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Summary: Bella and Jasper. They've been best friends since before they were even born. Jasper is a few months older than Bella. They are both 17 when Bella gets killed in an unknown attack. But what really happened? Bella comes back as a vampire over a year later. Jasper is nearing 19 now.. How will he take seeing his best friend again after thinking her dead, and still mourning over his best friend whom he secretly loved?

Now, I've never started on Jasper's point of view before. How do you spell view? I spell it diff. Okay, side tracked. Tell me how I do, please?

Jasper Point of Veiw. (Before The Accident. When they're 17)

It was the worst day. The most horrible day of my life. I finally gather enough strength to tell Bella I love her. She could do so much better than this. So much better.

We were reckless, yeah. Doing stupid things and always running into the others embrace, hiding away from the world.

I was pretty much a good kid. My mother died when I was 15 of cancer. My father and I got along, but didn't really communicate. I had longish honey blond hair that waved. I used to keep it short, but Bella liked it long. I had pale blue eyes to match my blonde hair. I was tall. Alot taller than Bella. Where she was 5 foot, I was 6'3. Over a foot taller than her. I was lean and muscled, but not overly so like my cousin Emmett.

Bella was.. Bella was everything. I always knew I wanted to be with her. Since I ever saw her. I would tungle from her simple touch, be there for her when her dad hit her, hold her in my arms as she slept and whimpered in her sleep.

She never had an easy life. I wanted to take all her pain away. Be her escape. Her dad basically sold her for drugs. She would come to me crying, never telling me exactly what was wrong until I heard her scream from her bedroom and saw James raping her as she thrashed around violently, trying to push him away and kick him.

I swore it would never happen again.

It only got worse.

After her dad knew that I knew, he came after me, threatening me with a knife if I ever told anyone. I never did. But only for Bella's sake. Texas was a big place after all. But in the small town where we lived, news travels fast. He threatened Bella's life too. I would never put her at risk. Never.

She started cutting herself, really watching what she ate. It killed me to see her like that.. When I asked she would smile so sadly at me and tell me she could control it. She was finally capable of controlling something.

It killed me so painfully slow.

I remember the night she came to me. She wanted to kill herself, but she couldn't leave me behind. I was what held her down on this earth. Truth be told, if she did kill herself.. I would follow without hesitation.

I was the one that held her hand as she got her first tattoo. It was scriptic writing that read 'I'm lost', written across her hip. It was shades of black and grey. We were both lost. But when we had each other.. We were found. I knew I was lost without her.

I sighed. I couldn't put this off now, could I? I pulled into the high school. Bella was waiting, leaning against the wall. I smiled when I saw her. I parked the car as quickly as I could and dashed over to her.

She had her dark brown hair straight, and it reached just under her shoulder blades, her thick black sunglasses covering her stormy grey eyes. I could tell she was wearing more make up than usual today. That made me worry.

She was wearing a black paramore tshirt that made her look tinier, even though it wasn't all that tight on her, with one of my black hoodies over top that read 'Whitlock' on the back. It was open at the front. I loved her wearing mystuff. She looked way sexy. Even eith my hoody drowning her.

Her dark grey skinny jeans hugged her nicely, showing her small legs and ended in her black converse with purple and blue laces. She put her shades ontop of her head as I neared her.

Ah.. And there were her eyes. The grey eyes that made my breath hitch in my throat and trip over m own two feet as if I had five. She opened her arms. I gladly scooped her into my own.

"How bad?" I whispered.

"Not too bad. Only James again." She whispered, snuggling into my chest. I tensed. I hated this.

I hated knowing what they did toher and not being able to save her. I suddenly forgot about telling Bella my feelings. She needed me now. My fingers laced through her beautiful locks as my other arm was securely around her waist.

"I'm sorry." I whispered hoarsely. She pulled back. I only noticed now how thick her eyeliner and mascara was today. Her eyes were so clear. But they still looked torn and haunted. No sign that she had even cried.

Could she even cry anymore?

"Lets go, Jazz. Art first." She chirped happily.

"Bella!" Alice called as we entred the art room. Alice was one of Bella's best friends. We were a small group. Only consisting of me, Bella, Alice, Emmett, Rose my cousin, and Edward. They didn't know what Bella had gone through. Only I knew that. She said she didn't want to endanger any of her friends.

I don't think she would have even told me if I didn't see it. She always had been the suffer in silence type.

"Hey Ali." Bella greeted, getting pulled into a hug by Alice. I saw her flinch slightly and discretely hold her left side. Not too bad my ass.

"So.. Whats new?" Em asked, placing a hand on his sisters shoulder to stop her from bouncing up and down.

It was weird they were brother and sister. Alice was so smaller, only being two inches taller than Bells, and Em towere over me standing at 6'7. Bella was always the smallest even as kids.

I think it was the malnutrition that caused it. Maybe if she hadn't been abused from such a young age, she wouldn't be so small. Maybe she'd be Alice's height even. But she wasn't and she wouldn't be. I loved her anyway.

"Nothing." Bells shrugged, no longer holding her side. I was the only one that noticed.

"Rose and I are going shopping on the weekend, wanna come?" Alice offered Bella.

"Yeah sure. I need some new hoodies anyway. Jazz must be sick of lending me his." She smiled in my direction.

"I'll never get sick of it, Darlin'." I told her honestly. She smiled a real smile, making me smile back.

"Gosh you too." Alice said snidely. I never quite knew how Alice fitted into our group. She always wore designer, colorful clothes. She wasn't as dark as us, and was hardly ever upset.

We needed her though. We needed someone good in our group that could make us laugh. Em was the joker of it, Rose was the bitchy protective one, Edward was the normal one, Alice was the happy go lucky one, I was the moody, protective one, but mostly over Bella, and Bella was the rebel.

It's a fucked up little group we had. But we loved each other fiercely. Always would.

I reached for Bella's hand under the art table as she drew a beautiful wolf with sorrowful eyes on it's own. I squeezed slightly. She looked over at me, capturing me in her grey stare and squeezed back with a small smile.

I had to tell her soon.

Bella. I love you. How hard is that? Now say it out loud.

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