Meeting the Royals.

Disclaimer – I do not own the twilight series they were, created by the talented Stephanie Meyer.

Summary – During New Moon Edward leaves Bella. The Volturi learn of her sending two guards to retrieve her and are shocked at what happens.

Chapter One - First Meetings

Bella's Pov

It has been four months since they left and things have changed so much so I decided it was time to finally, let go of the past. Therefore, I decide to go to the last place to let go which was our meadow. After two hours of hiking I finally get there and lay down in the grass and close my eyes I hear nose around me and open my eyes and find two people looking down at us, I jump up and watch them carefully their eyes are red.

"Who are you?" I asked angry looking between them both now, watching them very closely now.

"Volturi I'm Demtri, this is Felix," pointing to the one next to him, I nodded

"What do you want" they both smiled at us stepping closer to them

"We heard that there was a human who knew of our kind, so we been sent to come get her" Demetri said

"So what are you going to do to me" I whispered they both came closer

"We are going to be taking you back to Volterra"

"Fine" I mumbled Demtri carefully put us on his back, set of running. We quickly got to the Seattle airport. Boarding a plane with Demtri, who carefully put me onto the sofa, I sat up putting my arms around my legs rocking back and forth. Demtri came back over with a blanket, passing it to me, I quickly wrapped myself around it, started rocking back and forth again, they both were watching me, I finally snapped.

"What are you both looking at" I was getting angry again

"What has happened to you?" Felix asked looking at us. I rolled my eyes

"None of your fucking business" I said leaning back closing my eyes. I quickly fell asleep.

Demtri Pov

I watched as she flipped out on Felix. When she leaned back falling asleep, I looked at her for a few minutes then back to Felix

"What have they done to her?" I asked Felix, angry with them for what they have done to her

"I do not know Demtri but this girl is hurt but she's also very angry" I look at her, nodding I picked out my phone, contacting Aro

"Demtri is there problem," Aro asked as soon as he answered

"No master we have the girl but she's broken sir"

"What do you mean broken" he shouted through the phone.

"They left her master; she is hurt bad she looks so fragile. Her eyes sir are worst than ours when we haven't fed." he grasp but kept silent for a while.

"They will pay for this" Aro snares

"Master she also seems to be very angry, she snaps at things very little she already given Felix a mouthful sir"

"Where are you?"

"Flying sir should be there in an hour, she will need some clothing and some food sir"

"Of course I will see to it" he hung up. I looked down at her again; she seemed to be sleeping for now. We sat there watching her for a while but before we knew, we were landing in Florence. I slowly shook her careful not to hurt her. She slowly started waking up.

Bella's Pov

I felt someone shaking us. I slowly woke up looking up to meet Demtri face; he smiled at us before speaking.

"We have landed" I shook my head; I had slept the whole way. Wow, I got up following Demtri and Felix of the plane, into a car as we drove to Volterra. I noticed them watching me from the front, which made me even angrier.

"Would you two stop watching me all the time," I snapped they looked shocked at my outburst.

"Sorry Isabella" Demtri said while looking away; I sat in the seat more trying to concentrate on the surroundings we were going past. When we finally arrived, we got out. Walking into a huge castle Felix on my left Demtri on my right they still watched me which made us angrier

"Would you two stop, ever since I saw you two all you done is stare I hate it so stop right now" I shouted at them we carried on walking they seemed to have taken the advice. I tripped but Felix caught me straighten me up.

"You okay" he looked concerned

"No" I looked at him he stepped back looking at my eyes Demtri looked; stepping back as well I hadn't realized we had reached a set of double doors.

"Your eyes" looking at me

"What about them"

"There pitch black what are you feeling" I tried not to laugh but failed

"Anger because two morons keep staring at me." I felt the anger build up, Felix carefully came forward, trying to grab me carefully. Which made me hit him, sending him flying into the doors, which crashed open; he went into the room Demtri looked at me then at Felix. Before back to me, Demtri approached me slowly

"I wouldn't unless you want to join him" I said he stepped back looking worried Felix got up coming back over to us both while looking at me very shocked written all over his face.

"How you do that," he snarled

"You pissed me off" my tone had got higher they stepped further back

"Sorry I didn't mean to" I just glared at him in return

"Whatever don't come near me your both morons" they looked at each other then back at me.

"Isabella we are sorry we upset you. Just that you're fascinated us both we didn't mean to stare please let us make it up to you"

"Fine but stare at us one more time, I mean it I will hurt you both" they both nodded, as we went in the room to find twenty people shocked. Looking at us all Felix looked down at me seeing my expression

"I wouldn't stare" Felix said, to everyone they took their gazes of me. I glared at Felix he turned to us

"What" he demanded

"You know there is something called manners" snapping again he raised an eyebrow

"Manners you just punched me sending me flying through the doors" I roll my eyes

"Yes you pissed me off you just told everyone not to stare being rude" he looked shocked

"So you want them to stare" I gritted my teeth

"Why wouldn't they I just got here I've been with you two for hours so you could of stopped. You didn't stop when I told you to so no I won't be apologising to you" he looked stunned at my outburst to him when my phone goes off


"Bella its Alice" I stopped breathing I drop the phone stepping back shaking my head. Felix noticed my reaction quickly picked the phone up

Felix pov

I watched as she picked up her phone

"What" she demanded not caring who it was really?

"Bella its Alice" she stopped breathing dropping the phone. Stepping back, shaking her head I picked up the phone.

"Hello" -Felix

"Who's this?" -Alice

"Who are you?" I snarled down the phone

"Alice Cullen where's Bella" -Alice

"Near me why" –Felix

"Put her on the phone," she demanded, I looked up at Bella Demtri was next to her trying to get her to speak. She was not responding so I quickly told this Alice that she had gone into shock

"I can't she gone into a shock" she hangs up on me so I put the phone in my pocket then go back over to Isabella and Demtri.

Bella's Pov

I heard Alice before I dropped the phone stepping back shaking my head Demtri was in front of me quickly as Felix picked the phone up

"Isabella who is it" he ask I just shake my head

"No no" I say over again Demtri steps closer

"Bella it's okay" putting his hand on my shoulder

"It's Isabella not Bella," I said stepping back he nodded

"Isabella are you okay, who was that on the phone?"

"I'll be fine" Felix came over before I could say who it was answering Demtri question

"It was a Cullen," Felix said trying to keep calm

"It's nothing to do with you" I said he looked up at me shocked

"Isabella I won't let them hurt you again that is a fact"

"I can look after myself. I don't need your help, I don't need anyone" I said I started rubbing my wrist Felix looks down at my arm grabbing it when he sees the bite mark I hit him he stumbles back.

"Don't touch my arm ever" I glare at him

"How you get that bite mark" people grasp coming closer until we were in a square formation in front of some steps, which held three thrones.

"None of your business" my phone goes off again, Felix gets it out handing it over to me I quickly picks it up.

"Hello" –Bella

"Bella its Carlisle"

"Carlisle what do you wantR" I shouted

"Bella listen please" –Carlisle begged

"Why you left there's nothing to say" –Bella

"Bella please" -Carlisle

"No Carlisle you all left leaving me with Victoria thanks a lot I enjoyed that really I did" I spoke with sarcasm in my voice

"What do you mean Victoria Bella?" –Carlisle

"You don't know" shocked a little that they didn't know of Victoria involvement

"No" –Carlisle spoke I could hear the truth in his words

"When Edward left us in the forest Victoria showed up dragged us to a clearing. Carlisle she kicked us around throwing us into rocks trees. I had three broken ribs bruises covering every inch of my body; I still got some of the scars. I got a broken leg, arm I still have them in supports so thank you so much I was in hospital in a coma for two weeks because of your family if it won't for the pack showing up I be dead" -Bella

"Bella im sorry" -Carlisle

"Sorry Carlisle sorry you're sorry that you all knew that a nomad vampire was after us because he killed his mate last year because of me. Then you all left us she never wanted Edward she wanted mate for mate Carlisle. Edward killed James so she thought killing me would do the job for Edward as well." -Bella

"Bella we really are sorry please come home so we can talk" -Carlisle

"You want to talk" -Bella

"Please" –Carlisle

"No you don't get it do you I hate you all" -Bella

"Bella where are you" –Carlisle sounding concerned

"Away from all of you" -Bella

"Bella please will you just meet with me" –Carlisle

"No because of your idiot son I've been in the most danger for four months Carlisle than I was with you all around. You know I never blamed jasper because he did not just have his own blood thrust he had six other vampires how would you feel Carlisle if you felt all of their emotions. You would snap to, but no you left, leaving me to go through hell so excuse me when I say don't ever comes near me again any of you" -Bella

"Bella please" –Carlisle begged again

"Do you what I thought of all of you before you left" -Bella

"Yes" –Carlisle

"So you know I felt like you and Esme were my mum and dad, Alice a sister. Emmet and jasper brothers and Hell I felt Rosalie as a sister even after what she said or did. Edward well you know but hell things changed right you might of wanted to protect me from you all but all you did was made its worst" -Bella

"Bella tell us where you are please" -Carlisle

"It's too late Carlisle you lost that right to care when you left" I ended the call Demtri looking at me shocked

"You had nomads after you" I nodded he looked at my arm again then back at my face before asking

"How you get that bite," I signed

"A year and a half ago I meet Edward in biology class we weren't pleasant to each other but we got close very close. I meet his family we go out to play baseball in a clearing.

When three nomads came one called James smelt us, he was a hunter / tracker and he wanted us. Edward got us away to phoenix with Alice and Jasper, while there the rest hunted James he slipped from them. Edward was coming with Carlisle to take us away until they could find him.

I was packing; James phoned us of my home phone making us believe that he had my mother. Therefore, I went to meet him in a dance studio.

My mother was not there he chucked us across a room into a wall with glass filming it all he shattered my leg. Edward showed up he got James of me, picking us up before he could get us on the balcony James grab Edward's leg chucking him.

Edward ended up dropping us onto a load of glass, which severed my artery in my leg. Before Edward could get to us, James bit us but Edward got him of us biting a chunk of his neck. That is when Emmet, Alice, Jasper and Carlisle showed up. Emmet and Jasper take care of James with Alice.

While Carlisle stopped the bleeding as much he could but the burning had started, he gave Edward a choice either allowing the change or to suck the venom out he choose to take the venom out. I woke up a week later in hospital" they looked shocked at this I signed

"And this Victoria" Felix asked

"Dead bar my friends a shape shifter pack" someone cleared there throat in front of us all Felix quickly turned slightly

"Sorry masters" -Felix

"It's okay but can we please meet Miss Swan"

"Isabella" I correct him walking around Felix and Demtri

"Isabella pleasure to meet you," the one on out the middle says standing up

"Your Aro" he nodded I shrug my shoulders.

"I'm Aro this is Caius and Marcus" pointing them out I stop on Marcus grasping he gets up I started to hear things

"Wow she punched Felix through the doors," Aro thought

"Is she okay" Felix thought I turned to him confused

"Why are you worried" -Bella he looked shocked

"How you know that,"-Felix he asked

"I just heard you think it how" -Bella

"Don't ask me" I look at him confused as people all over pop into my head I shake my head

"What did you too do" I was furious at both Felix and demtri they put their hands

"We didn't do anything" -Demtri

"You must have first I send you flying through a door im human, now im hearing you thoughts" -Bella

"I swear we didn't do anything" -Felix holding their hands up

"You're lying I never been able to do this" –Bella I could tell they could see the anger on my face as they stepped back slightly

"We didn't Isabella we promise we didn't do anything" my phone went off again I picked it up quickly

"Hello" -Bella

"Bella it's jasper I can feel you how" –Jasper

"What do you mean?" -Bella

"I feel your anger I nearly ripped Carlisle head of" –Jasper I started laughing

"Funny jasper im having a rather bad day" –Bella

"Sounds like it explain darling,"-Jasper, I sign sitting on the floor

"You heard Victoria came"-Bella,

"Yes im sorry I wasn't there darling" -Jasper

"Jasper you went with your family im not angry" –Bella I tried to stop the pain in my voice put it broke slightly on your family part.

"Carry on" -Jasper

"Well im in Italy" -Bella

"What" he shouted, I held the phone away slightly

"Don't say anything please I don't know but somehow I sent a vampire flying into doors and now I can hear peoples thoughts" -Bella

"Isabella im on my way" –Jasper

"No jasper no" -Bella

"Isabella I know what going on. I need to come someone is going to teleport us to you" -Jasper

"Fine Jasper but no one else I only like you here" -Bella

"Of course darling I'll be there in a minute" he puts the phone down. I stand up after a few minutes jasper is in front of us

"Isabella" I jumped him he laughed

"I missed you jazz" he looked at me before a huge smile came across his face.

"I see now wow that is a lot of anger and pain" I looked at him stumbling slightly

"Sorry. So what's going on with me Jasper?"

"It's a prophecy maybe you have heard of it Aro but need to hear it again to place it." looking at us

"What" I was shocked slightly but he pulls me down on the floor placing me on his lap

"Sit with us, I'll explain."

To be continued