Warning: Lots of crazy, some language, and creepiness.

The Exchanging of Souls


Screams. He could hear them coming from all around him.

Dean Winchester had been here before.


Opening his eyes, he found meat hooks in his shoulders, sides, and legs. Blood flowed smoothly from his wounds, dripping into the depths below.

It's just a dream, he reminded himself. Just a dream.

But he could feel the hooks ripping flesh, tearing muscle, and annihilating his self control.

He struggled to remain calm, knowing that it was nothing more than a dream, but wanting nothing more than to wake up.

He closed his eyes, hoping that he would find himself back at Bobby's house in his own body.

He should have known better; the universe never has mercy on a Winchester.


He opened his heavy eyes to see the stained ceiling of Bobby's house. He could feel a difference in the way his heart beat, in his breathing, in his bones.

He sat up to find Dean standing in front of him. Dean Dean, as in Dean in Dean's body.

The spell had worked.

He sighed mentally, he could feel the demon blood coursing through his veins already, but stood and smiled in false happiness anyway.

"It worked," he said in what he hoped was a cheerful voice.

"Yeah," Dean replied, a cold look in his eyes, "it did."

"What's wrong?" the taller Winchester queried worriedly. Sam took a step toward his brother, only for Dean to take a suspicious step back.

"You know, Sam, I always knew you were a freak," Dean said angrily, "ever since you were a kid. I think you knew it, too. You were always trying too hard to be 'normal.' And then you got into demon blood, and started using powers. But I still held out hope for you. I thought, surely, you'd be able to pull yourself together and find a way to get past that. I thought we could be brothers again."

"Dean-" Sam began, his eyes widening and his voice pleading.

"I'm not done, damn it!" Dean shouted, "That's your problem, Sam! You think you're more important than anybody else! You always have to be the center of attention, like some spoiled brat. That's why you always ran off when we were kids, because at least then Dad would pay attention to you. God, I hated you. I was the perfect son! I did everything for him and you! But you, the snarky freak that always had to mouth off, you were his favorite. And when you ran off, who had to deal with Dad? Me! While your lazy ass was off vacationing in a hotel room."

"I'm sorry," Sam whispered, "I'm so sorry…"

"I always knew you were a freak," Dean repeated, "but now I know how disgusting and pathetic you really are."

"Dean," a familiar voice called from the abyss.

Dean opened his eyes, finding himself no longer suspended by meat hooks, but instead strapped onto a table. He looked to his right, and quickly located the origin of the voice.

"Sam?" Dean whispered, his eyes widening in shock. His brother stood in shadow before him, a crooked grin dominating his features. He held a knife, turning it over in his hands, feeling the blade slide silently over the palm of his hand.

"Of course," Sam replied. He moved into the light, revealing blood soaked arms. "Were you expecting somebody else? Alastair maybe?"

When Dean didn't reply, Sam let out a loud laugh, "You were! C'mon Dean, don't you remember? I killed him with my…" he leaned in to where he was inches from Dean's face, "…my powers," he whispered secretively.

"You're not Sam," Dean muttered, glaring into the imposter's eyes.

"Eh, close enough," Sam replied, he set the knife down and picked up a scalpel, analyzing it in the harsh light.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Dean asked, watching with trepidation as the man chose which instrument to begin with.

"It means," Sam said happily, "that I'm what you think of Sam, or me, well both of us, really."

"No, I would never think Sam's anything like you," Dean spat, "you're just some crazy freak show."

"Oh, a freak show, that doesn't sound anything like your brother," Sam replied sarcastically. "God, I am so sorry. I didn't realize that it's completely normal and sane to drink demon blood," he smirked, "Don't lie to yourself, Dean. You know your brother's a monster; he's just the only one that you won't kill. Your mistake."

"What does that mean?" Dean asked, his heart beating loudly in his ears as Sam approached him with the scalpel.

"Oh c'mon, you know how this is all going to end. You kill Sam, a lot of people die, and the world ends. If you'd killed him a long time ago, well I guess it wouldn't have mattered, right? Because your brother's the Devil's bitch."

"Oh, wait, I forgot. You guys aren't in your right bodies. So, Sam's going to crack, give your body to Michael, and go off to kill Lucifer. You'll both live that way, only, he's not gonna be all there afterward, you know…" he twirled his finger by his head in the standard gesture of insanity.

"Shut up," Dean growled angrily, "just shut up."

"Oh, so we're done with the talking part of this meeting?" Sam smiled, "Great. I've been waiting for the fun stuff."

"Why are you saying this to me?" Sam asked miserably, "Why now?"

"Because I'm leaving," Dean answered him, "And I'm not bringing you with me."

"What?" Sam said, startled, "You can't! I thought we're supposed to stick together?"

"Not anymore, I can't stand to be in a room with you anymore, let alone travel with you," Dean replied with a look of disgust, "not now that I know what you are."

"I'm your brother!" Said shouted, tears beginning to form in his eyes.

"No you're not," Dean said, "I have no brother."

Bobby and Castiel watched cautiously as the Winchester brothers writhed silently on the living room floor.

"Should we move them somewhere more comfortable?" Castiel asked.

"Nah," Bobby replied, "they'll be fine."

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