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Titus episode: Locking up Mom.

My sister is in a Mental Hospital.

There's a fine line between genius and insanity. Everyone knows the three top Avatars. They were Avatar Kioshi, Avatar Roku, and Avatar Aang. And all of them had a touch of insanity that fueled their brilliance. And they were not locked up for their insanity like my sister.

But then again, Avatar Aang didn't chase Jet down the market place with a pair of panties saying that he would choke Jet with them.

We don't know much about mental diseases. We just got introduced to the idea of pills last month. We're more of a superstitious family. All we know is that she was diagnosed with schizophrenia. The doctors told us that it's when a chemical imbalance (whatever the hell that is) happens in her brain, causing hallucinations and fake voices. Basically, your mind is literally playing tricks with you.

The disease can also make people really strong. Luckily, before my sister caught Jet, the guards caught my sister. But then again, no one was there to catch the guard.

For two weeks after that, my sister was kept under strict conditions in the mental hospital just a few miles away from the palace. Everything seemed more relaxed and at ease. And why wouldn't they. My sister was locked down tightly and Mai was no longer having morning sickness.

Then I got a letter from the hospital saying that they were releasing my sister for good behavior.

If my life were a children's scroll this is how it would be read.

See my sister. See my sister get released from the mental hospital. See Zuko. See Zuko run as fast as he could to keep his sister locked up.

Run Zuko run.

The place just gave Mai the creeps. Not only was the lighting low, but dust covered the place as if it were an ancient temple. The cages were rusty and clanged roughly when it closed behind them. Mai involuntarily jumped when this happened. The place just seemed horrific, and she had no clue why this would seem life the ideal place for a mental hospital.

The whole gang (being Zuko, Aang and Sokka) were already at the mental hospital. They were waiting for the arrival of Jet. They needed him to seal the deal and make sure that their sister stayed locked up. It's not that no one in the mental hospital took the fire lords word. If they didn't, it would be treason. It was just that the last time they came, their sister was still released. If they had one more person, maybe that might do the trick.

Still, the placed seemed unsanitary and unfitting for a mental hospital. And Mai was the first one to say what was on everyone's mind.

"Zuko," she pleaded. "Does your sister have to be locked up here? It's like a prison."

"Yeah, well my sister is like a criminal." Zuko replied.

Mai Sighed. "Maybe your sister needs to be released. I mean she passed all the tests."

"She passed all the tests because they don't ask 'upon release will you kill your family." Zuko retorted.

"Or maybe she stole the answerers" Sokka added.

They were stuck between the exit cage and the entrance cage. They looked through the entrance cage. The place looked like a mental hospital alright. Inside the entrance was an assortment of different crazy people.

"What if they let your sister out?" Aang asked.

"Don't worry," Zuko replied. "They'll never let my sister out. I promise that before I leave she's put on the lobotomy signup sheet."

"Don't you think that's a bit harsh?" Aang asked.

"Yeah, I mean, she is your sister." Mai stated.

"Listen Mai," Zuko stated. "I am just here not to lock her away, but to be calm, and understanding. And also to shout 'Way to go Jet!'"

Mai turned her head towards Zuko and gave him a gawked stare.

"What?" Zuko asked.

"Zuko." Mai whined. "Please be nice."

The whole room got quiet to the point that you could hear crickets from ten miles away.

"Wow," Mia continued. "Never in a billion years did I think I'd say those words."

"Yeah," Zuko said as they walked towards the receptionist's booth. "This pregnancy thing is something new."

Once they reached the glass both, the knocked on the glace to grab the receptionist's attention. The Receptionist's was a girl, about the same size as Zuko, and had long black hair that spanned over her shoulders. Mai then started to talk.

"Hello?" she asked the receptionist. "We're here for Azula's competency hearing."

Zuko then stuck his head under the small square opening at the bottom.

"To prove that she is incompetent." He added.

That's when the receptionist turned around

Everyone in the room had shiver's go up their spine. It was almost as if the world blacked out for a second due to the shear impossibility of the nature of the moment. For the receptionist, just so happened to be, Azula.

Everyone's eyes widened and it was very difficult to speak. Finally, Mai croaked out…

"Azula!" she screamed.

"Sis!" Zuko yelled, shaking with fear.

Azula had a smile spread across her face that scared everyone.

Sokka immediately sprang into action and ran to the exit cage behind them. He tugged and pulled on the metal bars with all his might, but the cage didn't even budge. All it did was rattle.

"The Door is locked!" Sokka yelled.

"The door is locked?" Aang screamed.

When Azula stood up to greet Zuko, his heart came up with one theory.

"She's killed everyone and taken over. Run For you Lives!" Zuko screamed.

Everyone in the room went crazy. They yelled and screamed as they ran into each corner of the room, trying to escape. To Azula, they reminded her of rodents.

*30 minutes later of frantic yelling and screaming.*

Azula was laughing she handed her brother some coffee. The gang was now inside the mental hospital, sitting on chair provided for them as they sat among the patients. . They were covered with blankets as they tried to calm their minds. They couldn't help it, but after the panicking they went through, they felt like cart crash victims. The worst part to Zuko was the fact that his sister was laughing at them and their fear. It was as if she was mocking them and their pain.

"I mean," Azula laughed. "I know I have a reputation but don't you think you over reacted." Azula asked her brother.

"I prefer to think of it was the will to live." Zuko replied snarky. Then after taking a sip of his coffee, he asked the question that was on everyone's mind. "What's going on Sister? You're a mental patient. When did they make you the receptionist?"

Azula then pulled out a paper card that had her name on it, along with the fire nation symbol. "I'm a trustee." She replied.

As if on cue, the gang heard a door slam behind them. Emerging from the officer door, and through the forest of crazy people, came forth the director of mental care, mister Alfonse. Alfonse was a heavy set man, with a large white goatee, and barley no hair to speak off. He also wore glasses, and whenever he walked, he carried with him a clip board. Zuko stood up from his chair and meat the director face to face.

"Hey," he shouted. "Why did you let a violent manic depressive schizophrenic behind the front desk?"

"Cause she's so damn good at it." Alfonse replied. He then looked at Azula, as if asking 'who are these people.'

"I'm sorry." Azula stated. "I don't believe I've introduced you to my family. Mr. Alfonse, this man is my brother; Zuko." As she listed off the people, she pointed to each. "And this is his friend Sokka. And in front of you is Zuko's girlfriend Mai. Or should I say wife. Congratulations by the way. My brother's so cute"

Mai's hormones kicked in and she grabbed Azula's outreached hand, and Mai's other hand grabbed her own chest.

"Oh I know right?" Mia stated like a teenage girl. "and I'm so happy I-"

"Hey, Hey, HEY!" Zuko shouted as he interrupted the girl's chit chat. "I'm not cute, you're not happy, and she's a mental patient." Zuko stated angrily and fast.

After a few seconds of silence, Azula pointed to the back at Aang, who was holding an Ice pack to his head. (When the gang was trying to run from Azula earlier, Aang tried breaking out by slamming his bald head repeatedly against a window.)

"And you obviously know who this is." Azula continued.

"My n-name is A-Aang." And stuttered like a long lost child. Apart from the massive head trauma Aang received earlier, he also was scared shitless of Azula.

"Has Jet arrived yet?" Alfonse asked the group.

Zuko turned his head towards his sister's and stared at her with fury.

'Well I don't know, sis" Zuko responded maliciously. "We're supposed to meet him here. Or did you get to him first?" once he finished his sentence, he folded his arms.

"Maybe he's stuck in the main road." Azula stated.

"Or in a mason jar." Zuko retorted.

"Or something you put jam in." Sokka yelled.

Everyone cocked their eyebrows at Sokka.

"Like a Mason Jar." Zuko clarified.

Sokka still had the look of confusion spread across his face. So Mai leaned over and whispered in Sokka's ear, "A mason jar is something you put jam in."

When Mai leaned back to her current position, she started to laugh. "Guy's come on," she said. "Your sister didn't put Jet in a mason jar." She laughed once more, but as the room got quiet, she stopped her laughing and asked Azula, "You didn't put Jet in a jar, right?"

Azula just shook her head. "You guys are hurting my feelings and being schizophrenic I'm feeling for 2."

After a couple of seconds of silent staring, Azula couldn't help herself and started to laugh at her brother's facial expression. "I'm kidding." She replied. Then she got down from her chair and walked out of the front desk. "Come on, Zuko." She replied as she left the desk. "We can start without your friend."

"No," Zuko said with mischief. "we can't. You see, that would hurt his feelings."

"Ha Ha." Azula sarcastically replied.

"We'll start the hearing in five minutes." Alfonse said. And with that, Alfonse walked away.

Zuko turned his head to watch Alfonse leave him in amiss. He felt his whole word crashing down. In no less than five minutes, the fate of the world would be in the hands of Aang, Sokka, and Mai. And that scared the shit out of him. Then, Azula stepped in front of him, and spoke before heading off to the hearing room.

"Now Zuko, are you sure that you want to do this?" Azula asked. "Are you sure that you want to lock me up?"

I hated doing this to my sister. Would you want to be responsible for keeping your sibling locked up for the rest of her life? Hell no. but, if I were to protect mankind, I'd have to keep her in the institution.

So in the end, it came down to this. What's easier to live with?

I, Zuko; Firelord, made sure that my sister stayed locked up for an eternity.


Hey don't look at me. Jet did it.

"Jet will be here in no time." Zuko proclaimed. "There is no way that you are going to get out."

"Aww." Azula sighed as she pinch booth of Zuko's cheeks. "With the way you were raised it's so cute that you still have hope." Then she let go of his cheeks. "Fine. Everyone that wants to put me away for life, step right this way to the office." Then, she turned and walked to the open door. Zuko and the gang followed. But suddenly, out of nowhere, a random man stepped in front of Zuko. Due to the way of how his hair was arranged, the man in front of the fire lord was obviously insane. The stranger stuck out his hand.

"HI!" the man shouted.

Zuko felt fear shiver down his spine when viewing the mental patient. Slowly, however, Zuko gained enough courage to stick out his own hand, and shake the stranger's hand. Azula immediately rushed back. She didn't step in between the two, but she was in the middle.

"Zuko," Azula began. "This is one of our inmates, Beau."

"YOU KNOW WHAT I LIKE MOST ABOUT YOUR SISTER?" Beau exclaimed cheerfully as he shook Zuko's hand.

Again, Zuko felt fear. "w-w-what?" Zuko stuttered.

The man then used his tongue and started clicking the roof of his mouth, resulting in a loud "Klack." Beau did this several times, and with each passing one, Zuko felt more afraid; fearing that the man might snap and kill him.

When the man was finished, Zuko said fearfully, "uh, yes I-I I like that a-about h-her too."

Azula then directed her attention to Beau.

"Beau," she stated. "Go find the nurse Terra. Ask her for the yellow frogs."

Beau then clicked his tongue a few more times, before leaving.

Azula then turned to Zuko and ruffled his hair.

"Alright bro," she said. "Go get em. I mean, go get me. Now I'm going to go into the office and tell them who the Current Avatar is *rolls her eyes.* again." Then Azula walked into the room.

Sokka was the first to speak when the door slammed.

"Who's coming up with these tests?" Sokka asked. "I could get out of here in an instant."

"Oh, well that's reassuring!" Zuko sarcastically proclaimed.

"Honey," Mai asked, rubbing his back. "Are you sure that you want to do this without Jet."

"Honey," Zuko whined. "If we don't do this we'll be doing everything without Jet."

Mai's hormones suddenly shifted her mood again. She went from caring, to angry in no less than two seconds flat. "Zuko!" she shouted. "Be serious."

Zuko was shaking with fear.

You have to be careful with what you unleash into the world.

Especially if what you unleash can shoot lightning from her fingertips.

I would like to add something to that. You also have to be careful with who you marry.

Especially if that someone can throw a knife like a circus freak.

My life was fraught with problems, making me, besides my dad, one of the most screwed up men to run the fire nation. All of the women in my life have either abandon me, went crazy, or tried to kill me.

You know how some families have "Junk Drawers." Well, I had an "Evidence locker," against my sister.

Although on some days when I was young, I'd take that locker to show & tell and would go up first. Because no one could follow me.

Lee, if you're reading this, can your stupid little gerbil still beat my crazy sister.

We waited there for two hours, and still, Jet did not arrive. I was worried for obvious reasons, but the main reason for my nervousness, was the fact that if Jet didn't show up, that would mean my fall back excuse was null and void.

There had to be something better that "Jet did it."

Then the Idea popped into my mind. "Mai did it."

She fought him with slaps and fist. But Zuko never once broke his concentration. Slowly, he pushed her into the hearing room. She felt much fear. She did not want to be in a room with Azula. The fact that there were witnesses didn't help her stress. Azula, if properly motivated, would kill anyone in front of anybody. So Mai's heart jumped to her chest when Zuko slammed the door from the outside shut.

Slowly, Mai turned around.

Azula, Alfonse, and several other high members in the mental health society were placed at one large table. Mai noticed that everyone (besides Azula) had a pen in her hands. Any action that Mai took from this moment on would be documented.

So Mai did the reasonable thing, and greeted the officials.

"Hello everyone," Mai greeted.

Azula smiled. "This is Mai," Azula explained to the officials. "She is my sister in law."

"I'm sorry I have to do this." Mai told Azula.

"It's okay." Azula told her. Then she sighed as she spoke to the officials. "She's going to give me the most beautiful nieces and nephews."

Mai giggled, Embarrassed. "We really don't know what our child will be." Mai stated. "But I want a girl, what do you think Zuko would want?"

"I don't think it really matters as long as he or she has your eyes." Azula exclaimed.

Mai's pregnancy hormones spiked. The word's Azula said made Mai melt with happiness. She really felt great.

"Do you think so?" she asked happy. "That's so sweet." And with that, Mai broke with tears of Joy.

Azula grabbed her in a loving hug.

Okay, so that didn't work.

Maybe there is something better than "Mai did it." I thought.

Then it hit me.

"Aang did it."

Aang, just like Mai, tried to fight back. But instead of being calm, like Mai, he was frantic. He out of all the people in the mental hospital feared Azula the most. Aang only had to fight her on several occasions, and each one left him scared. Azula was basically every single one of his worst nightmares rolled into one.

So it was no surprise that when Aang turned around, he looked straight down to not face those yellow eyes. And when he spoke, he almost sounded like a girl.

"Hello Azula," he squeaked.

She smiled at Aang's fear. Even if she was no longer crazy, whenever Aang was scared, it was always hysterical. But being a kind, she decided to help Aang do what he was sent in the room to do.

"Aang," she stated in a reassuring voice. "You need to Focus."

Aang, slowly looked at Azula and said. "Okay."

Azula helped Aang fill in the gaps.

"you were going to say, Zuko had me over.."

"…Over for dinner at the palace you drugged us and then tried to kill Jet with a bottle." Aang stated quickly.

"good." Azula assured Aang.

Aang felt so much anxiety. All he wanted to do was to get out of the room as quickly as possible and to be in the palace with Katara. So when Aang spoke, he made sure to cover the entire story in no less than 10 seconds flat. His voice squeaked with fear and got higher pitched as he went along.

"But then you would say 'if I was drugged, how would you know that I tried to kill him?' And I'd say I was there and he told me and then you'd say 'that's your say' and then Alfonse would ask if I was on drugs and I'd say no and then you'd say if I don't do drugs then how come I was so high I can't explain my whereabouts five hours after I ate the cranberry sauce which means you win. Bye bye!"

And with that, Aang ran out of the room at full speed.

There had to have been something better than "Aang did it." But the only other person besides me that was in the room was Sokka.

So, "Sokka did it?"

When Zuko turned his head and called out for Sokka, he really wasn't surprised at what he saw. He was really annoyed and frustrated at the scene that was bestowed upon him.

Sokka was at a small table, with Beau, and was communicating through clicks of the tongue; just like Beau was doing earlier.

After thirty seconds of clicks, both Sokka and Beau laughed hysterically. Zuko's eyes rolled.

"Sokka!" he called out frustrated.

Sokka got up from the small chair at the small table and met Zuko's face. He pointed to Beau.

"This guy is great!"Sokka exclaimed. "He should have a stand up act or something."

"Get over here!" Zuko yelled more annoyed.

Sokka replied with three clicks of his tongue. Zuko's eyebrow cocked, confused.

"It means 'no worries.'" Sokka explained.

Zuko felt really confused. He still didn't get how this man, along with him and Aang, help end the war. Eventually, Zuko broke the silence by doing one thing that confused Sokka. He laughed. He was laughing so hard in fact that tears were rolling down his cheeks. When he finally stopped laughing, he wiped his tears and looked Sokka directly in the eyes.

"Oh man," he exclaimed chuckling. "And to think that I was going to send you in there to testify against my sister."

"Really, ok!" Sokka exclaimed.

It was one of those moments where everyone could hear the giant loud expanded "NOOOOOOOOO!" from Zuko echoing across the universe. But that didn't even faze Sokka. He was like a child, say one word and he's already doing it.

"I might as well just get a rickshaw and wheel my sister up to the palace myself!" Zuko exclaimed to himself angrily and snarky.

Fifteen seconds later, Sokka emerged from the room. When he opened the door, Zuko was able to notice the hysterical laughter that came from inside the room. He also noticed the giant frown on Sokka's face, meaning the meeting went horribly wrong for Sokka's part. Zuko had a look on his face, as if to ask Sokka 'what happened.' Sokka answered that look.

"They want to know if I was dropped on my head when I was a baby," he replied defeated.

Zuko couldn't help but chuckle. However, his chuckling was cut short when Alfonse stuck his head out the door.

"Zuko," Alfonse called out.

Zuko immediately straighten.

"Can we rule on this without you?" Alfonse asked.

Zuko needed to show Alfonse that he was tough and not backing down, so putting as much gruff as he could into his voice, Zuko replied like a man, "Hell no."

"We'll aren't you going to testify?"

"Hell yes."

"Alright so let do this shall we."

"Let's…Shall!" Zuko replied trying to convey himself as tough. But before he went into the room, he turned around to face the group. All manliness was lost in his voice and when he asked the GaAang for a favor, he sounded like a scared little girl.

"Alright. When Jet arrives, send him right end." He cried.

Although I was deathly frightened, I knew I could handle my sister. While other kids were wasting their time learning math, I was memorizing the Fire Nation's mental health services criteria for the commitment of a family member; something I'd actually use.

Math, ha ha. Like I'd ever use that.

The criteria is as followed

The person must be causing harm to others. (my sister lead a war.)

The person must be causing harm to self. (she almost killed herself cutting hair.)

The person must have done destruction to ones property. (Again, dare I say, she lead a war. I think that should handle the destruction of property bit.)

Zuko not only marched into the room, he thrust himself into the room; as if there was a trial of fire following in his path. His eye's glared at one thing and one thing only; his sister. It was now or never. There was still a chance for Jet to fix things, but there was always the chance that his uncle would never show up. He felt as if the weight of the world was on his shoulders. He needed to fix this, now.

Zuko however forgot his own strength, and when he slammed the door shut, the sound was so loud Zuko jumped in surprise.

After realizing he was the cause for the sound, Zuko looked back at his sister. He told the high members of mental health "Sorry," before resuming glaring.

"Well, Sis." Zuko exclaimed trying to be a cool customer. "It seems that you have everyone else rattled, but not me. You can't get to me because I know your game."

After a couple of seconds of silence, Alfonse gave Zuko a confused look and asked. "What do you mean by game?"

Zuko turned backed to Azula. "The look game," The Firelord explained.

Azula looked calm and recolective when she looked at Zuko.

Alfonse and other high members of mental health started to ramble through notes. They gave each other confused looks, and Zuko could even hear some of them exclaim under their breaths "what is 'the look game?'"

Zuko became frustrated and started to yell. "The Look!" he yelled. "The Look, can't you see."

"You're right bro," Azula exclaimed calm as she looked to Zuko acting as if she were sorry. "I am doing the look, and I'm sorry."

"Ohhh," Zuko stated as he smiled sarcastically. "Now she's doing the 'agree with me' game see. I know her," and being smug, he said the words that lead to his down fall in that room. "I can hear what she is thinking in my head."

Alfonse cocked an eyebrow as he wrote down the incident, documenting it. "Voice in head. I see. Is the voice in your head your sister's voice?"

Zuko's smile immediately disappeared as he realized the horrible order and uses of words he chose on. "What? No! it's not my Sisters voice."

Azula turned and asked innocently, "who's voice is it bro?"

"There is no VOICE!" he screamed, outraged with frustration. He screamed however, unaware that he was only two inches away from one of the doctor's ears.

Alfonse decided to change the subject.

"Okay," he stated as he flipped through his notes. "At her last meeting, your sister declared that you pulled a bat on her and then you riffled through her purse?"

"Yes, but…." Zuko stated as he held up a finger. "She cooked a turkey and it wasn't even a holiday. HA! Write that down!" when he screamed 'ha', he slammed his fest on the desk.

All of the doctors now started to question Zuko's mental health.

"Is it possible that you could have pushed your sister into a psychotic episode?" Alfonse asked.

"She drugged us and my wife almost drowned in mashed potatoes!" Zuko exclaimed as he held his hand towards his sister.

"We can agree that the turkey made everyone sleepy," Alfonse replied. "We can agree that that's a common occurrence."

"BUT IT WASN'T ON A HOLIDAY!" Zuko shouted now ten times more pissed off then every. Couldn't these doctors see that his sister was still insane and was just acting?

Alfonse just looked at his papers, and scrolls, and without even looking up, he asked, "Firelord you highness, do you need a sedative?"

"WHAT?" Zuko screamed outraged.

"We got yellow frogs that can keep you calm even under the worst conditions."

"NO!" he screamed. "I Don't need a sedative, my sister is the one who's insane not me. We're twins so I was in the womb beside her," he leaned down and replied malice and mischievous to his sister. "AND I HEARD EVERYTHING!"

Zuko was completely unaware that Alfonse sent a small earth wave under the ground, to symbolize the need for security.

"Don't you guys see how crazy she is! I mean to just sit there and do nothing? See! SEE! SEE!"

Two guards walked into the room at this moment.

He couldn't help it. For Zuko what he did next was pure instinct. He didn't mean to grab the nearest flag pole, get in fighting stance and yell "ALL RIGHT EVERYBODY! BACK THE FUCK UP!"

But he did.

Poor Zuko.

When Jet arrived, Alfonse decided to give Zuko mercy, and instead of sending Zuko into a padded room, he let Zuko out. However, he was watched under close security from then on. The once cool and sane Firelord, was now paranoid and insane. He was currently seated at a small table outside of the hearing room. Friends gathered by him, and his wife was rubbing his back. Zuko rocked two and fro with his arms around him. Maybe he was insane.

to say that Jet was disappointed would be an understatement.

"Keep the manic depressive schizo in the mental hospital, that shouldn't have been hard." Jet stated sarcastically.

"it wasn't his fault," Mai defended. "Where were you?"

"Outside watching the whole thing." Iroh replied.

"Why didn't you help us?" Zuko asked tearfully.

"You need to learn how to keep her in the hospital after she kills me." Jet replied harshly.

Zuko silently nodded, still scared out of his wits.

"Did you lead with the story of the ice pick on the day of presents," Jet asked.

"No," Zuko replied sadly.

Jet smacked himself in the face, embarrassed.

"Always lead with the Ice pick," he stated to Zuko powerfully. "What did you call her?"

"What?" Zuko asked.

"What did you call her? It's very simple."


"Always," Jet replied pointedly, "Cal her 'it' if you call her 'it' the doctors would see no emotional connection."

"You Idiot." Sokka replied.

Zuko's head turned surprised.

"Oh yeah," he asked snotty. "And what about you *three clicks with tongue* it means, no worries. You're so stupid you drool."

The electricity of hatred between Sokka and Zuko was almost at its boiling point. Jet interrupted them by saying the words that scared the pants off Zuko.

"You're going back in there."

Zuko's eyes welded with tears.

"Please don't make me go back! She's scares me!"

Strangely, it was my dad that taught me to always face your fears.

Then he'd ask why I kept staring at him.

This time the whole gang piled into the room, and each of them with their own distinct personality. Aang seemed like the hyperactive puppy that just didn't want to be in the room. Mai was the only calm person that entered the room. Sokka had a scowl on his face for he couldn't believe that everyone had to do it all over again, and Zuko was completely different from last time. Last time he had a streaming halo of uber confidence that fuled him into the room. Now, although he moved fast his halo was brightening constant stream of fear. And his fear was none other than his sister, Azula.

Again, since he moved so fast he didn't realize the strength he used to shut the door. Everyone in the room jumped. Zuko again, spoke to the medical officials and said "Sorry."

Jet's personality was something else. He had that same burst of strength that Zuko had when he first entered, yet his face was a scowl. It was an almost disappointed scowl and he sported it with a predatory stare, like a hunter staring at his prey, and his prey was something that could rip his face off.

That prey was none other than Azula.

Azula smiled a strange smile that could only be described with one word; Lust. She also rocked back in forth the way a women would in her chair to seduce her man.

"Hello Jet," Azula said knowingly. "I'd knew you'd come."

"Hello Azula," Mai exclaimed trying to be kind.

"Don't look her in the eyes." Jet commanded.

Aang immediately covered his eyes with his hands and exclaimed "Too Late!" The Avatar immediately ran to the door and tried to push it open, but for some reason, it wouldn't budge. Then Zuko exclaimed why.

"You pull on the door." Zuko said.

Aang very quickly opened the door and almost ran out, but before he left, Mai asked,

"Where you going?"

"Look! I've had a very stressful day and all I have on my mind right now is to bang Katara! Okay! Bye!" and with that, the Avatar used his air bending to propel himself home at blazing speeds.

Zuko and the rest of the gang turned their heads back towards Azula, and Jet realized when watching them, that one of them was going to look Azula straight into the eyes.

"Look at the ground!" Jet commanded loudly. Everyone's heads immediately hung low.

"Hey," Sokka exclaimed. "I got on old shoes."

"Sokka," Zuko grumbled.

"Jet," Azula exclaimed.

"It," Jet called her.

"That's just cold." She replied.

"Oh, I beg your pardon." Jet sarcastically replied as if he were speaking to a child. "Excuse me for insulting the attempted murderess. Apologies all around."

"Oh, Jet," Azula gasped seductively as she wiggled in her chair. "No matter how drunk you are your sense of humor always floats to the top."

"I'm stone sober," he replied with a predatory grin.

"Really?" Azula beamed interested. "Well if that's the case someone should award you with a medal."

"Har Har," Jet sarcastically laughed.

"Oh, I just remembered." Azula gasped as she reached into her purse and pulled out a wooden Jar. This jar had what look like small pieces of candy, and Zuko would later learn that these were called pills, and the patient swallowed them as if they were eating food. Azula took the small white pill and popped it into her mouth.

Jet acted very suspicious as he watched Azula place the pill into her mouth. Jet stroked his chin with his thumb index finger and asked Azula to lift her tongue.

Azula got a strange look in her eyes. She got up about three inches from Jet's face and opened her mouth wide. She made sure that when she opened her mouth her tongue devilishly flicked and her mouth had a strange opening as if it were waiting for something to be put it.

Jet grew an evil smile and exclaimed as he looked into her mouth, "Nice, you swallowed it."

Azula leaned in to his ear and whispered "That's not the only thing I swallow and you know it."

Jet pushed her back and folded his arms. "I'm not here to get a blow job." He replied. "I'm here to put you away for life."

Azula popped her neck and her fingers. "Well, okay, bring it on."

Jet walked towards the group and placed his hand on Zuko's shoulder.

"Watch me and get ready to take over," he commanded.

"I mean I run the army and I still have old shoes?" Sokka stated to himself.

Jet was mad at Sokka's feeble mindedness. He pointed to the door and told Sokka to get out. Sokka replied with three clicks from his tongue and then walked out of the room.

Jet turned his head to Alfonse.

"Your honor," he stated. "Every time 'it' get's released 'it' unleashes hell and leaves a fiery trail of destruction in 'it's' path." Then he turned his head back to Zuko. "Zuko, why don't you tell them about The Day of presents of BSC?"

"Uh…" Zuko replied as he tried thinking of the date. Then it popped into his head. "Oh yeah, Ice pick. She pulled an Ice pick on the family and she chased us."

"He's a little slow." Jet replied to the high Mental Members. "His mother smoked during the pregnancy. That probably would explain her mental illness and it's amazing that Zuko still has lips."

"He has nice lips." Azula replied.

Mai's hormones spiked again as memories and crude images came rushing forth.

"God the stuff he does with those lips." Mai moaned.

"Thank you," Zuko Said.

"QUIET!" Jet shouted. Immediately Zuko turned back and faced the high members of mental health. "Get on with it," Jet told the Firelord. "Talk about your graduation from military school."

"She wore high heels and a high official's jacket." Zuko told the doctors.

"It was the style." Azula defended.

"Not without underpants it's not!" Zuko shouted at her.

"Released 2 ASC" Jet said.

"Tried to stab her roommate." Zuko said.

"Released 4 ASC" Jet Said.

"My birthday; you got me that little funny cart that you can do races wi-"

"NO NOT THAT!" Jet shouted.

Zuko then remembered.

"oh yeah. You successfully stabbed your ex roommate."


Zuko stopped. He knew that she stabbed the ex roommate but with what he didn't know. He turned to jet for Guidance. Jet motioned his hand in a stabbing motion and then brought up the invisible object to his mouth as if he were eating.

"Spoon?" the firelord stated.

"NO YOU IDIOT!" Jet shouted. "A FORK. A FORK."

"Mr. Jet." Alfonse stated. "We already have documented proof that she did this."

"Oh yeah," he retorted. "Well how many more people does she have to kill before you keep this woman locked up?"

"I'm on my medication." Azula sang.

"You don't have the ability to take your medication." Jet said. "You destroyed half my life and you need to be locked up for the rest of yours."

Azula finally got anger. She stood up on her chair and pointed a finger at Jet.

"I destroyed your life?" Azula shouted angrily surprised. "I'm in this hellhole playing cards with the people who talk to trees for cigarettes!" Then she realized that she was about to go off on a tirade. She brought booth of her hands up and calmed herself. "I didn't take my medication because I loved the highs or lows." Then she smiled as she walked over to her brother. "But now the only high I want is for that bond between siblings to be reattached."

"And now she's going for the cheese." Jet spoke under his breath.

"Stop it!" Azula yelled. "I'm serious. I lost my life. I lost my family. And I lost my brother."

Zuko got in her face.

"yeah well whose fault is that." Zuko stated.

"Mine!" Azula shouted. "How many letters do I have to send you before you forgive me?"

"Maybe one more." Zuko stated. Then he turned to Alfonse. "Your honor, besides the letter from her attached to her mental paper work, she has never sent me one letter. Jet this is way too easy, take a break."

Azula's moth gaped open In surprise. "I didn't send you letters. I sent Jet letters every time he came to visit me."

"And now she thinks you visited her?" Zuko told Jet. "Man she's coco."

"They weren't visits." Jet replied.

Zuko's head snapped in shock. He was surprised at what he heard as he tried to take in what Jet said. Jet visited his sister without his knowing?

"They were surveillance."

"Call me crazy, pun intended" Azula said smiling, "but you always kissed me goodbye."

"I pecked." Jet replied.

"You felt something," Azula stated lustfully.

"Pfft. Fear."


"Well damn it you're sexy."

"Thank you."

"Hey wait a minute!" Zuko stated angry. He walked around Jet to look at him in the face. Jet turned in what appeared to be shame. "You came here to see her?" then he turned to his sister. "You wrote me letters?" all of the info was a bit too much to handle. Then he turned back at Jet and realized something. If Azula handed him letters, then Jet still had the Letters. "Where are the letters?"

"Why does it matter anyways?" Jet asked frustrated at Zuko's constant questions.

Zuko's face formed a serious one.

"I want to see those letters and that's an order from the Fire Lord." Zuko stated to Jet seriously.

Jet then turned away from Zuko, ashamed. For the answer was…..

"I threw them out." Jet replied.

Deathly silence filled the atmosphere. Azula's mouth was gaped open and was twitching. She couldn't believe what Jet said.

"You threw them out!" Azula exclaimed. Then it happened; tears. They fell down her face as her voice cracked with sadness. "I finally am able to tell my brother what he really means to me and you ruin it? I should just stay here." And with that, she ran to Mai and cried on her shoulder.

Zuko's face at first was shocked, and then it turned into a scowl. For at that moment, one emotion fueled him. It was rage, and it was rage against Jet. He turned to Jet; his face redden with anger.

"Maybe crazy isn't something you're born with." He told Jet. "Maybe it's sexually transmittable, and you've just caught my sister's Crazy. you ass!"

Jet turned to Zuko surprised.

"What the hell were you thinking!" the firelord continued.

The criteria goes as followed.

Person must be causing harm to others. (Jet tried to kill Aang.)

Causing harm to self. (He drinks a bottle of scotch at least every 2 hours.)

Destruction of property. (He destroyed a village with water.)

"I was just trying to protect you." Jet replied.

"By doing what?" Zuko exclaimed. " by locking her up like a little pet that you can visit on occasions and get kisses from. You used her, you abused her, and I hate you!"

"Mr. Jet!" Mai screamed. Jet turned to face her. "Right now you have the credibility of…well…You!"

"Hey," Jet defended. "At least I visited her."

"Well guess what?" Zuko said. "Tomorrow you can bump into her at the market place, or the post office, or the park. In fact I'll just give her your schedule because Mister Alfonse, I see no reason for my sister to be locked up. Do you?"

" I see no reason either." Alfonse said.

"Wait a minute." Jet said.

"In fact, if there are no more objections, will start processing her release."


"Do you have any new evidence against this woman that has not been brought up."

Direct hit. Jet realized that he had lost. It didn't matter what happened in the past. So no other story that Jet could say would be useful. Jet lost, and Zuko knew it. So, losing his temper, Jet declared "THE BITCH IS CRAZY!" before running out of the room.

Zuko, Mai, and Azula cheered. They grabbed each other in a hug. It was over, and the outcome, while completely different from what Zuko expected, was still very pleasing. His sister, who was now nice and heavily medicated, would be released.

While in the hug, Zuko asked. "Now Azula, you're going to let the past be past right? I mean, no more trying to kill Jet right?"

"Are you Kidding," Azula replied happy. "I wouldn't kill Jet the day after I got released. That'd be too obvious."

Zuko's and Mai's facial expressions shifted, from happiness to utter worry. Azula left the couple dumbfounded. They thought that they had just signed the death warrant for the universe after what Azula said. Then, before exiting the room, Azula spoke.

"I'm kidding. Jeez."

My sister is in a Mental hospital.

And she's packing her stuff.

When you release a violent paranoid manic depressive Schizophrenic into the world, you're a menace.

But, if you release a heavily medicated sister, you're a hero.

And she sends you stuff.

I got a package from her about 1 year after she got released, and it had a note saying "Zuko, say high to Jet. Love Azula."

And at first I was frighten, for the object was a mason jar which was filled with a red substance.

Take a guess at what I was thinking.

But then I tasted the substance.

It was just strawberry jam.

I love my sister.

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