Of Curiosity and Hormones
"Sasuke-kun, I'm hot, bothered, and bored!"

"Flaunt it, baby!"

Sakura was practically jumping. Sasuke was… squirming. It was going to be a long walk home.

He readjusted her, but Sakura's hold to his neck was just intangible. Her other hand opening his shirt's buttons isn't helping either, and he got his hands full, literally.

"Sakura, would it kill you to hold still until we get home?" Yes, it would.

"You know, a good dose of gossip is actually good for your health. It cures all bad cases of curiosity." Prying eyes were everywhere. Did you think his appeal would go down the ranks after he married? I didn't think so, too.

"I'm just giving answers to their question. Like this one," she pointed to his now bare upper chest, "they wanted to know if you keep chest hairs or not." He glared, she beamed. "Now, they know!"

He readjusted her again, raising her up a bit higher, thinking wishfully it would cover him.

Alas, it did not.

"They were even wondering if you purposely style your hair like that, or if you wear perfume, or do you apply cream at night to keep your skin like that…" And she listed it out animatedly while he carried her, without any care in the world.


"Oh! And of course, the million-dollar question, 'Boxers or Briefs?'." She laughed merrily. "I guess only I know the real answer to that. I've seen them first hand; and I'm not sharing answers!" She kept laughing; at her realization or at his face, nobody cares.

"Alright, I get it. They love you so much for it."

"Oh they love me alright," she proclaimed smugly, "I'm their best source of gossip!"

So they made it home as peacefully as possible…

But it didn't end there.

The moment he stepped in their not-so-humble abode, she jumped out of his hold with her good leg and hopped off to the kitchen.

He supposed she was just getting a glass of water so after undressing to informal wear, he turned to leave for the garden… but it doesn't take THAT long with a loud ruckus to get it, right?

Oh, what joy he felt when he came in the kitchen!


It was beyond dirty. There was a WAR happening there. Flour, sugar, eggs, some gooey mixture, and everything was everywhere! She got chocolate on her fingers and cheek, strawberry jam on the sides of her lips, colored sugar on her shoulders (her lopsided loose shirt made that possible), and… was that sprinkles in her hair?



"Aa, aa, aa!" She raised a chocolate-covered finger. "Before you say anything, the defendant would like to, uhm, defend herself!"

She cleared her throat.

And pouted her strawberry stained lips.

And looked straight at him with those eyes.

"I was just trying to fix a snack, Sasuke-kun! I was a bit hungry and I thought you might want some too after carrying me home. I was just having a little trouble because I always trip, and I'll clean this up, I promise." She gave a sweet smile before she started to jump around in an attempt to clean up.

"Sakura, stop bouncing around. You've already sprained your ankle. You'll be breaking your leg next."

"But I promised to clean this!"

"I'll clean it."

Pout. Look. Silence…

Sigh. "Do extra chores when you're better to make up for it."

"Would you carry me to the bathroom then?" Sakura childishly asked.

Childishly, meaning very child-like, sitting sloppily on a stool, licking herself up unpretentiously, not caring that she looked like a dessert waiting to be served.

That move got quite a reaction from him. From all of him.

"Then you'll have to accompany me in the bedroom afterwards, the kitchen, and everywhere I want!" She smiled innocently at the thought. Too innocent.

"Of course, you'd have to carry me in your arms like you did a while ago." She bit her lower lip and pressed a finger on her chin in thought.

He grunted. Too cute.

"Should I break my leg then, Sasuke-kun?"

It was HELL. His personalized hell.

Unfortunately for him and yay for us, no, his torture doesn't end there still.

... ... ... ... ...

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