Unfortunately for him and yay for us, no, his torture doesn't end there still.

It continues when she walks down the stairs, clad in tights and a tank top that barely covers her bulging belly.

You see, the matter of fact is, Sasuke was carrying his wife home because said wife threw a tantrum at the Hokage's office about a deal on maternity leave and sprained her ankle in the process.

He looked at her incredulously. "Sasuke-kun, it's summer! You don't expect me to wear those frilly maternity dresses, do you?"

While a feast is presented before his very eyes, he managed to look away (amazingly enough). "Stay in the garden if you like. Just let me finish here," he flatly said.

You think that would make her go? Of course not.

And so the giddy Sakura pulled a chair, sat by the counter-top, and trailed her husband's smexy working body with very hungry eyes. Who's the predator now?

As efficient as he was, the previous war-zone was now slowly becoming to look like a kitchen again. Oh, he worked those muscles, all right. Those flexing biceps when he's reaching, those firm buns that seems threatening to pop when he reaches down to get something on the floor, those trickling beads of perspiration glazing him. It was definitely something to watch. Nothing beats HD and 3D like reality.

"Ne, Sasu-kun, there're still chocolates and sprinkles left over, right?" He stopped to look at her. She smiled a lazy smile. "I'm offering, you can eat me up!" She started to stand, a finger on her lips, as if in deep thought. "Or if you want, since you just cleaned up here in the kitchen, we can play in the bedroom instead!" She was bouncy. Again. "But I like it here in the counter top, you're easier to reach and I'm easier to accomoda—"

What do you think happened next? He took her then and there? Carried her to the bedroom with the said ingredients in hand?


Sorry, none of the above.

Swiftly, he took her in his arms for the second time that day and carried her to the living room with Sakura squealing with joys of triumph. There, he deposited her onto the couch and cushioned her with loads of pillows before heading back to the kitchen.


Blink. Blink.



So then, the responsible, tortured husband frustratingly tried to hold his composure back, mind set to clean up the remaining mess, when he heard sobs starting, promising to get worse every second.

Oh no, not the waterworks. Please.

Step by step, he prepares himself to face the dilemma that awaits him. With one final step, he faces the pink sobbing lady massacring the army of pillows that once had cushioned her.

"I'm big as a whale that's why Sasuke-kun doesn't want to get kinky with me anymore!"

Oh the drama.

An exasperated sigh escaped him and he walked to pacify his poor, sex-depraved wife. He took her former position on the couch, inclined at one corner, and held her between his legs, her head burrowed on his chest, held in place by his cheek. He continued to rub his palm up and down her side while his other hand held its place in her growing womb.

Her hubby's ministrations somewhat calmed his erratic wife's sobs down to just occasional hitches.

"Sasuke-kun, I'm hot, bothered, and bored!" Her vexation was evident. "You don't understand it… This boredom, it's enough to drive me crazy!" Tears threatened to leak out again. "What am I supposed to do in one month! It's like sentencing me to house-arrest!" Sasuke couldn't agree more. She had the term right on the dot.

"I understand why she forbids me to take my hospital shifts anymore; I might pick up something bad there. But why did she have to take out my academy schedules too?"

This one's easy. "It may stress you out too much," he supplied. That was one way of putting it. Truth be told, they were more afraid for the safety of the students. Who knows what kind of educational words might come out of her at this hormonal-driven state.

"But what am I supposed to do here?" she whined.

He shrugged. "You can spend more time with your garden." It earned a rolling of eyes from her. "I am so not going out there with this heat."

Sakura wiggled out of her husband's hold and stalked behind the couch opposite to him, placing her hand down with a thud.

"I am a distinguished medic, one of the country's bests, dammit! One month inside the house will make me rust to disintegrate." She huffed. "A shinobi on house-arrest without weapons? What kind of maternity leave is this!"

Sasuke sat up. "There are many reasons—good reasons—why Tsunade-sama ordered weapons to be out of your reach."

He looked up at her. Crap.

"Oh. You mean this?" She was twirling two kunais on her fingers.

Shit, shit, shit! He cleared her stash thoroughly yesterday, right? Yes, he was sure. Where did she get those, then? Where had her hands came from?

"Sakura, you're hungry, right? Now, if you just put those kunai down, slowly, I'll make you something good to eat." Oh my, was he trembling?

"Hmmm." She was definitely uninterested.

"Didn't you think sensei's logic is a bit off?" She walked out behind the couch posing more shuriken in her other hand.

Oh hell. She had more secret stashes than he knew.

"How is this dangerous?" Tok. Fwip. Fwip. Tok. Fwip. She produced more arsenals. "You're one of the top Anbu around, of course it's going to be easy dodging these!" Tok. Tok. Tok. Bam. Fwip. Fwip. Bam.

Oh yeah, easy as hell.

Now, the living room looks worse than the kitchen had. And it's not only the living room, even the responsible, tortured hubby looked like he'd been through several world wars. If we look to the other side of the room, we see a sparkly, bouncing woman, blowing dust off her fingernails, yielding more weapons, as if mocking him that she had more secret stacks he didn't know of.

Aaaaaaaaaand he snaps!

"That's IT." He got off from being pinned on the wall and scarily stalked to his bouncing wife. "If you are not going to put those weapons down, present all your remaining stashes here, and behave, I promise the least I will do is tie you down the bed and make you watch Naruto's videos all day."

Boom! Tok. Tok. Tok. Tok. Fwip. Fwip. Tok. Bam. Fwip.


She poised herself, determination overflowing, a hand on her womb. "Suki-chan, your Papa is turning to be a very mean man. Just hold tight there, alright? Mama's gonna break through the window and make a run for it!"

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