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The Moon (2010)

Two astronauts were currently exploring the moon, attempting to find a satellite that was accidentally pulled into the moon's diminutive gravitational pull and had crash landed onto the surface. This was very peculiar since the moon has very little gravity and the satellite had belonged to one of the wealthiest corporations on Earth, which made the whole event odder than ever. As the two space men continued to search for the lost satellite, they stumbled across a dumpster looking object off to the short distance. The two curious men walked over to the dumpster looking object, trying to figure out what exactly the whole thing was.

"Look, there's a jewel on top of this container," one astronaut said to the other, "I wonder what it is."

"Jack! DON'T TOUCH IT!" The other astronaut warned Jack, but it was far too late for he had laid his hand on the jewel, causing an invisible seal to be broken, unlocking the contents of whatever was trapped in the container to be released. Realizing that he had in a sense opened a pandora's box, both Jack and his companion backed away as monsters began to pour out of the dumpster. One by one, they began to come out. The first to come out was a big monkey looking creature with golden armor and a menacing looking sword. He had the aura of a warrior, but definitely not the honor of one. After him came two creatures that were definitely of different statures. One was long and wiry, looking like a skeletal figure of a winged bat while his partner was short and stout with a helmet on his head and a big chin under his face. After them came an elder looking monster dressed like a shop keeper. Just by the look and aura from this creature, you knew he was the brains of the operations. Before the two astronauts could react, there came a loud scream.


The bat looking creature went over and helped pull his mistress out of the dumpster, making sure that she was able to walk after being stuck in the dumpster for a couple of millennia. She pushed away her minion and used her specter as a cane to help her walk. Once she gain full mobility, she sniffed the fresh air of being outside before using her powers to blast the dumpster into smithereens. This caused great fear in the two astronauts, which the mistress could sense immediately.

"Ahh…I see humans have finally discovered the ability to travel into space, but it seems as if your technology is just as primitive as it was 10,000 years ago," the mistress said laughingly.

The two astronauts cowered in fear as the mistress blasted a couple of shots over their heads and began to speak again, "Go! Go and inform your superiors on earth that Queen Ilsa has risen again and will start her galactic conquest, beginning with earth!"

The two astronauts quickly ran back to the shuttle as the gang of monsters, along with their queen laughed evilly at their plans.


Mountain Regions of Southern California

Unknown Room

"Oh my goodness! This is just terrible! Our sensors are going overboard! What manner of evil has entered this part of the galaxy?" a large, human android shouted as he began to check all of the computer panels.

"KIRBY! Calm yourself!" A head appeared in a tube in front of the android named Kirby. The head was that of the great sorcerer, Moseby of Eltar, who was currently trapped in a time warp many years ago by the evil Queen, Ilsa.

"What is going on Moseby? Who has darkened Earth with their presence?"

"It's as I have feared Kirby, Ilsa has been released from her prison and now has her sights set on Earth being one of her first conquest," Moseby spoke gravely.

"ILSA! OH NO! What are we going to do Moseby?" Kirby asked with panic.

"Calm yourself Kirby and begin a global search for five teenagers who are pure of heart with the courage of warriors. We need to begin mounting Earth's defenses against this threat."

Kirby sighed as he began the search, "Of all the kind of humans, why teenagers?"

S.S. Tipton

As the luxury cruise ship and sea school began its trek along the California coast, you see five people doing various activities. At one corner of the Sky Deck you see a black teenager trying to create some new music with his laptop, mixing and splicing the music to get a certain beat to sound good. While he was doing that, you see an Asian girl in front of him practicing her yoga to keep herself limber and toned for when she's on the balancing beams for gymnastics.

"Looking good there London!" the black teen shouted as he was keeping an eye on his friend while mixing his music.

"Thanks Marcus. I really want to keep limber and do well in the next competition," London responded.

"Oh come on! Like any judge would dare to vote against London Tipton? Especially since we're hosting the finals on her daddy's ship," Marcus teased.

"HEY! I want to make sure I win because of my own skills, not because of daddy's money or influence. You know how much I hate using those things."

Yes, the Asian teen practicing yoga was none other than London Tipton, heiress to Tipton Industries, one of the largest corporations on Earth. Her father also owned the luxury cruise line that also had the semester as sea program she and her friends were attending called Seven Seas High. Yet, even though she grew up in a world of wealth, London had always been grounded by the down to earth nature of her two best friends, Bailey Pickett and Maddie Fitzpatrick. Speaking of her two best friends, they were currently in the middle of the Sky Deck practicing some kata.

Maddie was never the athletic one and when they were younger, and always the nerd that was picked on. Yet, London never let that distance her from Maddie. In fact, Maddie's lack of friends attracted London towards her and even though Maddie had a way with big words, London saw it more as something that just made Maddie extra special. Luckily, Bailey was there to help out as much as possible with the translations. The three of them met basically around the same time and it was Bailey's friendly nature along with London's acceptance that Maddie found two true friends.

Bailey's family were farm folks until hard times had forced her family to sell the farm and moved to Boston where her father had found a very good job. As Bailey started her first day at the local elementary school, she felt so lost as one of the new kids. It wasn't until she saw some bullies picking on a blonde headed girl with glasses with a small Asian girl trying to stop them and a scrawny blonde headed boy trying to protect both girls. Bailey hated bullies, especially when they start picking on people who were weaker than them. She quickly went to help the boy protect his two friends and came to their rescue. Both defenders made sure the bullies never bothered Maddie or London ever again. From that one moment, four friends were forever tied to one another.

"Hey guys!" shouted an athletic looking blonde headed young man as he made his way towards Maddie and Bailey. He pulled Maddie into a hug before putting his arm around Bailey's shoulders. The young man was none other than Cody Martin, the last of this group of five really close friends and the one that Bailey had helped that day. Cody had grown up with them, meeting both Maddie and Bailey on that fateful day thanks to London. As a child, he lived in the Tipton Hotel because his mother was a lounge singer. Cody and London grew up with one another; with his mother helping to raise London as her own since her mother didn't really care about London and her father was busy taking care of his global empire. The only person who looked after London was the hotel manager, Esteban, but even he had other duties to perform than just looking after a baby heiress. When Cody was just 4 years old, he and his mother had moved to the Tipton and Carey had gladly accepted the cry for help from Esteban when it came to taking care of London. As for Cody and London, they were the best of friends and loved one another like brothers and sisters.

"Hi big bro, you finally decided to come out huh?" London said as she and Marcus went over to the other three.

"Yeah man. You've got to ease off on the machine work outs and go back to practicing your forms," Marcus added.

Cody smiled at his friend, "I practice my kata two hours a day. How about yourself?"

"I do too, but I add some dance moves to mines. Remember, sensei did always comment about how well I incorporated dancing into my katas."

"That is very true," Cody conceded.

Marcus Little and Cody Martin had become fast friends the moment they were put into the same karate class. Marcus had wanted something to learn that was similar to dancing while Cody had realized since the day he met both Maddie and Bailey that he had to be stronger in order to protect the ones he loved. The two really connected with one another, with Marcus' carefree and fun loving personality being able to rub off on Cody's serious demeanor and vice versa. As the two went through many sessions together, there grew a deep brotherly bond and understanding and soon, Marcus joined in the group and these five have been great friends ever since.

"You know Cody, if you keep putting your arm around Bailey like that, certain people will start talking," London said with a smirk, knowing how her big brother really felt about her best friend.

"What are you talking about London?" Cody said as he tried subtlety to remove his arm off of Bailey's shoulders.

"If I may offer some perspective Cody," Maddie began, "I always wonder why there was always a sense of denial coming from you about your emotions towards Bailey when it's obvious by your actions that you have an actual attraction to her that even the most blind could see. In fact, you too must be blind if you are that oblivious to Bailey's own natural attraction to you."

"Okay, most of the time I wouldn't understand Maddie speak and even I understood that," Marcus said as he nodded with London, both understanding Maddie's long-winded perspective.

"Ok, just so I get this straight Maddie, what you're saying is…" Cody began before Maddie cuts him off.

"JUST ASK THE DAMN GIRL OUT ALREADY AND STOP JERKING HER AND THE REST OF US AROUND ALREADY!" Maddie screamed at Cody, which caused everyone to look at her in a shocked state.

Before Cody could comment, the waves of the seas began to rock violently as the captain asked that all passengers get back to their cabins for their own safety. Oddly enough, the five friends tried to, but they found themselves frozen in place.

"What's going on?" Bailey screamed, realizing she couldn't move.

"I can't seem to move my legs," London said in a panic.

"Everybody just hold on!" Cody commanded as they soon became five streaks of light, zipping out of their current location and was transported quickly into the command center of Moseby of Eltar.

Command Center

As the five friends landed roughly onto the floor of the Command Center, they couldn't help, but notice that they were in some kind of circular room, with a circular control panel in the middle and a long, blue tube in front. Along with that was a big looking android, working feverishly at the controls. The android turned around and began to ramble.

"Oh my goodness! You're here! The computer actually found the five of you with the criteria that we gave."

"Ok, first of all, who are you?" Marcus began.

"Secondly, where are we?" London added.

"Lastly, what do you want?" Cody finished, which cause a chuckle coming from the tube.

"I see that the computer has chosen quite accurately by the questions I'm hearing," Moseby said as he appeared on the blue tube, much to the surprise of the already shocked teens.

"Do not be alarmed for things will be explained very soon. Welcome to the Command Center, rangers."

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