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Where we left off:

Ryou and Yukari thought and finally got it through their minds.



There was going to be A LOT of explaining to do…

"Please do explain." Yukari glared at them.

"Easy." Aiko said, "we got drunk and did it."

…. Yukari stared at them.

"You have got to be KIDDING ME!" Ryou shouted.

"Happens all the time." Ayaori said simply.

-Ding dong-

"I will get it!" Ayame ran to the door with Yukari following her.

"HI!" a high pitched voice squealed, leaving Yukari deaf for 18 minutes.

"Um, my names Miku Chen and this is my best friend, Nina Tsugari. She's just a real big fan of Yukari-chan and I'm really sorry that Nina made her deaf for a while!" Miku explained.

Aiko nodded and said "Your rooms are over at the left corner."

Miku and Nina turned the corner and went into their rooms.

" They're staying?" Ayaori asked.

"Yes, Luna is the babysitter for Ayame and Miku is a maid I hired plus they work with me." Aiko said.

" Wait! Do you mean… those are the new actors/singers?" Yukari exclaimed.

"Yes," A voice mumbled.

" We are actually, Amy Hoshino and Luna Tsukiyomi!" they shouted.

"Also known as my best friends!" Aiko wrapped her arms around her friends neck.

"Can we meet the other people now?" Luna asked.

"NO!" Amy shouted.

"Why?" Yukari asked.

"Because I am the only one who is single…" Amy blushed.

"EH?" Yukari gasped.

"Luna eloped some guy name Ikuto Tsukiyomi. He is also a new actor."

"Well, lets just go!" Luna pulled Amy out to the doorway.

But then..


Luna slammed the door in front of Amy's face.

"She deserved that, now lets eat dinner." Luna smirked.

Everyone just shrugged.

Amy sighed again.

She was sitting on a bench eating bread.

She sighed again.

She was being eyed by many boys.

Of course though.

She was wearing a dress that was pretty short.

Her silver hair stands out too.


She looked up and saw the last person she wanted to see.

Aiko's ex.

Aka Kaname.

" What do you want." she growled.

"Hey! Is that how you treat your fiancée?" Amy wince at the word fiancée.

In America, after Aiko and Kaname broke up(Because she was pregnant) her father arranged a marriage for her without her permission.

And of all people, it had to be him.

No one outside of the families knew.

"Get away from me!" Amy stood up and began to walk away.

But then she got pulled back and the next thing you know , Kaname was carrying her in bridal style.

"Let me go!" Amy demanded.

"Not now my princess." He smirked as he went towards the elevator.

Amy groaned.

It happened last time.

He gonna make her clean up his room.

But boy was she WRONG!


"Shouldn't you call Amy back, Nina?" Yukari asked her.

"Um-" Nina was interrupted by Ayame.

"MOMMY! DADDY!" Ayame came running towards them.

"Hmm?" they both looked at their daughter.

"Amy-nii-san was carried into Kaname-san's room!"

Everyone stared at her.

"Should we?" Ryou asked.

"Nah." Aiko said and went back into looking at the wedding dress magazine.

Nina smirked.

Amy was sooooo gonna kill her.



Kaname threw Amy on his hotel bed and locked the door.

Amy looked around, noticing that his room was clean.

"Why did you-" Amy was cut off with Kaname kissing her.

"Mmph-mmm!" Amy tried pushing him off of her.

"You know you want me." Kaname smirked unbuttoning his shirt.

Amy bit her lip, blushing.

"N-n-n-no, I- I d-d-don't." Amy stuttered.

"Tsk,tsk." Kaname smirked.

That is when they both lost their virginity.( I'm inexperienced and not a pervert!)


The next morning.

"Good morning!" Nina cheered.

"Nina, where's Amy?" Yukari asked.

"Don't know…" Nina smirked.


"Coming!~" Ayame sang.

But once she opened the door…



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