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Favor For A Friend? Epilogue

"Come on already! We're late as it is!" Paul heard his boyfriend yell at him. The boy was running ahead of him, eager to get to their destination. Paul had tried keeping up with energetic trainer, but the raven haired boy had much more stamina than he did and got ahead of him. Paul had to stop at the top of a hill to catch his breath. He leaned down resting his hands on his knees.

"How the heck does he have so much energy!" Paul panted out. He looked at his feet and saw that Pikachu was also tired of running. Paul looked ahead and saw that Pichu was with Ash ahead of them. Paul sighed. "Guess you and I both have insanely energetic mates, huh?"

"Pika, pika." The electric mouse nodded.

"Paul!" The mauve haired boy looked up and saw Ash, with Pichu at his feet, running up to him. "What are you doing? We have to get there and fast!" Ash exclaimed.

"Sorry, I just don't have the stamina you do." The Veilstone trainer told his boyfriend.

Ash sighed. "You could at least jog or something."

"Pichu, Pi." The tiny mouse agreed.

"What's the rush anyways? She knows we're coming and she knows about Team Rocket. It's their fault we're late." Paul said.

"I know that but she doesn't know that. She'll worry. She always does." Ash told his boyfriend. Paul sighed. He looked down from the hill and saw the small town below him. He closed his eyes. "What's wrong?" Ash asked wrapping his arms around Paul's middle.

Paul subconsciously wrapped his own arms around Ash's waist. "It's just, what if your mom doesn't like me?" The Sinnoh League had ended two weeks ago and after all the goodbye's were said between Ash and his friends, as Gary was staying in Sinnoh for research, Dawn was heading to another region, Brock was going to stay in Sinnoh for a job offer, and Reggie was going back to Veilstone, the two headed back to Kanto to Pallet Town before they went out on a journey of their own. And now he was about to meet his boyfriend's mother. A very overprotective mother from what Gary had told him. He swore he had never been so nervous in all his life. He loved Ash with all his heart and he was afraid if his mother didn't like him then Ash would also see that it was a mistake to be with him. He just couldn't lose the one thing that him feel so alive. He just couldn't live without Ash now.

"What are you talking about?" Ash questioned. "Mom will love you! Besides, she'll just be happy that I'm happy." The raven haired trainer told his boyfriend happily.


"Yea! You have nothing to worry about. Mom loves all of my friends and she'll be so excited that I have a boyfriend now. She always talked to me about finding that 'special someone' while traveling and now I get to tell her I finally did!" Ash exclaimed with a huge smile on his face.

Paul couldn't help but smile at him. Ash's happiness and smiles were so contagious and Paul found himself smiling more than ever these days. "Alright, but promise me something?"


"Promise me you won't leave me if she doesn't like me." Paul told him.

Ash cocked his head to the side. "Is that what you're really worried about?" He asked.

"Well, I just…I was so mean to you before and I'm afraid you will figure this out one day and-" He was cut off by Ash kissing him.

"Paul, I don't care. I love you and I'm not leaving you ever." Ash reassured his boyfriend with a smile. He then rubbed his nose against Paul's. "I want to spend the rest of my life with you and that won't ever change."

Paul felt his heart skip a couple of beats. He then grabbed Ash and pulled him extremely close. Ash chuckled but snuggled into the embrace, burying his face in Paul's chest. The mauve haired boy sighed. 'I can't believe I got so lucky.' He thought to himself.

"Pikapi." The two broke apart and looked down at the electric mouse couple at their feet. "Chu, pikachu."

Ash's eyes widened. "That's right!" He exclaimed. He grabbed Paul's hand and started dragging him down the hill towards his home town. "Mom's still waiting for us!" Paul almost tripped at Ash's sudden movement but quickly recovered and ran along with his boyfriend, the two electric mice at his feet.

Fifteen minutes later the couple was outside of Ash's home. Paul quickly caught his breath and then looked at Ash's house. He couldn't help but smile. Ash caught the smile. "What?"

"It just seems..." He looked at Ash. "Just like you." Ash smiled at him.

"Come on, let's go." He said pulling Paul inside the gate. Ash opened the front door and Pikachu and Pichu ran inside. Ash then lead Paul inside and the mauve haired boy looked around.

'It's so homey. A place that seems someone like Ash would grow up in.' Paul thought.

"Well someone's late." Paul looked towards the voice and saw a brown haired woman with equally brown eyes, wearing a smile, standing in the doorway of what he assumed as the kitchen.

"Mom!" Ash exclaimed running towards her and engulfing her in a hug.

"Hi Sweetie." She said hugging her son back. "How was your trip?" She asked as they separated.

"Great!" Ash exclaimed. "I have so much to tell you."

"Well, why don't you start with why you're so late today?" She replied with a laugh.

"Oh, uh…ha." Ash said with a sheepish grin and blush.

"Let me guess, Team Rocket?" She questioned.

"Always." He answered with a shrug. She giggled.

"Pika, pika!" She looked down.

"Hi Pikachu!" She exclaimed. She then noticed the Pichu standing right next to him. "Oh? And who is this little guy?" She asked kneeling down.

Ash laughed. "Actually, she's a girl, Mom. She's Pikachu's mate." He told her.

"Aw, how sweet!" Pichu nuzzled Pikachu and Pikachu licked her cheek. "That's so cute." She told her son.

"I know right?" Ash asked. She stood back up and looked at her son. She then noticed Paul standing in the doorway.

"And you must be Ash's friend he mentioned." She said to the Veilstone trainer. Paul nodded and walked forward.

"Hi Mrs. Ketchum." He said respectively.

"Oh please, just call me Delia." She told him. Paul nodded. Gosh, he was nervous.

"Mom, this is Paul." Ash introduced. The two shook hands.

"Well it's very nice to meet you, Paul."

"You too." Paul replied.

"So, Ash hasn't mentioned much about you, how long have you two been friends?" She asked. Paul blushed, as did Ash.

"Actually, Mom," She looked at her son and noticed the blush on his cheeks. "Paul's my boyfriend." He told her with a smile.

"Boyfriend?" She questioned. He nodded. Delia glanced at Paul. He gulped. "Well that's certainly a change. How long have you two been together?"

"Almost three months." Paul answered uncertainly. He wasn't sure how she'd take the news of her son dating someone she'd never met for a certain length of time.

"Well isn't that adorable!" Delia exclaimed. Paul felt himself let out a breath he didn't realize he was holding. "You must tell me everything! I want to know how you two met, where your first date was, what your first kiss was like," she added with a wink at her son.

"Mom!" Ash exclaimed completely embarrassed. Oh he should have known she was going to do or say something like this. He then noticed his boyfriend snickering. Ash threw Paul a glare. The mauve haired boy just smiled innocently at him while Delia giggled.

"Well, we must talk over dinner. I have made your favorites Ash and I-" She was cut off by him running into the kitchen. Both Delia and Paul blinked at the entrance.

"Ready to eat when you are!" Ash called from the table. Both Delia and Paul sighed.

"He does love to eat." Delia said.

"Very true. Before I knew him, I didn't think one person could devour as much food as he does in one sitting." Paul replied.

"It's how he's always been." Delia said.

"I believe it." Paul said with a chuckle. She smiled at him and the two walked in the kitchen to join the raven haired trainer.

*Four hours later*

Paul stared up at the bed above him. He couldn't explain it, but he absolutely loved Ash's room. Of course, Ash was very embarrassed by it because it apparently hasn't changed since he was like eight, but Paul just loved it. It had that sense of childhood he never really experienced. Since his father wasn't really there and his mother wasn't very interactive in his life, he never had that normal childhood that his boyfriend did. Of course, Ash didn't believe him when he said he loved the room but that was ok, he could understand why the raven haired trainer's room would embarrass him.

Paul then looked at his feet and saw Pikachu and Pichu curled up together. Delia had told him that the two Pokemon matched him and Ash perfectly. Paul agreed but there was one minor difference in their relationship. It seemed as if Ash, even though he's older, preferred to let the Veilstone trainer be in control. Not that Paul minded of course, but he was surprised. He thought with how competitive they've been, Ash would use the whole 'I'm older than you' gig to make himself more dominant, but Ash was shockingly very laid back. It really did surprise the younger boy. Another thing that wasn't expected was that Ash barely made any decisions without him or his input and opinion on the matter. It made Paul feel very wanted and that was something he rarely had ever felt. The fact Ash wanted him just as much as he wanted Ash, it was a new sensation and to him it would never get old.

"Someone's ready for bed early tonight." Paul turned his head to see Ash walking into the room with pajama pants and a T-shirt on, wearing a smile. Paul smirked.

"Well yea, I'm pretty beat." He said as Ash closed his bedroom door. "I have a boyfriend that made me run over half the day."

Ash flushed. "We were late…"

Paul chuckled. Ash then pulled back the covers and cuddled next to his boyfriend in the bed. Ash rested his head on Paul's chest and sighed. "Do tell me, why do you like my chest so much?"

"It's comfy." Ash mumbled. Paul arched his eyebrow but said nothing. He then started running his fingers through Ash's hair. Ash then smirked. "And why don't you tell me why you like my hair so much? You run your fingers through it every chance you get. You even take my hat off sometimes. I seriously think you may have an obsession with it."

"It might be because I do." Paul replied. "Your hair is amazingly soft and smooth. When you originally look at it, your first impression is that it wouldn't be so the fact it's unexpected attracts me to it I guess."

Ash looked up at Paul. "You're so weird." He told him with a smile.

"Looks whose talking 'I-can-eat-five-helpings-in-one-sitting.' I don't know how you don't get fat." The Veilstone trainer joked.

"I have a very high metabolism. And I'm sorry, I love my mom's cooking, okay?"

"I wasn't saying anything against it. Your mom's cooking is wonderful. I just find it funny you can eat so much."

Ash shrugged and snuggled back into Paul's side. Paul smiled and closed his eyes. "I guess I should learn how to cook though."

"You know that I can cook, right?" Paul asked, his eyes still closed.

"Yea, but when we get married I doubt that you'll want to cook every night." Ash told him. Amethyst eyes shot open.



"You're not even seventeen yet, I just turned fifteen, and you're already thinking of marriage?" He inquired.

"Well, yea, why not?" Ash asked innocently.

Paul chuckled. "You don't think we're a little young for that?"

"Well yea, right now we are. I'm talking about when we get to be in our twenties and stuff. We could get married then."

Paul felt his heart skip a few beats. "You think we'll still be together?"

Ash looked at him. "Of course! I'm not ever going to break up with you and I won't let you break up with me so we'll be together for the rest of our lives." Ash told him with a wink.

Paul chuckled. "Well I'm ok with that."

"I kinda figured as much." Ash told him grinning. Paul rolled his eyes, still smiling at Ash. "There's only one thing I'm not looking forward to with the wedding."

"Oh? And what's that?"

"My mom will go crazy with trying to plan it out." Ash replied.

"So? Let her plan it." Paul said like it was no big deal.

"Paul!" Ash exclaimed.

"What?" He asked confusedly.

"Did you ever stop to think maybe I wanted to plan my own wedding?" Paul opened his mouth to reply but Ash spoke too soon. "And you have to have some input too. I mean really, it's going to be our day right?"

"Ok, sorry, I didn't know it was so important to you." Paul told him sincerely.

"It should be important to you too." Ash said quietly, looking away from him.

So THAT was the issue. Paul smiled when he realized this. "It is important to me, Ash. But to me, it's not really the whole wedding that's vital." He then tilted Ash's chin to where he would be looking at him. "What's important to me is that after, I'll be spending the rest of my life with you, no questions asked. That's what I really care about."

Paul watched as Ash's face just lit up and he knew he just made his boyfriend very happy; especially when the raven haired boy squeezed him almost making it to where he couldn't breathe. He just hugged Ash back. "So um, since it's going to be 'our day', we get to have the say in what happens, right?" Paul asked.

"Um, yea…" Ash replied not quite sure where this was going yet.

"Ok, good." Paul said closing his eyes again. "I say I shouldn't have to invite my parents."

Paul's eyes shot open when Ash hit him. "We will be inviting your parents, Paul." He told him.


"Because they're your parents and they'll wanna be there."

"I highly doubt that. They don't really care all that much."

"They are not that bad, Paul." Ash told him.

"Oh yes, I forgot, it was my OTHER parents who almost forced me to move to another city, thousands of miles away." Paul responded.

"You are way too sarcastic." Ash told him. The Veilstone trainer shrugged. "And you should be thankful they almost made you move." Paul gave him an incredulous look. "Do you honestly think we'd be together if they hadn't?"

Paul opened his mouth to reply but shut it abruptly knowing his boyfriend was right. "Well, whatever." Paul said closing his eyes again. "Though, I guess my mom would probably want to help plan the wedding too, huh?"

"Probably…" Ash mumbled. "Your mom and my mom can help but I'm still planning most of it." Ash told the mauve haired boy.

"I believe it." Paul replied. A thought then crossed his mind. He opened one eye. "You're saying all of this because you already have stuff planned, don't you?" Ash's eyes shifted back and forth for a second and then he smiled at him. Paul chuckled and rolled his eyes at him. "You're insane."

"It's why you love me." Ash said confidently.

"I suppose." Paul said. Ash lightly hit him and Paul laughed closing his eyes once more. After a few moments, Paul felt his boyfriends stare. "What?" He questioned. Silence. Paul opened his eyes and looked down at Ash. He looked in the deep amber eyes and then sighed. "Alright, tell me what you have planned."

Ash instantly smiled and sat up right on the bed, crossing his legs. "Ok, so since both of us like cooler weather, I thought having a fall wedding would be best you know? And it's always really beautiful with all the fall colors and everything." Paul nodded. "And I figured we could have it outside, though I'm not sure if we should have it here in Pallet, or in Veilstone. I had always imagined having it here, but if you want us to have in Sinnoh that's cool, too."

Paul just laid back and listened to his boyfriend ramble on. He wasn't sure planning out a wedding years before it would happen would be very effective, but if it made Ash happy, well then, Paul figured he could deal with it. And sure, he may have only been fifteen but that didn't mean he wasn't sure what he wanted. He knew Ash was the only one he could ever be with, so knowing he'd want to get married to the raven haired trainer one day, he didn't object to listening to his boyfriend talk about their future together. He was quite happy right now and he never wanted to lose this feeling. And sure they were only dating for three months so far, but he agreed with Ash. There was no way the two would ever end their relationship so knowing ahead of time what they wanted to do, well he didn't have a problem with that.

"Paul? Are you listening?" Ash questioned.

"Of course, carnations are better than roses, I got it." Paul said with a small smile and a shake of his head. Ash smiled and continued. Truly, Paul couldn't wait to live his life with Ash. He was looking forward to it.

END…again lol.

Ok, so there was the epilogue. Um, I don't know how well it turned out but I hope you all liked it. And again, sorry I can't write as much with college and everything, -_-; I'm going to be busy. Oh, and yes, I will start a sequel to this story. If it looks like it won't be good or will ruin this story then I will not keep writing it, but I will start it and see what people think. And it shouldn't be as long as this story was. Oh and thank you all for having my back when the guy reposted my other. I really do appreciate it. And I hope you all enjoyed my story…I know I enjoyed writing it. It's actually kind of sad it's over but I have more stories to look forward too, so I shall be writing. Until then :D ~Ashluver