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Command Center

Cody was still reeling from what Moseby had just told him and from the prophecy that he had read. He was trying his best to compose himself and get a grip of the new reality that had overtaken him. It did help to have Bailey and his mother on both of his side, soothing him and trying to get him to see past all the lies and half truths that he had lived with for the past 16 years. One thing did come to him though as he thought about things.

"There's one thing in this prophecy I don't understand," Cody began as he looked at everyone, "why are there only four people mention here?"

"What do you mean?" London asked, wondering where Cody was going with it.

"I mean from everything Moseby and our parents have told us, the power seems to be playing along with the prophecy, but if we include Zack into the list of good guys," Cody said before being interrupted by Marcus.

"And he will be, we'll make sure of that."

"Thanks Marcus," Cody said in appreciation before continuing, "why are there only four traits listed in this prophecy? I know we've only been rangers for about two months, but even I know that just from these two months, everything happens for a reason."

"You bring up a good point Cody," Emma responded, "That is why Moseby and I feel the prophecy is incomplete. There is one line of text towards the end that neither Moseby nor I can decipher."

"May I see the text?" Cody asked, not knowing why he wanted to see the original prophecy since he was sure he probably couldn't read it either. As Emma handed Cody the original, Cody looked at the prophecy as it was written in its original ancient language before something odd occurred. Cody was able to read and understand the ancient language.

"Ms Tutweiller," Cody began as he pointed out to his teacher, "is this the text that you guys can't decipher?"

"Yes, that is. Why?" Emma wondered as she looked at her student.

"Because I can read and understand it. It says, 'Only when both Strength and Righteousness, along with Hope and Light are joined, to be supported by Loyalty and Intelligence, Can the greatest darkness be defeated'.

"Well, just from the prophecy alone we can tell that Strength and Righteousness are you and Zack," Bailey said as she began to decipher the prophecy, "but who are the rest?"

"Can I take a wild guess on two more?" Jason spoke up as everyone nodded to him.

"I have to believe that Hope and Light are London and Bailey. It makes the most sense."

"Then that would mean that Intelligence and Loyalty are Maddie and Marcus," Trini concluded based upon her husband's train of thought.

"That would seem very logical," Billy acknowledged.

"So, it would take the six of us in order to defeat this big baddie, whoever he is," Marcus said, not sure whether or not he liked the idea of going up against the most evil villain in the universe.

"We must worry about that later," Maddie chimed in, "first thing we need to do is reverse Ilsa's spell over Zack and transform him back to his original personality."

"How in the world are we going to do that?" Bailey asked as the alarms around them suddenly came on.

"Oh no! Rangers, Zack is attacking downtown Canyon Hills," Kirby said as he pulls the image up on screen. The rangers and their parents could clearly see Zack, morphed in his green ranger suit, commanding a horde of putties and destroying anything in his sights. Kim's eyes were completely tear-filled as she saw her eldest destroying innocent lives instead of helping them, like his parents had. Trini, sensing her best friend's distress, went over to comfort the former pink ranger while Cody could only digest what was in front of him. As much as he hated to do this, there was absolutely no other way.

"We need to go and confront Zack. The longer we wait, the more innocent people will get hurt."

"Are you going to kill him?" London asked, not wanting her brother do something he would ultimately regret.

"If in the end, it'll come to that, then yes. Hopefully there is some why of destroying Ilsa's hold on him."

"I believe I know how," Maddie answered as she continued to scan Zack's entire molecular structure and found the answer.

"How?" Cody asked.

"By destroying that sword on his right hand," Maddie answered as the Viewing Globe is magnified to show the Sword of Darkness in Zack's right hand.

Jason snorted at the suggestion, "There's no way Ilsa would be that arrogant."

"As much as I would love to agree with you Jason," Billy began as he continued the scans with his daughter, "it seems as if Maddie's findings are correct. Although, even I can't believe how arrogant she is."

"What are you guys talking about?" London asked with impatience.

"When Tommy was the evil green ranger," her mother explained, "we got rid of the spell by destroying the Sword of Darkness. Ilsa would never make the same mistake twice."

"She didn't. She just upgraded the defense on the sword," Maddie concluded as she finished reading the data.

"A simple concentrated shot from the blade blaster won't work this time around," Billy said as he looked at Cody, "you're going to need to put your full power into a couple of swings with your power sword in order to destroy it."

Cody nodded, "Then that's what I'm going to do. I'm not leaving that battle field without my brother back on our side."

"Cody, you must be careful," Moseby began, "this is going to be one of the hardest battles you'll ever face as a ranger. Zack is your friend and your brother, but don't lose sight of the fact the person in that suit is neither right now. Don't allow your emotions get the best of you."

"I understand," Cody said with a nod before Jason put a hand on his shoulder.

"Cody, just remember, you're more than just a ranger, you're the leader. Your team will follow you to their deaths because they believe in you and your leadership. Do not fail them and most importantly, do not fail to protect them and yourself. There is absolutely no shame in retreating, especially if you know you are beaten. Just know that any kid of Tommy's is never a failure, remember that."

Cody turns around hugs Jason, "Thanks Uncle Jason."

"You're welcome son. Now, go get your brother back. I'm sure Tommy would want his twins to fight alongside one another, not against each other."

As Jason was giving Cody a pep talk, the others were getting some encouragement from their own parents.

"Dad, I still don't know if I can do this job," Marcus protested as his father was helping him relief some stress.

"You'll do fine kiddo," Zack said with a reassuring smile, "And you can do this job. The powers choose you for a reason and it's not only because you're the son of two former rangers."

"I've been so unsure about things ever since Moseby first gave us the power. Now, I think I can do this, but all of this is still just too unreal in my head."

Zack smiled, "Looks like the apple really doesn't fall far from the tree. I've had those same doubts as well when I first became a ranger. Yet, as time progressed, I've began to realize that I do have a place on this team and you do as well. You're the funny one, the chill one, the one that your teammates can look towards when they need attention drawn away from the bad situations. Continue to be that light for them son and you'll find your place. I believe in you."

"Thanks dad," Marcus said as he hugged his father. As Zack was hugging him back, he looked towards Trini with London and said a silent prayer for the new pink ranger. He knew that if history was repeating itself, London was going to be the only other ranger that's taking the younger Zack's fall into the darkness just as hard as his twin.

"I don't know if I can do this mommy," London began as Trini looks at her daughter.

"Yes you can. Just remember that you are the daughter of the leader of the first power team. You have the strength, leadership, and fighting skills of both me and your father. You were meant to be a ranger London, just like your friends."

"No, it's not that," London added as tears began to fill her eyes, "I mean that I just don't know if I can face Zack. I…"

"Love him, right baby?" Trini finished while trying to wipe away her tears.

London shook her head, "I don't know about love, but I know I care about him a lot. I don't want to fight against someone I know that is our friend and suppose to be on our side. I don't want to fight against the guy who I have a crush on."

Hearing this, Trini pulled London into a hug and sighed, "We don't get to pick and choose our battle in the field. We fight whatever Ilsa throws at us. I know it's going to be hard, but like Cody, you have to put your emotions aside and realize that this isn't your friend that you are fighting. You also need to realize that if it comes to it, this version of Zack will not hesitate to kill you. Until the spell is released, you cannot let your guard down."

London nodded, "I understand," as she pulled her mother in for one more hug. As London let go, she walked over to her two girlfriends, seeing that they were also getting some advice from their own father.

"You two look after one another okay," Billy said as he looked at his twin daughters, "and Maddie, don't be ashamed to call for help if you need it. Your allies are your biggest assets on the battlefield and to not utilize it is a detriment to yourself, the team, and the mission."

"Yes father," Maddie said with a serious look on her face, absorbing all the knowledge that came from her more experienced father.

Billy chuckled as he pulled Maddie into a hug, "Try to smile more, baby. You have a very beautiful one, just like your mother. This world needs more laughter and joy."

"Affirmative," Maddie answered with a smile and pulled away from her father to allow her twin to have a daddy-daughter moment.

"Look after one another," Billy began as he pulled Bailey into a hug, "and try to keep Cody from doing anything dumb and heroic. If he got any part of your Uncle Tommy's genes, he'll pull a solo stunt in order to make sure he suffers the biggest blow."

"I'll do my best, but you should have a good idea of how stubborn Cody can be," Bailey replied.

"With Kim and Tommy as his parents, I can only imagine. Speaking of which, I do get to interrogate him when you guys win this battle, right?"

"DADDY! Don't be too mean to him and scare him away," Bailey said with indignation.

Billy laughed at that thought, "If he does, then I question whether or not he's Tommy's kid. Although, from what I can tell from the times I've seen you guys, it took you two how long to get together?"

"I say about 5 years or more Uncle Billy," London answered, earning a glare from Bailey.

"It was NOT 5 years!" Bailey yelled.

"Bailey's correct," Maddie said, much to the short term relief of Bailey, "if we wanted to commence from the time Cody liked her, I estimate it has been over 12 years."

Upon hearing this, Jason, Trini, Zack, and Billy all laughed, much to the embarrassment of Kimberly, Cody, and Bailey.

"What's so funny?" Cody wondered, trying to hide his blush.

"Well, remember when I had said one time on the ship that Zack better not screw things up like his father did?" Jason asked the kids, to which they all nodded.

"It took your father losing his green ranger powers and five minutes of stuttering alone with your mother to get him to finally ask her out," Trini said while laughing.

"So that's where you get that from!" Bailey exclaimed while looking at her boyfriend.

"Ok! That'll be enough trying to torment my kid!" Kim said in defense of Cody and Bailey. She then turned towards Cody and kissed him on the forehead, "Good luck sweetie. Go out there and be the leader that your father was and know that you have the strength and wisdom of not only the two of us, but the entire ranger family. Make us proud and bring your brother home."

"I will mom," Cody nodded as he looked around him, surrounded by his closest friends and the one he loved. Bailey put a hand on his shoulder and leaned in to kiss him on the cheek and whispered in his ears, "Let's go fearless leader." Cody nodded at the prompting and shouted, "It's Morphin Time!"

"Mastodon!" shouted Marcus

"Pterodactyl!" shouted London

"Triceratops!" shouted Maddie

"Saber tooth Tiger!" shouted Bailey

"Tyrannosaurs!" shouted Cody.

As the five teens morphed and were teleported out of the Command Center, their parents could only look with pride and concern. Proud of their children becoming the next generation of rangers, but concerned about their safety and their emotions, for this will be the ultimate test for them so far. Looking from a distance were Kirby, Emma, and Moseby, all but Moseby having grim looks on their faces.

"Oh my, do you think they'll succeed?" Kirby wondered.

"I don't know Kirby. I just don't know," Emma answered.

"Have faith in them you two," Moseby chided his wife and friend, "They will succeed."

Will the Rangers succeed? Will Zack give them all they can handle? Will he find out the truth?