Vanish Inside Your Kiss

Relena awoke as the sunbeams tangled in her gold hair and kissed her eyelids. Her blue-green eyes blinked sleepily open to the bright room and she stretched luxuriously under the soft sheets, letting the cotton slide across her bare skin. She laughed suddenly, remembering the night before. Heero's accurate precision in ridding her of her clothes and his incredibly strong hands brushing like butterfly wings over her body. He had been so gentle that every kiss was like a promise, one that filled her with warmth.

"I will always return to you, Relena…"

She remembered his words clearly, and the way his eyes had looked deeply into hers; she knew he meant it. He was already gone now, called away to protect the everlasting peace she had created. He did it for her, even as she worked for him. They were two sides of the same coin, never to be separated no matter how far apart they were.

She smiled to herself, remembering the sweet night of lovemaking that brought a blush to her face instantly. It had happened on a moment. She had been getting ready for bed when a knock had sounded at her door. It was late and she knew it could only be Heero, doing his nightly check to make sure all was well. She had called out that she was fine and wished him good night before turning back to unbutton the first button her shirt. She had been surprised when she head the sound of her door opening and closing and had whirled around to see who had entered. He had been standing there silently, his dark eyes full of emotions, and she hadn't been able to look away. They had come together without words, two souls simply drawn at once to the other, forgetting that they had ever been apart. It had been like coming home and she never wanted to not feel the comforting strength of his arms as he held her afterwards, her head pillowed against his shoulder, breathing in the musky scent of him.

The only regret was that he had had to go. She had not felt him leave her side and she would never know how much courage it had taken simply for him to tear his eyes from the sight of her sleeping peacefully, her golden hair spread over her ivory skin like a blanket of sunlight. He had kissed her shoulder lightly and departed without looking back. If he had looked, he would never have been able to leave.

Sighing softly, she turned onto her side, pleased to find that Heero's scent still lingered on the pillows. She reached out a hand to touch his side of the bed when her fingers encountered something and she pulled it towards her with a little gasp. A perfect red rose, dew drops still glistening on its petals, had been set on the pillow, its blossom opened to the sun. She brushed the petals against her face and closed her eyes, imagining Heero laying it next to her before he left, a physical symbol of what he had been unable to express in words.

I love you.

Happy Valentine's Day.

From Goldberry.