Hello everyone. A few of you probably know of my old, unfinished story 'A New Legend' which I've uploaded here… well for those who enjoyed it, I regret to say that I don't think I'll ever finish it. The story just seems kind of linear and too predictable to me, and my way of writing has changed so much since I last wrote in it that the story doesn't even seem like it was written by me anymore. So my apologies, but I highly doubt the story will ever be finished (Though I MAY rewrite it at some point… don't get your hopes up though).

HOWEVER! As you can obviously tell from this upload, this doesn't mean I'm not writing anymore. I believe this new story will be a million times better than ANL. I've gotten a lot more writing experience under my belt, and I can safely say I'm ready to try again.

As well as being more detailed overall, I'm going to be focusing more on the romance genre this time around. ANL did teach me something about my own preference in writing. Before I began writing it, I had no idea that the Romance genre was so appealing to me. Therefore, it was a good learning experience, even if the story may ever remain unfinished.

For those of you who have been with me since the beginning, I hope this story will deliver what ANL (in my opinion) failed to. For those of you who just happened by here by chance, or thought the story looked interesting, I hope I do not disappoint. So without further ado, please enjoy the first chapter in what I hope will one day become an epic tale among the many great stories in Zelda Fanfiction.



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Happy Mask (North Castle)

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Disclaimer: Though it may not appear that way at this point in time, this story is rated Mature FOR A REASON! There is GOING to be violence. There is GOING to be sexual situations. They will not be consistent but they will be there, and will be descriptive. If a situation calls for writing, then it shall be written. So if you are expecting a nice little happy tale, you're too young for such things, or if for whatever reason your virgin eyes will become consumed by fire from reading such material, then don't read. You have been warned.

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Trials of the Heart: Divinus Minae

Prologue – Memories

It is over… I never believed I would live to witness this day. The day we would finally be free of this nightmare that has plagued us for so long. The day we would no longer be forced to live in fear that we would fall asleep at night, never to wake again. The day the monsters which stalked just outside of homes when the darkness shrouded the kingdom would finally vanish from our lands. The day our children could laugh and play, guarded by the ever watchful Eyes of Din, Malia and Yira, their gaze unhindered by the black phantoms which invaded our skies, blinding them. The day that we would finally be free from him. As I stand here in this strange place, surrounded by naught but thick white clouds and radiant blue sky as far as my keen Hylian eyes can see, I begin to think back on my journey.

I remember it all so vividly. The first day I met Navi, my fairy companion and faithful friend who told me of the mysterious task which the Deku Tree required of me. I remember obtaining the three jewels known as the Spiritual Stones; The Emerald of the Forest, The Ruby of Fire, and the Sapphire of Water; three of the fabled Elemental Jewels, and receiving Master Sword; only to be thrown seven years into the future where the biding evil of Ganondorf Dragmire had festered. I remember the nightmare I walked into, where once a bustling town flourished, now was but a ruined shadow of its former self, overrun with hideous beasts; undead contortions, perversions of humanity. I remember the twisting corridors and moss covered walls of the Temple of the Forest, the unbearable heat within the Temple of Fire, the dark depths of the Temple of Water, the eerie voices of the Temple of Shadow, and the mysterious treasures lying within the Temple of Spirit. I remember battling through the Black Castle of the Evil King himself and the subsequent duel with the power-mad tyrant. I remember gazing upon the demonic face of his true form as I drove my sword into his skull, glowing yellow eyes staring back at me in pain and anger. I watched as the void of the sages swallowed him into the dark oblivion he, himself created. However, despite all of that; all of the hardship, misery, trial, and eventual triumph, the events that I remember the most, and the memories I cherish more than any of the rest… are my memories of her.

The Princess of Hyrule… Zelda.

That name had burned itself into my soul. I met her for the first time, seven years ago. I was only a boy, but I had infiltrated the very walls of The Great Palace itself, side stepping the guards as I slowly made my way into one of the castle's many courtyards. It was there I saw her, a young girl around the same age as myself, perhaps slightly younger, spying through a large window from atop a low dais on the other side of a beautiful garden. Having lived in a forest for all of my life, I did not know much of propriety. Yet, as I spoke to her, I never felt as if I was speaking to a person of such greater worth than myself. She spoke to me as the children spoke to each other in my home in the village Nieraki deep within the vast forest connected to Hyrule, and I felt as if I could have spoken to her of anything without fear of offending Hyrule's royal heir. I had only felt this sort of security with one other person; Saria, the young emerald haired elder of the Kokiri. I never expected that one such as myself would even be given a word, but she… she was no ordinary princess.

Now the very same little girl stands before me in this odd, but beautiful place, only… she is no longer a little girl. She has grown over the years into a beautiful young Hylian woman. Her golden hair dangles down her back and across her shoulders. Rose red lips and a small nose compliment her perfectly oval shaped face, and her creamy skin glows radiantly with health. The most striking feature about her however, is her eyes; twin almond shaped sapphires sparkling prettily in the light, overflowing with benevolence.

Her attire is something to be admired as well. A soft pink bodice covers her upper body, with a white extended neckline. A pair of golden spaulders covers her shoulders and upper arms, connected via an intricate piece of jewelry like to an amulet with the center engraved with an image of the Triforce and the Hyrulian Phoenix, which extends just beneath her neck. Long white gloves only a few shades lighter than her skin cover her arms and hands. Her skirt is almost completely white save for two small pink bands near the end, and an elegant blue mantle, again emblazoned by the images of the Triforce in gold and the Phoenix in green as well as other complex embroideries, hangs freely from her waist, suspended by a golden cincture which encircles her slender body. A golden tiara with a spherical ruby in the center sits upon her head, and two earrings in the shape of small Triforces dangle from her pointed ears.

She smiles happily at me, and it is only now that I realize I have been staring at her. She seems to take no notice however, even as I, with no small amount of effort avert my eyes for a moment before facing her again. I can see the joy within her lovely eyes, obviously rejoicing in our victory over the King of Evil.

"Thank you Link." She says, and I am instantly struck by the soft, nearly musical tone of her voice. "Thanks to you, Ganondorf has been sealed within the Evil Realm! Thus, peace will once again reign in this world… for a time."

I smile back and open my mouth to reply, but before I can do so, I notice her expression change. A look of guilt quickly replaces the happy smile she wore but seconds before. She turns her head away, but I can still see her eyes glistening with unshed tears. I frown in concern for her. What could have prompted this sudden change?

"Zelda?" I ask, finally finding my voice. "Are you well? What ails you?"

"All of the tragedy that has befallen Hyrule was my doing…" She replies, her voice sad and full of regret. "I was so young… I could not comprehend the consequences of trying to control the Sacred Realm. If I had only known, none of this would have happened. You would not have suffered so but for my foolishness."

"Zelda… whatever do you mean?" I ask, perplexed. "What mistake have you ever made?"

"I was a fool to believe that by obtaining the Triforce, we could defeat Ganondorf and prevent his dark ambitions from coming to fruition." She explains. "I only succeeded in aiding him in his goals. I have wronged Hyrule… and I have wronged you as well. I took an innocent little boy from his home, his world, and forced him into a quest he should never have been forced to take." She pauses, and for a moment I can hear her sobbing quietly. "I stole your innocence from you Link… I am so sorry. I would not blame you if you hated me for what I have done."

Her words struck me harder than a blow from Ganon's blades. Hate her? How could I ever hate her, when she has given me so much? I find myself struck speechless for a moment, as I try desperately to think of the words I wish to say. Desperate to quell her guilt, I slowly approach her, placing my hand reluctantly upon her shoulder. She looks away when I attempt to look into her eyes, the guilt of her self-convicted 'crime' overcoming her.

"Zelda… look at me. Please." I say, my voice gentle. She continues to avert her eyes, so I speak again, this time more insistently. "Look at me."

She slowly raises her head and turns it to me. I was right; she is crying. Tears flow from her eyes, and begin to roll down her cheeks, leaving small, red stains upon her face. In seeing this, I suddenly feel a sharp pain within my heart, and it takes all of my will and more to hold back my own tears, for fear that she may see them as something they are not. I look her in the eyes, my own showing sincerity.

"Zelda… please do not blame yourself, for it is my as much my doing, perhaps even more so than your own." I say, hoping my eyes show the same sincerity as my words. She remains attentive so I continue. "Had I only been stronger, the Master Sword may not have found me unworthy to wield its power as I was. Had this been, perhaps I could have reached the Triforce before Ganondorf and stopped him. Had I been more worthy… I could have prevented all of this; I would not have slept for seven years, forcing you to live your life in fear every day. It was my own weakness, which lead Hyrule to this sad fate."

"Link…" Zelda says softly. "Please do not say such a thing. You had no fault whatsoever in this."

"If I did not, then you did not." I reply with a small smile.

She sighs regretfully, but seems to accept my words. "Nevertheless… Hyrule will never recover from this. Homes may be rebuilt, monsters may be driven away, and ruined land may repair itself, but the pain and sorrow will never fade completely. The families and friends of those whose lives were lost will never know the same happiness they once did. This scar… will never heal." She paused for a moment before continuing. "I cannot allow my people to endure anymore of this. Already, they have suffered far more than they deserve."

"But what can we do?" I ask.

"We can fix it." Zelda replies, her sorrowful expression now turning to one of hope. "As the Hero of Time, and the Sage of Time, we have the power to undo all of the damage that has been done."

"But how?" I ask, hope returning to my own troubled soul.

"You must lay the Master Sword to rest and close the door of time…" She explains. "However, in doing so, the road between times will be closed." She pauses and extends her arm. "Link… give the Ocarina to me. As a sage, I can help you return to our original time with it. Time will be reversed seven years. The destruction will be no more, the monsters will fade, and all of the sorrowful memories will be erased."

"But what of us?" I ask, hesitant. "What of our memories? Will they fade as well?"

"I know not…" the princess replies with a shake of her head. "Perhaps we will remember… or perhaps we will forget like the rest of the world. Perhaps life for us will be as it was before all of this happened, or…" She trails off and returns her gaze to me. "Do you want to remember?"

"Yes." As unexpected as the question was, I answer without hesitation. "I do not wish to forget this journey Zelda. It is true that this quest has been full of hardship, and I do not deny that there are some things that I would rather forget. However, there are also many memories that I wish to keep."

"Such as?" Zelda askes softly.

"The once abandoned city of the Gorons once again coming to life as its people, freed from their imprisonment, returned to its sheltered walls. The beauty I witnessed when the pure waters once again filled Lake Hylia, and the sparkling of the sunlight against the gentle ripples. The happiness on the faces of the Kokiri children, when the monsters disappeared from their home, and they could once again play without fear." I pause for a moment, a final memory bringing a smile to my face. "And the joy I saw from you only moments ago, when you spoke of our victory over the Evil King. I want to keep those memories Zelda… I would gladly endure any painful memories, if it meant that I would still be able to cherish the ones I hold dear."

"And I would as well." Zelda replies, her eyes glistening. "There is no knowing what will happen to us, but with uncertainty comes hope. Let us hope… that our memories will remain."

"Yes… and let us finally bring our journey to its end. Let us give the people their lives back."

With those words, I summon the necessary item into my hand, and in a flash of light a beautiful Ocarina crafted from strange glowing blue crystal forms within. The divine instrument she entrusted to me seven years ago as she made her escape from our foe. Glancing over the glimmering surface one final time, I place it in her outstretched hand. As I do so however, she immediately places her other hand over mine, holding it within her delicate grasp. My heart begins to race at her gentle touch. Curse me for a coward! I can cross vast plains, and deep forests, brave fiery volcanoes and rot-filled necropolises. I can stand against a man, nay a demon consumed by his own power to save a land in peril… and yet at the end of it all, I lack the courage to tell the one I hold dearest my true feelings. I almost feel ashamed to have been granted the Triforce of Courage, and the strength it bestows.

My self-chiding is halted however as I notice her sad, regretful expression. "When peace returns to Hyrule… it may be time for us to say goodbye…"

I shake my head. "No… not goodbye. When you say that, it sounds as if we may never see each other again."

"But-" She begins.

"Please… Say it not." I plead not even wishing to consider the possibility. "Please…"

She says nothing in reply and merely removes her hands from my own, taking the precious instrument with her. Raising the Ocarina to her chest she smiles a sad smile, her eyes still glistening with tears. I can do nothing but stare into those beautiful sapphire pools until she speaks once more.

"Now, go home Link… regain your lost time." She begins. Her eyes seem to betray less confidence than she attempts to feign. "Home… where you are supposed to be… the way you are supposed to be…"

Without another word, she raises the crystal ocarina to her lips, closes her eyes and begins to play. The song the notes produced was the very same melody I have heard countless times during my quest. Three notes repeating three times, entering into a gentle rise and fall upon the final repetition. The song which reminded me of her. After a few seconds, I am met with another familiarity. A soft blue light began to surround me, similar to the power, which aided my exit from the temples, crypts, and caves I had delved during this quest. The light pulsed in time with the melody, growing ever more powerful as the princess played.

The irony of it all! The very same song that I had considered to be my connection with her during these years we have been apart is now the instrument of our separation. As my feet begin to lift from the ground, I realize that it is now too late for us to turn back. The notes slowly fade as Zelda finishes the song, and the soft hum of the portal is the only sound that remains. My eyes meet hers from beyond the blue screen of light, and I can do nothing save watch as my body begins to rise higher into the sky, away from her.

I watch helplessly as tears begin to fall once more from her eyes, as the portal sweeps me upward. Instinctively, I attempt to reach for her… to touch her… but it is of no avail. My hand catches nothing, as this accursed portal has already pulled me too far. Seeing my gesture, Zelda extends her own hand toward me, and for a moment, our fingers nearly touch once more. Our efforts are fruitless once again however, and after a few seconds, the sapphire-eyed princess lowers her arm helplessly, breaking her gaze and lowering her head, in what I can only assume is regret.

It is now that I feel the tears that I have held back for so long start to fall from my own eyes. Each second feels like a century, as the portal continues to drag me upwards, slowly as if to torment me, until finally, after an eternity of agonizing torture, the princess finally vanishes from my sight.

'Thank you Link… goodbye…'

Her final words ring in my ears again and again. Did I imagine it? Is the pain of having to leave her now deceiving my mind into believing that I can still hear her voice? My heart begins to ache horribly within my chest, and illusion or no, the words are no less painful to hear. My hope begins to slowly slip away once more, as a white light floods my vision, blinding me from all else. Powerless, to change what has been put into motion, I turn my eyes to the heavens, and place my faith in the divines.

'Noble gods of Ismirra, creators of this world, powerful Din, wise Nayru, courageous Farore, and the deities of the earth and the cosmos please… answer my prayers. This journey has granted me more than I could have ever imagined. I would gladly endure any and all lingering pain, if only it meant I would still be able to cherish those I hold dear. Please… if it is within your power, please… do not let me loose these memories… do not let me forget her… even if she forgets me.

I love her.'

I do not remember having closed my eyes, nor can I recall how long they had been so, but eventually by consciousness fades into being once more. As my eyes slowly open, my vision is met with a bluish light, which surrounded me. The light begins to flicker, and expand, weakening as it grew further and further away, until it vanishes completely. My eyes slowly adjust to the abrupt change in light, and I look around at my surroundings. I now stand in the center a large room of marble and granite upon a raised dais in the center. Surrounding me on all sides are six large glyphs resembling the symbols of six of the eight elemental forces; Forest, Fire, Water, Shadow, Spirit, and Light. Only Wind, youngest of the elements, and Aether, the eldest are not present. I had returned to resting place of the Master Sword, nestled deep within the Temple of Time. Before me was that same legendary sword, the white blade and gem encrusted sapphire hilt shimmering majestically within its pedestal.

I do not remember returning it myself. Could this have been a result of the Ocarina's magic? I look down at myself and immediately notice the changes my body has undergone. I am smaller, my shoulders less broad, and my arms and legs shorter than they once were. No longer did I wear either the golden gauntlets, nor did I carry the Mirror Shield. Instead, the sword of the Kokiri, and a shield of the hard wood of the Deku Tree rest upon my back. The realization of my situation immediately dawns upon me.

"I am-"

"Where… am I?" A small voice sounds from above me, interrupting my thoughts.

I look up to see Navi, the fairy companion who had guided me since the beginning hovering above me, particles of magic falling from her shimmering wings. The small winged girl looks around a confused look about her. I shake my head in confusion and speak, not knowing what could cause such behavior.

"Navi… are you well?" I ask. "Surely after all this time you've not forgotten this place..."

Only now does she look to me, as if she'd not even been aware of my presence before. Yet rather than seeing the cheerful smile, or motherly expression I have become so accustomed to seeing, all I see is a look of confusion. Why is she acting this way? What could have happened to her during that short time?

"W-who…?" She begins. "How do you know my name?"

I gasp. No… it- it cannot be. She couldn't have forgotten me… could she?

"Navi… it is me… Link!" I say fearing the worst. "Do you not remember? We have been together since the beginning of my journey! Were it not for you, I…"

"Journey? Of what do you speak?" She asks. "I have never been outside of the forest before now… but how… how did I get here? I-" She stops, eyes widening. "I am being summoned… Forgive me, I must leave…"

"Wait… please." I begin imploringly. "Allow me to explain."

She looks at me for a moment and then smiles, rather than filling comfort however, I am filled with naught, but a sense of dread. "You are a good child, Link… I can see this." She says in her small voice. "I did not believe such a pure spirit existed outside of the forest, but seeing you, I have been shown that I was mistaken… perhaps we might meet again someday."

I cannot believe what I am hearing. She has forgotten me… Why? How could everything we have experienced, all the hardship we've faced together have been wiped from her memory in no more than an instant? After all we've been through… how is it possible?

"Navi, please…"

"Forgive me… but I must go now." She says. "Farewell, Link."

I can do nothing but stare helplessly as the small blue fairy begins to fly upward toward a window positioned high above us in the Temple's clerestory. I shield my eyes from the rays of light passing through as the already small fairy girl shrinks more and more as she moves toward the light, slowly vanishing from my sight.

"No… This must be some sort of foul trickery." I gasp, barely able to speak for the lump that has formed in my throat.

I would have had better luck trying to speak with a sleeping Goron, as my words fade into the air before even reaching the fairy's tiny ears, and before I can say anything else, my long time companion and friend disappears before my eyes. I stand in silence for a few moments, my tears beginning to flow from my eyes unimpeded. My legs collapse from under me, and I fall to my knees, sobbing profusely. I am unable to hold back as the weight of these recent events descend upon me all at once.

"Why…" I sob. "Why did it have to be this way?"

I clinch my fist in frustration, and my knuckles begin to turn white from the pressure. A torrent of emotion swirls within the depths of my mind. I feel saddened, helpless, confused, frustrated, angry… I can hardly move for the pain that I feel. I clutch my head with my trembling hands, trying desperately to quell a sudden, sharp headache. Throwing back my head, I scream. It is a strangely relieving feeling to do so, and from the depths of the shrine, no one can hear my voice. I continue to scream until my throat begins to ache. I stop only once I've exhausted my body and voice to the point where I can hardly move, let alone speak.

In my weakness, the pain I felt before is subdued somewhat, but it is to little avail. My body trembles numbly, forcing me to support myself unsteadily with my hands, lest my body meet the cold stonework below. I sit pitifully on my hands and knees for what seems like forever, my tears wetting the stone floor beneath me. How could this have happened? Was my hope all for naught? Did the Divines deem my prayer unworthy? Or… perhaps they did grant my wish, yet only just so. Perhaps this was punishment for such a selfish request.

Suddenly, I begin to feel a warm sensation as it courses through my body, freeing me from the prison of my own mind. Had I slipped any further into this sorry state, I may have missed it entirely. I turn my attention to the source of the feeling – my left hand – and notice the Triforce of Courage shimmering softly, filling my body with a calming energy, as if responding to my inner turmoil. My emotions seem to stabilize somewhat, as the energy eases my mind and spirit.

"You helped me…" I say to the shimmering relic, which shares my body. "But why… why are you doing this? Why do you stay with me, even now?"

The golden symbol brightens for a moment, as if replying, and I begin to feel a pull on my body, as if an unseen being is attempting to help me to my feet. I obey, standing with little effort now that my body has begun to respond once more, the energy easing my mind, and restoring my energy. I turn my eyes to my left hand once more. The golden triangle shimmers in response, emitting a low, almost inaudible hum.

"What are you trying to tell me?" I ask, feeling slightly foolish for talking to my own hand… no matter what divine artifact is communicating through it.

Again, the Force of Courage responds, gently guiding my movements, I allow it, and the relic appears to guide my eyes to the northern window of the Temple. I see the spires of the magnificent Great Palace through the intricate framework of the window. The sight immediately reminds me of Zelda. I turn my eyes back to the shimmering symbol.

"Are you suggesting I go to her?" I ask.

Courage brightens slightly in its way of reply. Knowing its meaning, I nod, finally recovering my determination and steeling my resolve, I begin to make my way out of the Master Sword's chamber, passing under the massive threshold of the Door of Time, and only seconds after, am met with a low rumbling noise from behind me. Startled, I turn back to see the door which served as the only entry and exit to the sword's chamber slowly closing, sealing the path to the sword, and the world I had left behind. I raise my left hand, two fingers extended, and draw the image of the Triforce in the air, before covering my heart with the same hand just as the door closes with a thunderous crash. I had seen this salute used by the Hylian Knights the first time I left the forest. I'd expected it to feel odd, using this gesture to bid farewell to the blade which had served as my weapon in my quest against Ganondorf's reign. Yet however, instead of feeling strange, it feels almost… right… as if I had earned the privilege to use it.

I do not allow my mind to linger on this issue for long, as my thoughts return to the matter at hand. I look ahead and see the temple proper lying before me. It is similar to the Master Sword chamber, which it leads to, with the same white and black tiled floors, marble walls, and complexly shaped windows. It is possessed of more furnishings however, with the red and gold carpeting that sat before the large mahogany double doors, which lead to the outside world, and the altar that holds the spiritual stones of Forest, Fire, and Water. Not a soul could be seen within the temple at this time, as is typical for the shrine, and yet a strange and mystical song fills every corner of the temple, chanted repeatedly by an unseen choir, their voices never quieting even for a moment. It is a song of praise to the Goddess of Time, eldest of all divines. I shake my head, clearing my thoughts, and descend from one of the dual stairways, leading from the now closed door of time, to the altar that held its keys.

I take a moment to admire the beautiful gems, as they sparkle before me, emitting a light of their own. The Kokiri Emerald, with its perfectly spherical gem, green as the forest and bound by a golden spiral which wove itself about the stone, the Goron Ruby, the fire red crystal set within a golden trapezoidal shell, and the Zora's sapphire, its three small ocean blue gems bound via three intricate golden spokes. They are beautiful, and I often found myself gazing upon them whenever I came to this place. However, I know that their place is no longer here in this temple… it is time to return them to those to whom they belonged.

Knowing what must be done, I raised my left hand, channeling the magical energies within my body and directing it at the stones. The three gems lift from their places in response to my magic slowly rearranging themselves into a circular formation, spinning slowly above the altar. I concentrate, willing gems to obey my wishes. The Emerald is the first to respond. The green gem begins to glow faintly, responding to my desires.

Live a long life, Great Deku Tree… I hope this stone will grant you the vigor you give to all those who live in your realm.

The Ruby was the second to react.

I am proud to call you 'brother' Darunia… use this, and lead your people with a strong arm and gentle hand as you have always done.

And finally the Sapphire.

Forgive me, Ruto… but my heart belongs to another. One day you will surely find one who will love you as you love him.

The stones gleam brighter surrounding themselves in brilliant light. The brightness grows greater until it completely envelops the jewels in its radiance, giving them the appearance of small stars. They drift around one another spiraling outwards and then back in, intersecting one another as they depart from the temple via the clerestory, and trailing particles of light as they return to their rightful places among the people to whom they were entrusted. As the light fades, I close my eyes and sigh in contentment.

It is finally over… but there is still one thing that remains. Something I have to know. With this in mind, I turn my eyes from the magnificent temple, and proceed toward the large doors, which serve as both entrance and exit to the cathedral, and the no doubt busy streets beyond.

If my own memories remain… then perhaps hers might as well.

Authors notes: Phew! 5000+ words for the prologue ALONE, and we're just getting started people! I realize that the introduction was a lot similar to A New Legend's for those who've read it. However, I don't intend for this story to be much like ANL beyond that… I used the intro because, quite simply… I like it. I feel having parts from the game in a story relating to said game makes it seem more… 'authentic' I suppose. Add to that, the fact that I don't really plan on even FINISHING ANL, so why waste something from it that I actually liked?

Sorry if this chapter seems too depressing. That was kind of the idea. I wanted to show just how much hardship Link and Zelda have had to go through during this quest. Zelda was attempting to appear hopeful, but it was more a façade than anything. She was more resigned to fate than Link himself, but hearing her final words took a toll on Link too, which was only added too by Navi having forgotten everything.

Things will get better in the next (first official) chapter… and we'll see a bit of action too.

And no, the romance between Link and Zelda isn't going to start for quite a while. Unlike what I did with my last story, I feel the need to build up to that very important part of the plot.

A few points to note

1, The 'Eyes of Din' refer to the two binary stars in which the world of Ismirra; The planet which the country of Hyrule exists on, orbit around. The two 'eyes' are smaller than our sun with Malia, The Eye of Might being around two thirds its size, and Yira, the Observer being around half the size of Malia. Malia is yellow, and Yira is blue. Yira orbits Malia at a fairly quick speed, her light gracing a certain region of the world each month, making the daylight hours of that month particularly brighter. Hyrule's chosen month for Yira to cast her gaze is Sun's Reach, Termina's is Dusk's Call (We'll get more into the Ismirrian Calendar at a later time).

2. Link and Zelda both blame themselves for what happened. Zelda more so than Link. Neither are truly at fault but both feel the need to take responsibility.

3. Navi… has forgotten everything. I always wondered why when Link returned to his childhood that Navi leaves without a single word. This is my take on why she did this. With time having been reversed, her memories have been as well. I would imagine that anyone who had gone through what Link had would have had the same reaction as he did. Loosing his fairy companion, and pseudo 'mother' was the straw that broke the camel's back.

4. The Triforce pieces are sentient. They cannot tell the difference between good and evil entirely, but they do have some empathetic presence, which allows them to aid their holders in times of need without having to be controlled. This is seen in game when the Triforce of Courage heals Link if he has been damaged upon entering the room in the Tower where Ganondorf is fought at the end of Ocarina of Time.

5. We'll get more into Hylian customs and traditions, such as that salute at the end, as well as those of other races at a later time.

So how does everyone like the first person perspective? Am I doing it right? This is the first time I've ever written in this way and don't know if it looks the way it should. Please review. I would very much enjoy input and suggestions are greatly appreciated.