Disclaimer: …I…unfortunately don't own supernatural or NCIS…'cuz if I did then Abby & Gibbs would be together and so would Sam & Dean.

This is a Sam/Dean, Abby/Gibbs/Ducky… If you don't like, then DON'T READ!

Okay, so as you can tell, this isn't really a chapter (I know, I know…please don't kill me *whimper*)

So, here's the scene…I have it all planned out in my head: gibbs and the team investigate a murder involving two marines who's wives were part of a group that hunts *hint, hint* rare creatures. The team meets bobby, dean and sam, right when they tried to get into the house using fake ncis badges. When taken in for interrogation, they ask abby to run their pictures through the system. When abby sees who they are, she reveals a shocking secret: bobby is her father! After that shock, the two teams work together to find the killer. After confessing to gibbs the real culprit (a demon of your choice), they tell the team about demons, ghosts, everything. They don't believe it until they see an exorcism and an angel (of your choice). Then, they kill the killer, blah, blah, blah, and they all live happily ever after.

Soooo... tell me if you think the idea is good, or if I should sue my brain for coming up with a horrible idea. Constructive criticism is welcome, but flames will be used for cooking smores.

So anyways, my first "chapter" is a poll, you can just leave your votes when you review

Here's the poll:

Side pairings:





Bobby/John (O.O)


Which demon/angel reveals the secret?:

Regular demon

Yellow-eyed demon





Oh and before I forget, do you want Vance or Jenny?