Nu Vegas was certainly more than any of them expected.

Except maybe Jack.

Jack might've had the sense to realize how bad things got when they got bad.

Tesla's mouth hung open for a long moment as she watched a scantily clad male (she assumed) salarian slink past, the tail of his feather boa swinging off of a glitter-smeared arm. Pink; there was pink everywhere. The glitter was pink. The low-backed dress was pink. The oddly shaped heels were pink. There was, however, one discrepancy. From one of his curved horns hung a slender, golden-

"Was that salarian wearing a tiara?"

Thane blinked both lids simultaneously. "I believe he was."


Shepard, Jack, and Thane all turned to look at Jacob, who held up his hands. "It's a legitimate question."

No matter how drunk they must've gotten while here – which was very, if she recalled the amount on her tab – there was still the question of how they arrived here in the first place. She certainly never came here when she was on shore leave. It didn't seem like Thane's sort of place, either. Jack was already getting visibly annoyed by the pulsing asari techno seemingly pouring out of the walls. And Jacob's complete surprise by the previous sight made it obvious he was innocent.

Zaeed seemed to prefer seedy, but not this kind of seedy. The image of Tali actually recommending a place like this was almost laughable. Mordin was too classy, as was Samara. If Miranda gave up the information leading them here, she'd certainly like her a lot more, though that was the very definition of doubtful. Such a long walk from the docks would've annoyed Joker. While she knew Chakwas enjoyed a good drink, this hardly seemed like the sort of place she'd sit down in. Kasumi? Well, there was an option, but was she the kind of person to suggest this place of all places? It wasn't likely.

That left one possibility.

Tesla swerved past a group of human males gathered near the entrance, not even bothering to glare at them when they didn't move, forcing her to shift them herself. She wasn't in the mood for this sort of thing. Not today. She could practically hear Jack's biotics fizzing and popping behind her as they did the same to the much smaller, yet much deadlier woman behind her.

When she reached the bar, the bartender glanced up from her work, violet eyes widening at the sight of the man standing at the Commander's right. Shifting almost uncomfortably, Shepard appraised the human girl before turning and shooting an accusatory look at Mr. Taylor, only to see him frantically scrubbing at his bottom lip, as if the smudge of purple lipstick was still there. Short, slight build, dark hair, bright eyes. And she was holding a container of what she recognized as high quality asari liquor. Definitely Jacob's type.

She uttered a quiet, 'huh,' before turning back to the girl, her palms pressed flat onto the bar top. "Were you working here last night?"

The bartender looked puzzled. "Yes, I was; I served you all of your drinks."

Shepard heard Jacob give a quiet, almost celebratory, 'ah.' Most his questions had been answered. The others, however, were still mighty clueless, especially her. "I'm here to pay my tab," she muttered, sliding the chit across the bar before following it with her own. "And I was wondering if you could tell us what happened?" Pausing, her jaw clenched. "Exactly what happened?"

Grinning, the woman nodded, going about scanning the chits and handing them back to the illustrious Commander Shepard. "Well, you were celebrating. That much was obvious. You were here. She was here, too. And both of the guys were here." She paused, sucking a violet lip into her mouth in thought. "There was a turian, too. A quarian. A salarian. A few other humans." Then she nodded to herself, clearly proud for remembering all of the details.

"We've been busy all afternoon thanks to you," she added, filling another glass and sliding it over the bar towards the barefaced turian standing a few feet away. His vibrant green eyes hadn't left her since she got there. "Everyone wants to come to the bar that served the savior of the galaxy. I feel bad having to deny everyone the opportunity to take body shots. They're not on the menu. I keep telling them that you were improvising, but they just don't listen."

Tesla's eyes widened. "What do you mean by body shots?" Of course she knew what she meant, but she wanted details.

And she was about to receive them when she saw a slight form all but flailing out of her chair a short distance off. "Commander Shepard?" the form called out in a familiar – a very familiar – voice. "Commander Shepard!"

Turning around to face the approaching female, she offered the girl a small smile when she realized exactly who she was. The short black bob was a dead giveaway. The small, shapely body attached to it was a definite plus. "Well, well, Emily Wong. You here for damage control?"

"You know it," she replied with a grin, "I got a message from C-Sec telling me there was an emergency in the Tayseri Wards. They didn't tell me until I got here that it was because you were licking krogan beer off of your friend's abs, and Udina was about to have a seizure." The last few words were twinged with amusement, as if sharing an inside joke with a friend, her dark eyes shooting over Shepard's shoulder to look towards Thane.

"So did he?"

"Did he what? Enjoy it? By that smirk on his face, I can bet that he-"

"No," Shepard chuckled, crossing her arms and shaking her head. "Did Udina have a seizure?"

Emily gave a snort of laughter. "No, but I'm fairly sure he had to be looked after by a medical official." She winced, holding a hand up to stop herself. "But that is strictly on a need to know basis, of course. Not to leave this bar... club... not to leave this place."

Tesla nodded, clearly understanding her meaning, her attention turning towards the omni-tool glowing on the girl's slender arm. She motioned to it. "I take it damage control means you have video footage?"

"Confiscated from a very, very ornery asari woman, mind you. Evidently she wanted to sell it."

"Oh dear."

"Hah! Yeah, that wouldn't have been good." Biting down on her bottom lip, a few strokes of her fingers and she'd already sent a message containing the video file to Shepard's private terminal. "So, is there anything I can help you with? You're not here for more drinks, are you?"

Grimacing, Tesla shook her head. "We're trying to find Garrus Vakarian. He wasn't on board this morning. We think we might have... lost him."

"Well, he was definitely here. With you all." She gave her chin a tap. "You mentioned something about kicking someone's ass... in the arcade. There's one not far from here; I don't remember the name, but it should be only a short walk away. Maybe you'll find some more information there? Someone might've seen him sneak off. Or he could still be there."

"Squandering all of his credits on whack-a-quarian," Tesla murmured, repressing the urge to roll her eyes. "Sounds like Vakarian alright." She reached out, giving Emily a pat on her shoulder. "Thank you for your help."

The reporter shook her head, smiling almost from ear to ear.

"All in a day's work!"