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1 year later

Hermione stood on the beach watching Harry playing in the surf with Dobby and Hoda. One of the benefits of having Harry as a Phoenix Animagus was that he could flame them back to the beach anytime they wanted. Harry and Hermione often took advantage of this when they just wanted to get away from the pressures of life.

Hoda was Dobby and Winky's son. Named after Dobby's two biggest hero's, Harry and Yoda. Even though he was only 3 months old, he was already running around the estate and chatting like a magpie. Apparently, Elven children grew very fast in early childhood, but then the maturity level slowed down as they get older.

When Dobby had watched the Star Wars movies with Harry (who had never been allowed to watch them while living with the Dursleys, but had heard a lot about them from Dudley) Dobby had taken an instant liking to Yoda's character and wanted to be just like him. To Dobby, here was a guy that had floppy ears just like him, not very big, was obviously a master of magic, ( the Force was just another name for magic), and very wise. When Dobby had met the High Elves, he admired the wisdom of the Elders and wished to become wise too. Yoda became everything Dobby wanted to aspire to.

To Winky and Dobby's great joy, Hoda did not have the curse, of the English House Elves. His magic was bound to the earth. He would never have to be enslaved, but would be free to choose what he would like to do. Time would tell, if he would have the shorter ears and be taller than his parents when he grew older.

Dobby could often be seen around the estate wearing a little Jedi robe Winky had made for him and quoting Yoda. Winky thought the whole thing was a little silly and not very proper, but gave in because it made Dobby happy. She really loved the quirky elf and usually gave in to his requests even though she wasn't a hundred percent behind them. Hermione often did the same thing with Harry. Her mother informed her that was the way it had been for a millennia.

Dobby taught Hoda all of Yoda's quotes and the way of the force. Harry had bought him the Star Wars Encyclopedia and a framed poster of Yoda with his quotes. Hoda would always nod and agree with his father, but he once admitted to his "Uncle" Harry that he actually preferred Han and his blaster to some old guy and a cane. Harry had laughed and told him he did too.

Harry and Dobby had tried to make a workable lightsaber, but since neither one was proficient at Runes or Arithmancy, they could never get it right. The best they could do was a handle and a two inch "blade". Which quit working 5 minutes later. Not exactly ideal for instilling fear in an opponent. However, this didn't discourage either of them in the least. They just kept going out to the back shed and trying again. Hermione didn't have the heart to tell them that the best Muggleborn minds in the Wizarding world hadn't been able to get it either. And they had been trying since the first movie came out in 1977. They were having too much fun.


The year since she had found Harry had not been all fun and games. It had taken some effort on both their parts to rebuild their friendship and trust with each other. They knew that they loved each other, but it took time to learn to trust each other again. Now their relationship was actually stronger than it had been before. They had shared things with each other that they had never shared with anyone before. Because of the treatment Harry had gotten at The Rocky Mountain School of Sorcery, he had been more open and told her everything about his childhood and growing up with the Dursleys. Hermione had known that his childhood wasn't ideal, but she had never guessed at how bad it really was. Ron had told her about the bars on the windows and how him and the Twins had rescued Harry before second year, but she hadn't believed him. Ron had always been exaggerating about things and thought he was doing it again. Needless to say, When Hermione found out that it was in fact true, she really wanted to hunt down the Dursleys and hex them into oblivion. And vowed to do it the next time she was in England.

Hermione had told Harry about her childhood and how lonely she had been growing up. She had always been the buck tooth know-it-all in primary school and the only time kids would talk to her was when they wanted help in school. That was why she was so excited to go to Hogwarts. Like Harry, she was looking forward to a new chance at making friends. She admitted that she had been a little bossy,

(" A Little?" Harry snorted. "Hush, you")

but that was because she really wanted to fit in and didn't know how. That was also why it hurt so much when Ron had used those same hurtful names that Halloween day. It was just like primary school and her dream of finally having friends was crushed. She admitted that Harry jumping on the Troll's back was still the most heroically brave thing she had ever witnessed.

On July 4th, while they were watching the fireworks exploding over the ocean to celebrate American's Independence, Harry had proposed to her. It was so romantic with the fireworks in the background. Her eyes stilled glazed over when she thought of that night. Her immediate shout of "YES" was probably heard throughout the whole island.

That was also the first time they had made love. Up until then, there had been only kissing and mild groping. Both of them had decided not to rush into it, but wanted to wait til it was right. They had married on the beach at sunrise on September 1st. The anniversary of when they first met.

It had been a small affair on the beach. Just her parents, Remus and some of their closest friends. There had been a very tearful reunion between Harry and the last Marauder. Remus had felt that he had let Harry down by not being there for him enough that he felt he had to leave England. Harry had felt guilty for not realizing that Harry really cared about him. Remus also brought his new wife, Tonks (She-who-has-no-first-name) and their son, Teddy. Harry found it hilarious that she went by the name Tonks Lupin. Teddy was adorable and Harry had been a little overwhelmed that Remus and Tonks wanted him to be Godfather.

After proposing to Hermione, Harry had finally agreed that it was time to see his friends again. Neville, Luna and the Weasleys had all come for a vacation during August. Remus had wanted to come as soon as he heard, but had to wait for Tonks to get some time off from work. She was still an Auror and one of the few that Kingsley trusted. They had arrived two weeks after everyone else.

Neville brought Hannah with him and an invitation to his wedding September 27th. Harry promised Neville he would be there. Luna gave him a big hug and told him she was glad that he wasn't infected with the Wrackspurts anymore. Harry had told her that he had purchased some Wrackspurt Siphons. Luna laughed.

Molly had yelled at Harry for running away and giving them all that money, but then hugged him for thinking of keeping them safe and telling him he looked too skinny. Harry still wouldn't take back the money. She also swore that she didn't have anything to do with the Jealousy Potion. Ginny had apparently gotten it from one of the older Slytherin girls that used to sell them as a way to make some extra money. When Arthur had found out, he had hit the roof. He had invoked his Pater Familia and forced her to swear on her magic to never do it again.

Arthur was excited to check out the cars and all the cool muggle appliances around the estate. He kept wanting Harry to explain how everything worked and where were the Plugs. He also tried to get Harry to take back the money, saying they didn't need it since he was now the Under-Secretary to the Minister and made a lot more money now. Ron and Harry shared a manly hug and handshake. Harry congratulated Ron on his success at the WWW and landing such a hot babe in Lavender. Ron thanked Harry for the letter and setting him straight. He admitted that he had been a right prat and Harry leaving had forced him to grow up a little. And he really did love Lavender and she him.

Ginny looked like she was still crushing on Harry, until he explained that they were cousins because Dorea Black was his grandmother. He explained how Dorea's first cousin was Cedrella Black who married Septimus Weasley. They were Arthur's parents and Ginny's grandparents. It would be like dating a sister. Needless to say, when Ginny heard this, she got a little nauseas.

Because the Weasleys weren't Pureblood Fanatics, they didn't care about bloodlines. The result was that nobody had explained to her how closely related they were before. When Molly pointed out that the Prewitts were distantly related too, Ginny decided right there and then to only date Muggleborns or Wizards not from England. She may be a Pureblood, but there were some things that were just too gross to think about.

The Twins shook his hands (both of them), patted him very enthusiastically on the back and told him he looked "spiffy". Then they turned his hair green and gave him scales. Dobby in retaliation, turned the Twins into monkeys. Everybody laughed.

Bill and Charlie couldn't make it, because of work. Harry wasn't too surprised to hear that Bill and Fleur were now married with a little girl. Percy couldn't make it either, but had sent a long letter apologizing for his earlier behavior and asking for his forgiveness. It turned out that he had been undercover for the DMLE to spy on Fudge and Umbridge, so had to act the part. He was the perfect candidate, because they thought Fudge thought Percy would be his in against Dumbledore. In actuality, Percy would be making reports to his superiors about Fudge and Umbridge's corruption crimes. A case was about to be brought before the Wizengamot, when the DOM incident happened and Fudge resigned. Unfortunately, Percy had reported directly to Amelia Bones and when Voldemort had killed her, the case of Fudge and Umbridge and many other cases of corruption that Percy had personally witnessed went away. Rufus Scrimgeour, the minister at the time, refused to push the case forward. Allowing both of them to continue working at the Ministry. That is until Voldemort exploded taking Umbitch with him. With out his Pureblood backing, Fudge had then been forced to retire. And it came out that Rufus, when he was Head Auror, had been taking bribes from rich parents for years to keep their kids who committed crimes out of jail. Those same parents had helped him get the Minister's job when Fudge resigned. That is why Kingsley had been named Minister.

Arthur and Molly had both known about it, but sworn to secrecy. To help his cover they came up with the idea of Percy acting like he split with his parents, because they backed Dumbledore. It had been hard on them all, because Percy really did love his parents very much. It also explained why Molly had always teared up in the past when his name was mentioned. After losing both brothers in the first war, she had been worried for his safety and was worried of his cover being blown. Percy was now working with Kingsley and Arthur on cleaning out the corruption in the Ministry and the Wizengamot. He was also spending a lot of time being a liaison between the Prime Minister office and the Magical World. It helped greatly that all the Death Eater's had died along with their master.

Hermione's parents jumped at the chance to vacation in paradise. They still had all that money Harry had given them and when they heard he wouldn't take it back, they decided to use some of it for a vacation in one of the most beautiful places on earth. The rest would be used to pay for the wedding and Hermione's college expenses. 4 years of college and 3 years of Law school were not cheap. Especially, since Hermione wanted to go to Cambridge. The fact that she marrying Harry and not Ron just added icing to the cake.

The ceremony had been very simple and held at sunrise to symbolize the beginning of a new dawn in their lives. Neither Harry or Hermione wanted anything extravagant. Ron had been Harry's Best Man, with Remus and Dobby standing up next him. Luna had been Hermione's Maid of Honor. Ginny and Winky being the bridesmaids. Harry had invited Professor Pelmen to the wedding and asked him if he could perform the ceremony. Pelmen had been delighted to.


The rest of the year had been a blur. They had all gone back to England for Neville and Hannah's wedding, with Harry offering his Hawaiian Estate for their Honeymoon. Since Harry and Hermione would be in England for the next few months, it would be empty. Neville quickly agreed as he kept thinking about Hannah in her bikini.

Kingsley was very glad to have Harry back and hoped that Harry would join the Aurors. Harry quickly shot that down. He really had no desire to work for the ministry fighting wannabe Dark Lords, and besides he and Hermione planned on splitting their time between England and Hawaii. At first, the only reason Harry agreed to any time in England was for their friends and Hermione's parents. He would never deny his wife spending time with her parents. He also admitted that he wanted to stay close to Remus and his godson. Looking at Teddy, Harry finally understood Sirius's feeling for himself. He and Hermione had talked about kids of their own, but wanted to wait til they were a little older and set in their chosen careers.

Hermione was taking this year to get her mundane education back up to par, so she could apply next year to Cambridge. She wanted to take Law and try to help House Elves, Goblins and other Magical Beings get better treatment. This wouldn't have been possible under the old administration, but Kingsley and Arthur had worked very hard for more equality for Muggleborns in Wizarding Society. It also didn't hurt that she was the Lady of an Most Ancient and Most Noble House. It was Hermione's dream to one day be able to free all the House Elves from their enslavement of the curse. The fact that Dobby and Winky were free, gave her hope that it could be done.

Since many Muggleborns often went back to the Muggle world due to the bias of the Purebloods, but didn't have the education background to fit back into the Muggle world, The Ministry of Magic had a program to help Muggleborns interesting in getting into University after Hogwarts. Teachers would fast track them in core subjects for nine months and the Ministry would falsify their school records. Hermione was taking advantage of it, but it would be a lot of hard work. Harry supported her fully in her endeavor, but began to think about his future. What did he want to do with his life?

When he had gone to Hawaii, he had no direction in his life. He just wanted to relax and enjoy life for the moment. No cares or pressure of the Wizarding World to bother him. No life threatening situations or Dark Lords after him. He didn't need to work. He had more money than he could spend in a lifetime, heck a dozen lifetimes.

But that time was over. It was time to make something with his life. What did Harry want to do? He didn't want to work for the ministry. American or English. He could work with the Twins in their shop, since he was part owner, but found the idea of selling or making pranks kind of boring. He thought back over the years and came to the decision. What he really enjoyed was teaching the DA in fifth year and playing Quidditch. He had really enjoyed teaching everyone on how to get better in casting spells and seeing their markedly improvement over the months. And as for Quidditch, a lot of people thought he just loved to fly. And while it is true that he loved to fly, Harry also loved the competition and camaraderie of being apart of a team. Harry was willing to admit that he was a very competitive person. What other seeker would be willing to risk a broken arm just to catch a snitch? or out race a rogue Bludger?

Oliver Wood had been saying for years that Harry was the best seeker he had ever seen. Bar none! Oliver was now the starting Keeper for Puddlemere United and had already played four years in the League. He had recently told Gred and Forge that he still thought Harry was the best seeker he had seen, and that included Victor Krum. Harry thought Oliver was a little loony, but it was worth a shot to try out. Harry was thinking he could play a few years while getting his mastery in DADA, then start teaching. He already had a few ideas for the younger years, like dodging, accuracy and fitness. That would be a good foundation for the later years.

Hermione hadn't exactly been thrilled at the idea of Harry playing that "dangerous" sport, but agreed if that was what Harry wanted she would support him. She was absolutely thrilled at the idea of him teaching. She admitted that she thought he had been a terrific teacher and he was the reason so many students in the DA were able to get EE and O's on their DADA OWL's. She was already planning in her head his lessons plans.

It took only a couple weeks to set up a tryout with the league teams. Every team in the United Kingdom sent a representative to watch Harry fly and by the end of the workout wanted to sign him on the spot. They also wanted to sign Fred and George. Harry had asked them to help him by hitting Bludgers at him, so teams could see how well he reacted to Bludgers while searching for the snitch. They never hit him, but it wasn't due to the Twins talent. The scouts could see that the Twins were very talented Beaters and would be a fine addition to any team. It was just Harry was that good. Ten Snitches were released into the stadium. Harry got every single one within a half hour, while never being hit with a single Bludger. Fred thought he had finally did it, because Harry was focused on the snitch. However, at the last second Harry performed a reverse sloth roll, caught the snitch and the Bludger went sailing over top of him.

In the end, Harry decided to sign with Puddlemere United because they already had Oliver (A fabulous Keeper) and some of the best chasers in the league. What they lacked were an elite seeker. They had some decent Beaters, but the trial showed that Fred and George could be elite themselves and signing them would add incentive to signing Harry. Fred and George agreed to sign as long as they had time to still take care of their shop, which the manager quickly agreed to. Practices were only a few hours each day, games were on the weekend and Ron was trustworthy enough to run the store for a few hours. This would also allow Harry lots of free time to study for his Mastery in DADA. Needless to say, Oliver Wood was grinning like a maniac when he heard the news.


Hermione continued to contemplate the past year and how far they had come. It was the anniversary of that day when she found him on the beach. She had finished her non-magical studies ahead of schedule and with top scores. Harry was having a blast playing Quidditch with Oliver and the Twins. They were dominating the league by a wide margin and were the favorite to win the League Cup. The manager had given the team a few days off from training, so Harry and Hermione had come to the Hawaiian estate to relax and just enjoy time together.

"Hermione? Love? You alright?"

Hermione looked up. Harry was standing in front of her. He looked a little worried. Dobby and Hoda were nowhere in sight. They must have gone back to the estate. She could see the sun was starting to sink in the horizon.

"What? oh yes, I am fine. I was just thinking about this past year. Kind of zoned out. You realize that it has been exactly one year since I found you on this beach?" She said.

"Yes, yes I do. One of the happiest days of my life." Harry replied, his eyes lighting up with happiness. "I can't even imagine how my life would have turned out if you hadn't found me." He gently took her into a hug.

"Me either"

Hermione looked into Harry's eyes. Harry's eyes really were a mirror to his soul. She could always read his emotions by looking at his eyes. Right now, they were very bright and filled with love for her. She screwed up her courage to tell him. She had been a little nervous about telling him when she found out a couple days ago. She thought it was very fitting to tell him on their reunion anniversary.

"Harry, I have to tell you something"

"What is it? What's wrong? You okay? You can tell me anything."

"I know we said that we wanted to wait, but it seems that fate has other plans. Uhm,…hmmmmm…well you see…I'm pregnant." Hermione said nervously.

Hermione then realized how big and heavy Harry had gotten over the years, when her brave Gryffindor husband stared at her wide eyed in surprise and then those same eyes rolled back into his head. Harry Potter, the most powerful Wizard in the world, had fainted in her arms. She sighed and eased him down to the sand. She sat down on the beach and laid his head in her lap. He woke a couple minutes later and sat up.

"huh, what happened?" Harry groaned.

"I told you I was pregnant and you fainted." Hermione smirked.

"I did? Your pregnant? How did this happen?…wait, don't answer that." As Hermione grinned and began to inform him in great detail how it happened. "I know how it happened, but I thought we, I mean you, took the Potion" Harry babbled.

"We did, but sometimes they don't work. Nothing is a 100%. And you are a very powerful Wizard. Your magic could have overwhelmed the potion."


"So, are you upset?" Hermione asked a little nervously.

"What! No. I am excited. A baby…it is what I have always wanted. A family of my own. But do you think I can be a good father? I didn't really have a lot of positive male role models in my life growing up. And what about you? Are you okay with this?" Harry asked.

"I admit, I am a little nervous. This really didn't fit with our plans and is earlier than we planned, but don't think for a moment that I don't want this. We will work this out, just like we always do. I can put off University for a year. Cambridge will still be there in a year. And after the baby is born, Dobby and Winky will help us and my parents can help too. I know Daddy told you he didn't want grandchildren too early, but he lied. He and Mum are looking forward to spoiling their grandkids very much. As far as you being a good father, You, Harry James Potter, are going to make an excellent father. Just do the opposite of the pig." Hermione stated. Of course, the pig she was referring to was Vernon Dursley. She really wanted to transfigure him permanently into one for what he put her Harry through. "I am very very happy to be having your baby even if he or she is little early."

Harry quickly got to his feet, pulling her up with him, all the while hugging and kissing her.

"Your right." He kissed her again.

"You, Mrs Potter, are an incredible and amazing woman. I Love you so much and will love our baby."

"I love you too."

Harry smiled. He would have a real family. No longer would he be the last Potter.

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