An armored hand rattled the chain attached to the collar around his neck. "You're being taken somewhere today Mage. Someone took pity on your Maker cursed soul and wants you on healing duty at Vigil's keep."

A sigh was the only response from the hunched figure.

"I'm talking to you Mage." A jerk on the chain. "You listen when your betters are speaking!" There was an ugly laugh. "Maybe I'll let the boys get a sample before the Commander of the Grey turns you into another pampered Pet."

A whimper this time, followed by vigorous head shaking, the sound of the clanking chain almost musical.

The Templar threw his head back and laughed, before motioning to the others. "You see this, boys? This Maker's curse thinks he has a choice in what's done to him"

Another whimper and shake.

"Giving in now won't save your arse Anders. My boys need a little "fun" before they give you away."

Anders whimpered again as the men closed in on him. His only thought was that he was glad to be getting away from the Templar. Whatever this commander of the Grey was like he could never be as bad as being with the Templar.

When they were through with him, he curled into a ball on the ground where they'd left him. He knew that his previous escape attempts had brought on this treatment, and that once at the Keep he would be safe. Well… safer. Just a few more days… He thought to himself. A few more days and I won't ever have to see another Templar ever again.

One of the Templar shifted in his tent and Anders shivered, hoping they wouldn't wake. He turned his head to the sky. "Please Maker. Andraste… if you're real, and you care for all creation like the Chantry says, please turn your eyes this way. Send me to a place where I'll be safe." He whispered.

He lay back down and tried desperately to get some sleep before the morning.