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Okay let's get this straight. I hate Twilight. I used to be a fan, hence the Twilight fics on my page. I will delete those one day.

I love Axis Powers Hetalia.

So why not combine them?

Except I change a lot of shit.

Namely the main character. I know that this is seen like a terrible thing but I kinda put myself in there.

The only thing that tells its me is the name and my nationality. Everything else comes from my 'parents.'

Just give this fic a chance alright?

Hope you enjoy.

Disclaimer: I own nothing.


I never gave much thought to how I would die. Dying for someone I love seemed like the good way to go.

If I was going to die.

I'm having this nice quiet dinner with my father, whom I am on great terms, with and some vampire calls me out of nowhere and says he has my mom.

I pity the vampire more than my mom really.

After getting the okay from my dad I took the plane back to my old home and am now getting ready to go into a ballet studio where the vampire was holding my mom.

I never took ballet.

The vampires that live in my town are animal drinkers so unfortunately I can't kill them. But this vampire is a human drinker so he's good game.

Armed with my water pipe I was ready.

Bring it bitch you are now facing the daughter of Ivan Braginsky and Alfred Jones.

Yes, I am the daughter of Russia and America. My real nationality.

In the next chapter it goes into more depth about it all.

I hope you guys enjoy this.

This is Phoenix-Fire Power over and out.