Where Does Your Resolve Come From

where does your resolve come from?

tell me i would like to know.

where do you find your strength?

that will to go on?

to do your best?

why can i not make you waver?

...as you are beaten


...and called worthless?

and your resolve stay strong?

where does your resolve come from

i want to know

'cause you stand strong while...

i am broken

i am lost

how do you find your resolve

i need to know

before i completely brake

so i will not shatter

i need to find a resolve... a will... some strength

so i will not fall

so i will not falter

so i can look strait ahead

for if i do not have one

even for a millisecond..

where do you get your resolve from

tell me i would like to know

tell me how do you stay strong when the world is against you

i want to know

i NEED to know

for without one i am... nothing