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Angelic Descent into Sacred Hell

Chapter 1: Naïveté

-Rin (Angel)-

I looked below at Earth. I spotted him resting below a tree. Ehhh? He's skipping classes? Why so?

I was surprised to see him holding a beautiful silver ring in his hands. He sighed and I could see sadness in his eyes. I wonder what's wrong. I haven't been able to watch him recently so I have absolutely no clue what's making him look so sad.

"Looking at your beloved one again?" I heard a voice ask me. I turned around and smiled at her.

"Miku!" I exclaimed. I looked back at the guy. "Un! I really like him! He's so smart, handsome, composed and interesting!"

Miku smiled in amusement. "Ehhhh? So what's his name again?"

I beamed. "His name is.. Kagamine Len!"

"Really? Both of you have the same surnames then!" Miku grinned evilly. "That's good.."

I looked at her in question. "What do you mean?"

Miku grabbed my shoulders and said, "As an angel, you must be honest at all times, hiding no secrets whatsoever! Therefore, Kagamine Rin, you are obliged to tell him your feelings!"

I gasped. "B.. but he's a human!"

Miku grinned. "That's easy! Become a human then!"

-Len (Human)-

My name is Kagamine Len. I'm currently living alone in an apartment, away from my family.

Today is Sunday, meaning, no classes. I'm planning to lounge in the apartment like a lazy bum when the door of the apartment suddenly opened. I almost fell off the couch in shock. I've never given my apartment keys to anyone. Who could be disturbing me during my precious day off?

I decided to stand up and see who it was. My eyes almost popped out when I saw that it was a girl carrying luggage with her.

But that's not the point.. I've never seen her before!

"Who are you? Why are you here? This is room number 103," I told her, thinking maybe she got the wrong room. But then.. how did she get my apartment keys?

"Oh, I didn't ask what room number this is," was her blunt reply. Say what? From that single line she told me, I'm already 101% sure that I'll hate her. "My name is Rin. I'll be living in this apartment from now on."

"Ohhh.. Okay... Wait! I meant, What do you mean you'll be living in this apartment from now on? I'm the one renting this apartment!"

"Oh but the landlady told me to sleep here," again with her blunt replies.

"But I'm the one occupying this apartment!" I argued with her.

"Oh, but the landlady said I can sleep here," she replied.

"You don't understand! I'm the one who's using this apartment!" I retorted.

She smiled at me. "Don't worry! I won't chase you out. Let's just share the apartment," she said as she entered the living room.

"You don't understand!" I shouted. "I'm a man!"

She stared at me speechlessly. What is she thinking now?

Finally, she spoke, "I don't mind."

She continued roaming the apartment. Don't.. don't mind? Is she serious? You've GOT to be kidding me! She doesn't understand at all!

Fine, then! I'll make her understand!

I followed her and grabbed her hand, pushing her to the wall. "You don't understand at all, young lady! Maybe I should show you how much of a beast men can be!"

I started kissing her neck. Heh! She must be so scared right now!

To my surprise, she suddenly asked, "Is that a hobby of yours or something?"

I froze in shock. Did she.. Did she really say that? She effortlessly freed herself and started roaming around again.

"Oh and," she said. "Try to refrain yourself from doing that hobby of yours again. Instead of beastly, I found it more disgusting."

I trembled in both shock and anger. What is she? Don't tell me I'll be living with such a woman! I'll go crazy!

I grabbed my phone and dialed the landlady's number. "The number you dialed is currently out of service. Please try again later."

SERIOUSLY? I tried again and again but received the same answer. Damn! Is someone cursing me or something?

I suddenly heard stabbing noises from the kitchen. What now?

I went towards the kitchen. "What are you doi- HOLY CRAPSHIT!" She was holding a knife, murderous way, and it had a red liquid dropping from it. "What the heck?"

She smiled at me. "Oh don't worry. I was just slicing the watermelon."

I carefully grabbed the knife from her and frowned at the watermelon she said she was 'slicing'. "It looks more like you tried to kill it."

"Eh?" she innocently asked.

"No, nothing.." I replied in dread. I must be careful around her. She's a very dangerous woman that might lead to extinction of men. To think I have to live with such a woman..

She suddenly smiled, "You must think I'm beautiful, don't you?"

I choked. "Wh.. What?"

"Well, there must be a reason you can't take your eyes off me," she cheerfully replied. "But don't worry. Where I come from, there were also a ton of men who said I looked gorgeous."

She's vain, too. How can someone say such obnoxious things with an innocent face and a cheerful expression? Ugh. I've never met a girl like her.


I'm happy to be living in the same apartment as Len. Even though I've watched many humans in their everyday lives, I still don't understand a thing, after all.

After looking around, I finally found the bedroom. I placed my luggage down and jumped on the bed. It wasn't as soft as the feather beds in heaven, but I guess it'll suffice.

I raised an eyebrow when I spotted magazines below the pillow. The cover was a woman posing wearing underwear only. I flipped through the pages. It was pretty boring reading the magazine, as it was filled with girls wearing bikinis and stuff. There were a dozen other magazines like that.

When I was reading the last one, Len suddenly burst into the room, shouting, "You! What do you think you're doing in my-" He froze after seeing the magazine I was reading. He rushed to me and grabbed it. "Why the heck are you messing with my things?"

I flopped back down the bed. "Do you like magazines like that? I find it boring. If you were going to buy magazines to help your sexual drive, you should have bought the ones with nude women altogether."

"Why are you in my bedroom anyway?" he asked in gritted teeth.

"Are you going to sleep already? Just sleep then. I won't bother you," she said with a smile.

"Are you saying that we'll sleep on the same bed?" he asked.

I beamed. "Of course! But if you like the sofa more, do as you please."


I cursed as I woke up. Tell me again how I happened to sleep in the sofa. Damn. That girl is such a monster. Oh well, today is school so I won't see her. Ugh. I think I'll start to like school now.

After taking a bath, I started to change inside the bathroom when the door suddenly opened.

I froze as I looked at Rin looking at me from top to bottom, pausing quite long at my private part.

She spoke, "Not bad.."

"GET OUT!" I yelled at her as I searched for my towel. She took one last look at my - before smiling at me and leaving. I panted. This is ridiculous.

I heaved one last sigh before leaving the bathroom. I looked around. I sighed in relief. Ok, better cook breakfast now.

When I arrived in the kitchen, my eyes widened in shock. "Did a dog poop on the plates?"

Rin smiled at me. "What are you talking about? I cooked breakfast for you.. although it doesn't look like how it's supposed to look."

Yeah. What the heck? It looks more like crap to me.

"I.. I'm just going to eat at school.."

-Still Len-

I sighed as I sat on my desk. Turned out, I wasn't able to eat breakfast. Ugh. I'd rather die of starvation than eat what she prepared.

"Today, we have a transfer student," the teacher cheerfully replied. A very very very familiar face entered the room. I froze as a looked at her. "Please welcome Kagamine Rin!"

I dropped the pen I was holding and my eyes widened in shock. I better start repenting and pray for my soul.

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