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Chapter One: A Different World

James and Lily Potter spoke the words of the spell in unison. The magic flared up and, instead of staring at the Great Hall filled with the Order of the Phoenix, they were staring at a crowded hall. James let out a sigh of relief. "It worked."

The relief didn't last too long, however, as the crowd reacted and the Potters found themselves facing down wands.

"Don't move," a boy that looked like the alternate world's version of Neville Longbottom ordered.

"We don't mean any harm," Lily said.

"We're from another universe, we're hoping that you can help us out," James added. "I'm James Potter, and this is my wife, Lily."

The boy snorted and motioned towards them. "Right, like I would believe that one. Take them to the cells," the boy ordered and the wands around them closed in. The men quickly disarmed James and Lily and their hands were bound.

A blond teen appeared at the entrance to the Great Hall and scowled at them. "The alarms went off. So, what do you have for me?"

"Two for the cells," Neville answered. "They say that they're a James and Lily Potter from an alternate world, but I say we should give them the standard treatment of unknowns."

"Right. Follow me," the blond ordered as he whirled around. The blond led them down to the dungeons and they were shoved into a cell.

"Who are you?" James asked before the blond could leave.

"No questions," the blond answered.

"We need to talk to your leaders. If we could just talk to Dumbledore then I'm sure we could straighten everything out," James tried again.

The blond rolled his eyes at them. "You have really outdated information. Someone will be by to talk to you when they can. In the mean time, the cell has a dampener field on it, so don't try to hurt yourself or anyone else. Behave and you will be seen to sooner."

The blond turned away, ignoring James' protests. He was about to leave them when someone came stumbling down the hall. James could see the person in a minute, a dark hair boy of the same age as the blond. The dark hair boy latched onto the blond, hanging over the blond's shoulders.

The dark hair boy blinked at James. "Who's this, then?"

"Supposedly James and Lily Potter from an alternate world. They want to talk to Dumbledore," the blond answered.

The dark hair boy tilted his head. "That could be arranged."

"Didn't you just get done with the ones down the hall?" The blond scowled.

"There's always room for more." The dark hair boy shrugged.

"Let someone else handle it." The blond tried to shrug the dark hair boy off of his shoulders, but it didn't work. "Let's go."

James watched the two walk down the hall before collapsing onto the bed beside his wife. "Somehow that didn't go the way we expected it to."

"Dumbledore will set it right," Lily comforted him.

Harry stubbornly insisted on hanging onto Draco's arm as they walked down the hall, heading up to the war room to report the current events. Though, Harry's news really wasn't as interesting as Draco's was.

"Do you really think that they are James and Lily Potter?" Harry asked as they made their way into the corridor that led to the war room. It was safe to talk there, as long as it wasn't something too sensitive.

"You didn't get anything off of them?" Draco asked.

Harry shrugged. "Thought I didn't get to play with them right this minute."

"Do you think you can at least try to act normal?" Draco grumbled. "You really shouldn't be allowed to be near that group."

"There's nothing wrong with my side of the council." Harry wrinkled his nose. "I really can't see how you can stand to be in the side that you are on."

"There's nothing wrong with my side of the council," Draco used Harry's earlier words in defense.

"It's got Snape," Harry pointed out.

"I still don't understand why you are more freaked out by my working with Snape over the Dark Lord." Draco shook his head.

"Snape is all evil," Harry protested.

"And the Dark Lord killed your parents," Draco replied.

Harry shrugged. "Riddle isn't so bad once you get used to him. You work under him, remember?"

"That's different. My father," Draco paused before continuing, "my father worked under him, so it was obvious that I would be put under his control."

"My father worked under Dumbledore and McGonagall and I was put onto the team that I am on now," Harry said.

"Both sides claimed you, it only made sense to put you under the new commander." Draco would have continued with the argument, if not for the fact that they were finally waved through into the war room.

Draco was slightly surprised to see that all three of the Council members were seated at the table, instead of one of their second in commands. Then Draco saw that Neville was standing in front of the table and he realized that it must be due to the two recently put into the dungeons.

"Report," McGonagall said as soon as they entered the room.

Neville went first, as he was the first one on the scene. "The two just appeared out of nowhere and they surrendered when pressed. They said that they were from an alternate universe and that their names were James and Lily Potter."

McGonagall gasped in shock and Riddle frowned. The third member of the council was also frowning, but more out of confusion than anything.

"I brought them down to the dungeons and put them in a cell. They asked to talk to Dumbledore," Draco continued. "They seemed to have no idea what was going on."

"Heavens," McGonagall whispered.

"It could just be them playing tricks," Riddle said.

"I am only here to say that I finished with Prisoner Steve; I'm really not sure why I was included in this summons," Harry answered.

"We heard the rumors that the two claimed to be James and Lily Potter and it seemed fitting that you be in this meeting," McGonagall said.

"Would everyone mind explaining this to me?" the third member of the council finally spoke up. Nathan Ford glanced around at the people in the room. "Who are James and Lily Potter and what has all of you so spooked."

"James and Lily Potter were my parents before Riddle killed them in his Voldemort stage," Harry reported to his commander. "They were well known due to this fact, so everyone is a bit shocked to see these imposters."

"Right, and this whole thing with alternate worlds, is this even possible?" Nate asked. Harry could see the beginning of a plot stirring in his commander's eyes, although he was sure that no one else could.

"Well, certainly no one has done it before," McGonagall hedged.

"But then we thought that life from outer space was impossible, too," Riddle said.

"We'll give them the same treatment of all of the rest of our unknown captives," Eliot Spencer said as he entered the room.

"We kill them?" Harry asked, perking up in interest.

"Interrogate them first, you know, do whatever it is you do to figure out if they are aliens or not," Nate said as he absently waved his hand.

"But we'll leave them for the night," Eliot added.

Harry hummed in disappointment. "Can I go now?"

"I'll get your report later," Nate said.

Riddle nodded towards Draco and he and Harry left Neville with the council. Neville had a lot of responsibilities, working in the Great Hall. Of course, Draco and Harry had just as many responsibilities, working in the dungeon, but that meant that they weren't involved with whatever was going on with the imposters just yet. Draco was in charge of their care while they were in the cells, and Harry was in charge of interrogating them when the time came, but other than that they didn't really have anything to add.

"So, what do you thinks going to happen if they are really the Potters from another universe?" Draco asked as they walked through the corridors arm in arm. Harry had latched on to him as soon as they made it out of the war room and Draco put up with it once more.

"I dunno, I suppose there will be all sorts of questions asked and it's rather obvious that they can't stay here, right?" Harry asked. "I mean, we have enough problems of our own, we don't really need theirs."

"Well, I was more talking about yourself, Harry," Draco replied, although he did agree with Harry.

"What about me?" Harry blinked up at Draco. "I've handled aliens before and, if they are who they say that they are, then it won't be as bad as the aliens. I'll be fine."

"Aren't they your parents of a sort?" Draco hesitantly asked when it was obvious that Harry didn't really get what Draco was talking about.

"My parents are dead," Harry reminded Draco.

"Yeah, but they would be a Lily and James Potter and it was a Lily and James Potter that were your parents, so wouldn't they be your parents in some twisted way?" Draco asked.

"In some twisted way, but luckily, I'm not twisted. I'm demented," Harry answered. "Demented is so much better than twisted; you can get away with a lot more."

"So, you don't like the idea of them being your parents." Draco stared off into the distance. After the first few attacks, Harry wasn't one of the few orphans at Hogwarts. The major cities in the world were all hit by the aliens and a lot of people died, including Draco's parents. Before the aliens came, his father's prestige at the Ministry of Magic was a good thing; after the aliens, his father's prestige at the Ministry of Magic ended up with him dead. Draco tried to imagine if alternates of his parents suddenly showed up and he found himself agreeing with Harry.

"Parents are there for you; they don't just pop out of nowhere and everything is shiny," Harry said after a moment. "Besides, I'm quite happy with Nate-poppa and Sophie-momma."

"They'd kill you if they knew that you were calling them that," a voice came out of nowhere.

"Parker," Harry called out in delight as he tilted his head back to stare at the woman hanging by the ceiling.

Draco blinked, staring up at the thief. "He got that from you, you know."

"That doesn't mean that I would ever call them that to their face," Parker replied, dropping down from the ceiling.

"You called Nate that last week during the meeting," Draco reminded.

Parker shrugged. "He doesn't notice anything during those meetings. Most of the time he's too busy being a mastermind to listen to anything that I say unless it's relevant."

Draco nodded in agreement. Most of the time what Parker said wasn't relevant at all and Nate did seem to be the type to be able to tune her out. Draco moved on to a more pressing question. "What were you doing on the ceiling?"

"I was bored and this part of the ceiling looked like it would hold up; not many ceilings in this castle look that way, you know," Parker informed them.

"Okay, we'll just leave you to your fun," Draco said as he began to pull Harry away. Every time that Harry spent time with the thief he always came back with some odd idea or another and this wasn't the time for another prank.

"I'll see you later," Parker said as she waved them goodbye. Draco heard and chose to ignore the way she sighed and softly said, "Those two are so cute together."

"I wanted to talk to Parker," Harry said with a pout when they were out of earshot.

"Parker's busy right now," Draco said. "And you don't really need more ideas as to what demented people can get away with."

Harry laughed. "You can be demented, too, if you want."

"I'm with you, aren't I? Isn't that demented enough?" Draco asked with a smirk.

"Then let's go be together and forget about parents for the night." Harry returned Draco's smirk.

"I like that idea," Draco replied. Harry's arm dropped down until the two boys were holding hands.