Here is my first Avatar: The last Airbender Fan fic. It's really an episodes of Titus that I couldn't translate into my other fan fic; Diary of a thief. I also really wanted to try writing something with Azula where she wasn't crazy. There is some out of character moments, but there is an explanation for everything in this story.

Hope you enjoy. If you like it enough, give me ten reviews, and I'll add another chapter.

Oh, and here is some translation. BSC means "Before Shozin's comet." And ASC means "After Shozin's comet." Agni is like the fire nations God or something, but I couldn't find the correct spelling. If you have the correct spelling, please put it in the reviews.

Titus episode: Mom's not nuts?

Things change. It's a fact of life. Spring turns to summer, summer turns to fall, fall turns to winter, and the whole cycle starts all over again. I've changed in ways. I use to be very serious, very unemotional, and a very un-fun person to be around. Now, I'm that type of person who bounces of the walls on a daily bases. I act very childish now of days.

Mai, my wife, has changed. But that's just pregnancy acting up. I'll be a dad 2 months from now, And I'm very excited. But Mai's mood has just drastically shifted. She use to be very bland, and dull. She saw no hope in the world. Now, she is the most super happy person I've ever seen. If you come up to the palace, she's always the first one there; overindulging you in kindness and good health. Could you imagine that the person, who once hated parties, was now throwing you one? It's truly unbelievable.

But while some things, like my personality and my wife's personality, have changed, things also remain the same.

My sister is still a paranoid, manic-depressive, schizophrenic.

She's been in and out of mental institutions ever since the war ended. She has been on five different medications, and several revolutionary ways of therapy. Still, however, she tells people she hears "The voices."

It's comforting to know however, that when I was babysitting Sokka's son, and when we were gluing macaroni to paper plates; my sister was in therapy gluing macaroni to paper plates.

Marconi ; the fun side of my sister's insanity. But, you may be surprised that if Manic-depressive schizophrenics don't take their medication, there's a dark side to insanity.

And here is that dark side; armed robbery, kidnapping, murdering, leading a whole war, and lighting.

My sister at one point in her life, before the war, ran the neighborhood crime watch. And no one ran against her.

This is not the point, however. While this story may be humorous and funny to some, real crap like this happens every day. So this story, before we beginning, is dedicated to my sister.

Azula. (May 5th 14 bsc- May 12th 10 asc.)

Rest in peace.

They opened the door, surprised at what they found. The door was unlocked. Both of them thought that they'd locked the door to the fire lord's bedroom before leaving the palace, and having a night on the town. However, the evidence of their carelessness was swinging on its hinges.

"I thought you locked the door." Mai Told Zuko.

"I thought I did." The Fire lord replied.

They entered the vicinity of their bedroom. Zuko wouldn't necessarily call it a bedroom; it was more like a mini home. In the fire lord's bedroom contained not only a separate bathroom, but also a kitchen, a separate office, and a lounge room. It was unbelievable how Zuko thought at one point in his life, he was living out under the stars in tents while he tried to capture, now his best friend, the Avatar. But now, he lived in a house, inside a house.

Zuko contemplated this, until he heard the bedroom door shut.

He saw his wife, and in 7 months, the future mother of his child, Mai, closed the door behind them with her foot. When the door was completely locked, she dropped her purse and slowly made her way to Zuko, as her fingers crawled up his chest.

"The door is locked now." She stated with lust.

Zuko's eyes widen with excitement.

"Well, I think I've seen this stage play once or twice."

Zuko laid himself flat on the master bed, while his lover leaned in, embracing him with a fevering kiss. While they were still wearing their clothes, it looked as though they wouldn't be wearing clothes for long.



Zuko and Mai's head turned immediately to the kitchen door. Both of them knew exactly what was happening. A burglar was in the kitchen of the Firelord's room. 'Well, not for long,' Zuko thought. Both he and Mai slowly got off of the bed. Before they took another step, Zuko made sure to grab at least one of his swords. Then, they ventured closer to whatever and whoever was behind the door. When they were about three steps from opening it, the burglar appeared from the other side. Thus, the door opened in front of their faces, reveling the intruder. The intruder was a girl, around medium height and weight. In one hand, it looked as if she carried a shrimp cocktail, and in the other, she carried a fruit tray. The girl had red bump lips, and her hair was placed in a pony tail. She almost looked like an exact clone of Zuko except she was a girl, and she didn't have a scar.

Both Mai and Zuko realized, that the intruder was his sister; Azula.

When Azula noticed Zuko and Mai, her face lit up in a smile. She almost seemed happy to see them.

Both Zuko and Mai stopped dead in their tracks.

"Hey little bro!" Azula exclaimed happily.

Zuko filled with fear. He thought at first that the image of his sister had to be a dream. But as time passed, she became more real by the second. He gripped the sword tightly as he possible could. Zuko was scared so bad that he almost soiled himself. Instead, after three seconds of silence, he finally croaked out…..


She just stood there, with two plates in her hand, and smiled. A weird, awkward silence filled the bedroom. Mai at first was just as frighten as Zuko. As time wore on, however, it became apparent that Azula was no threat. Mai eventual bent over and whispered in Zuko's ear.

"Zuko, it's just your sister. Don't you think you should place the sword away?"

Zuko turned he head around and cocked an eyebrow. As if to symbolize 'are you kidding me?'

Mai picked up on Zuko's jester, and both him and her stated at the same time…..


After a few more moments of silence, and that strange smile emitting from Azula's face, Zuko finally gained enough courage to make out a complete sentence.

"Azula, how the hell did you get out of the mental institution?"

Azula actually just laughed. She moved forward and placed the two plates on the bedroom table. Zuko was not satisfied with a laugh as an answer. He wanted to know why Azula was in his bedroom, and more importantly, how she got there.

"Azula," she asked again. "Is someone chasing you? Do we need to get ready for another fight? Is a thing like Shozin's comet going to happen?"

She just laughed again, and this time, she finally replied. She moved over to the bed and sat herself on it as she talked.

"Relax, little bro. I didn't escape the institution. I'm finally all better."

Zuko thought that this was a lie.

"Well good," he replied. "You're not allowed anywhere near the palace. Pack your explosive and get out."

She gave off another laugh. Mai elbowed her husband harshly in the ribs. Zuko muttered a small, "ow," before turning to his wife and whispering "What?"

"Let's not make your sister angry." Mai stated with fear in her voice.

Zuko's reply was a bit louder than he'd expected.

"Mai," he commented. "This is no longer a drill. This isn't Aang dressed as my sister. This is actually my sister."

Azula picked up on the conversation, and added her two cents.

"Zuko I'm fine," she stated with disappointment in her voice. "If you don't believe me, get one of your servants to contact my psychiatrist

Zuko pointed at his sister when he spoke.

"Oh I will." He replied with anger. "I got a servant that will run immediately to him if I give the code word."

"Well good," Azula answered beaming. "It will give us girls time to catch up on current events." When Mai heard this, she moved closer behind Zuko. She wouldn't lie, when was completely frighten by Azula. Zuko's sister just laughed when she saw Mai's fear. She motioned her finger for Mai to join her on the couch. "Come on, Mia. I'm not like I use to be." Mai, slowly but surely, gained enough courage to sit next to Azula on the bed. Zuko immediately reacted, and shouted just before calling to his servant.

"Mai, you might want to step back. You're in my sisters kill zone."

Mai went frigid and scouted over two paces to her left on the couch.

There are certain things that will get you moved out of a mental care facility. Years of good behavior is one of them. A positive physiological profile is another.

But my sister's favorite tool of the trade, was an axe.

While Zuko waited for the arrival of his servant, Mai finally gained enough courage from the far left corner of the couch to speak.

"I think I must apologize for your brother's rude behavior." Mai stated. "It seems that he just can't let go of your….." she tried to find the right word. "Felonies?"

Azual just smiled.

"it's true." She replied. "I was crazy. I understand If Zuko won't let it go, but good Agni is he stubborn."

Mai's pregnancy hormones took over, and her mood suddenly shifted. She had accepted Azula's untold apology, and immediately, became best friends once more. She got closer to Azula on the couch.

"I know right?" she said almost like a teenage girl. "Angni is that true."

Zuko appeared from the darkness, carrying behind him the bag that he ordered his servant to grab, after he got a reply from Azula's physiatrist. He never made eye contact with his sister when he spoke to her.

"Okay sis. It was great to see you. Come and visit us again when they burn out the other side of your brain." Zuko then opened the door which led to the hallway outside of the master bedroom.

"Alright," Azula replied. She sounded as if she were defeated. "Obviously my being her is upsetting you. Just let me grab the potatoes out of the oven and I'll be out of here."

As Azula headed to the kitchen once more, Mai made a surprised gasp at Zuko.

"Zuko," she whined. "Your sister made dinner."

"Don't turn now, that's how she gets you." Zuko replied hurriedly.

"She hasn't gotten me!" she replied mad. Pregnancy mode swings can be a hassle. She went from sad, to mad. And now she was going form mad, to happy. "But she is funny. I don't think insane people can have a sense of humor about themselves."

"She saves her best jokes when she's heading in for the kill!" he screamed.

Mai could see that Zuko was still frightened by her sister's presences.

"Your right," she stated soothingly. "I'm sorry." Then she remembered that Zuko was with a servant while she and Azula talked. "What did her psychiatrist say? Do they know she's out?"

"Apparently she's all better." Zuko stated.

"So she's all better." Mia commented.

"Elegantly" Zuko stated with emphases.

"But that's good news isn't it?" Mia asked.

"Yeah, for her cell mate." Zuko sarcastically replied. While he talked He moved himself towards the table and started roaming through his sister's purse. "I bet you she's not taking her medication." Zuko stated. Mia got up and moved above Zuko, so she could get a glimpse of the inside of Azula's purse. Zuko then shouted. "Ah-ha!'

"What?" Mia screamed. "What is it?"

"Check this out." He commanded. "She's got in her purse lipstick, a tissue, and jewelry."

Mia's bland and dull side came back.

"Good Agni." She bluntly replied with monotone and sarcasm. "She's a woman."

Zuko just shook his head at his wife's sarcasm. "You don't get it." He said. "No toads. No instructions on exercises. No salts, no vile, and no potions. It means that this woman isn't medicated."

As if on cue, Azula chose this moment to exit the kitchen. In her hand, was a wooden bottle with the fire nation symbol.

"Can one of you put these in my purse," she announced, before upchucking the bottle.

At first, Zuko thought that Azula had a grenade. Instincts took over, and when the bottle was in the air, he dove for the ground yelling, "Duck and cover!" Mai immediately caught the bottle in mid air. Her expression was glum. It was "nice" to know that when push comes to shove, Zuko would just dive out of the way and let the grenade strike her. She was mad. When Zuko looked up, and saw the bottle in Mai's hand, he immediately recognized the mistake he made.

"First of all, thanks a lot white knight!" Mia stated this with malice and Sarcasm. "And secondly," she began to take the lid off the wooden bottle. Insides where these white packets. The packets apparently where filled with some sort of powder. Each packet had writing written on them. Zuko stood up from the floor and decided to take a peek inside the bottle. The writing that was on the packets roughly translated into "LSD."

"Zuko!" Mai proclaimed. "This is LSD."

"What the hell is that?" Zuko asked dumbfounded.

"The last time we were at the mental institution visiting your sister, I got to see the employees give test trials on some of them guest. It's supposedly a white powder that the subject swallows in these packs and it dulls the brain cells. They hope that in time this stuff will cure Schizophrenia."

"Are there any side effects?" Zuko asked.

"The only side effects were minor hallucinogenic images. But as long as you don't take more than half a pack, the subject should be fine."

Zuko let out a long, angry sigh, and hung his head low, shaking it back and forth.

"What's the matter?" Mai asked.

Zuko's head shot back up.

"I just can't believe how quickly you caved in to my sister."

"I didn't cave," Mai protested. "And besides, LSD is some strong stuff. I really think she's cured."

Zuko gave forth another sigh.

"Look, let's list things off. She's medicated, she's not naked, and she's not holding a weapon so obviously she's better."

"That's all it takes?" Zuko practically yelled. "That's the bar she has to clear; unarmed, high, and dressed?" Zuko then went behind the door, hoping to get his sister out of the palace. Mai walked in behind him, hoping for Zuko to see that his sister was finally better.

"This is ridiculous." She muttered under her breath. When she entered the kitchen she was surprised at what she saw. Her eyes were filled with food. There was Turkey, Yams, Potatoes, Noodles, Cabbage, cakes, candies and anything else that could be made, was made. The whole room filled with color, and she let out a gawk. Both Zuko and Azual turned their head to Mai. Azula at the time was currently fixing spaghetti.

"Wow." Mai statted. "I couldn't believe that my open fire oven could even make this."

"I have talent." Azula replied.

"Good Agni," Mai continued. "There's enough food for at least 25 people."

Zuko's eyes widen. All that he could think about was one word; schizophrenia. He ran over to Mai, came about three inches to her ear and whispered.

"There's enough food for twenty and there's only three of us!" he whispered harshly.

Azula had excellent hearing.

"I invited everybody if that's all right with you."

Zuko tried his best to become caring. He then spoke again. "Oh. Do you mean your 'friends' sis."

She just shook her head and laughed.

"No," she commented. "I invited Aang, Sokka, and Jet."

Let me explain something.

Jet was this guy I meant on my travels to Ba Sing Sae before the war started. He led this revolutionary group called the 'freedom fighters.' He invited me but I declined. He had no clue at the time that I was a firebender. Jet was supposedly killed at Ba Sing Sae. The leader of the Di Lee struck him in the chest. The gAang left Jet to die.

Then, before they flooded the brainwashing center, Jet came back.

One of the members of the Di Lee heard some random screaming. Before they flooded the damn, that member that heard the screaming, rescued him, and then threw him in prison. (yeah, that has to suck. you just get your life saved and then your thrown in a torture chamber?) When Sozin's comment came, I made it official that all of the members from that jail were freed. (Except for my father.) Jet was categorized under section 8 and they threw him in the exact mental care facility my sister was at.

What we weren't planning for, was for Jet to become my sisters temporary cell mate.

At first we just kept close watch. Every day, one of us (meaning me, Mai, Aang, Sokka, Toph, Katara, or uncle Iro,) would keep night watch under my sister's cell to see if Jet and Azula were doing anything suspicious. I didn't fear that they'd break out of the facility. I feared that Azuala would kill him, or worst, they killed each other.

Instead, I got something to which today, I question if it were a blessing, or a curse.

It was Sokka's turn to keep watch. It was on the last day of Jet's sentence, so we were all kind of on the down low. The worst of it was over, (or so I thought.) Sokka felt really tired that night and since he felt no paranoia since it was Jet's last day in the facility, after an hour by the cell door, he went to get himself some coffee. When he got to the concession stand, he mixed his coffee.

He took one sip, yawned, and passed out.

When he awoke, he got a servant to contact me, and we ran to Azula's cell together. When we got there, we stared into the Cell. Boy, did we get an eyeful.

In the cell, we saw Azula and Jet, sharing a cigarette. (Which one of them obviously stole.)

And they were both, Naked.

At first, I was obviously disgusted. This man had sex with my sister; of course I'd be outraged.

But then, after a while, I came to realize this.

Jet was now my new best friend.

And here's why.

This man was sarcastic, charming, a leader, he kicked Aang's ass at one point, he fought death and won, and he did my sister.

I had to give this guy props.

We kept contact with Jet after he left the facility. He sort of became a swinging bachelor. Every night it was a new girl, a new bar, and a new chance to get laid. We didn't care. If that was how Jet wanted to live his life, then hell, I'd personally buy him the girls.

Unfortunately, we had no clue that Azula kept contact with the man that did her in the cell.

Mai then became very pleading. "Please stay for diner." Mia whined to Azula.

"Can't we just wrap her a plate?" Zuko griped.

Mai was finally fed up with Zuko's constant complaining. Mai turned her eye's to Zuko and gave him a little piece of her mind.

"Look," she stated fierce. "Since I'm married to you, and you're the Firelord, that makes me Miss Firelord. So what's yours is also mine. And I say that since Azula prepared the dinner, she can stay for dinner."

Zuko started pacing back and forth. He murmured under his breath, "Why did we drill."

Suddenly, everyone heard the door to the hallway open and close. Someone had just stepped into Zuko's room. Then, that Person spoke. Zuko was relieved that he recognized the voice. He knew this person because they had been working together ever since the war ended. And, at one point in Zuko's life, he was trying to capture this person.

"Hello? Is anyone here?" Aang called out.

'Finally I got some backup.' Zuko thought. He opened the door and saw Aang at the other end of the bedroom. Aang had grown up since the war ended. He was a lot taller than he used to be, and Aang finally stopped shaving his head and just kept his hair, like he once did when he was in disguise at the fire nation.

Zuko opened his mouth to speak, but Aang then held his hand out, to symbolize 'stop.' Aang then looked around the room, and started to walk everywhere and investigate. When he spoke, he made sure that it was very loud so the Azula could hear him.

"Hi!" Aang shouted, as he pretended to carry on polite chit chat. Zuko just cocked an eyebrow. "Wow! Strange weather we are having!" Aang then opened the bathroom door and peeked his head inside. "Man, I never think it could rain that much!" Aang then waved his hands around his head, symbolizing 'All clear.' Aang then got right up next to Zuko and embraced him in a hug. Aang was now and inch from his ear, and whispered. "Don't worry, I'm just the decoy. Sokka is sneaking around back." Aang then let go of Zuko and asked the question, "Is she packing any heat."

Zuko just smiled and used Aang's nick name. "No , Mr. Avatar I don't think so."

Aang just smiled. Leave it to Zuko to use his nickname at a time like this. He reached into his pocket and pulled out his flying bison whistle.

"I brought my Appa caller in case she locks any of the doors." Aang replied. "My bison could knock down the walls easily."

"It's nice to see someone stick to the drill." Zuko replied happy.

"Yeah! High Five!" Aang proclaimed.

Before they could slap some skin, Azula opened the door behind them (the door which lead into the kitchen.) She beamed happily and called out. "What's up Aang!"

Aang immediately coward behind Zuko when he heard Azula's voice. But Zuko just walked away, leaving Aang a sitting duck. As Azula got closer and closer to Aang, the avatar started to curl up into a ball.

"How are you?" Azual asked Aang politely.

"Hello, Azula." Aang stated timidly. "H-How are y-you?"

"I'm fine Aang." She replied.

"No, I mean how are you?"

Azula just laughed again. The laughter almost made Aang soil himself. "They put me on this stuff called LSD. It's wonderful."

Then Aang remembered something about Azula's medication. "Wait. How did they stop the kidney failure? "

"They took out the other medication," she stated bantering. Then she playfully squeezed Aang's nose, still smiling. Aang was never more afraid in his life. "Someone hasn't been keeping up with their studies I see."

After the war, Aang spent his free time trying to major in other categories. One of them was psychology. Aang was interested in how the mind worked.

Aang just shuffled his feet and blushed bashfully. Zuko was stunned. Aang wasn't fighting or protecting himself. He was buying out to his sister's lies just like Mai did.

"Yeah," Aang replied to Azula. "That's what Katara says."

"It's only because she loves you," Azula replied with happiness. "And who wouldn't. You've matured into someone who could stand up for himself; handsome, strong, brave, charming, No wonder Katara is marring you. So when is the date set?"

Aang gave off a nervous and shy laughter when he heard Azual describe him. Then he remembered the question.

"Actually, we got married about two years after the war ended." Aang replied.

"Well, congratulations." Azula teased.

Aang just blushed even more. Aang thought that Azula had finally gotten better. She never acted like she was acting right now. Not to mention for the first time in his life, Aang saw Azula smile. It wasn't even a death or predatory grin. It was just a happy go lucky smile. Aang, finally gaining enough courage, playfully pushed. "Oh, stop it." He stated bashful.

Zuko was infuriated. Aang was getting bought out by just a couple of nice comments and playful bantering.

"Yeah Sis," Zuko stated sarcastically with anger. "Stop trying to get Aang on your side."

Aang's eyes widen with anger.

"Hey excuse me," Aang proclaimed. "I can stand up for myself and decide which side I'm on." He then pointed to Azula while looking at Zuko straight in the eyes. "And don't talk to your sister with that type of tone."

Zuko looked up ."You weak bastard." He stated to Aang.

Aang slowly moved himself closer to the bed, while Azula left and went back into the kitchen. Mai and Aang almost huddled around Zuko, crowding him into a circle. Aang was the first to speak.

"Zuko," He whispered with fury. "LSD is some strong stuff. I've seen some of the test they performed at the institution. Your sister may be back."

"She's not back," Zuko grumbled. "She's just at large."

They were still in the huddle, when they heard the hallway door open. Emerging into the room, was a tall man. He sported a pony tail and had on the southern water tribe shirt. It was none other than Sokka. He got in front of Aang, making his back face the kitchen door.

"Hey Aang," Sokka began. "I forgot. Am I supposed to get the guards after 15 seconds or 30 seconds?"

Sokka was unaware that Azula was right behind him.

"Hey Sokka!"

With a small "eep," Sokka immediately bent over, and stood there. He was almost like a statue. He stayed like this, stone solid, with his eyes wide. After 15 seconds of Sokka playing statue, Zuko spoke.

"Sokka, it's my sister. Whether you move or not she can still see you."

With disappoint and fear spread all over his face, Sokka slowly bent up and faced Azula. He was so scared that he couldn't think of any words to say to break the ice. Sokka smiled, nervously, and tried to speak.

"H-h-Hi…….Azula," Sokka stuttered. He rubbed the back of his neck nervously, as he searched for the right words. "You…you…..l-look a lot less…puffy the last time I saw you."

Azula smiled and just shook her head. "Tsk, tsk ,tsk." She said. "Oh, Sokka. You always know how to make a girl's head spin."

Sokka smiled more nervously and jittery.

Azula then moved her head around Sokka, and noticed Zuko fumbling around in her purse. She obviously knew that Zuko was searching for some weapons or anything that could seem dangerous. She sighed.

"If you're done," she told Zuko, "I'd like to freshen up before Jet arrives."

Zuko slammed his fist on the table. Everyone jumped.

"Okay Sister," he stated low and angry. He almost sounded defeated. Then his hands rose up from the purse, and in them was random junk. "But I am keeping your clippers, your tweezers." He pulled out one item from his hand. Azual immediately recognized it as eye lash curlers. "Whatever the hell this is," he called the curlers. "And your cotton swabs."

Azula just smiled. "No problem dear," she proclaimed. Then she took her purse and into the kitchen. She obviously was going to head around the kitchen and head to the guest room to freshen up.

When she disappeared behind the door, everyone's head in the room looked at Zuko. Almost all of them had their eyebrows cocked.

"What?" he asked them.

"Cotton swabs?" Aang was the first to talk.

"Their very dangerous." Zuko stated.

"How are they dangerous?"

"Put it in your ear, slam it once, and BAM. You're dead."

Everyone just groaned and moved their heads back. Zuko recognized that they were annoyed with Zuko's frantic state. But his worriment was justified. "Oh, come on!" he shouted. "Don't you see what she's done? She has moved into the guest room and made dinner."

"Oh my!" Mai pronounced sarcastically. "That makes her our best guest ever!"

Zuko placed his index finger and his thumb between his eyes and shook his head back and forth. Zuko knew that no one could back him up. He went down the list. 'Let's see,' he thought to himself. 'Mai is already sold out. Aang is too much of a wimp to do anything. And Sokka, well, he's stupid.' Then his head rose. He had an epiphany. 'Stupid might just work,' he thought.

"Sokka," he commanded.

"What?" Sokka replied.

"You know what she's doing right?"


"Yeah. Okay. Catch my sister before she makes it into the guest room."

"How do I do that?" Sokka asked.

"You know that thing you do, where people think you're stupid," Zuko replied. "Do that."

"I can't just turn it on," Sokka whined.

Zuko's face lit with anger. "Sokka," he growled.

Sokka caved.

"Okay," He replied. Sokka then loosen himself up to prepare for the metaphorical and possible physical, battle before heading into the kitchen. When he entered, everyone heard Sokka Exclaimed loudly. "Wow, cool. She made yams."

Zuko smiled. 'man, this guy is good.' He thought. He continued to smile, until Sokka came out of the kitchen no less than 10 seconds later, with a bowl of yams in his arm, and a fork in his mouth.

"What the hell are you doing?" Zuko shouted.

Sokka pulled the fork out of his mouth.

"Eating yams," Sokka replied calmly.

"Aren't you supposed to be investigating why my sister is here?"

"She gave me the Yams."

"And you're eating them?"

"No one who's insane can make yams this good."

Zuko was infuriated. His face grew so red that the scar barley stood out. He was only three seconds away from clobbering Sokka in the face. Instead, however, he breathed in deeply. And with a defeated Sigh he muttered, "Fine."

Mai was upset. In her usual state, she really wouldn't have cared what was going on right now, but since she was pregnant, feeling were all that made the difference.

"Zuko," She whined. "I'm going to have your child in at least 8 months, and all I want is for him or her to be raised in a good, normal, and friendly environment. So for tonight, can we please just have a nice family dinner with your sister?"

That's when the door opened again.

"I heard that fruit loops just made dinner," Jet announced.

Jet had grown since the last time the GaAang saw him. He was very tall, still very slim, and kept the straw in his mouth like he did in the old days. He no longer wore his freedom fighters uniform, instead, he wore earth bending like clothing, and had a red satchel wrapped around his waist over his green and dark green cloak.

"I'm surprised," Jet continued. "Usually the turkey is saying such threatening things to her she can't get close enough to cook it."

"Holidays with my sister." That's the title of my other book. If you want to know what Jet meant, you'll have to buy your own copy.

"Where is she," Jet said as he paced around the room.

"She's prowling around the kitchen," Zuko told Jet.

"She's not prowling," Mai announced.

"She just made dinner," Aang commented.

Jet turned towards Zuko.

"Did you lock her in there?" He asked Zuko. "Take her cotton swabs? Pat her down for weapons."

Everyone got quiet. It seemed as if Jet was prepared all the time for anything Azula type emergency. Zuko almost had to hold back tears of fear.

"I am so glad that you're here," Zuko said. "Listen, I took her cotton swabs but Mai, Sokka, and Aang think she's sane."

"Oh yeah," Jet announced to everybody in the room. "Do any of you guys want to see the scar I got from her?"

"I think we should hide out back." Zuko continued.

"No, no, no." Jet stated calmly. "It better to be the hunter, rather than the hunted. Look, if there's one thing I've learned from doing your sister, it's to not give her the element of surprise."

Jet had no clue that Azula was behind her. She poked him with one finger, and exclaime loudly, "Hi Jet!"

"AHHHH! HOLY SHIT!" Jet Screamed when he jumped in the air. He turned around and noticed Azula with her smug smile. "Damn it, Azula!" he shouted. He stared at her.

'That intolerable girl,' Jet thought to himself. 'all she is, is one giant, crazy, exciting, powerful, graceful, cute, hot….Holy shit. If you look hard enough you can see her nipples.'

Jet slowly grew that charming smile. His thoughts were getting hornier by the second. Jet's eye's at first were wide and excited. Slowly,, they grew heavy lidded, and he started to talk in a very low tone that made Azula melt.

"Well, hello there," Jet exclaimed.

Everyone's eyes in the room widen with horror. Even Sokka was so sicken that he dropped a yam. Everyone knew that Jet only used that tone of voice to score on chicks. And if he was using that tone on Azual, everyone knew that Jet already had his night life planed for the night.

"You're looking very good," he stated with a swagger.

"Jet, what are you doing?" Zuko pleaded.

"And you don't look so bad yourself," Azula told Jet. She spoke very lustfully.

Zuko knew it wouldn't be to long now before Jet and Azula started humping like raving animals.

"Jet, don't go into the light." Zuko pleaded.

All other voices besides Azula's were drawn out from Jet's hearing. All he cared about was Azula, and making Azula his tonight.

"Come here doll face," He stated, holding out his arms, waiting for Azula to brace him with a hug.

Azual ran to him and gripped Jet in a loving hug. Zuko was almost crying. He realized it was too late when Jet started kissing his sister's neck.

"Jet," he pleaded sadly.

It was dead silent in the room. Everyone just stared at the couple making out right in front of them. It was truly bizarre. Suddenly, Azula made a strange noise. It was like she gasped for breath, but it was also like she hiccupped. She pulled Jet away, immediately. Her face was flush red, and then she spoke.

"It seems," she replied timidly, while twiddling her thumbs. "That I forgot to open the wine. Jet, is it possible that you could give me a hand?"

"Hell, I'll give you a couple," he replied hurriedly.

Azuala then grabbed jet's hand fiercely. They both raced to the kitchen door. It was almost as if a trail of fire was left behind them. Zuko felt defeated. He thought that Jet would surly back him up on the case of his sister. But Jet just gave up so willingly.

Aang, however, could do nothing but smile.

"Ahh, young love." The Avatar stated. "I remember when me and Katara use to act like that."

Mai then got up from the bed, and walked towards Zuko.

"Zuko," she said. "Even Jet can see that she's fine, maybe your sister is fine."

"You can't deny the magic between them." Aang said.

"I love yams," Sokka stated into thin air with a fork in his mouth.

Zuko then started to point. "Now, I can understand you giving in, Mia," he said feircly. "you use to be friends with her. And I can understand Aang giving in, for he is such a forgiving person. And I completely understand Sokka giving in, because, well, let's face it. He's nothing but a jar headed yam eater." Zuko's glance then shot to the door. "But Jet. Jet's been there. He's been inside the madness, literally. Azual is still picking chunks of Jet out of her teeth." Zuko's chest then rose up, and he suddenly felt righteous. "Well, I'm going to stop this right now!" he shouted. He grabbed his sword and headed for the door. The whole gang started to huddle once more, to see Zuko in action. But before Zuko even stepped a foot inside the door, he opened it with his hands, and turned around quickly. His whole face was white as if he'd just seen a spirit. And he was even shaking.

"too late," Zuko stuttered through his fear.

"What happened?" Sokka asked.

His face then turned into a scowl. He looked as if he were ashamed and sickened by what he saw, and when he told everyone what he saw, they were sicken as well.

"Well?" Mai asked.

Zuko then blurted it out.

"Azula is giving Jet a blow job."

Everyone at the same time, screamed, turned their heads back and started to gag.

Azula life has always been a thrill ride. Her mental health is like appa when drunk.

Jet loves Appa. And you only have to be 5 ft tall to ride my sister.

She has always been beautiful, thoughtful, and brilliant. but every time that thrill ride went up, it went down, and it rattled a bit, then threw itself wildly to the corner on its edge, and finally derailing, crushing her and the ones she loves (if she has any) beneath it.

After waiting a few more minutes, Zuko couldn't take it. He had to save Jet from his sister. He didn't care if he'd get mentally scared for life watching her sister going down on another male; he needed to stop it, right now. So, grabbing his sword, he braced himself for the worst. Then, he threw himself at the fire lord's kitchen door, and ran inside. He stopped immediately, when he noticed jet and Azula on the ground; Jet ripping Azual's shirt off. Zuko immediately turned his head away. He spoke without ever looking.

"Jet!" he commanded. "Get off the ground."

When Jet got up, his hair looked as if it had been given to Appa as a midnight snack. He turned around, noticing Zuko facing away.

"I'm up off the ground!" jet declared, angry that Zuko had interrupted something important.

When Zuko turned around, he had only one question on his mind.

"What are you doing?"

"Didn't I explain all of this in the prison cell?" Jet replied. "What are you doing?"

"Protecting you." Zuko declared.

"Protecting me from what?" Jet shouted frustrated. "A high woman bowing down to my every wish."

"Key emphases on the words bow down," Azula stated on the floor.

Zuko was furious. Did Jet not see that his sister was still crazy? Jet used to be brained washed. Now, his mind just got fogged by sex.

"Who's speaking Jet?" Zuko stated. "Who in you is really talking; You, or your testicals."

"right now, my testicals have power to an attorney," Jet replied.

"Listen to me-"


Zuko felt stunned; sad even. All he wanted to do was protect a friend. All that he wanted to do was help. Instead, he was being denied, defeated, and humiliated all at once. So with a very quiet, yet very angry "Fine," Zuko left the kitchen and headed back to the bedroom. He noticed when he got out, that all of his friends were behind the door. Most of them looked like that were waiting for an answer. Zuko just stated "pft," very angry and snarky, then he sat on the bed. He ran his hands through his hair as if he was going crazy.

Azula then walked out of the kitchen. She was still dressing, wrapping a satchel (the wrong satchel) around the rest of her clothes. She approached Zuko very slowly, but caring. It was as if she was acting like a mother to a trouble child. She placed her hand and Zuko's shoulder, and asked him…..

"Zuko, what's wrong?"

He looked up, flashing a death glare.

"Look," he stated as if he were giving a warning. "You can fool everybody sis, but you can't fool me."

She, at first had no clue what Zuko, her brother, was talking about. Then, slowly, it dawned upon her.

"You still don't believe that I'm better.'

Zuko, mumbled through his hands, "Would you?"

That's when the straw on Mai, and everyone's back, broke. She almost completely lost it. Everyone in the room started to speak at the same time, and it sounded like mumbo jumbo. But, Zuko was able to pick out key words and phrases.

"Honey, ever since she got here, you've been acting like an ass…."

"She made yams. Sweet, loving, tender…."

"I know that she about killed me one time, but I trust her now because she looks safe. Zuko, you have to learn….."

"Why can't you let the past be past…."

"Sweet, delicious, sugary, brown…."

"I mean, of course lightning hurts. But do you know what hurts me more? Families in turmoil…"

"Like an ass,"


"Trust hear."

"GUYS!" Azula yelled.

Everyone took an envoulentory step back. In the past, when Azual yelled, it meant that someone was going down. But when it dawn on them that Azula was defending her brother, they started to become comfortable.

"Zuko has every right not to trust me," Azula explained. "I was never a good sister growing up. I was a horrible, mean, psychotic person hell bent on taking over or destroying the planet." She then turned to Zuko. He turned away, ashamed to face his sister. She, however, continued. "I have been the worst sibling ever. And Zuko, all that I want to tell you is, I'm sorry. I'm sorry for all of the breakouts, and the episodes, and the war, and the comments, and the emotions hurt, and the killings, and…..well everything."

Zuko at this point, faced away from his sister. Not that he was ashamed, but because he didn't want his sister to see him cry.

"I'm sorry for all of the crazy things that I did. And I know, it's going to take more than one night for you to forgive me."

Zuko's head finally looked toward her sister, and his mouth opened, for he was about to speak.

What this women could have taught me, what she could have shown the world and all 4 nations, it makes me wonder. Everyone, everywhere, has been mad at her for a really long time, and for good reasons, but if there's one thing that I wanted more in life, it was to have a sane, happy, and a great sister. I want her to be normal, to no longer live in emotional pain. I want her to be sane.

So, at that moment, I realized that emotional thrill rides came installed with a saddle, as long as Azula takes her medication.

Maybe it worth taking one more ride.

"Sister," Zuko said, soft and broken, as if her were about to burst into tears the moment he spoke. Then there came a long pause. It was as if Zuko wanted to turn back. But he had already pushed that snowball down the hill when he spoke up. So, as he took his sister's hand he said three more words.

"You are forgiven."

There was not one eye in the room that didn't have a tear drop in it, as Azula and Zuko braced each other in a warm hug.

After wiping the tears from her eyes, she got up and started to speak.

"Well," she said smiling, yet sniffling. "If we're going to have dinner together for the first time as a regular brother and sister, shall we head to the main dinning room?"

Zuko snapped his finger, and immediately, five servants burst into the room; their arms up as if they were praying. They awaited for the Fire Lord to present his request. He called for the main servant, Haru, and told him and the others to fetch the food from the kitchen. They hurried along and burst in the kitchen, only to step back a couple of feet shielding their eyes.

Stepping out from the kitchen door was Jet. In tight silk pants, but otherwise bare. He had a wicked grin on his face, as he twirled a wooden spoon around his fingers. He shot azual the "crazy eyebrows," and spoke.

"We got some catching up to do," he declared to Azula.

Azula did nothing but sigh and rolled her eyes.

"Jet. Always the romantic huh?"

Everyone in the room burst out laughing.

All right, I'll admit it. I love and care for my sister. Without her, I probably would have had no motivation for doing what I did in the war. Without her, I wouldn't have changed my ways. Without her, it still be legal for a person in a mental care facility to kill a man with a tea pot.

She touched a lot of lives. Literally.

Zuko finished the last piece of turkey in his mouth. He was full; completely and utterly full. Azula's cooking can do that to some people. But the amount of food she made was no amount to the taste. Oh spirits above. It seemed as if that was Azula's destiny; to make some of the greatest food mankind has every laid a tongue upon. The after effects of tasting one piece of food that Azula prepared left your mind blown, even high.

Zuko sat at the palace's main dinning room table, with all three of his friends. Jet and Azula had disappeared. 'they're possible getting to know each other,' he thought snarky.

He placed the fork down on the table, and spoke.

"Good Agni, can my sister cook," he stated droopy and almost sleepily.

Both Sokka and Aang had their eyes at half mass, since they were trying to fight off this sudden urge of sleep as well.

"Why do I feel so happy?" Sokka asked, again, with more Yams in his mouth.

"I don't know," Aang stated. "But everything in the room seems to be buzzing,"

"You know what Zuko?" Mai asked slowly and slurred. "It'll be great for our child to have an aunt." She started to stroke Zuko's scare, when suddenly, she felt a strange sensation rattle in her brain, it was as if she was flying up in the air, and not coming down. She felt as if she didn't want to come down. She smiled, started smirking, and then cackled like a hyena.

Sokka was the first to pick up on what was going on.

"Guys," he said slow and slurred just as well. "I think were high on something."

Aang didn't care.

"Whatever it is, it's good," Aang said smiling and about to pass out.

Mai did nothing except laugh some more, before finally passing out. As soon as her face landed in the spaghetti, everyone else passed out as well; arms hanging at half mass and mouth's gaping open, snoring.

Zuko, in his high state, wasn't aware of this, and spoke to an imaginary crowd, that he thought was still awake.

"Nobody makes a turkey dinner like my sister," he stated. He then sighed. "Remember those little cookies with the chocolate Icing drizzling over it?" again, he had no clue in his high state that everyone was passed out. He continued listing off the things that made his sister's meals taste great.

"Homemade candies. Candied Yams. Yam covered ham. Cranberry jam in the shape of a can."

Suddenly, the very wasted and high firelord, felt something paper like in his mouth. He spat it out, and continued to ryme.

"I spit a packet into my hand."

That's when, somehow, through a moment of clarity, he could read the writing.

"L…..S….D?" then he exclaimed a giant 'oh,' "That's why were high."

Suddenly, there came a ruckus from the hallway. Zuko heard to people shouting, but couldn't do anything. Besides, all he hear was something along the lines of yapping dogs. Later, when he would ask a servant what had happened, the servant would later describe, that the arguing sounded something like this.


Jet: Guys! Help! She's still lost it!

Azula: they can't help you at all! I put all of the LSD in the turkey, and they won't awake until your funeral! HAHAHAHAHAHAH.

Jet: Please Azula, why are you doing this to me?

Azula: YOU RUIN MY LIFE YOU BASTARD! *sound of glass shattering* IT'S YOUR FAULT THAT I'VE GONE COMPLETELY INSANE. NOT MINE. And now, it's time to pay.

Jet: *runs away screaming "Help,*

Azula: *chases after him with a broken wine bottle,* Go ahead! Run you pig! I've been spiriting in the mornings! I need the workout.

Things change, yet still some things remain the same.

My sister is still a paranoid, manic-depressive, schizophrenic. She still has delusions, she still is insane, and there's nothing we can do to stop it.

But, one thing about my sister has changed.

My feelings toward her have changed.

About a week after she was captured by my guards, I received a note from her in the mental institution. It basically asked if I still would forgive her. And smally, in a P.S. she asked if her wanted painting made her look pretty.

I replied with a note, two days later. It basically said that there was nothing to forgive. She was my sister; my twin; and nothing can take that away.

Also, in another P.S. I replied "Yes sister, you wanted photo makes you look pretty,"

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