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Favor For A Friend? 1: Truth and...boyfriend?

"Come on! I don't want to be stuck out here another day! I need a hot bath!" Dawn yelled at her two male companions who were dragging behind.

Ash, Dawn, and Brock had been out in the forest for now two weeks and the long trip had taken its toll on all of them, Pokémon included, but mostly to Dawn since she wasn't as used to being outside for as long. She had grown very irritable, especially since Team Rocket's latest attempt at catching Pikachu had gotten them further behind than they already were. They had finally reached the outskirts of a city and Dawn was so excited to get indoors.

"Geez, why does each of the female companions we travel with obsess over a bath?" Ash asked the breeder as they tiredly followed the coordinator.

"It's just female hygiene I guess. They don't like being dirty too long or they act like well...how Dawn's acting."

"Now guys!" They heard her yell as they were entering the city. People turned to look at them. Ash and Brock flushed.

"Remind me, whenever Dawn gets her shower, to hit her for embarrassing us." Ash groaned. Brock chuckled.

"Come on , we don't want to fall behind her anymore. The last thing we want is for her to freak on us and yell in front of the whole center." Brock said. Ash nodded and the two took off towards their insane friend.

When the trio entered the Pokémon center with of course, Pikachu and Piplup, they noticed two things right away. One: it was very crowded, and two: Reggie was at the front desk helping Nurse Joy. The three smiled in delight when they saw him and ran forward to greet the breeder.

"Reggie!" The trio called out as they got to the front desk. The purple haired boy turned around and smiled when he saw the familiar faces.

"Hey guys!" He greeted. "How are you?"

"Tired." Dawn answered quickly. "We've been in the forest for like two weeks straight and it's been exhausting."

"I bet. Unfortunately, there isn't much room here at the Pokémon Center due to the Champions Conference this week." Reggie said.

"Champions Conference?" The three chorused.

"Right. The four dragon champions of each region's Elite Four member group are coming here to have a meeting. You guys didn't know?" Reggie explained then asked. They shook their heads. "Then what are you doing here in Veilstone?"

"Passing through." Ash answered. "We wanted to travel around training before the Sinnoh League started."

"Oh, so that means you have all eight badges right?" Reggie questioned.

"Yup!" Ash replied happily. He showed him his badges.

"You're final one's from Sunnyshore. Interesting."

"Why's that interesting?" Dawn asked.

"Well I know that Volkner has given up battling. He just hands the badges out now."

"That was the case but Ash didn't want to just receive the badge so he battled Flint who was there and Volkner watched and decided to battle Ash. Team Rocket showed up and ruined their first match so we waited for Volkner to fix the city and after the Grand Festival to go back and battle him. We just left before heading around here." Brock explained.

Ash nodded. "And then it's off to the Sinnoh League!"

"Pika pika!" Pikachu chirped.

Reggie chuckled. "Sounds like you're excited."

"You bet I am! We're going to win the while thing, right Pikachu?"

"Chu!" Dawn and Brock smiled.

"Well just remember you're going to have to beat my brother." He told him.

Ash smirked. "Oh I have a plan for Paul. No problem."

"Plan?" Brock, Dawn, and Reggie inquired.

Ash nodded. "No worries. You'll see what I mean in the league. I have no doubt we'll be battling."

Reggie nodded. "Sounds like you're confident."

Ash nodded. "I am."

"Well like I said, it's pretty crowded here. Why don't you three stay in our guest house?" Reggie offered. "Paul never cares to go in there so he won't care."

"Wait, Paul's here?" Ash asked.

"Yes. He's been training hard here for the past few weeks. Getting stronger by the day." Reggie replied. "But since our guest house is open, you guys would be better off staying out there."

"You don't have to do that for us, Reggie." Brock said.

"Nonsense. You guys are friends. I didn't offer when I first met you guys because I didn't know you too well but I do now. I'd love for you guys to stay there and you're more than welcome to stay until the Sinnoh League. I'm taking Paul up there and I wouldn't mind taking you guys as well."

"I'm not sure how Paul will feel about that or us staying." Dawn said.

Reggie shrugged. "Don't mind him. As soon as this thing with our parents blows over he'll be his old self. And I mean a happy social able Paul, one you three haven't seen yet."

"Wait, Paul actually has a nice side?" Dawn asked.

Ash lightly hit her before turning to the breeder. "What thing with your parents?"

Reggie chuckled. "Why don't I explain over lunch? I know a great place and then you guys can come and stay at our place."

"We don't want to be trouble." Brock said. Ash and Dawn nodded.

"No trouble. I promise." Reggie reassured them with a smile. "Now come on. I'm done here in the center for today and couldn't be hungrier. Let's go." The trio nodded and followed Reggie out the door after he waved to Nurse Joy who waved back signaling he was ok to leave.

Reggie led the trio through the city and to a small café. The group went inside, got a table, and ordered their food. "So, what's this thing with your parents?" Ash questioned after the waiter left.

"Oh, it's uh, a deal sort of. Well not really." Reggie said. "You see, my dad works for a company in Tokyo and has for years. When he was on a trip here in Veilstone years ago, he met my mother. He decided to stay for a long while and they got married and had us. After I was 8, and Paul was 3, he left to go back to work and only came down during holidays. Two years later I went on my Pokémon journey and left Paul with mom. He started five years after me and traveled with me for about a year until I battled Brandon at the Kanto Battle Frontier. I went home and he stayed on his journey.

I then started my breeding and got paid extremely well so my mom left to go work with my dad in Tokyo. After three years of Paul traveling, he only entered one competition and only got into the best 32. Our parents were pretty disappointed and made it very clear to Paul. They got into a huge fight and my parents said if he couldn't get a career in Pokémon in the next three years, he had to move to Tokyo and work with them. And three years will be next year."

"That's why he works so hard at training." Ash said now finally understanding.

Reggie nodded. "The same reason why he works his Pokémon so hard. It's also why he doesn't try and get friends."

"Because he thinks they'll slow him down?" Brock asked.

"No, because if he does have to move, he doesn't want anything to tie him here. He doesn't want the pain along with moving away from people he gets close to. That's why he puts up the arrogant front you three see. Also why he doesn't want to be friends with his Pokémon either. If he moves, our parents won't take them with them."

'Oh my gosh, I can't believe Paul's parents would do that...' Ash thought. "Couldn't Paul just leave?" He asked.

"He could, but our parents said they'd disown him and he wouldn't get any inheritance. And together they have a multi-million dollar inheritance for us." Reggie explained.

"Wow, that's a lot." Dawn said.

"Yes it is. But it's more that Paul doesn't want to be on his own. I'd never disown him as my brother but whether you can see it or not, he likes being part of the family. He loves our parents, he just hates how hey treat him."

"Understandable." Brock commented.

"The problem is, if our parents saw that he had friends or a boyfriend or girlfriend...if he had a social life, they'd never make him move. Paul just can't see it. If he did, I bet you he would be friends with you." Reggie told Ash whose eyes widened. "You two have the same dream and that is a huge connection he likes in his friends...err liked, in his friends."

Ash looked down and smiled a bit. "Me and Paul friends...I could see that." Ash said.

"Well if you keep running into him, you may be able to see that in real life. But I will tell you this up front." Ash looked at Reggie. "I can tell you have a self- sacrificing personality and I know you do a whole lot for other people. But if you dare go easy in the league on him, he will lose all the respect he has for you, so you better take it as hard as you can on him."

Ash nodded. "No problem. I'm winning no matter what, I just wish there was a way to help him."

"I wish there was too. Believe me, I know you'd be a great friend for him, maybe even more than just friends." Reggie ended telling him with a wink. Ash flushed and both Dawn and Brock laughed. But that thought entered his mind. 'Maybe being Paul's boyfriend wouldn't be so bad...' He thought.

Just then their food came. During lunch, they laughed and talked and caught up with each other. When they were done eating, though it took convincing on Reggie's part, Reggie paid for the meal and they left. As they were walking, Reggie got a call in his cell.

"Hey Mom." He said into the phone. "No, Paul's at home. Or, he was. He may be out training right now I guess...No, the league starts in 2 months." Reggie's face got pale. "Right, right now? But, his time's not up. He's supposed to have another year." Reggie quickly said. "Wait, Mom!" Reggie groaned as he closed his phone.

"What's wrong?" Brock asked.

"My parents are here. Apparently there's a job opening where they work in Tokyo and they want him to move...like next week." Reggie explained looking extremely irritated.

"But he's not supposed to go anywhere!" Ash exclaimed. "He can't go! The league's going to start soon!" Reggie, Brock, and Dawn were surprised at how defiant he was. "That's too unfair!"

"I know. We have to get to the house before Paul does so I can talk to them. Let's go." Reggie said. The trio nodded and the four ran to the house. When they got there, they saw inside both Paul and Reggie's parents. They heard Paul question why they were there.

"This is not good." Reggie said. He then sighed.

"What do we do? We can't let them take him can we?" Dawn asked.

"I wish there was something we could do." Reggie said.

"Hey Reggie." Ash said.


"You said your parents wouldn't take Paul if he had a boyfriend right?" Ash asked.

"Well yea...they won't take him from someone like that."

"Ok, do you think Paul will forgive me for being nice?"

"For being nice? I guess...why are you asking this?" Reggie questioned.

"Because I'm not letting them take Paul without trying to fight it." Ash said. The other three looked confused. "Can we enter?" Reggie nodded. Ash ran to the door and into the house. The others followed.

"That's not fair!" Paul yelled. "I still need time! I don't want to do some office job!" Paul was extremely angry.

"Sweetheart, you just don't have what it takes to be a trainer or deal with Pokémon. This is the best opportunity you have." His mother told him. His father nodded.

"I don't want an office job! And you haven't even seen the way I battle! I'm twenty times better than I ever was!" Paul yelled.

"Paul, we wouldn't be so against letting you stay if you had a social life but you don't." His father said. Paul didn't get to say anything because just then the front door opened. Paul and both his parents turned to see Ash enter with a smile on his face. Paul's eyes widened, extremely surprised.

"Ash!" He exclaimed.

"Hey Paul!" Ash said happily. "I've been looking all over for you! You promised me we were going on that date." Ash said with a smile as he walked up to him.

Paul blinked. "Date?" He questioned raising an eyebrow.

"Don't try and play stupid, Paul." Ash said with a playful glare. He then wrapped his arms around Paul's right arm. "You did promise remember?"

"What!" Paul exclaimed completely perplexed. He was pissed at his parents and didn't need this humiliation right now.

"Who are you?" Paul's father asked.

Ash turned to them. "Oh, you must be Paul's parents." Reggie, Dawn, and Brock had just entered the house from the back door and walked through the kitchen behind Paul's parents. Ash held out his hand for it to be shaken. "It's nice to finally meet you. I'm Ash Ketchum, Paul's boyfriend."

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