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Time: 25 BBY Location: Outer Rim, Tatooine

Deep within the Western Dune Sea, all of the music of the party in Jabba's Palace boomed loudly as the Hutt's subjects socialized with each other, laughed at dirty jokes that were often cracked, and drank the delicious alcohol that made them ever so intoxicated. Yes, Jabba was a proud man - Hutt - and it brought pleasure to him as the criminals, bounty hunters, drug dealers, etc. enjoyed themselves at his party, and to his desire, his reputation will spread further across the galaxy.

Still, although he appeared to have everything he wanted in his base of operations, a comfortable throne with several and many subjects and admirers, he couldn't help but feel something was missing. It had something to do with the entertainment, of course there wasn't a problem, the band were the finest all around, without doubt truly. But then he had it, there were no dancers in his company, no one to move or rotate seductively in front of him. No slaves.

It was true, without any of his slave women before him - to dance for him, to entertain him - this reception, and many others to come, won't be as enjoinable as before. Why was it that there was never a slaver around when he wanted to talk with one, to strike some deal and purchase a slave, and a good and very talented one at that? But heaven's light doesn't look like it will shine upon him for luck. Not likely today, anyway.

However, three new figures appeared, three whom were uninvited strangers to his party. One was a mysterious man, dressed in all black, black boots, bodysuit, and even the gasmask was dark. The only thing he could call this stranger was a "silhouette."

The second stranger, this one armed with a Slavemaster carbine, was a Trandoshan in dark red armor, a medal utility belt, and wearing a Wookiee's pelt on his back - a trophy, perhaps?

The third was wearing a cloak, a dark, black cloak that shielded the body - as well as a long hood that hid the face in shadow - from the light above. But he could see a little pit of the stranger's face under the veil of shadow, a feminine face with smooth crimson cheeks, light pink skin, luscious, dark lips - and as far as he could tell, the stranger was a woman.

Little by little, the main audience chamber ceased with the loud music and fell silent, as Jabba's linguist droid took a stand beside the Hutt, and prepared to translate. {Who are you people, and what do you want?} Jabba asked, as his droid repeated his question in English to them.

"Greetings Powerful and Mighty Jabba Desilijic Tiure," the silhouette greeted, bowing to the crime lord in modesty and respect, "It is an honor to finally meet you in person - er, Hutt. I am Morgan Remnant."

{Whatever business you wish to bargain with me, it would be best if you get it over with. You are coming in the middle of a party} the Hutt told him, as his droid translated, {Who are you people anyway... bounty hunters?- smugglers?-}

"Actually, who we are is precisely the business I'm confident you will be thrilled to work with. We are slavers" - he said, as he gently pushed the cloaked woman forward a little into the light - "and we would like to make a proposition."

He pulled the hood off to reveal the woman's face into the light, it was a human - no, it was a Zeltron - with black hair that hung to the level of her eyes, a smooth and perfectly shaped face, truly without question a beautiful creature he had seen. But her eyes seemed oddly blank, just two green orbs, pupils shrunk, as she stared perfectly forward. There was no fear or disgust look on her face, much like most women do whenever they as much glanced at him, instead she held a mindless, helpless stare, and it seemed she didn't take a notice to anything in front of her. Including him.

"This fine, young woman is named Nora," the slaver leader explained, "she was quite a spitfire, a very fiesty vixen. She has the body, the flexibility, and the specialty of a dancer, and she is fine company, despite the modifications made."

{What "modifications"? What do you mean?}

"It's not like I'm saying she's a droid - well, maybe she seems so now - but what I mean is that before, young Nora here was a little cocky, possessive, and searched her own independent gain over ours. Fortunately, we 'fixed' that problem, a few sessions of reprogramming the girl and we have progressed successfully."

Jabba glanced at the Zeltron, who continued to stare aimlessly. {You brainwashed her?}

"If you mean stealing her mind and reprogramming it, they yes. With a well placed set of hypnogazers, we transformed her, made her more obedient, subservient, pleasurable, and entertaining... whether at parties, or in privacy. We let the good qualities thrive while we eliminate the undesirables; such as attitude, resistance, free will, everything unnecessary for a slave."

Jabba hesitated, but he had a good point, slaves didn't need any of those customs, they didn't even need to think, all they need to know how to do is obey. This woman - a Zeltron, which is a species that isn't a target of slavery - had been brainwashed to be a complete and total slave, which seemed like a good thing, but what did these slavers teach her when they erased her mind?

{Slave. Nora, was it? What talents do you possess?} He asked.

The Zeltron murmured, speaking words of some type. But he couldn't decipher, and neither, apparently, could his translator droid. She was speaking in complete gibberish as far as anyone could tell.

Her mumbling came to an end when Remnant placed a hand over her mouth, silencing her. "I'm afraid she can't answer any questions, in the brainwashing procedure, her mind was left a complete blank with only a few subconscious programs, and her ability to speak was erased. We're trying to see if we can fix that, and actually, this is why we've come to you."

{And what part of this makes me involved with your slave trade?}

"Well, given the reputation of your 'kindness' we believe you can be an excellent support." Remnant explained, "What we are asking from you is some money to fund our business and advance our technology to make things possible. What we need is a total of fifty thousand credits to get things started, for a good, suitable ship to get us around the galaxy, and the slavers and technicians will not come in too cheap. But money isn't a problem for you, is it?"

Jabba hesitated, normally he would be outraged but such a large request for money for such small things, but this business these slavers were trying to build didn't sound small at all. Still, there was something he wanted to know, such as why they brought him an example of their progress.

{What you have in mind doesn't sound cheap to me, and providing support should come as a two-way street. If I should give you the credits you seek to support yourselves with, what will be in it for me?} The Hutt asked, as his linguist droid translated for him.

"Other than being known and remembered as the great crime lord responsible for a new generation of slaves in the galaxy..." - he told him, specifically - "...we will give you the gift of 'first pick' in a slave bargain. Of course, it may take a few years before we can collect and provide a proper selection to choose from, so it may take time but never worry, we will honor our agreement.

"I understand that you have a taste for a slave companion, a subject in your affections, and so we will let you select first out of the collection, which ever one you will want. We know how much you love to own and control. In fact, as a token of our word and honor of the bargain, we present you with gift - the first of the brainwashed slaves, here." - He turned to Nora, who was still staring without a purpose.

Jabba observed this gift, a new slave girl in his wake. For a mutual moment, he was thankful to whatever granted his wish so quickly afterward, but never did he expect his new personal slave to be a Zeltron, a non-targeted humanoid in slavery, and an very attractive one at that. Plus with the "first pick" in their progress, it was a sweet deal, the only thing he would need to tolerate was the patience he would have to endorse for them to return and keep their deal. No matter, this Nora slave will be plenty of company for the time being.

"Perhaps a sample of the future will help you decide," Remnant suggested, "I trust you will not be disappointed." The slaver ushered the Trandoshan and everyone else to step aside, giving Nora enough room as she simply stood mindlessly. Jabba kept himself silent and patient as he awaited this unexpected but hopefully appreciated entertainment. The silhouette and snapped his fingers, "Begin Dance program, mode: strip tease," he snapped, as Nora immediately stood straighter.

The Zeltron slave's arms rose above her head connected with each other, as she shook and twirled her body, the dark cloak waving on her figure like a flag until her hands lowered and crawled to the strap. Her fingers fiddled with it, loosened it, and finally untied it and pulled it open.

As the cloak fell to the floor, everyone became transfixed by the bewitching sight, for she now danced, twirled and rotated in an new revealing attire. Skin tight clothing was what it was, a colorful bikini top covered her torso with a loose loincloth around her hips, it didn't disturb - in fact it actually improved - her dancing, as she swayed left and right.

Jabba watched stupefied as her hands roamed her body, lying one on her hip and another on her breast, her movements almost hypnotic to everyone who made up the main chamber's audience. It wasn't a surprise all that much, Zeltron where made for sexuality and pleasure, as in another's opinion, although they were real snobs if you get to know them, this brainwashed slave - Nora - was better than a free will Zeltron. Hell, people were suppose to be captivated by Zeltron beauty.

The slave wrapped her arms around herself, thumbs fiddling with her bra straps, as their curled underneath and slid them off her shoulders -

"Cease," Remnant ordered, as Nora froze in place, motionless, and in a way, the show had just been paused as soon as it got to the juicy part. And that really annoyed Jabba. "So, my friend, do we have a deal?"

Jabba pondered for a moment, seeing them just showing up at his palace with an absolutely attractive slave dancer being given away so easily, he could simply send his guards out to dispose of them keep the slave, without spending a single credit. However, what they were offering him was very special indeed, to select among many other slaves that these slavers were offering him in exchange for the money to make it happen. It seemed like good business, and a good and fair deal.

The Hutt crime lord gave his answer to the droid, who translated it and said, "The Mighty Jabba as agreed to the arrangement."

To let you know, this is a to be continued story. In the future, I'm gonna get to it, when I have an actually story plot conflict for it. At the moment, I just have the idea of slavers, when I return to think about it, I'll try to involve Clone Wars characters, and probably some OCs too. Anyways, if anyone is interested in this idea, please review and tell me. That way, when I get back to thinking about this story, I'll have some modivation. Deal?