The Ugly Truth

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I'm running the usual circuits on a rare sunny day in Forks. A part of me wants to be spending this beautiful day with Emily whether it is at the beach, in her garden or maybe out shopping in Port Angeles. But instead there's something else that leads me out to the forests today. I'm mildly pleased to realize that I can have my thoughts to myself and not worry about seeing the others – seeing you. Leah. You've been on my mind more and more lately and I wish I understood why. I've not seen much of you since the Italian leeches left and can only assume that you're hiding out on the Cullens' territory to avoid me. Do you hate me so much that you'd much rather put up with their stench then to even see me? No, it's not as if you're making 'friends' with them monsters as if you were Seth or even, ugh, Jacob.

I come across a huge meadow and stop to look out at it. There are wildflowers growing here and I remember you've always loved these kinds of flowers. You always told me that they were so resilient, beautiful and wild. And I told you that they were just like you. On sunny days like these we'd come out and try to find a spot just like this to enjoy the cool breeze, talk, laugh and just be close to one another. This is much too far for Emily to travel and I don't feel comfortable with her being out in the woods anyways. So moments like these are something that will always remain 'special' to me – it'll always remind me of us.

Hearing a high yelp I stiffen and crouch down low unsure of whether there's danger or something else. Suddenly I see you breaking out through the trees and running through the meadow. Your tongue is lulled out in a wolfish smile and you're…skipping? Can wolves even skip? But you're definitely in a light-hearted mood and seem to be practically dancing. I chuckle to myself and lay down to enjoy watching you – it's just like in our younger days when you'd play around trying to get me to join you. I shake my head wondering why you're going through so much to get Seth to play with you. Seth is always eager and ready to play; it was hard controlling him most times because he's just an overgrown puppy that hadn't learned self-restraint. But you turn around facing the trees where you just came from and you lower your head and wag your tail. I'll admit it's a very enticing position that has me whimpering and wanting to join you.

I'd run around with you, Leah. We can play tag, wrestle and just run around. I'd gently nuzzle your neck or maybe knock you down roughly just to prove my dominance. I miss your scent and whimper desperately pleading for the wind to change direction and carry your scent up here. You roll over on your back exposing your soft belly and the wolf in me wants to just run up and stand over you – claim you. Claim you? I can't do that – I have Emily. I quickly get up pacing trying to put down the adrenaline and instinct telling me to go over there and take this opportunity. Just as I've finally arrived at a decision the one who you've been trying to coax out finally makes his appearance. I feel the hairs on my hackles rise and my lips curl back in a vicious snarl – it's not Seth; it's Jacob.

Jacob calmly walks out and carefully sniffs the air as you roll back onto your feet. You yelp and call for him; wanting him to join you. I can tell that you're impatient. Since when did you and Jacob Black become so close that you'd want to play with him? In a meadow of all places? Like we used to do? He stalks out and he seems bigger than I last recall as you run up to him not in the least bit intimidated by his massive size. You run right up to his face and stop short of running into him. I watch silently waiting for him to mess up and do something to hurt you – anything wrong to get you to come back with me; to me. I'm surprised as you jump up and capture his head in your jaws; or rather try to. He shakes his head away from your grasp and you snap at his ear tugging on it.

A game of tag breaks out as he snaps at you and you run away. You continually coax him into chasing you and to my surprise you submit to him over and over again. You expose your soft belly, you rub against him, lick him and you whimper when he does manage to catch you (I'm starting to think you let him catch you). I don't know how long this childish, pointless and stupid game goes on but suddenly you phase and Jacob isn't too far behind you. Why did you both suddenly phase? Did someone else phase? Don't want anyone joining in your little wolfy games? Your laughter rings out through the meadow and I suddenly feel that light, carefree feeling again that only you can naturally bring about in me. However, the wolf in me is angered by this display – it feels as if we've missed something.

"Jacob, no don't!" You cry out in laughter and I turn my attention back to you. I hear him growl as he lunges at you but just misses and you dance out of his grasp. It isn't long before he captures you around your knees and throws you over his shoulder. What the hell? You're letting Jacob Black not only see you naked but touch you while you're naked? Both of your laughs continue echoing throughout the meadow as Jacob twirls you around and I can tell that you're delirious with…happiness? No way in hell did that kid find a way to get to you – to make you happy? He stops and he nips your hip as one of his hands boldly moves to rub your ass. Your laughing stops and I sit waiting for you to phase and punish him for getting fresh with you. Instead you push yourself up against his ass and he lowers you down so that the two of you are facing one another. I suddenly feel ill as you smile at him with your arms wrapped around his neck and his wrapped around your waist.

You smile at him once more before the two you share a kiss. I watch in horror as the kiss becomes deeper, more passionate and seems to be 'meaningful'? Jacob gently places you down so that your feet are back on the ground but your foreheads are still touching and he's holding you close. Way too close for my liking. You're whispering something to him that makes him blush and he takes your hand leading you away from the center of the meadow. You bump into his shoulder lightly and I can't help but feel that there's something more between the two of you then just an Alpha and Beta relationship.

It then hits me; it's like having a bucket of ice cold water thrown on you while asleep. Emily was talking to Rachel about how much time the two of you have been spending together. I thought nothing of it because as Alpha and Beta it's required for you two to work together. What I just thought was you two just going out to eat now seems more like a date. I recall overhearing the two of you arguing and throwing insults but now it seems more like a lovers' quarrel. The two of you are dating; you're seeing Jacob Black? Snapping out of my thoughts I desperately search around for the two of you and see a glimpse of Jacob's head just above the tall flowers underneath a tree. I edge closer just wanting to check to make sure that you've gone home and you're not lying next to Jacob Black.

Much to my disappointment I see you lying on the grass next to Jacob Black. You're both still naked but that doesn't seem to bother either one of you. He's propped up on his elbow smiling down at you and I watch jealously as he moves a strand of hair from your face. I understand now why the wolf inside of me wanted to join you – he knew this was going on. Jacob Black has something that I can't have and never will have. Jacob leans down and kisses your lips lightly as his hand runs along your side. I turn and run away unable to watch anymore – him caressing you, planting light kisses on your exposed skin, you sighing under his attention, running your hands through his hair and smiling at him. Nothing will come of this – he'll imprint and he'll leave you. And when he does I'll be there to hold you and comfort you.

He just has to.

A/N: So this idea hit me after re-reading The Blackwater Wedding. So I've been inspired to do a bit of angst while I hash out what I want to do next with my other more dramatic stories. I won't lie to you ladies and gents Not Enough and Wake Up Call...I'm having a hard time giving Jacob a hard time. And I think my sudden love, again, for Jacob Black is making it hard. I mean Eclipse is just right around the corner. Well...that and I hate that Netflix has Barney. -_-; I've spent the last 3-hrs watching Barney. Why didn't anyone tell me there was an EFFIN' BARNEY MOVIE! =O That was ridiculous. *knocks over stack of books* OH NO! Not my Dumas collection. But anyway I'm always in the mood to write a bit of Sam angst and I'm trying to work on something for Emily too in this story.

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