will be here any sec-"


"Hi, sweetie! Say hi to auntie and uncle!"

"HI! I'm 5 years old and know alots of languages! My mommy is Aiko and my daddy is…." she looked around the room.

" DADDY!" she ran into …Ayaori's arms?

"Daddy! Mommy and me missed you! I really missed you!"

"Her names Ayame." Aiko smiled.

Ryou and Yukari thought and finally got it through their minds.



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