Chapter 1

Grover's Pov

"Percy! Annabeth!" I called out into the sword arena.

There they were. Annabeth lunged at Percy, but missing by an inch.

"PERCY! ANNABETH!" I yelled at the top of my lungs.

Both of them looked up, and when they saw me, they ran over.

"What's up G-man?" Percy asked.

"Chiron wants both of you in the Big House now. It's an emergency," I said.

When we walked into the Big House Chiron and Mr. D weren't playing pinochle like they usually were. We finally found them in Mr. D's office.

"Annabeth! Percy! Finally. Anyway, there is a problem on Olympus," Chiron explained.

"Grover!" Mr. D called.

"Y-yes sir?" I asked trembling.

"I need all of the satyrs in the amphitheater right away!" Mr. D ordered.

"Yes sir! Right away sir! Um... Bye!" I ran, tripping myself, but getting up and galloping away.

Percy's Pov

I watched Grover as he ran out, but tripping over himself before getting up and galloping away.

"Seaweed Brain! Pay attention!" Annabeth punched my shoulder.

"Ow. Sorry," I apologized.

"Back to business. Zeus has sensed some dark magic in Washington. He has asked me to send some of my best campers. Naturally, I chose you two. Now, Percy, you will be leading this quest. You may pick three more people to go on you quest with you. I will give you time to think," Chiron explained.

"Wait! What kind of dark magic? Dark magic like Kronos-is-back-and-wants-to-destroy-all-of-us, or don't-worry-it's just-a-little-quest-to-find-a-missing-object-that-was-stolen dark magic?" I asked while Annabeth rolled her eyes.

"Zeus believes that the evil titan lord has gotten another spy, " Chiron said.

Annabeth and I shared a look. We had been through so much in the past five years. Beginning with Zeus' stolen master bolt, to finding the golden fleece, to trying to save Annabeth from Luke, to the battle of the labyrinth, to the war against Kronos' evil army last year. We had been through a lot.

"Any idea who the spy could be?" I asked.

"No, but we do know it's someone who has been helpful in the past. Kronos chose this spy because you would never suspect them," Chiron said.

I thought about that. It felt like what Luke had said to me when we first met: We're all family here. Which means we always watch out for each other.

"Percy, I will give you until campfire tonight to choose your companions," Chiron said as he walked out of the office.

I looked over at Mr. D. He was asleep.

"Come on Annabeth, let's go," I said.

As we were walking out I kicked Mr. D's desk. His eyes flew open at glared at me as I walked out.

Once we were in the hall way, Mr. D said, "Good luck Perseus Jackson."