As you can expect, I couldn't think straight on my midterm that day. Nor was I able to concentrate on studying the night before. I tried not to think about him or his implication that I would probably be seeing him again tonight, but it was seemingly impossible.

The last thing I needed was to get my hopes up, but that was certainly the direction I was headed in. So he stays another night, maybe even two extra nights, he was still going to leave at some point – sometime soon.

And who was I to think that he didn't act that way around [i]every[/i] girl he met on his business trips? Of course he did. It was probably a means of entertaining himself – better than sitting in his hotel room alone.

I continued to talk myself out of it until I saw him again that night.

"Boo," he said, sneaking up from behind me.

The glass cup I was drying off flew into the air and crashed onto the floor of the bar. "Jesus!" I shrieked.

I turned around to see Rob, glass in hand. Thank god for the rubber mats covering the ground. "Sorry," he chuckled, placing the glass on the counter. "I didn't mean to frighten you."

"Yeah," I exhaled. "Well, you did." I shoved my bangs behind my ear, a nervous habit of mine.

"Turns out I'm staying throughout the weekend," he stated. "I called my agent and moved back everything in my schedule until after the weekend."

I nodded, unsure of what to say. "That's great."

"How's your head feeling today?" he smirked.

I smiled. "It's fine. Thanks for asking."

"That's too bad. Now we don't have an excuse to use the jacuzzi," he replied glumly.

"It's a beautiful night. I think that's a good enough reason to use it," I said, surprised by my forwardness.

He nodded, pleased. "So I'll see you there at midnight."

"I'll see you then."

I arrived back at the inn with five minutes to spare. Sitting in my apartment was torture, as I constantly checked the time on the clock. Not even Chelsea Lately could make the time go by faster.

Eventually, I decided to take a quick shower, not because I smelled, but because I wanted to make sure every last part of my body was shaven until silky smooth. You know, just in case.

I didn't even bother blow-drying my hair, that would be pointless. My attire consisted of a white bandeau bikini (.com/beach-swim/ruffle-and-lace-bandeau-bikini/), an oversized grey sweatshirt, black leggings, and a pair of Ugg boots. I silently thanked myself for it not being that time of the month (white bathing suit would be way worse than white pants) and headed out the door.

I took my time walking through the marshland towards Rob's room. When I reached the deck, I kicked off my boots and stripped down to my suit. I checked my phone one last time before entering the spa. It was two minutes after twelve.

I ducked my head under the steaming water, noticing Rob walking towards the deck when I reached the surface and opened my eyes. Trying to find a relaxed position, I leaned my back against the wall of the jacuzzi and spread my arms in either direction.

"Sorry," he immediately apologized for being late. "I had to wait for the wine being delivered to my room," he explained, holding up two glasses and a bottle. "I hope you like white wine."

"Love it," I replied.

He unzipped his black sweatshirt and tossed it over my pile of clothes. "These your boots?" he questioned, eyeing my Uggs.

"Yeah, why?"

"I despise those things. They look horrible," he laughed, climbing into the water next to me.

I moved my arms back down as I admired his toned body entering the spa. "You can't hate them until you've put a pair on," I told him. "Despite their ugliness, I guarantee no pair of shoes has ever kept your feet so cozy and warm."

"I don't think those shoes are meant for men, but as long as you don't wear them out in public I suppose they are all right," he commented as he poured us each a glass of Sauvignon Blanc. "Cheers."

"Cheers," I mimicked.

After a few moments of silence, Rob spoke up. "Where are you from?"

"What makes you think I'm not from here?" I asked.

He shrugged. "You don't have that southern drawl," he said in his best southern accent.

"You caught me," my smile mirrored his. "I'm from California. LA to be exact."

"Wow," he processed the information I just gave him.

"You look surprised," I noted, taking another sip from my glass.

"I am," he said, pouring us each another glass to finish off the bottle. "That's one of the last places I would have guessed."

"Well, I grew up there my entire life. I moved here only a month ago to go to school."

"You must be in culture shock. Charleston and LA are completely different. Here, it's quiet and beautiful, so refreshing. It's like Hollywood doesn't even exist out here." He lowered himself down so his head rested against the back of the jacuzzi.

"Exactly," I replied. "I remember when all I wanted was to have this glamorous job like those ones they show on TV, but when I'm here I wonder why I ever wanted that at all."

He simply nodded, but it was enough to recognize that he agreed with me.

"You know what my favorite part of this place is?"

"What?" he asked, genuinely interested.

"This…" I pushed my hands against the surface of the water, causing a splash that hit Rob directly in the face.

His hands wiped the excess water from his face. "What the hell was that for?" he snorted.

I shrugged, squealing a bit of satisfaction. That is, until a wave of hot water hit [i]me[/i] in the face.

"Ugh!" I laughed. "It's on."

The splashing only lasted a few minutes until he dunked me under the water. He wrapped one arm around me and his other pushed down the top of my head until I was submerged underwater. When I reached the surface once again, I gasped for breath and reached my arms out trying to find the edge of the jacuzzi to hold onto. Only, I didn't find the side. I found Rob. When I opened my eyes, I realized my hands were on his chest and my body was only a few millimeters away from his.

There was an stillness between us and neither of us budged.

"Your hands are pruney," he laughed and I, embarrassed, instantly removed them from his skin. "Come on, let's get out before the rest of you shrivels up."

I followed him out of the spa, quickly realizing that we both forgot towels. The cold air was shock to my skin after being in the warm water for so long.

"Shit," Rob murmured when he became aware of the problem.

I stood in the darkness shivering until my entire body felt as though it was covered in goose bumps. So much for shaving.

"Come on, grab your stuff," Rob instructed and bolted off the steps of the deck towards his room. I sprinted in behind him, entering his room out of breath, my lungs burning in my chest from the cold air I breathed in.

Rob tossed me a towel and dried himself off with another.

I glanced around the room, noticing that everything seemed untouched. His suitcase was beside his bed strewn open with a few pieces of clothing hanging out. "It's already past 2 o'clock?" I gasped, observing the clock on the dresser.

"I guess that explains why you're so pruney," he laughed.

"Hey, I'm sure you're just as pruney as I am."

Rob checked his hands. "Nope, not at all."

"What? Let me see!" He held out his hands and I traced my fingers over his. "That's bizarre. Not fair."

"Hey," he said, diverting the conversation in another direction. "I rented a few movies. Care to watch one with me?"

I hesitated, thinking what I should do. "I probably should be getting home," I told him. "I get cranky when I don't get enough sleep."

"Good to know," he chuckled.

I eyed him, taken back.

"I took the liberty of buying two tickets to tour Charleston tomorrow. We'll meet here at 9:30am," he explained.

"Oh really? And what if I told you I already had plans tomorrow?"

"I'd tell you to cancel them," he said straightforwardly.

"Why would I cancel my very important plans?"

"First of all, I'm pretty sure you don't have any plans tomorrow. And secondly, I'm almost certain you like me," he took a step towards me and I felt my body cringe.

"What gives you that idea?" I stammered.

His hand traced the side of my face and my knees went weak. Rob smiled triumphantly and stepped back.

"Point taken," I surrendered, stuffing my feet into my Uggs and heading towards the door.

"I'll see you at 9:30 then! Don't be late," he called and I shut the door closed.

And that was just day one.