This will be relatively short, a chapter for each character's scary story and each one not too long.

Tales to Scare Your Space-Suit Off Chapter 1: A Dark and Stormy Night IN SPACE!

The lighting inside the Normandy had been completely shut off, barring one holographic fire being projected from the center of the mess hall. Gathered in a semi-circle around said fire were the team which had become known as "Shepard's Dirty Dozen" to the press. At the median of the semi-circle sat Commander Shepard, dressed in red Cerberus-issue pajamas, though he had removed the Cerberus logo embroidery. To his right was Tali'Zorah vas Normandy, due to her suit she did could not wear pajamas but had attempted to blend in by replacing her hood with a purple nightcap. On his right was Garrus, who wore some sort of blue turian sleep wear that looked almost like human exercise clothes. Miranda sat next to Garrus, she had on a white nightgown with "I heart Cerberus" written on the front. Kasumi sat next to Tali, she had on a black robe and her hood. Grunt sat next to Miranda, wearing baggy pants with a tail hole and a plush varren tucked under his arm. Jacob was besides Kasumi, followed by Zaeed wearing pajamas with little guns on them. Thane, Jack, Samara and Legion did not wear any form of sleepware and were in their normal outfits (except Legion as it didn't wear clothing).

"Alright, it is time for us to begin…" Shepard whispered in a sinister voice worthy of a renegade interrupt. "Welcome friends to a night of scary stories, fun and- Where's Mordin?" The Commander scanned the room but saw no trace of the scientist salarian.

"Who cares? Why are we doing this anyway? A sleepover? What are we, four?" Jack complained while trying to roast a marshmallow over the holographic fire.

"It's not a sleep over. It's a gathering where we all tell scary stories and sleep here in these bags." Shepard retorted in between looking around for Mordin.

"That's the definition of sleep over!" Jack's body began to glow blue as her biotics flared up, ready for an attack.

"Calm down! I have sworn an oath to the Commander and if you attack him I will be forced to kill you." Samara cautioned while attempting to force Jack back onto the ground.

"Like you could take me on!" The biotic scoffed.

"Oooh, this is getting good. Isn't that right Mr. Fluffy Fury?" Grunt cooed to his teddy-varren.

"Everyone! Calm down!" Shepard yelled while waving his arms, however the crew didn't seem capable of taking him seriously for some reason. He looked down and saw that in the commotion Tali and fallen sideways, with her head on the Commander's shoulder and her arms wrapped around him. She was making an odd mewling noise which appeared to be the quarian equivalent of snoring.

"That's it, I'm out of here." Zaeed got up and prepared to exit the room.

"Wait! Stop, we'll start without Mordin." Shepard then proceeded to poke Tali in an attempt to wake her up. "Tali honey, wake up." He whispered as the quarian slowly awoke.

"Wha-no I will not 'drop the soap' not after what happened last time…" She mumbled groggily while stretching.

"We're starting the scary story sleepover!" Shepard announced in the same eerie voice he had before.

"I thought you said this wasn't a sleepover!" Jack complained. The commander facepalmed and let out a long sigh.

"I meant we're starting the scary story team bonding night! OooOOOOooo!" He wiggled his fingers in a poor attempt at being scary. "I'll go first with a chilling tale I like to call: I Was a Teenage Reaper!"

There was a massive crack similar to lighting which illuminated the room. In terror Grunt jumped into Miranda's arms and Zaeed pulled out his rifle Jessie from… somewhere I'd prefer not to mention.

"Sorry, we reached consensus that replicating the sound of lightning would increase feelings of terror in organics which we deemed appropriate to help 'set the mood'." Legion explained.

"Thank you Legion, but don't do that again." Shepard raised his hand. The geth platform nodded and Commander Shepard picked up a flashlight which he held under his face to give it a shadowy appearance. "Now as I was saying: I Was a Teenage Reaper!"

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