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I have no idea why we were here. I mean yeah I understand that Jacob needs contact with Renesmee, but still why do Seth and I have to come too? I had been avoiding the Cullen's house for a while now... not because of the scent or that their were vampires... it was my attraction to Emmett that kept me away.

I admit it, I, Leah Clearwater, am attracted to a leach. I'm pretty sure the mind reader, I mean Edward knew, but if he did he kept it quite, which I was thankful for.

I look over at Emmett. Of course he had to glance my way right then. I look away quickly, blushing. And that is when I noticed Rosalie glaring at me. Okay, so my attraction my be a little bit more obvious then I thought.

Calm down, Leah, it does no good to let everyone no about your, uh, attraction.

Great now I'm talking to myself, ad that to hearing people in my head and changing into a giant wolf, you've got yourself a crazy person. I hear Edward snort. Great forgot that there was a mind reader in the room. I look at him. Yep, he knows.

Edward, if you tell anyone, you will find yourself torn apart slowly and painfully. Understood?

He slightly nods. Good. Very good. I sneak another look at Emmett. That's when I hear a growl... oh dear... I turn my head. Rosalie is now crouched down at an attack stance. That's when Emmett growled back.

Wait, what? Did Emmett just.. growl at Rosalie, his soul mate?


All I could think about was Leah, her scent, her delicate looking skin, her... oh hell no! Rosalie did not just yell at my girl! Wait, did I just call Leah my girl? Yes, Emmett you did. Oh, well. I growl back.

I noticed Leah's eyes widen. Then I go back to the task at hand.

"Rosalie, stop growling at Leah. There is no reason for it." Alice says.

"She was starin at my man, Alice. That is reason itself."

I look at Leah, to see her blushing. Hmmm. Was this true? Leah looks back at me. I look her in the eye to see... was it love? Or lust? Or both? I look back at Rosalie. And that is when I knew that what ever had been between us was over.

"Rosalie, I think we both know that this thing we have is over." I say.

"Emmett... but but, no! I won't let this, this bitch (hehe, get it?) ruin what we have!" she screams back at me.

"Leah didn't ruin anything, you did." And with that I got up, grabbed Leah's hand and walked outside. When we were far enough away that no one could hear, I turned around and looked at Leah.

I said "Leah" at the same time she said "Emmett". We just look at each other. Then she grabs my head and pulls me down.


I can't take this anymore. I grab his head and pulls it down. Then I don't have to do anything more, cause he does it for me. His lips crash into mine. We both moan at the contact.

We break apart when the sound of a door slamming caught our attention. We looked over and saw the red BMW race down the road.

We stare at each other again, then it seams as if we both came to a decision in that moment. Emmett grabs me and throws me on his back and races to his room...

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