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The loud ringing noise coming from my nightstand was starting to tick me off something severe. And it was so unfair that it had been doing this every single morning for the past six years. And I mean every single morning. Even when I was sick, even when it was my day off work. There was always someone who needed to go to school. Well not anymore. But it had been replaced with them needing to go to work. And because I was probably the nicest brother on the entire planet, I didn't simply tell them to go to hell and listen to their own nagging cellphones in the bright early morning.

No, they'd done their job well.

Sure the puppy dog eyed gooey looks had done the trick. But it had probably resulted to this routine because if I didn't wake them up, it wasn't them that got in trouble for being late. It was me. I now got up every morning not only for myself, but also for my two little brothers. Because they simply could not wake up by themselves. Or they just liked to annoy the hell out me. I'd never know for certain.

Sighing dramatically, I threw my feet over the side of my bed and shakily stood onto my sleepy legs. Eyes still droopy, hair probably a disaster, I scratched my tummy as I yawned and then stretched. Shaking of the last of my sleep, I eyed the curtained window before me.

'Give me chirping birds, shining sunshine and colorful flowers please...'

Praying hard, I pulled the curtains to their respective sides, and looked through the window. No birds, no flowers. And sunshine? It's a myth. Looking up at the grey sky, I scowled. Fuck you very much.

Turning back around, I scanned my room and almost smiled when I located my pants. My knees were cold. Pants make me happy. Pulling them on not too gracefully, and fearing for my neck just a second, I managed to get them on without falling over my own feet anyway.

Not caring about a shirt just yet, I reached for the ear plugs on my night stand and popped them in before I threw my door open and didn't bother to close it as I made my way through the second floor hallway.

Our house wasn't very big. There were two bedrooms on the second floor and on the first floor there was a bathroom, with a toilet, a kitchen and a small living room that also served as dinning area. As I am the oldest, I deemed it fair that I got my own room. I did make their screaming in protest a little more bearable when I said I'd take the small one, so they could share the big one. Of course I didn't tell them that both bedrooms are exactly the same size, just that the one shaped in length rather then width seemed larger. It had been nice when they'd still been gullible. Wasn't the case anymore.

Hitching up my pants, I reminded myself to ask one of them for a belt as I rammed my fist onto their bedroom door. This wouldn't work. It's why their cellphones as method for them to wake up didn't work either. They could simply shut it off, roll over and keep on sleeping. If I wanted my loud knocking to work, I'd have to keep on ramming my fist into the wood of their door for the following ten minutes. And that was just too tiring. No, this gesture was simply a warning. A warning that said: If I were you, I'd wake up now, because what comes next, is so unpleasant.

The stairs led straight into the living space. Two doors placed symmetrically on either side of me. The one on my left leading to the bathroom. Which was going to be my first stop. And then the door on my right led to the kitchen. Second stop.

Passing the television stand on my way to the bathroom, I hit the power button, then grabbed the remote as I stepped inside the bathroom. Leaving the door ajar, I took a leak as I fumbled with the remote a little to find the right button. Once I'd located it, I simply pressed my finger down onto it, not bothering to press bit by bit. Once the info channel was chattering away with the troubles in the world at its loudest, I threw the remote though the bathroom door, making it land onto the couch as I zipped up my jeans.

The person who invented ear plugs, is my god.

I yelped as I tripped over a bag placed stupidly in front of the kitchen door. Grimacing in frustration, I kicked the bag out of my way, hoping it would trip the owner in return once they set foot on the first floor.

Seriously, you'd think that at age twenty, they would realize that bags aren't supposed to go in front of doors. Idiots. Especially the kitchen. Kitchen is sacred ground, you don't deny someone their passage to that marvelous place. Or in this case, make the passage more difficult. Which is actually more evil, considering you can actually reach your destination, just not in one piece.

I want to say that they probably didn't do it on purpose. But I couldn't be sure of it.

Shrugging at my thoughts, I entered the kitchen, leaving the door open because unlike them, I did not take pleasure out of the fact that they'd probably be too drowsy to realize the door was open or closed.

The effect would be having one of them whine all day about a headache just because the banged their head against it. Then they'd blame me for a lack of attention.

Actually, that's a lie. I would take pleasure out of it. I'm their older brother, it's expected of me to take pleasure out of that shit, and I would. Just that the 'older' part in the 'older brother' title is supposed to make me the wiser and the more responsible one.

Whoever came up with that fact, is not my god.

Tearing the package off of the bread, I grabbed three slices and popped them into the toaster. My eye twitched a little as I tried making the coffee-maker work. Our coffee-maker was a whiny little bitch. Mind of its own. You had to treat her real gentle in order for her to grant you the morning elixir. We could just buy a new one, but there's that thing that bothered all three of us so royally. Money. We didn't have much of it. And well. We are boys. We preferred spending the extra money on DVD's rather then a new coffee maker. Or maybe girls do that too? Doesn't matter truly, gentle hands and she worked like a charm.

Once I'd gotten her started, I pulled three mugs off the clean side of the sink. And pouted at the dirty dishes still in the sink. I hung my head.

"Why must you make my life so difficult. Dishes aren't that annoying to do," I half sobbed.

My eyes narrowed as I heard faint amused chuckles through the safety of my ear plugs. Scowling, I dumped the clean mugs onto the small kitchen table in the middle where my two brat baby brothers were sitting, lazily staring back at me. Sora mimed for me to pull the plugs out, and Roxas yawned.

Tucking the plugs into my jeans pockets (the info channel long since turned off), I walked around the small table to grab the toast. I wasn't surprised or startled when I felt two hands fiddling with my pants edge. Lifting my arms over my head to give Roxas some space, I turned as he huddled along with me, still toying with my waistband.

I placed the toast onto the table, and then turned to get the butter. Sora was pouring the coffee, and Roxas tightened the belt -he'd known to give me before I'd even asked- around my waist. I swear, I think my eyes bulged slightly when the little fucker tightened the belt too tightly, on purpose as a satisfied grin crept onto his lips.

"There you go." I rolled my eyes at him, and pushed the butter into his hands so I could loosen the belt slightly.

I sat down with them around the small table, and we sipped our coffee and nibbled on our toast in silence, as we all dreamily stared off, kicking the last remnants of slumber.

Once we deemed ourselves to be properly awake, we started cleaning up our mess and I remembered I needed to find a shirt.

"Heads!" Sora shouted.

I didn't even look over my shoulder to see what they were up too. We did this every day. Because our working hours were so similar and close to one another, it was kind of annoying that we only had one bathroom. So we flipped a coin. Or they did anyway. I just took my showers in the evening. But they both enjoyed showering in the morning, so by flipping the coin they left it up with the faith to decide who was taking the morning shower. And who was taking the evening shower.

I was nearly shoved into the couch when Sora happily skipped through the living area to get into the bathroom. Roxas, grumbling under his breathe, made his way upstairs, stamping his feet.

Ignoring all of this, I pulled on a shirt that lay neatly folded in a laundry basket on the low coffee table between the couch and television set. They flipped coins on laundry matters as well. But I could tell it had been Roxas who'd done this batch, since the folding was done neatly. Actually when Sora was in charge of the laundry, there was no folding done whatsoever.

After having tugged on my shoes, I sat back lazily on the couch, flipping through the channels to land on MTV. I stared at a dancing Britney Spears on the screen as Roxas made his way downstairs with his palms facing upwards. He sat down on the arm of the couch, then pushed his hands in one quick motion through my hair to have the mohawk standing up as it should, instead of laying flattened on top of my head. Leaning over, I grabbed a towel and tossed it his way so he could rub the last remnants of gel off his hands. Once that done, he plopped down beside me, and we both stared at a dancing Britney Spears, waiting patiently for Sora to be ready to go.

My eye twitched every time I saw Sora after he'd taken a shower. It was just weird to not see the bouncy spikes. His brown hair was sticking to his face as he re-appeared in the living area, sitting down between my legs as he tossed a hair brush my way.

Still staring at Britney, I moved my butt closer to the edge of the couch, then pulled Sora head back and started brushing the knots out of his hair. Yes. He should be able to do this himself. And he could. But the knots in his hair hurt him when he brushed them out, and he preferred someone else make him go through it, then having himself make him go through it.

Roxas was the only one who didn't need help with the hair. His hair just stood in it's disarray spikes all the time. After having slept and after having taken showers. I didn't need help with mine either, I just forgot sometimes that a flat mohawk just didn't look pretty. Roxas didn't.

Pulling the brush through the brunette's hair, we all stared at the screen as there was a constant 'ouch, ouch, ouch' coming from Sora with each pull I made. His head bobbing back and forth, truly not helping me out as he didn't keep his head steady.

Wrinkling my nose, I detached my eyes from the screen and smacked Sora over the back of his head with the brush, silently telling him to cut it out. He threw a toothy grin over his shoulder, but did indeed cut it out once I returned to brushing his mess of hair. After a moment, I lifted my hands, and Roxas used the towel I'd given him earlier to rub it furiously over the brunette's head, drying the last bits of water remaining in his locks. I smiled as the spikes were back.

Flipping the tv off, I jumped up on my feet, and the other two followed. Grabbing each of our bags we made our way out of the house. Roxas locked up. Sora flipped through the post as he got into the back of the car I was now taking the driver seat in.

"Rent," Sora muttered.

All three of us grimaced. We could pay it, that wasn't the problem. It's just that anything related to money tended to make us cringe. We were alright though. Sure we didn't have a mansion, our jobs weren't glamorous, but we were good.

I dropped Sora off first, as he worked at a pizza place closest to our home. We lived in Traverse Town, and Sora worked in Traverse Town. He worked as a delivery boy. I worked in Hollow Bastion, which is why I was the one who had the car since my job furthest. Roxas was next to be dropped off. He worked in Twilight Town, which was right in between Traverse Town and Hollow Bastion. He worked for a cleaning company.

I exhaled heavily as I saw the hospital, driving my way beneath it to park in the reserved area for the people that worked in the hospital. Car locked, I took the stairs, giving everyone I knew a cheery good morning as I made my way to the locker room.

Changing into my uniform, simple pants and long sleeved shirt that were the most disastrous color green, I then took my trolly and made my way through the hospital to start my first round. I wasn't a doctor, not at all. Not even a nurse really. I just brought patients their food, and I changed the occasional bag here and there.

If a doctor needed to give bad news to someone and they had a kid that needed distraction, they called me. If one of my co-workers needed coffee, I would get it. If a high on drugs patient was talking to much to a busy surgeon or nurse, they told me to bring the rambling patient back to their bedroom. It wasn't too bad. I didn't really mind.

And if my thoughts turned slightly to the down side, I just needed to remind myself that my brothers were working jobs just as royally suckfull. That none of us had degrees. That we would never work splendid jobs. But that if we kept up with this and sucked it up, it was to pay the rent for the small yet cozy home we had. And the food on our plates. And the occasional DVD we absolutely needed to watch. Which then would remind me of the fun evenings we spend together, the many laughter with and without friends. And that would make everything fine again. We were comfortable truly, and happy.

Bringing my attention back to the now, I smiled down at the little lady in her hospital bed.

"Demyx, dear. I was frightened I wouldn't see you today," She said in her soft and frail voice.

"I'm never late. Why would you be frightened," I joked lightly.

Mrs. Baker was very old. And it saddened me a little to know she'd probably leave us soon. She'd been in and out of the hospital over the past three years. But as I knew it, she knew she'd probably not go back to her retirement apartment. And even though she was a little frightened from time to time. She seemed to accept it.

Placing the tray with her breakfast on small table fixed to her bed, I rotated it so it hung over her knees before her. She smiled happily back up at me after have scanned through the items on her tray.

"You sneaked me some more jello!" She shouted happily.

I nodded with a big grin on my face. "I sure did Ma'am. Anything for the love of my life."

She shushed me with a flippant wave of the hand, telling me to cut out that nonsense. But if I repeated that little comment every day, it was because I knew it made her happy.

"Alright, well I'm off," I said as I placed the next tray at the top of my trolly.

"Yes of course! You must save others.' She said confidently as she dipped her spoon into the jello. I smiled sadly.

"Not saving anyone Ma'am, that'd be the doctor's job," I murmured. She scoffed.

"He's not the one who sneaks me extra jello. You did. If not saving, you do make people's day."

She gave me a brilliant smile, one so contagious, I couldn't help but grin happily back at her. Giving her a salute, I made my way out of the room, and continued my routine. Which included more people like Mrs. Baker. Some grumpier then the others. Some happy, some high on a good dosage of drugs. Old people, middle aged people, young people, children. I liked to end my routine with the children because they had the least worry in their eyes. They found good when they felt like seeking it out.

Having brought all these people their breakfast, I could switch to the next part of my routine. Which was changing baggies and sponge baths. But before that, I truly needed a break. Which was also part of my routine. The best part of my routine.

Since my break only lasted about ten minutes, I couldn't change out of my uniform beforehand. I'd never really cared before, until that one morning that I entered the coffee shop across the street from the hospital. A new barista had filled in the spot vacated by Sora, because Sora could never really hold a job. That was alright though, by some sort of miracle he always found new jobs thirty minutes after having been fired from the previous.

I'd never been happier that he'd gotten fired from that particular job.

Crossing the street, trying not to get run over, I made my way into the small coffee shop, and stood in line so I could place my order. Ok so maybe not the happiest. I mean, the new Barista was seriously gorgeous, cute and adorable.

Unfortunately he had this permanent scowl engraved upon his facial features that nobody had been able to remove as of yet. He didn't speak much either, and aside from the polite 'Hello' and 'Goodbye', he didn't say much more to me.

I'd tried making conversation a couple of months back, but he'd stared rather numbly back at me, silently asking me what the hell I was doing making conversation with him. Since I scare easy, I didn't try again. Instead I continued my ten minute coffee break routine. And instead of having a quick chat with my baby brother. I soaked in the beauty that is the new Barista. While damning the god awful green color of my uniform to hell and back. It really was unflattering.

As it was my turn to place my order, I stepped forward to the edge of the counter the Barista boy was standing behind.

"Hello, may I take your order?" I wanted that voice close to my ear, whispering sweet nothings there.

Basking in the softness of it while trailing my fingers of his skin that looked so very soft.

"One large coffee to go please," I answered instead of telling him what I truly wanted.

As he typed in my order in the keyboard before him, I discretely let my eyes look over him.

I wanted to ask him if he dyed his hair. The blue tint to the nearly silver was so unnatural, it made me wonder. I wanted to brush the lock of hair hiding one of his eyes out of his face so I could see if that one eye was just as bottomlessly blue as the one that he did show. I wanted to try and make those lips formed in a thin line, quirk upwards, try and make him smile.

I smiled a little as I read his name off his name tag. Zexion. Strange name, really. But then Demyx wasn't unoriginal either. You sometimes had to wonder what the parents were on when they searched baby names.

I blinked, startled, as he placed the large coffee I'd ordered before me quiet suddenly. Popping my eyes back up to his, I smiled just a little as I closed my hand around the carton cup. He didn't smile back.

At least he didn't arch his eyebrow at me anymore. That had been a little hurtful. Because that gesture screamed 'What do you want?'. Oh I want so many things Zexion..You'd run away screaming, Pack your bags and leave town. You'd never come back and my routine would be officially ruined.

I have a thing for the dramatic.

Giving him a nod, I knew he wouldn't return, I turned around and left the coffee shop with my carton cup of coffee, that wasn't really any good actually. Drinking it anyway, I made my way back to the hospital, dumping the empty carton into the nearest trash can so I could pick up where I left off.

And that is how my days went. That ten minute coffee break was the highlight of my day. Afterwards I'd continue my shift, have a lunch break about three hours later, and then I'd continue working until seven in the evening.

I'd pick up Roxas on the way, and then he'd take his shower while I started dinner. When I'd start setting the table, Roxas would take the car and pick up Sora, who finished later then us as he'd picked up the evening shift as well. We needed a new car. Roxas was working on getting a promotion, while I tried to sweet talk my boss into giving me more money.

Sora had simply asked for more hours. So he ended work about two hours later then us. He did have a longer break in the afternoon, which was the only reason I'd allowed him to take that extra shift. Not that he needed my permission, but I wasn't going to let him overwork himself.

Once the two got home, we'd eat dinner, chat a little, watch some tv. Then we'd all just go to bed, because the next day we'd have to get up bright and early again.

Zombie like state, I reached for my cellphone on the nightstand, turning the alarm off as I dragged myself out of bed. I prayed for sunshine, there wasn't any sunshine. I rammed my brothers' their door in warning, they still didn't listen to the warning. I tucked the ear plugs into my ears, took a leak and turned on the info channel at it's highest. I checked for stray bags placed before the kitchen door, there weren't any, which made me smile.

Toast, a string of curse words at the coffee maker, Roxas stealing his belt back which had me hitching up my jeans very five seconds. The dishes had been done this time around, since it had been my turn to do them the night before. We ate in silence as we woke up on our own rhythm.

They flipped a coin, Roxas won. I pulled on a shirt, then flipped through the channels to find MTV. No Britney Spears this morning. Sora dumped some gel in my hair, returning my mohawk to it's full glory as he plopped down beside me. Roxas didn't need me to brush his hair, so we slowly got our things together and made our way out of the house to get in the car. Sora was the one to lock up this time around, and Roxas happily announced there was no mail.

I deposited Sora first, Roxas next. Parked in the hospitals parking lot, went to the lockers and changed into my horrific uniform. A small chat with Mrs. Baker, a round of hide and seek with the kids who were staying at the end of the hall. The doctor, my boss, who told me he wanted to speak to me at the end of the day, saying he had a solution for me to earn some extra money. This was good news. And that good news had me smiling happily as I made my way across the street to go get my ten minute break coffee. I liked the familiar little ring the bell made as I entered the coffee shop, and I dutifully stood in line to wait patiently so I could place my order.

As the line shortened, and the counter became visible, I frowned. That wasn't Zexion. Sure they sported the same 'doom the world' look, but this was a blond girl. Frowning still, I made my way to the counter, receiving a not too joyful hello from the new Barista. Before she could ask me what I wanted, I cut her off.

"Where is Zexion?" I asked.

The girl who's name tag read Larxene arched an eyebrow much like Zexion had that first time I'd smiled at him. It didn't scare me away this time though.

"I have no idea who you are talking about," The girl informed.

My shoulder sagged a little in disappointment, and I rattled off my order at her in a soft murmur.

My head ducked down, I saw the girl give me a quizzical look. Placing the top on my carton cup, she handed me my order and money change. But before I could take off, she held onto my hand.

"I'm working here today because the owner of this place is a friend mine, so I'm doing him a favor. The guy who's shoes I'm filling got in an accident," She answered my first question.

My eyebrows shot up, disappearing into my hairline. "Is he alright?" I asked, worry evident in my voice. Larxene shrugged.

"I don't know, and I don't really care," She announced.

I wrinkled my nose at her reply, making her smirk as she shoed me away so she could take care of her next customer.

Letting her shoe me away without much effort, I made my way numbly back to the hospital. I threw my carton cup into the trash can, not having drunk the dark liquid at all. If Zexion worked in this area, it was probably because he lived close by. Which meant that if he got in an accident, he'd probably be admitted into the hospital I worked at. Which meant, I could actually find out what had happened to him, and see if he was alright. He better be alright. Now I just had to sweet talk the girl behind the main desk into letting me know wether or not Zexion was in this hospital.

I worked on the third floor of the hospital, which was recovering patients and well... patients on their death beds. The second floor contained critical cases and patients that were being prepped for surgery. The first floor was the main floor, Welcoming desk, gift shop, cafeteria and doctor's offices. Also the locker room and nurses station. The floor level with the underground parking lot were the emergency rooms.

Taking the first flight of stairs, I calmly walked up to the welcoming desk, giving the girl working behind it my most charming smile. The girl frowned at first, then narrowed her eyes on me.

"What do you want Demyx?" Oh, I guess sweet talking wasn't going to work.

"Well hello to you too, Sugar. What has gotten you so rude this fine morning?" I grinned down at her as I leaned onto the counter.

Puckering my lips outwards, she rolled her eyes but then smiled a little as she leaned over to let me peck her cheek.

"Sorry. Long night. I worked Namine's night shift, since she couldn't make it. I'm running on coffee and sugar right now." I hopped onto the counter, nodding her way.

"I see. I wanted to ask you for a favor, but I guess I shouldn't in your state." The girl grinned, shrugging.

"You can always try me. Oh and if you promise me you'll get Sora to call me whenever he's got some time off, you might just convince me that easily to grant you a favor a la Kairi." She fluttered her eyelashes playfully, before returning her attention to the keyboard, typing away whatever file she'd been working on before my appearance.

Kairi is a friend of the family, much like Namine. I'd met both through work. And after a very drunk christmas party at work a couple of years back, I'd brought them back home to my brothers' and my place, so they could crash safely there without having to drive.

I had been drunk too, but I had been able to call Roxas to come pick us up. Kairi and Sora had hit it off instantly, they were about the same age, a couple of months difference. They were the best of friends now. Namine was closer to Roxas than Sora. But overall, we got along great.

I nodded in her direction.

"Sure, I can make that happen. He isn't ignoring or avoiding you though, I hope you know. He just started a new shift at work, so he's a bit busy. But I'll have him call," I assured her.

Kairi gave me a smile, then tapped a few more buttons onto her keyboard, before she spun on her chair on wheels to face me.

"So, what can I do for you?" She asked.

Kairi and Namine knew I had a crush on the Barista Boy working across the hospital. My brothers didn't. It's not that I didn't trust them with the information, they would never rat me out. But I knew they wouldn't get why I didn't just talk to the guy. Which honestly, I didn't know the answer to myself. I didn't seem to be able to convince myself to just do it anyway though. Kairi and Namine knew though.

"I went for my ten minute coffee break, and Zexion wasn't there. Which was surprising enough for me to ask the new Barista where Zexion was. She said he got in an accident. She didn't say more then that. I know that asking you to check if he's in the hospital is against the rules, since you aren't allowed to give away patient information... but Kai, you know how I feel about him. I just want to know if he's alright," I murmured, the worry that had settled in my stomach for him, bursting slightly, making me shiver and tremble a little.

Kairi didn't say a word, simply spun he chair back to her computer, and started tapping away, quick as lighting to find me the information I needed. I sighed in utter relieve, kissing the top of her head with a muttered thanks. A ghost of a smile shadowed her lips as her concentration staid on the computer. Tapping the last key loudly, she grinned full out and spun back around to face me again.

"Someone that resembles Zexion's description was admitted last night. I'm not sure what for, and I'm a bit too tired to find out. He is in room number 006 on your floor."

I didn't even bother to thank her as I jumped off the counter to run to the stairs. It was all good though, because I could hear her laugh softly at my fast take off.

If I hadn't noticed him yet through my first part of my routine, it's because I started with uneven numbers, picking up with even numbers after my ten minute coffee break. I wished it was Zexion and that it wasn't at the same time. I wished he was there because I wanted to know where he was, and if he was there it would appease the fear of not knowing where he was. But if he was there, in the hospital. Well being in the hospital wasn't a good thing.

Running up the stairs, I made my way onto the third floor, sprinting through the long hallway to make my way to room number 006. As I approached, I slowed down, suddenly nervous. What if he didn't want to see me? Well it's not like he can do anything about it, I work here. And I work on the floor he is currently residing on. I'm going to be the one bringing him breakfast in the morning. OH I'm going to be the one to bring him breakfast in the morning! Although I hoped he had nothing serious, I did sort of want it to be severe enough for him to be obliged to stay at the hospital for a little while.

Just long enough to work my way underneath his skin. Long enough to see him smile. But I didn't want him to be in bad shape either. That thought just hurt my heart. I wanted him to be healthy and ok. But then he wouldn't stay in the hospital if he was.

Shut up Demyx.

Shaking my head, I pursed my lips at the closed door that read '006' before me. I needed an excuse to get inside the room. I couldn't just waltz in and expect him to be ok with me worrying over him. Thinking it over as I stood stupidly in front of a closed door in an empty hallway, I remembered something.

This room was on the list one of the nurses would give me every morning. Breakfast was a given thing that they didn't need to notify me for. But when a new patient was admitted, the nurses would give me a list of things that I needed to do for that patient. And in this case...

Frowning, I walked back down the hall to locate my trolly. Grabbing the note pad on it, I scanned through it to see what the list of things to do was for room number 006.

Change nutrition IV. Clean needle. No breakfast?

Sponge bath. I squawked.

Change Catheter. I frowned.

If that was necessary it meant he couldn't move. Or wasn't allowed too anyway. Well I had my excuse now. Work.

Dropping the note pad back on the trolly, I walked back to the room. Without hesitating this time around, I opened the door, keeping my eyes cast down. Why was I so afraid? Because for some reason he never seemed happy to see me. This was ridiculous. I worked here. It wasn't my fault I was assigned to changing certain things he was hooked up too.

Lifting my eyes off the ground, I let them travel their way up the bed, locking them on the boy tucked beneath the covers, head propped up high on a pillow. His hair was brushed backwards, but I couldn't see his eyes as he had them closed. One of his arms was wrapped into a cask, and he had numerous scrapes and cuts covering him anywhere his skin would show.

Taking a deep breathe, I shook myself out of my shocked state, walking over to the foot of the bed to grab the clipboard hanging there. I let my eyes scan over the text, taking in what it said. I felt a lump form in my throat, my eyes watering just a little.

He'd been victim of a hit and run. His arm and was broken, his ribs were bruised and the arm that wasn't broken did have a twisted wrist. He also suffered a heavy concussion. Heavy enough to send him straight into a coma.

Seeing people in bad shape was part of the job that I did. I was careful with how much I cared, I did more then I probably should allow myself too. Caring too much could lead yourself to becoming an emotional wreck. Although friendly and all smiles, I didn't let the patients situation affect me too much. It was self preservation truly.

But this. I couldn't watch Zexion in a hospital bed and turn on my work eye. I couldn't help but let my personal feelings drown out the rational and self protection in me.

I blinked down at Zexion's still body in the hospital bed, reaching out with my hands to tuck the covers more securely underneath his chin. I wanted to reach out again to brush his hair back in place like it normally was, covering one of his eyes. I'd always wanted to brush it out of his face, but now that it had been properly brushed back, probably by one of the nurses, it just didn't look right. I didn't do it though. It wasn't my place to do so.

After having stared down at him for a couple more minutes, I kicked my brain back in gear, switching into work mode, and then changed what needed to be changed in his room. I cleaned up his cuts professionally, not taking one peak at his body whatsoever. Once I was done, I exited the room and continued with the next rooms that followed my routine.

Once I was done doing everything I needed to do, I made my way to the first floor. Namine had since returned to the welcome desk, having liberated Kairi to go snooze. Namine worked the desk at night, while Kairi worked it at day. I asked the petite blond if the boss was available, and she gave me a quick affirmative as she didn't even look up from whatever she was typing on her keyboard.

Having knocked, I entered when he gave me the green light to do so. Gesturing for me to sit, I complied, sitting opposite of him.

"The only solution I can give you to obtain a raise is if you work more hours, Demyx," He announced, fiddling with some paperwork on his desk. I sighed deeply, letting my head drop back on my shoulders.

"Yeah, and that makes complete sense. I just can't start earlier, since I need to drive my brothers to their jobs. I need to pick them up at the end of the day also. Our routine works rather nicely, you see."

I truly did understand that the only way for me to make more money was to pick up some extra hours. But scheduling all three of our schedules had been hard. And it actually worked rather nicely. The good doctor shoved his paperwork on a random stack somewhere on his desk, then gave me his full attention. He nodded a little at my words.

"Yes, I know this Demyx. I was a friend of your parents, it is how you obtained this job in the first place. You don't know how grateful I am for the way you stepped up and took care of your brothers. But you need the money don't you? Can't Sora walk? His job isn't that far away from where you live. And there's a train station in Traverse Town, isn't there? Can't Roxas take the train to go to Twilight Town, instead of you picking him up after your shift?" I shook my head at him.

"That kind of defeats the purpose of one car, less travel expenses," I muttered. The doctor smiled.

"I know that. But the extra hours you'll pick up will take place after regular working hours. You'll get a break from seven to nine so you can grab some dinner, and you start at nine to continue working until midnight. Night jobs pay more, meaning that with all your wages combined, you'll earn enough money to pay whatever you need to pay, and you'll be able to afford Roxas' travel expenses." I frowned at the guy, not understanding.

"Doc. No offense, but I don't own the title of a nurse because I don't have a degree in that area. The only reason you hired me, is because you knew my parents and you knew I needed a job rather desperately. Now, I'm not complaining, I do everything during the day. Making sure I don't forget anything so I don't have to work late. What could you possibly have me do during night time, when I finished everything during the day?" He reached over for his stack of papers again, fishing out one in particular to push it onto the desk my way. Letting my eyes scan over the text, I blinked.

'Night guard?" I deadpanned. The doctor shrugged.

"What? You just pointed out you don't have a degree as a nurse, yet I trust you to do a lot of the same things as they do. You think I'm wrong for saying I think you can pull off the title of a night guard without degree as well?" Oh he knew I'd bite if he challenged.

"Fine. But, I thought Zach was night guard on the third floor? I'm assuming you want me to be guard on the third floor." The doctor nodded.

"Yeah, that is correct. But his wife's pregnancy isn't going as well as planned. She isn't allowed to move, otherwise the placenta might break. Zach's words, not mine. He didn't elaborate much, he seemed very worried. As neither of them have any family to take care of her, Zach wanted to quit and stay by her side. Ridiculous if you ask me. So basically he is on leave until his baby is born." I nodded.

"Aerith is alright though? Oh and why only till midnight? I thought Zach worked the entire night?"

Locating the little box at the bottom right of the paper, I signed it, making me officially hired as a night guard. The doctor placed the paper back on his stack.

"Yes, she's fine. Just not allowed to move. As for why only until midnight. Well, I can't allow you to work constantly, that just wouldn't be healthy." I coughed in sarcasm at him, making him narrow his eyes on me. He never stopped working.

"Anyway...We found a replacement, but he was only available starting midnight. Yes, normally we would have simply called a different agency and gotten someone else for the job. But you needed more money, so there you have it." I smiled his way in gesture of thanks.

"Thanks Doc. I really appreciate it," I said truthfully, getting up from my chair to go to the locker room and change.

I started that same evening, so while driving home and picking up the boys, I explained the situation to them. They seemed happy with the solution, yet a hint of grumbling on both their parts as Sora now had to walk and Roxas now had to take the train. But when I announced the number of my raise, they'd shut their grumpy traps instantly.

I already worked weekends, so basically I didn't have a day off anymore. I did have an afternoon off on saturdays, insisted upon by the Doc. That afternoon was nice, because I could go down to the bar in town and meet up with the guys to jam away a couple of hours before performing a couple of songs for the locals. It wasn't anything major, and I wouldn't come rock star out of it, but I was ok with that. Unfortunately, with the new shift, I wouldn't be able to perform anymore, only practice in the afternoons.


After having explained the train tracks to Roxas, and having shoved some food down our throats, I left them sitting behind the television as I packed my stuff to go back to work. I could continue the routine by simply driving home in between my first and now newly added second shift. But it only left me about thirty minutes to properly sit down and eat something before taking off again. Not really worth it, plus it just made me spend more money on gas.

Driving almost absently back to work, I thought of Zexion. I wondered wether or not people would come visit him. Did he have family that worried about him? If he didn't, did he have friends that worried about him? It wasn't really my business was it? Nope.

Sure I had a crush on the guy, and to be very honest I'd probably fallen hard for the guy without really knowing what he was like. Without really knowing what he did and what he liked and disliked. Apparently my heart didn't seem to care to much about those technicalities.

One thing though, I couldn't allow myself to worry so much over him, because the crush hadn't been mutual. He clearly hadn't been interested, and although he hadn't voiced it, he certainly had made it clear. So it truly wasn't my place to worry over him, because I'm pretty sure he could care less.

That's how my routine changed.

The next month and a half I'd get up. Glare at my cellphone, beg for sunshine. Wake my brothers. Eat breakfast with them, and instead of staying silent, we told each other about our days since we couldn't do this in the evening anymore. They'd flip their coin, one of them would take their shower, while the other got dressed and took care of my hair. Sometimes I brushed Sora's hair, sometimes I didn't. I went to work without them in the car. I didn't like the silence that had taken place ever since I didn't drive half of the way with them in it anymore. Sora walked to work, Roxas took the train.

I parked, changed, started my shift. Sneaked some extra jello for Mrs. Baker. Played a bit with the kids. Changed the bags that needed changing, included that of Zexion.

He didn't move, obviously. I didn't say anything to him, just did my job. I got in and out as quickly as possible, then continued my shift in the other rooms. I ate dinner in the cafeteria with Kairi and Namine before started my night shift.

My night shift was simple. I had to sit on a chair in the hallway, making sure nobody disturbed the patients. Not that it ever happened, but I had to keep my eye open for thieves. Either people who stole equipment or drugs. I checked the rooms every so often, checking if none of the patients needed me. It was rather dull, truly. When midnight appeared on my watch, I'd change back into regular clothing and drove back home to fall dead beat onto my bed and snore the night away.

And then I redid all of that over again. Until one morning.

Plopping some pancakes on three plates, I sat down opposite of my brothers. I still strongly believe that my making pancakes that morning changed our lives irrevocably. Later on Sora would laugh at this and Roxas would roll his eyes.


Munching on our pancakes, I told them about the boring details of my night shift. Basically telling nothing special had happened. Sora hadn't much to say either. So we both turned our attention to Roxas, who poked his pancakes with a severe lack of enthusiasm. Frowning, I reached over and poked his cheek. He glared of course.

"What's up Rox?" I asked, just the teensiest bit concerned about the frown on his face.

"Nothing..." He muttered. Sora scoffed.

"My ass. Spit it out." The brunette took the words out of my mouth.

Roxas sighed, leaning back in his chair as he continued to scowl at the ceiling instead of his pancakes.

"Nothing major anyway. It's just that there's this homeless person at the train station. He's..." He wrinkled his nose as he stopped in the middle of his sentence, eying us warily.

"Don't laugh," He warned. I shrugged, and so did Sora.

"He looks funny at me..." Roxas announced, borderline whiney. I snorted, returning my attention to my pancakes.

"Ignore him. Everyone ignores the homeless. You do it too. Just do it with this one as well," Sora suggested, shoving a piece of dripping with sirup pancake into his mouth.

"Graceful," I told the brunette, who gave me a splendid view of what was going on inside of his mouth as he grinned open mouthed back at me. Rolling my eyes, I smacked him over the back of his head.

"It's not that easy guys. I swear. He just looks at me in a way... I dunno it gives me the shivers," Roxas said, accentuating his words with a slight tremble. I frowned a little.

"Well. He doesn't actually talk to you does he? I mean he doesn't bother or approach you right?" I asked.

Roxas shook his head. Worrying my lip, I gave him an apologetic look.

"I can't help you much Roxas. If he actually bothered you with more then a look, I'd call the train station and have him removed. But since he doesn't, I can't do much," I said sincerely. Roxas sighed, but nodded in understanding before he continued with his pancakes.

Pancakes eaten, Sora's hair brushed and a three way glare at the mail received in our mail box, I drove my way to work. Once changed into my ugly uniform, I took my trolly, and entered the small kitchen area where I prepared the breakfast trays. Placing some extra jello on Mrs. Baker's tray, I strode the trolly back into the hallway and made my way into 's bedroom.

'Hiya love of my life!' I announced, walking backwards into the room so I could steer the trolly properly.

I turned around with a frown on my face as I heard a sob. It deepened when my eyes landed on the blond girl that had filled in for Zexion until a new Barista could be hired.

Larxene was sitting on the edge of the bed with a carton box placed neatly onto her lap. Her eyes red rimmed as she stared numbly down at the contents inside that carton box. I felt a pang in my chest, having seen this kind of scene numerous times already, so I already knew what was going on.

Placing the trolly to the side, I slowly made my way over to the blond, placing a hand on her shoulder. The nasty glares she'd thrown my way the day I'd met her at the coffee shop, were far far gone.

Her water filled eyes locked onto me, her bottom lip slightly sticking outwards as she tried to contain the tears and sobs that wanted to escape. I had had no idea she had been Mrs. Baker's grandchild. I knew she had had a grand daughter. Mrs.

Baker had always tried to sweet talk me into asking her out on a date. Which is where I'd remind her I was gay, and which was when Mrs. Baker told me that was all fine and dandy but that I could at least give her grand daughter a test drive. Which is where I'd laughed hysterically, earning me a grin on the little lady's face in return.

Placing my other hand on the blond's other shoulder, I nudged her a little. After a moment of hesitation, she leaned forward, pressing herself against me in form of an awkward hug because of the carton box nestled between us. Letting my fingers stroke their way through her hair, I hushed soft words her way, telling her it was alright to just let go.

She didn't make a scene, neither did she break down in a spectacular fashion. But I knew she had in fact let go as her shoulders shook a little beneath my hand, and my shirt absorbed her tears.

After a couple of minutes, she extracted herself from me, giving me a small smile with a mouthed 'Thank you'. I nodded at her, silently telling her I didn't mind.

"When did she pass?" I asked softly, sitting down beside her on the bed. She clutched the carton box again.

"Early this morning. She's... They are preparing her for the wake. The funeral will take place in three days. You should come, I know she was fond of you."

The clipped tone of her voice told me she needed some time alone. Not one to deny her her moment, I patted her shoulder and stood again.

"I'll ask my boss to give me a couple of hours. Would you rather I simply come by at the wake? Or is it alright if I attend the ceremony in the church?" I had known Mrs. Baker had been religious. Larxene's blinked a little at my question.

"Both, I guess? I... She was all I have left. I was all she had left. There won't be many people. But I know she was fond of you. And... you aren't all bad," She muttered out. I smiled discretely at her words.

"I'll be there for the entire thing," I announced.

I'd have asked, but she'd just give me a cryptic answer in return. She wanted me there, I knew this. She just didn't want to admit it.

"If you need help with preparations, you know where to find me," I added.

She blinked again, before wiping the surprise off her face, giving me a stern look instead.

"I'll think about it." I tried real hard to keep the grin from appearing.

"Alright then. Until then," I said softly, quietly steering my trolly back into the hallway to continue my work routine.

I didn't play with the kids that morning. My head felt heavy, and I couldn't quiet process what was going on all the time. I didn't know wether to feel sad or not. I mean, I was sad that Mrs. Baker was gone, but I'd known it would happen. I was a bit confused as to how I should feel.

After my ten minute coffee break, I'd started with my next routine. I'd already done Zexion's room when Larxene suddenly popped up by my side, walking as quickly as I was. She didn't say hi, didn't even tell me what she wanted. When I stopped in my steps, she'd frowned, gestured for me to continue and had followed me as I did my job.

"I need to call some people, to let them know. I need your help with that. Since you work in a hospital, I'm assuming you know who to call to have the announcement made in the local news paper. I also need to choose an outfit for her. I don't know what to pick. Since you're gay, you're good with fashion."

At this, I stopped in my tracks, turning around to face her with an amused look on my face.

"I can help you with all of that, but you'll need to come here. I got a night shift from nine to midnight where things aren't exactly eventful. Come by at seven, and we'll call the people while I eat dinner. We'll write the text that needs to go in the news paper, along with the text you'll want to read in the church, and pick out her clothes while I'm working my night shift." I paused, pursing my lips at the blond before me.

"My fashion stinks. And I'm not sure how I feel about Mrs. Baker blabbering on about my sexual orientation," I added. Larxene shrugged.

"She told me everything, as I told her everything. Her name was Thea by the way."

I nodded in thanks for her allowing me to use her grandmother's first name. I had known she'd been called Thea, and I don't think Mrs Baker would have minded me using it. But I'd opted for 'love of my life' and 'Ma'am' instead. Larxene pushed a piece of paper with her number on it in my palm, then gave me a stern nod before spinning on her heel to leave the way she had come.

"See you at seven!" She shouted.

Tucking the piece of paper in my pants pocket, I returned my attention to work.

Alright, so it may not have been the pancakes who made the major change in my life. I just preferred to highlight it on that part since remembering Mrs Baker's funeral was simply to painful for me. But that had been the real reason things had changed. I'd helped Larxene with the preparations, and she'd come back during my night shift every evening until the funeral.

I'd held her hand throughout the ceremony.

I'd let her cry on my shoulder.

I'd mouthed the words of her text to her as she stood upon that little stage, summing up her life with her grandmother in a mere five minutes.

We'd both been annoyed at the lack of time given, but that was the way things were. We couldn't change this. So we'd managed to gracefully describe Thea Baker's life in five minutes. After the funeral, Larxene had told me to use the phone number she'd given me and then had demanded I give her my number. She was a bit eccentric, but there was no hesitation on my part when she'd asked.

I liked her clean cut personality, it was so different from myself. She told me she'd come by at the bar one of these days, and I told her I'd go with her when she wanted to put flowers on her grandmothers grave.

Once she was gone, and I returned to work, I felt the sadness I hadn't been able to feel over Mrs Baker's death. Larxene, although a very tough and strong person, wouldn't have been able to handle my breaking down. So I hadn't. Now that she wasn't here though...

Oh I wasn't crying, I could do that later, more privately. In the shower or something. Right this instance I was angry. I'd gotten close to Mrs Baker, but I felt like I hadn't given her enough. Not enough of my time, not enough jello, not enough love.

I could have spend that ten minute break chatting with her instead of swooning over a guy that didn't even want to know me. A guy I was currently making decision in his stead for, as he was too coma induced to give me the answers to my questions himself.

I glared at the door carrying the title '006'. Opening the door, I walked in, pushing the trolly to the side as I closed the door behind me. Walking over to his bedside, I changed the nutrition back efficiently, tucked the covers a little more neatly onto him and then quickly passed a soaking sponge over his face. Once that done, I glared down at him.

"You are making my life a living hell and you aren't even aware. That is truly unfair." I muttered.

Squeezing my eyes shut as his still body and closed eyes hurt me. It hurt me because I felt helpless. I wanted to be there for him, but I had no idea if he would want that.

"I don't know what to do Zexion. I feel bad for you because I know nobody is visiting you. But I don't know if that is a choice you made in life, or if that choice has been made for you. If you weren't in a coma right now you'd probably arch an eyebrow at me and say nothing. You're good at that, not saying anything. To be perfectly honest, I'm not weirded out by this one way conversation. Because coma or not, you wouldn't talk back to me. And you know what..." I took a step back, crossing my arms over my chest as I pinned my glare onto him once more. "It pisses me off. It pisses me off something major. I don't like you Zexion. Yeah...I love you...But I don't like you. What could I have possibly done to deserve the silent treatment? Right...you can't answer. Not that you would!" Huffing angrily at the still body on the bed, I lifted my wrist to check the time. Pursing my lips, I sighed.

"Alright well, I have to get back to work. But don't you think I'm done with you yet! I'll be back. Yes that's right. I got an entire night shift to kill, and I'm going to use those hours to make your ears bleed. I will succeed!" I announced firmly, nodding down at him before I turned around, grabbed my trolly and marched out of there to continue with work, again.

I didn't return that evening to scold my crush. Larxene joined me for dinner at the cafeteria instead, and had brought a game of cards with her so we could play while I worked my night shift. I didn't want Larxene to think me crazy for being angry at a coma patient, so I simply didn't go into his room.

I deemed my ten minute coffee breaks to short to fully explain to Zexion what I was feeling, so all I did during my day shift was give him a stern hello, no longer ignoring him.

It wasn't until a week later that Larxene couldn't make it to one of my night shifts. She'd gone on a blind date right before her grandmother died, and after a lot of talking and a lot of persuading on my part, I'd convinced her to set up a second date as she'd really liked the guy.

A couple of more nights of card games, and then she'd announced she was ready, and called the guy while she'd been sitting next to me during my night shift. The date had been set up, and thats how I could finally use the time of my night shift to give Zexion a piece of my mind.

Dragging a chair into the room along with me, I placed it beside his bed, and straddled it the wrong way around so I'd be able to prop my chin onto the back of it. I left the door open so that in case any patients woke up, I would notice. Which was truly all they needed me to do during my night shift hours, make sure someone was there if one of the patients woke up. They didn't need me in the hallway for that, since I had a pager of sorts. Informing me if a patient needed me, since the patients could press a button beside their bed.

Placing that pager onto the nightstand beside Zexion's table, I turned my gaze onto him. I let the silence roam the room for a while, before exhaling loudly.

"I'm not mad anymore. I'm sorry for my behavior the last time, It was uncalled for. I do stand by my points though. I just didn't have to be so loud about them." I sighed, tilting my head a little as I closed my eyes.

"I'm sorry for saying I didn't like you. To be honest, I don't know if I like you or not because you've never allowed me to get close to you. I don't know you, which is why I don't know if I like you or not. I did tell you the truth when I told you I love you. I really do. I know it's a bit strange, seeing as we never really talked to each other, and that glare you gave me the first day in the coffee house was probably a warning to me. It wasn't love at first sight though. I mean, I was attracted you right on the spot, that's for sure. You're gorgeous, did you know that?" I smiled a little, my eyes still closed.

"Yeah, you really are. I fell in love with you bit by bit as I got to see you every day during my ten minute coffee breaks. The first fuzzy feeling I got in my stomach was when you frowned down at your keyboard after having taken an order from the customer before me. I don't know why you were frowning, but you looked so deep in concentration. Your eyes were so focused, I really like that. Second time was when you pursed your lips at me right before asking me what I wanted to order. I'm sorry if this makes you uncomfortable, but I have to say it. I really really want to kiss your lips. I won't though, don't worry. I wouldn't without your permission of course." I opened my eyes, sneaking a look at him.

"They say people in a coma can hear it when people talk to them. But you wouldn't be able to answer me to confirm that, could you?" I whispered, laying my cheek onto my forearms as I'd propped them up onto the back of the chair.

Sighing quickly, I shook out of the light melancholy that had threatened to settle upon me.

"Anyway, I'm not sure if you know this or not. But my name is Demyx. It's why I was grinning at your name tag when I first saw it, remember that? Probably not. But yeah I was grinning because my name is just as weird as yours. No offense, truly. I like your name, Zexion. But Zexion sort of sounds like Zex, Sex, Sexy, Zexy. And the immature part of me that sometimes overrules all my other sides, finds this funny and giggles. I'd apologize for my immature side, but I don't want too. I have to be responsible all the freaking time, so when the immature side of me is granted a moment to break free, I let it." I sighed in contentment, lifting my head a little.

"Why do I need to be responsible all the freaking time, you ask? Well I will tell you. Look, I know you didn't ask me that question, and I'm sorry if you're not interested. But it's better then listening to the beeping sound of the machinery informing us your heart is still beating, right?" Sitting up a little straighter, I nodded.

"Right. So here is my tale. I have two younger brothers, who aren't truly my brothers. I mean they are, and I consider them as such, but we aren't actually blood related. Our parents adopted us at a young age. I was the first one. We don't know who my birth parents are. I was about seven months old when someone found me in a basket, I know very clich?, in the middle of a supermarket. I was placed in the care of a foster family, who were then granted custody of me as nobody had put up a missing person's alert or anything. They abandoned me as nobody was looking for me. I don't really mind though, I mean sure it sucks, but my adoptive parents were amazing people." I smiled at the memory of them.

"Roxas was adopted second, and Sora third. Roxas' birth father had always been an unknown figure, and his mother died of cancer when he was five years old. Sora was adopted last, or actually he wasn't adopted, just in foster care by our parents. He was eleven when he joined our family. His parents didn't die. Much like Roxas we have no idea where his birth father is, and his mother is in jail for prostitution. She probably got out by now, but Sora got legally emancipated from his mother at the age of sixteen. Both Sora and Roxas are twenty years old, I'm twenty-five."

Taking a little break in my tale, I stood, turned the chair around and sat properly down on top of it. I hesitated for only a moment, but then shrugged and propped my feet onto the edge of his bed.

"I'm pretty sure you would glare at me for doing that, but you can't glare so we'll just pretend you are ok with my putting my feet up onto your bed." Looking up at the ceiling, I inhaled, then exhaled loudly before continuing my story.

"Roughly five years ago, our adoptive parents died in a car accident. They got hit by a drunk driver, on a bridge. The car just fell over the edge. They never made it out alive..." I murmured softly. I could talk about it now, but it still hurt.

"After a lot of fighting and paperwork and a lot of help from the Doc. The Doc is my boss, he gave me the job here in the hospital when our parents died. He was a friend of theirs. Anyway, I was granted custody of Sora and Roxas. They were fifteen at the time, I was twenty. That's where the responsibility kicks in. Taking care of a bunch of fifteen year olds while juggling a full time job to pay rent and food is really hard. I don't regret it, because I wouldn't give them up for any amount of gold in the world. But I did get kicked in the teeth a little when I realized how hard it was to be a parental figure." I frowned, worrying my bottom lip a little.

"I'm not proud of this, but I didn't have much of a choice. I was working day and night, while making sure they did their homework and had lunch during their school breaks. This one time I couldn't make rent, I just didn't make enough money to pay for everything. The car had broken down, and it was the start of a new school year for the boys. Which means books and school supplies. Those are an evil amount of expensive. About a year later, when the boys were sixteen, Roxas found out about my troubles and dropped out of high school without my noticing. It's not that I didn't pay attention because I didn't want to pay attention, it's because I was working too much that I didn't have time to pay attention. Sora followed suite, and they both obtained jobs. Once both their first pay checks came in, they came to me with huge grins on their faces. Revealing to me that they had dropped out of school, giving me the money without hesitation." Yeah, that had been the hardest decision I had ever had to make.

Hugging my arms around myself, I pressed my eyes closed.

"I could have told them to go back to school. I could have picked up a third shift. But I was so tired. I couldn't take more..I was breaking down. So...I let them drop out of high school. I just let them. I feel guilty about it all the time, but at the same time we live good lives. Not glorious, granted. But we are comfortable, and the constant smiles they wear on their funky faces always reassures me that they are fine. Of course they also remind me that they are grown ups now, and that they can make their own decisions, blah blah blah." I chuckled lightly.

Relaxing a little in my posture again, I planted my feet back down onto the ground.

"So yeah. I'm always responsible for something. That's why I let go and am immature from time to time when time allows me to be it. You understand right?" I pursed my lips at him, then nodded.

"You seem like the kind of person that would understand." Stretching a little, I jumped up onto my feet.

"Alright well. It's late, and I can almost go home now. It was nice talking to you Zexy. See you tomorrow probably, depends on wether or not Larx comes around."

Picking up the chair, I made my way to the open door. Turning around, I gave his still sleeping body a wave.

"Goodnight," I chirped, closing his door behind me before returning to my main spot in the hallway to sit out the last thirty minutes.

Changing back into my clothes, I drove back home, falling dead beat onto my bed once I got there.

Larxene stopped me from visiting Zexion late at night for another week. I still saw him every day as he was part of my day routine after all. I gave him hello's and goodbye's. I asked him how he was doing, I told him how I was doing. But nothing much more than that. It was alright though, Larxene kept my mind off serious things. We played cards, talked about random topics, not really very important, yet small things that got you to know the person in front of you a little better. Favorite colors, favorite food. Small fun stuff.

If I was worried as of late, it was because Roxas was sulkier each new morning. I still couldn't do anything about the funny looks the homeless at the train station gave him, since it was just looks.

Luckily Sora seemed to be the same as ever. The extra shift made me a little tired, but I managed to work through it.

What had me worried most of all was the fact that Zexion had nearly been two months in a coma already. People tended to give up a bit of hope after the third month. I wasn't sure though, I may work in a hospital and have basic knowledge here and there, but I certainly was an expert on that topic.

Still though, I worried. Which is why I kind of appreciated Larxene coming over and changing my mind. Tonight though, about a week after my last talk with Zexion, she had her third date with the guy, leaving me alone for my night shift. So like last time, I dragged a chair into his hospital room, sitting down on it and without hesitation, dropped my feet onto the edge of his bed.

"Hey Zexy. It's me again. I know I've been around every day, but I haven't had the time to come back and properly talk to you since that last time. Awww you missed me? Well I missed you too!" I swear, I didn't bonk my head anywhere.

Talking without receiving an answer can be really hard sometimes, it's appeasing to imagine the other one talking to you from time to time.

"Alright, so tonight I thought we'd talk about stuff a little less serious. I'd ask you your favorite color and food and music and such, but you can't tell me those. So I'll tell you mine. But only because you can't answer the questions yourself, not because I like to talk about myself and only myself." I stressed the last point out clearly.

I leaned the chair back so it balanced itself on it's back feet, narrowing my eyes on Zexion.

"Yes, I know it's dangerous. My balance is fine, thank you very much. Anyway. My favorite color is blue. I think it's why I like your eyes and hair so much, because they both have blue tints in them. Don't get me wrong though, if you had had green eyes and black hair I probably would still have been attracted to you. I already mentioned I find you gorgeous right? Yeah, I did. Well I really do think so. Oh my! Are you blushing? D'awwwww..."

The last 'word' had been so enthusiastic on my part, the chair I'd been balancing on it's back feet, slid out of it's unsteady hold, and I fell down onto my ass, very nearly banging my head onto the floor.

I blinked, then as I frowned, I stood back up and put the chair back in place, sitting down on it once more.

"You'd be laughing or stabbing me right now. Either way you'd probably say, 'I told you so'. I'm going to change the subject back now." Dropping my head back onto my shoulders, I closed my eyes peacefully.

"I know this is simple, but I love pizza. Spicy pizza. It's just the best. For some reason I can see you grimace at that. I don't know why, but I picture you to be the kind of guy that likes fancy food. Healthy food." I wrinkled my nose just slightly.

"I'm very open to music genres. I play music myself. Guitar mostly, but I manage to fiddle my way around other instruments when I set my mind to it. I do some vocals, but it's not my strongest point. You have to like music, if you don't, it'll put a strain on our imaginary relationship. We wouldn't want that, right?" Lifting the chair, I move it closer to his bedside, placing my chin onto the edge of the bed.

"This is hard Zexion... I know you aren't the talkative kind, but I really want you to talk back. I need to hear your voice..."

The worry I'd been carrying around lately came cracking to the surface, making my voice sound weak and my body tremble a little. Reaching out with hesitant fingers, I slipped my hand into his. I exhaled at the feeling, closing my eyes as I took strength from his unmoving fingers.

"I need you to wake up..." I whispered, laying my cheek back down onto the edge of the bed, my fingers still wrapped around his.

"Demyx?" I bolted upright, jumping of the chair to fling myself away from the bed.

Snapping my head to the side, I grimaced as I saw Larxene standing in the doorway.

She made her way into the room, standing beside me, and it made me nervous that I couldn't read the expression on her face. She looked hesitantly up at me, then pursed her lips at Zexion's sleeping form.

"That's him?" She asked softly. I breathed a little, nodding shakily.

"Yeah. I...I..." I winced as I stammered. Larxene's hand slipped into the one that was hanging slack beside my body.

"He's lucky to have someone like you caring about him," She said confidently. I smiled, a little pained.

"I don't know Larx. We never actually talked. The only thing we said to each other was hello and goodbye at the coffee shop. We saw each other every day for nearly a year, and every time I tried to speak to him, he'd react in a way that plainly told me he wasn't interested. Yet, here I am pouring my heart out to him while he's struggling against a coma." My voice wasn't much louder then a whisper.

I sat back down on the chair, and after a moment, Larxene surprised me by slipping her hands around my neck from behind, giving me a small hug.

"Talking to him won't hurt him Dem. His family doesn't disapprove of this, do they?" She asked gently. I shrugged.

"If he has family, they haven't shown up yet. Neither do I know if he has friends since they didn't show up either. If he has any that is. I'm actually the only one who enters this room for reasons other then medical,"I explained.

Larxene moved around me, sitting at the foot of the bed, making sure she didn't disturb Zexion while doing so.

"Well then it'll definitely not hurt him to hear you speak. And I wouldn't be to sure about him not liking you. I mean you guys don't know each other. You've never talked, so it's not like he has anything on you to dislike. Maybe he's shy? Socially awkward?" She suggested, eying Zexion a little to pin point what his 'problem' was.

I chuckled at the frown of concentration knitted between her eyebrows. "Probably both," I muttered. Larxene nodded in agreement.

"I don't know if your strong attachment to him is sane. But what I do know is that you wouldn't hurt a fly. Definitely not someone you care about." There was no question in her tone of voice, to her, this was fact. I smiled a little.

"Thanks Larx. Hey, why aren't you at your date?" I asked, suddenly wondering why she was here. Larxene shrugged.

"He was called in work last minute. So he cancelled. It's ok, he re-scheduled for next week," She explained. I nodded.

After a moment of silence, I jumped back up on my feet, dragging the chair and Larxene out of the room so we could play a couple of rounds of cards until my shift ended. As always, I wished Zexion a good night.

I threw my cellphone at the wall, I didn't pray for sunshine. And instead of leaving it up to the info channel to wake up my brothers, I burst into their room, shouting at them military style to get their asses out of bed in the most frustrated manner I could muster. It was effective as I'd probably scared the living shit out of them with that little act.

Fuming over the early hour and my overly tired body, I did not make toast, I broke the coffee maker and did not brush Sora's hair.

I grumpily swallowed down the cereal Roxas had dumped in front of me on the kitchen table in the most skittish way I'd ever seen him be. They ate their cereal in the living room, giving me space to be angry.

I was angry at the world, so basically, nothing in particular. Just pissed off at being tired, and letting everyone know about it. This happened to all three of us every so often. We just avoided each other until that pissed off person calmed back down. It didn't last very long with me.

After staring and blinking a little at our broken coffee maker, I grimaced, going in the living room and apologized to the boys. Who, with eyes glued to the screen, waved off the apology, saying it was fine. The smiles they gave me as we said goodbye to one another as we all went our own ways to get to work, told me it was indeed fine.

Groggily swallowing down my ten minute coffee break, coffee. I made my way back into the hospital, preparing my trolly for my second round. I smiled ever so slightly as I reached Zexion's door. Without knocking, I entered the room, closing the door behind me as I placed the trolly to the side and made my way over to his bed.

I blinked as something seemed off. Tilting my head to the side, I frowned at the position he was lying in. It wasn't much of a difference, but after having stared at him for the past two months, I could detect the slightest thing different. I shrugged.

The nurses came in every day to move his arms and legs, so his muscles wouldn't lock in place while in slumber. This was my explanation to the change in his position on the bed.

Until I reached up to change his nutrition bag, only to find none there to change.

Eyes widening, I dropped my gaze back at him on the bed. I probably stared for a good five minutes, before I shook myself out of it.

"No, that is just your wishful brain thinking. Probably just a change in nutrition's or something," I muttered, reaching out so I could tuck the blanket more securely around him.

Eyes nearly falling out of my skull, and my soul practically leaving my body. I yelped, flinging myself backwards as his hand moved to grab my wrist.

"Zexion!" I shouted.

I didn't elaborate because apparently my brain didn't allow it. I blinked a couple of times, before sagging down to the floor. Said boy shuffled awkwardly around on the bed, trying to turn around so he could see what all the fuss was about. With great effort and a deep sigh, he was lying flat on his back again, his head tilted to the side, his deep blue eyes locked on me.

"I'm thirsty," He croaked out.

I gaped at him, and he just stared expectantly back at me while he patiently let me recollect myself. Shaking myself out of my dumbfounded state, I carefully got back up onto my feet. My mouth still slightly parted in shock as I walked over to the trolly to prepare him a glass of water.

Mouth now since closed, I turned around, wide eyed as I made my way over to his bed. I handed him the glass, but he winced as he tried to lift his arms. I rushed to his side in reflex, placing an arm around his shoulder to help him up. It wasn't unnatural for him to have issues moving a little.

It's like having to sit for twelve hours straight in a car, and then once you can finally move, you want to cry because your butt is coming to live again. Or when you've been sitting in the same position for too long and it feels like a million ants are crawling underneath your skin when you move again. Just that in his case, it had been two months of barely any movement. So it wasn't surprising he was having issues.

Gulping a little, I checked to see if he was alright with my reflex. He didn't seem overly bothered, and shakily closed a hand around the glass I was offering him. I didn't let go, just helped him tip the glass back so he could drink it's content. Once he was done, I carefully lay him back down again.

I just stared at him, and he stared back at me. He seemed to get uncomfortable under my gaze after a moment, so I blushed, feeling ridiculous as I ducked my head down, breaking our eye lock. I heard him clear his throat a little, before he croaked out a small 'Thank you'. I hesitantly lifted my eyes back up, giving him a small smile.

"It's my job," I murmured.

He clutched the blanket a little, giving me a funny look I couldn't explain what it meant.

"Yes. I know that. When I said thank you, I had hoped that this would suffice for you to take the hint and leave. Ironic, considering the last two months, but I am tired. And if you know you're job, small talk isn't included in the job description. So...goodbye." I'd swallowed and wanted to keep my heart from breaking at his words.

"You didn't hear anything I said while you were asleep, did you?" I asked softly, not wanting to leave until I had that confirmation. He unclipped his hair in the back, letting the blue, silver tinted lock fall back in front of his eye.

"I have no idea what you are talking about. Again. Goodbye." He clipped out, turning around a little as he blocked me out by placing a pillow over his head.

I stared at him for a moment, feeling utterly pained, shocked, horrid, broken all at once. Bitting my lower lip painfully, to keep me from screaming out in frustration, I turned on my heel, grabbing a steady hold of my trolly and made my way out of his bedroom. Once the door was securely closed, and I found a closet with medical supplies to hide myself in for utter privacy a little further down the hall, I broke down.

It wasn't his fault, truly. He had no idea what I felt for him as he hadn't heard me talking to him. He'd obviously never felt anything for me before the coma, and that is his right.

But I couldn't do this to myself anymore. I couldn't keep seeing him regularly. It was hurting me. I was placing hope in a person that didn't hope back.

So I stopped going to the coffee house and bought my coffee in the hospital's cafeteria instead. I told Namine vaguely what had happened, she'd understood without pressing the matter, and assigned a nurse to Zexion's needs in order for me to avoid his room entirely. He still had to stay in the hospital for a week or two, to recover I guessed.

Although I passed his room daily, I didn't feel the need to go inside anymore.

Walking by it made me cringe internally already, so I couldn't imagine what it would be like to actually take care of him. I did catch a glimpse of him in the cafeteria a couple of times, and in physical therapy to get him back up on his feet again.

Namine had told me, after I'd subtly questioned her, that he had lack of memory when it came to the accident itself, but otherwise his memories were intact. That was good, often coma patients suffered some memory loss from the head bonk they got in whatever way the ended up in the coma.

I picked up my routine as I always did, just erasing Zexion out of it this time around. I was starting to feel better about the whole deal about a month later. Since, Zexion had long gone out of the hospital. I'd heard from Kairi that he was working at the coffee shop again, but I still didn't go back.

Larxene still came over to play cards with me on my night shifts, and she'd listened patiently at my rambling over Zexion's loss that wasn't really a loss on his part, while I slowly got over him.

She'd tried setting me up on a date, and out of politeness I'd agreed to go. Saix was this guy's name, a friend of Larx's. Both him and me had realized after ten minutes on the date that we were definitely not compatible.

We'd had fun, talked a bit here and there. He'd brought me back to his place, there had been some kissing, some foreplay, and a good fuck. But we'd both agreed silently beforehand that it wasn't going to be more than that.

We'd said goodnight, I'd gone back home and that was that. He hadn't called me since, and I hadn't called him either. I wasn't ready for a relationship anyway.

Which Sora and Roxas pointed out, was ridiculous since I hadn't ever been with this guy. So there was no break up to sulk over. Yet I treated it that way...

I'd finally told the boys about Zexion. I'd squawked when they told me they already knew I'd been having a crush. After some mean persuasion, which probably involved black mail, Kairi and Namine had spit it all out to them.

Telling them exactly who he was, where he was, and why I liked him. This had been done behind my back, way before Zexion had actually been in a coma.

They'd known about the coma as well, but they hadn't said anything, knowing that if I didn't say anything, I had my reasons. So they let me come to them, and when I did, they told me they already knew. They tried showing me it wasn't such a big deal, that everything was fine. Probably to try and make things easier on me, but I could tell they understood what I was feeling, and what I was going through.

Roxas had been ready to give Zexion a good bashing when I'd told them about our last talk, when he'd finally woken up. But then Sora had pointed out to the blond that Zexion wasn't exactly to blame. And that unless I actually told the guy what I felt for him and he were to blow me off in a mean fashion after that, Roxas wasn't in the right position, neither did he have reasons, to actually give Zexion a spanking for being so rude.

And since all that was true, since I couldn't blame Zexion for reacting the way he did. And since I wasn't really allowed to be sulking the way I did, I just tried to move on slowly, continue my work and taking care of the boys like I always did.

Eight in the evening, on a Monday. I was sitting in the cafeteria, eating my dinner as I waited for time to pass until I could do my night shift. Sora had called me, excited because he'd found an abandoned looking house.

Having Sora on the phone while he talked random shit wasn't that uncommon. I listened absently as he described the place to me. Apparently he'd found it by trying to take a short cut in town so he could avoid the rain as much as possible.

Unfortunately for him, instead he got lost. which is how he had found the house. Once he'd found his way again, he had called me. Sora didn't really enjoy the dark, and by now it was. If he hadn't gotten lost he wouldn't have been walking in the dark. But since this wasn't so, he'd called me to keep him company on the phone the time needed for him to get home.

"I swear Dem! The house gave me the shivers. It isn't broken or anything, actually it looks to be in good state. But there's just something eerie about the place..."

I rolled my eyes as I heard him shiver, probably at the memory of the house.

"Why are you talking to me about a house that scares you, while you are walking in the dark? I thought you called me to speak happy things so it would distract you from the dark walk back home." I twirled some pasta around my fork, shoving it in my mouth as I listened to the brunette reply.

"You said the word dark two times in one sentence. That's not nice Demyx, you know I don't like that word. Anyway, I don't know why I feel the need to talk about that house. It just looked really awesome and creepy at the same time. Oh hey! I'm in our street."

His voice had gotten a ton more happier as he'd announced his location. He started chatting about his day, telling me about the nicest and most annoying people he had to deliver pizza at.

As I listened only with one ear, I shoved the plate a little away from me, not hungry anymore. A carton cup of coffee was pushed onto the table before me, and I blinked in utter bewilderment as Zexion sat down opposite of me.

"Demyx? Dem? Are you listening?"

I frowned at the phone. "Ehm, Sorry Sora, I have to go. You'll be alright?" My eyes never left Zexion as Sora said it was fine, that he was in the house anyway. I hung up, putting the cellphone back in my pocket. Crossing my arms over my chest, I leaned back in my chair, and continued to stare at the boy sitting in front of me. I had no idea if I was happy to see him or not. I had no idea what he wanted. So I asked.

"What do you want?" I didn't bother keep the venom out of my voice.

It couldn't be helped anyway. He winced a little at my tone, his shoulder tensing a little as he nervously brushed the lock of hair out of his face. I blinked at the action, as by revealing both his eyes, he seemed to tell me he was being open.

I waited patiently for him to say something. Not because I owed him being polite, just because he seemed to be having a lot of trouble getting the words out of his mouth.

"I wanted to apologize for my behavior the other day." I lifted an eyebrow at him in surprise, and he shook his head quickly, hastily correcting himself.

"I mean, I want to apologize for my behavior in general. I...I didn't mean to be so rude. It...It's kind of a reflex..." He muttered.

I didn't move, I just stayed where I was.

"That's not really an excuse," I told him. Zexion winced again, nodding weakly.

"I know. And I'm trying not to use it as an excuse. I...Can I ask you something?"

I was startled a little at the request, at the entire situation actually. But I smoothed the surprise of my face quickly.

I shrugged at him, silently telling him to go for it. He bit onto his lower lip, and a small blush crept onto his cheeks. The butterflies in my belly tried to fight their way up at the sight, making me want to kiss that worried bottom lip, and trace that pinkness in his cheeks with my fingertips. Ah...Damn you Zexion. I'm supposed to be over you.

He cleared his throat a little, shyly bringing his eyes back to mine.

"I know my previous behavior was, horrid. I'm...I'm a bit awkward, socially. I don't know how to deal with people. When a customer tries to make small talk to me, I sort of freeze up. I really don't do it on purpose..."

I'd never seen the guy this animated. He was barely breathing in between his words as he'd blurted out his explanation. Sighing, he continued.

"There are many reasons as to why I reacted the way I did all those times you tried to communicate with me. I would tell them now, but I think that's more of a third date sort of thing. Right?" He asked this, not a rhetorical question. I frowned at him, still not moving on my chair.

"Zexion, I don't think I understand what you are asking me," I told him honestly.

His eyebrows knitted a little, before he rubbed his face into his palms a little. The blush more prominent once his face was exposed to me again. I wanted to tell him he could ask me anything. But I'd gotten trampled enough by this guy, without him really trying.

Letting him recollect himself, I reached for the coffee and took a sip as I waited for him to clarify. He inhaled deeply, before fixing his eyes on mine with determination.

"Will you go out with me?"

My eye probably twitched as half of the coffee in my mouth fell back out. And then to add on top of the weirdness, my sputtering out the coffee had made Zexion smile.

He had smiled.

Pushing the coffee away, I stared at him, my lips parted a little in utter shock.

"You're asking me out? You really don't make sense to me. Seriously not," I confided. The smile slipped off his lips, and it made me a little sad. He fiddled a little with his sweater sleeves.

"Well. If I read things correctly, apparently on the third date we can start revealing things about one another to each other. So if you agree to going out with me..." He trailed off. I blinked.

"On a first, second and third date?" I clarified. He nodded.

"Yes. I...I would really like that. I want...I want you to get to know me. I...I want you to like me.' He whispered, his head ducking down.

Eyes cast away from me. I leaned forward, placing my chin on my hands that were settled on top of the table.

Head low, I moved a little so I could look at him from this angle. He seemed startled at my sudden appearance, but didn't shy away either.

"You know...I shouldn't go out with you. You probably didn't realize most of what I feel, but I still end up hurting. I'm hurting bad Zexion..." I muttered. His eyes squeezed shut, and his mouth turned into a pained thin line.

"I know I don't really deserve a second chance. But...please?"

His voice was so fragile, it made me want to hug him close. I pursed my lips, then grinned up at him, startling him again.

"Actually. This would be the third chance I'd give you. You blew me off twice already. But they say third times a charm, and who am I to question this, right?"

My grin turned into a gentle smile as he seemed to be mulling over my words.

"So...You are agreeing to my proposition?" I grinned at his formal use of words. I nodded, sitting back up properly in my chair.

"Yes, I agree to your proposition. You may take me out on a first, second and third date," I confirmed.

He nearly smiled, but then didn't as he looked confused.

"Only those three dates? Or am I allowed to ask you on more if it turns out you do like me?"

Oh mi gosh, this guy really does have issues. He's so sweet...

"If by the third date you want to ask me out again, then of course you can. You can ask me on as many dates as you like," I assured. Now he did smile, making my heart melt just a little.

I blinked as he suddenly popped out of the chair, nodding down at me.

"I didn't make any plans yet, because I wasn't sure wether or not you'd agree. Could you please come over tomorrow on your ten minute break for coffee? I can give you the details then."

I grinned at the lack of romance in his way of describing, then nodded his way. He nodded back, then turned around to leave, but then last minute turned again to face me.

"Demyx? Could you please return to your routine of coming daily to the coffee house? I know I didn't show this before, but I really liked it when you came by. I...I missed seeing you around..."

He seemed uncertain and hesitant, yet genuine and honest at the same time. I tilted my head at him, giving him a small smile.

"I will. The coffee is certainly better there than it is here. I missed seeing you around as well," I answered truthfully.

He blinked, then blushed before giving me a small wave as he turned again to leave for real this time around.

The next day, I was happy when my cellphone rang to inform me I had to get up. I didn't wake my brothers brutally, but made them french toast and brought it up to them in their beds. The looks on their faces were priceless.

I sang along with the radio as I was stuck in traffic and the green of my uniform didn't look that awful anymore. I was more bright and jolly then usual in wishing all the patients good morning. And I was excited, practically bouncing on spot as my ten minute coffee break was coming up.

When it finally did arrive, I practically skipped across the road to get to the coffee shop. I think I almost got hit by a car, but it didn't actually happen, so we can just skip that part.

I smiled as the little bell rang when I opened the front entrance to the coffee shop, and as I always did before, I stood behind the queue, waiting for my turn patiently. Once there was only two people before me, I finally could see Zexion working behind the counter.

I smiled at him over the shoulder of the person standing before me, and his eyes widened a little in return over the shoulder of the customer he was helping. My smile only widened when a blush crept unto his cheeks and he broke eye contact with me to continue doing his job.

He seemed a little skittish as he served the customer separating us. Nervous in his movements and his voice was a bit shaky. Once it was my turn, I stepped up to the counter, tilting my head as I smiled at him.

"Hi! What can I get you?" He blurted out. I blinked, my mouth opening a little in confusion.

"Umm, Zexion?" I asked hesitantly.

He fiddled with his arm sleeves again, before popping his head up again and repeating what he had blurted out earlier.

"What can I get you?" I arched an eyebrow his way, waiting for him to explain.

There was probably ten seconds of silence, while I stared at him in bemusement and he stared back at me nervously. After a moment, he inhaled deeply, and exhaled just as steadily before lifting a finger, asking me for a moment. Not understand at all what was going on, I simply shrugged, giving him the moment he apparently needed.

Once he seemed steady again, he lifted his eyes back to me and I frowned at the pleading I could read in there.

"What can I get you?"

He repeated in a whisper this time. Pursing my lips, I frowned still, but went with what he asked me.

"A coffee to go, please," I returned.

Although it didn't show much, I could see he was grateful for me to go along with it. I waited for him to prepare my coffee, and when he handed me the carton cup, he placed a piece of paper on top of it. Eying it curiously, I silently asked him what this was about. He tapped the piece of paper and mouthed 'Read.'

"Have a good day," He said, loudly enough for the person behind me to hear.

I eyed him strangely, but nodded his way and then slowly and borderline dumbfounded walked out of the coffee shop.

Back at the hospital, I went straight into the locker room to sit down on one of the benches. Drinking a little of my coffee I sat it down beside me and opened the piece of paper Zexion had given me.

'Hi Demyx.

I'm really sorry about what just happened. I had hoped it wouldn't. But I still have issues with public display's. It took me nearly four hours to get enough courage to come talk to you last night. I hope this part of my personality does not make you dislike me. I do not do it on purpose.

I wanted to try and give you the date information while I prepared your coffee, like any person would. But if I gave you this note, it means I got scared and could not go through with it. So in hope that my strange behavior did not scare you off, I wrote the date information on this piece of paper for you.

I asked the girl at the reception desk at the hospital when you had your day off, and she told me you do not really have any. But she did explain to me how your night shifts work.

Since you agreed to going on a date with me, I will be coming by after your day shift has ended. Please don't eat at the cafeteria, because later today I'll be making you dinner that I'll bring with me when I come see you. It is not very romantic, but I hope a picnic in the hospital's third floor hallway will be accommodating for you. We will be able to make conversation and learn more about one another. You will also be able to tell me when there is a right time for me to take you out on a proper date. I also think you work to much.

I'm sorry for getting scared. I really have good reasons as to why I am like this. I will explain to you this evening, if you still want to go on a date with me.


PS: If I do not show up between seven and seven-thirty at the hospital, could you please go to the coffee house and get me? I might be frozen on spot with a picnic basket in my hands, trying to convince myself that I shouldn't be scared of dating. Thank you.

The grin on my face could have split my face in half.

At seven I was back in my jeans and sweater, locking my locker before making my way through the hospital to wait at the front entrance.

I called Larxene, telling her she couldn't come by tonight since I had myself a date with Zexion. She didn't seem surprised, which surprised me. But I was to excited to really pay attention to that. She wished me luck before hanging up.

As the minutes ticked by, I started to smile. When seven-thirty arrived and he still wasn't here, I chuckled softly before sprinting across the street to the coffee house.

The coffee house was still open, but Zexion wasn't the one working behind the counter anymore. I asked the Barista behind the counter where I could find Zexion. The girl smiled knowingly, telling me to go to the back of the store. Making my way behind the counter, through the door that read 'private', I ended up in a small kitchen.

Zexion was standing with his back to me, his shoulder tense as he was muttering to himself. Making my way over, I gently placed a hand on his shoulder, which made him yelp in surprise, spinning around to face me with wide eyes.

"Hi," I said, smiling brilliantly his way.

The surprise and slight fear on his face slipped away once he realized it was me. His shoulders became more relaxed, and he gave me a small smile.

"You came..." He whispered.

Taking the basket out of his hands, I offered him my arm. He eyed it scarily, but after a couple of nudges on my part, he hesitantly slipped his arm into my own.

"Of course I did. You explained things to me. So long you explain things to me, I can be a very understanding person," I returned softly. He gulped a little, eying our entertwinned arms strangely still. I frowned a little.

"Does this make you uncomfortable?" I asked. He looked up at me, shaking his head.

"It isn't you that makes me uncomfortable. It's how people will stare at us that makes me uncomfortable. I'm not very good at being the center of attention," He confided. I pursed my lips at him.

"You can just ignore them," I suggested. He frowned, shaking his head a little again.

"I don't know how." Smiling, I gently took a hold of his hand.

"I'll help you. Just concentrate on my hand and what I am talking about, alright? Only those two things. Forget the rest around you," I instructed, tugging him along with me as I made my way back to the door that read 'private'. He looked nervous, but nodded after a little while.

"Are you uncomfortable with the attention because we are both guys? Or is it just in a general sense?" I asked.

I wanted to make sure he wasn't a closet case. I could work with it, but I wouldn't be to happy about it. He looked startled at my question, but then thought it over seriously in his head, not noticing entirely that we had made our way behind the counters of the coffee house.

"Oh, it isn't our sexual orientation that bothers me. I just don't like attention in the slightest in general."

I tugged him along with me on the side of the counter where the customers where. I felt his fingers tense in mine a little, and I squeezed gently, pulling him closer so he was standing against my side. I kept walking, placing an arm over his shoulder as I made my way through the store with him.

"That's good to know. I don't always get why some people are so against to showing the love they have for someone else. To each their own, I say. Thank you for the note, it made my day," I whispered the last as I tilted my head a little to look down at him.

He bit onto his bottom lip, a blush on his cheeks as he delighted me in plastering himself more firmly against my side to hide his face.

As we crossed the road, I asked him what his favorite color was when he encircled my waist with one of his arms. His favorite color was blue. He was happy to hear that blue was my favorite color as well when I opened the front entrance to the hospital.

His body relaxed against my side as we walked through the hospital to reach the stairs while I asked him if he'd had a good day. He said it was the best he'd had since a while, considering I was coming back to the coffee house for my ten minute breaks. He blushed again when that had made me beam down at him.

As we walked up the stairs, he seemed more free. He wasn't against my side anymore, but he never let go of my hand, and his thumb was tracing a circling gesture on the center of my palm. I don't think he was really aware. I was asking him about his favorite movie, and he told me that there were to many to choose from.

Once we reached the third floor, we let go of each other's hands to sit down on the two chairs behind the small table I used practically every night with Larxene. It was placed at the beginning of the third floor hallway, but all the patients were asleep and visiting hours were long over. We had the third floor to ourselves. Or at least the hallway. This seemed to do miracles to Zexion's nervous system.

He unloaded the basket, placing a plate in front of me and himself. He brought out a pan with a cover, and when he released the cover, I drooled at the sight.

"It isn't very complicated to make, but I wasn't sure what you would like," He said softly. I smiled at him, and let him plop some food onto my plate.

"I love Pasta Carbonara," I assured him.

We ate in silence for a bit. Before he gave me a shy smile, ignoring his plate entirely.

"Thank you for earlier. I never actually did that. Walk across a street with someone. It might sound a bit silly, but I liked it a lot," He said softly.

I tilted my head, ignoring my own plate as I put my attention on him.

"Zexion? Will you tell me why you have such problems with public display's?" I asked. He drank some of his coke nervously before giving me a quick nod.

"My mother and her sisters have this disorder called obsessive compulsive disorder. They needed to clean everything, all the time. My aunts never tried to fight it, they just accepted it and they ended up living with each other in a house that is very secluded. Their disorders are so heavy, that even other people are dirty to them. Even if this person is the cleanest person you'll ever meet. My mother on the other hand did try to fight it. She met my father, married him and while she was pregnant of me my father got promoted. He travelled a lot because of this promotion and since my mother was pregnant, she moved in with her sisters for a while, so they could help her through her pregnancy. My mother's previous efforts on toning down her disorder were thrown out of the window. When I was born, my father obviously wanted my mother to move back into our house. But my mother refused, claiming she couldn't live in the city anymore. The air wasn't clean enough to breathe is what she said." Zexion sighed at that, looking utterly confused at his mother's way of thinking.

I grinned a little, which had him shrugging with an amused look on his face.

"Anyway. It put a strain on their relationship, obviously. I'll just skip the details, since their really not that interesting. My parents ended up divorcing. And after a lot of fighting on my mother and aunts part, my mother got soul custody of me. So I lived with my mother and aunts in their secluded little house outside of the city, and outside of a town entirely. I lived with their OCD every single day. I don't have it myself, but I learned to live in a way that was acceptable to them. I was home schooled. I didn't play with other children. I never made any friends.' I stayed silent at this. I couldn't imagine living the life he had had.

His eyebrows knitted in concentration, he stared down at the left over pasta in his plate.

"'See. The pasta sitting there not being eaten would have bothered my mother and aunts very much. A couple of years ago I would have made sure to clean it up in the next seconds that would have followed. I don't anymore. I'm learning to just live like anyone else with help from therapy. They say I'm doing pretty good, considering I live in a large city and the only issue I have no is too much attention from people around me."'

Hesitating just a bit, I reached over the table to take one of his hands. He smiled a little at the gesture, grabbing onto my own hand firmly.

"'There was a leak in the shower piping. They had to call a plumber to get it fixed. It was rare someone from outside our little family entered the house. I was sixteen at the time. The plumber was twenty years old, and well he was kind of hot. Nothing really happened. I just wasn't very subtle with my staring at the man. My mother and aunts didn't only have OCD, they are also homophobic." I tightened my hold on his hands. He sighed, shrugging a little.

"I left about a week afterwards. They made it clear they didn't want me there anymore. So I packed my bags and held onto the piece of paper my mother had given me. It contained the address of my father. I had never been this scared in my life. I was going to see my father after all those years, and I had to travel straight across the country to get to him. I had over twenty panic attacks in the train ride."

He laughed now, I didn't find it all that funny actually. That had probably been very hard on him. I felt so angry towards his mother.

"My father. I don't know how the judge could let my mother have soul custody over me. He's an amazing person. When I got there, he was very surprised to see me. He didn't even know who I was at first until I told him. He hugged me, which was kind of weird for me at first, since my mother never hugged me. Neither did my aunts for that matter. I told him I was gay, and that I had severe issues because of the way my mother and aunts lived. He didn't care about all of that. He was just glad I was home again."

The smile he had on his face was so different from the one's he'd shown me before. This one was a special smile for the man who is his father.

Zexion looked up at me, holding onto my hand still.

"I moved in with him. He tried putting me in public school right away, but that had been a bit too hard. So instead he got me different people for teachers in every category. That way I could slowly become accustomed to seeing different people every day, a couple of times in a day. He got me into therapy. They had me do small exercises to get back to normal. Like, buying groceries by myself in town. Or simply taking a walk in the park. I ended up never going to public school. But that was ok, or so therapist said. It went on like that until I was twenty-two and I was comfortable doing all these things. That is when they suggested I move out by myself in town. My father was a bit reluctant at first. I think he wanted to keep me with him forever. But he helped me find an apartment. I found a small job in gardening. So people depended on me for doing a job, but it wasn't necessary for me to speak with people yet. Two years later, once I was comfortable with that, the therapist suggested I try the city. That is how I ended up living in my apartment above the coffee house, with the job at the counter in the coffee house. Now I'm obliged to speak to people, because people in the city always talk. I manage the job behind the counter pretty well. I say what needs to be said. But I still am sort of scared when people try to make small talk. As you've noticed.'

Silence hung heavy in the air for a while as I stared at him with my lips parted and a small frown engraved between my eyebrows.

"How old are you?" I asked, not knowing how to reply to his story at all.

He chuckled a little at my question, surprising me with it. I smiled once the surprise drowned out.

"Twenty-five," He answered.

"I'm twenty-five as well," I offered.

"You don't mind?" He asked. I knew what he meant. He was asking if I found him strange. I shook my head.

"No, I don't. I'm glad you told me, it makes things a lot more clear," I whispered.

"When do you have some time off, so I can take you out on a proper date?" He asked, our whispers creating this intimate atmosphere.

Leaning over the table a little, I closed a little bit of distance between us. But not enough to make him notice or be uncomfortable.

"I know I work too much, but I don't exactly have much of a choice. I could ask for a night off though?" He seemed excited by my suggestion, nodding happily my way. Then he frowned.

"I'm not sure I can make a romantic date though. I've never done this before," He admitted shyly. I chuckled, shrugging.

"It's fine, Zexy. I loved this date, although it wasn't set in a traditional setting. I don't really care what we do or where we are. I'm happy when you're just here." He blushed at my words, nodding to let me know he felt the same.

"Maybe I can come by tomorrow night? I can make dinner again." I nodded energetically his way, more then happy if he came by every single night if he felt like it.

Both agreeing on him coming by the next evening, I walked him back down the hospital to the front entrance. We waved simply at each other, before he walked back to the other side of the road to get back to his apartment.

So, this was yet another new routine that settled in place. I woke up, talked to my brother, went to work, had my coffee break where Zexion and we said hi to each other, and if he felt courageous, he'd ask me how I was doing. I'd get back to work, and when seven hit the clock, I walked across the street to go get him. He'd plaster himself to my side, we'd go back to the hospital. We'd eat whatever he would prepare at the table on the third floor of the hospital. We'd talk a bit about random nothings. Getting to know each other slowly. He'd usually leave around ten. And usually Larxene would pop over afterwards to play a round of cards.

We held hands, but never kissed. I wanted to hug him, but I was afraid to scare him. I wanted to do a lot more then hug him, but if I was afraid he'd get afraid at a hug, I was certainly not going to allow myself to think further then a hug. It was getting on my nerves a little though.

I got my night off two weeks later. We were currently sitting in my car, driving back to Traverse Town. I peeked to the side, seeing Zexion sit nervously on the passenger seat.

"What if they don't like me?" He asked. I grinned.

"You'll be fine. They're good boys," I assured. Zexion didn't seem so sure though.

"They have no issue with you being gay?" He asked. I snorted.

"They are just as gay as I am, so that is a no." I was about to tell him that I wasn't actually blood related to the little terrors, but Zexion changed the subject before I could.

"How long since you've last played guitar?" I was going to bring him to the bar I played at. I'd been unsure of bringing him there, but he seemed to be determined to listen to me play.

I shrugged in response.

"A little while. And here we are..." I trailed off, parking the car on the small drive way in front of my house.

"It's cute," He commented, not moving out of the passenger seat. I laughed softly.

"Sure it is. Come on."

I walked around the car to open his door, tugging him to my side. He was no longer uncomfortable in my presence. And every time it seemed to go a little better when we crossed the street from the coffee house to the hospital hand in hand. Even if he believed people would stare.

Opening the door to the house, I pulled Zexion inside with me, chucking off my shoes and he followed suite.

"Guys?" I yelled, as they weren't sitting on the couch watching television like they usually were. Zexion fiddled with his sweater sleeves a little as he nervously looked around the living area. I smiled gently his way, guiding him to the couch.

"You can get comfortable. I'll get you some coke, ok?' He nodded, but didn't relax.

Grinning a little as I shook my head at him, I made my way into the kitchen to go prepare him that class of coke. I heard two people come down the stairs, and I was a little afraid of leaving Zexion alone with them after all. But I did want to see what they were up too without interrupting.

Glass in hand, I shuffled my way to the door, leaning close so I could hear what was going on on the other side of the door.

"Hi! I'm Sora and this is Roxas," The brunette announced cheerily. After a moment I could hear Zexion stammer out a reply.

"Zexion," He answered in a whisper.

"Mind if we share the couch and watch some television?" Roxas asked.

"B-by all means..." Zexion managed to bite out.

Two plops and they were probably sitting on either side of my..my boyfriend? I guess so. I liked to think so.

Opening the door, I went back into the living area, handing Zexion the glass of coke.

"Hi," I told my brothers, who both just scowled my way as I'd interrupted their precious attention on the screen displaying a reality tv show that was all about surviving in the wild.

"Ooohkay...Zex, you want to start dinner with me?" He nodded furiously, practically jumping off the couch as he followed me back to the kitchen.

"It was nice meeting you Zexion!" Sora shouted after him. Said boy stopped in his tracks, blinking a little.

"Thank you. It was nice meeting you as well," He replied, smiling a little. I chuckled as I pulled him along with me. Closing the door behind me, I rolled my eyes at him.

"See. I told you they wouldn't eat you. They know I can take care of myself, they don't grill my boyfriends. If it was considered polite, which it isn't, they probably would have just sat down next to you on the couch without saying anything. And just pretend you are either part of the furniture or that it is completely normal and constant that you are sitting on the couch with them. But as it isn't, they had the decency to actually introduce themselves to you," I babbled, getting the stuff I needed to make home made pizza. Sora was going to kill me for making pizza.

Zexion sat down around the kitchen table, smiling a little my way.

"I like them," He said.

And although the words were simple, I knew he meant them deeply. I tossed a grin over my shoulder before bringing my attention back to the tomato sauce I was squirting on top of the pizza dough. Both gotten out of the grocery store. I didn't have time to make everything home made.

"I'm your boyfriend?" I heard him whisper in question.

Putting down the spoon I was using the back of to spread the tomato sauce, I turned around to face him.

"I hope you are," I answered honestly. He didn't blush, or look uncomfortable, he looked confident.

"Then I am," He replied firmly. I smirked his way, and that did earn me a blush in return.

Dinner had been uneventful.

'Guys! Pizza!' I shouted, sitting down beside Zexion around the kitchen table. Placing a piece of pizza in the four plates placed on the table, I waited before eating until the blond and brunette had seated themselves roughly in their chairs.

'Man, that was disgusting! The guy actually had to eat worms to get to the next chapter..' Roxas muttered, eying his pizza warily.

'Pizza? Do you not like me?' Sora scowled my way, biting with a growl into his pizza because he was always hungry anyway.

'You work as pizza delivery boy, right?' Zexion asked, tentatively trying to make conversation.

I had told the boys about Zexion's story. I knew it wasn't my story to tell, but I told them practically everything. And I believed it necessary for them to realize what they were 'dealing' with. I didn't remember telling Zexion about Sora working as a pizza delivery boy though...

Sora smiled Zexion's way, nodding as he munched on his food.

'That's right. It's a bit uneventful, but there's the occasional crazy client that makes my day, so it's an ok job.' Sora elaborated. Roxas nodded absently.

'You work for a cleaning company?' Zexion tried again, being social was hard and I was a little proud that he was really trying with my family. Even if the topic wasn't the most interesting of all.

'Yeah. I'm not supposed to be seen by my clients, so no crazy people making my day. It's not an ok job, because I scrub freaking toilets. But it pays the rent, so I guess that does make it ok.' Roxas muttered, still absent in conversation as food had his undivided attention. Sora hummed a little, eying Zexion.

'You work in the coffee house across the hospital right? I worked there before you. So..you and Demyx. You've known each other, what..A year now?' The brunette asked.

Zexion nodded shyly as he cut a piece of his pizza with his knife and fork. He didn't have OCD like his mother had, but having lived with them secludedly, did make it impossible for him to eat food with his fingers. Even pizza.

Dinner had been uneventful.

'So. You guys have been finally talking to each other for a couple of weeks now right?' Sora pressed.

Zexion nodded again. I smiled, shrugging happily as I myself cut a piece of pizza. I ate it with my hands normally, but I just felt it was nice to eat the same way as Zexion, so he wouldn't feel different from the other two.

'You guys sleep together yet?' Roxas asked. Zexion chocked on his food.

'Who tops and who bottoms?' Sora asked cheerily. While I sputtered indignantly at the question making both boys burst out laughing.

After having played a little with the guys in the bar, I'd driven Zexion back to Hollow Bastion. It wasn't cold outside, and the sky was clear. He'd asked me if I wanted to walk with him in the park behind the hospital. He'd taken my hand without having to initiate the act myself. And he didn't shrink away in fear when another couple walked by, wishing us a good night.

Walking him back home to his apartment above the coffee shop, I walked up the stairs with him. So now we were standing face to face at the entrance of his apartment. Awkward silence hanging in the air as we stared at one another. I was about to open my mouth, ask him if he would be comfortable with me kissing him, but he cut me to it.

"Why won't you kiss me?" He asked, looking genuinely confused. I blinked, not knowing what to say instantly.

"I... I wasn't sure if you would be comfortable with it. I'm trying to not scare you. I thought I'd wait for you to ask me..." I murmured. He gave me a curious look, shaking his head in bewilderment.

"I told you I had issues with starting things up. It took me almost a year to finally show you I am interested in you. If it weren't for my hormones, It probably would have taken another year before I would have had the guts to ask you to kiss me. I thought that was obvious though?" I chuckled at the confusion in his last question.

Thinking a reply with words wasn't really necessary, I took a step forward, making his breathing hitch at the lack of space between our bodies. A bit shy myself, I shakily circled my arms around his waist, tugging him gently against me. His palms were placed flat against my chest on top of my shirt, his eyes fixed on my nose. He was a little shorter then I was, but not by much. Pushing my arms up his sides, I pushed his own arms upwards, guiding his hands around my neck.

I felt his fingertips tremble a little at the sensitive skin below the edge of the back of my shirt. Leaning my head down, I nudged his forehead with my nose gently, asking him silently for his attention. After a moment, he tilted his chin up, gazing back at my eyes directly this time around. Smiling a little, I licked my lips in nervous reflex.

"I'm going to kiss you now, Zexion..." I whispered.

His eyes fluttered closed as he nodded just a little bit. Licking my lips again, I let my own eyes close, and then I inched forward, pressing my lips softly against his.

He whimpered at the connection, the last tensions in his body drowning away entirely as he melted against me. I sighed deeply in delight as I started to brush my lips back and forth over his own, teasing just a little. Capturing his bottom lip between my own, I sucked lightly on it as I tightened my hold around his waist, pulling him more firmly against me as I let go of his bottom lip to deepen the kiss.

I smiled as I heard him moan, his lips parting a little against mine. I gently prodded the tip of my tongue against his parted mouth, and he opened just a little more, silently telling me that it was ok and that he was following my lead. Toying with the tip of his own tongue a little, he moved his against mine after a little while. The connection made, he seemed to loose his previous fright, his fingers clutching my shirt tightly as he practically climbed into my arms. Stumbling a little, because I was clumsy as fuck, I tried holding him up as I let him devour my mouth. When his teeth latched onto my bottom lip, pulling slightly on it, I moaned, my eyes rolling into the back of my head as my hands trembled on his sides.

My neck felt like jello, my entire body did for that matter. But my head felt heavy as the hot feelings running through my body made me almost dizzy. Head dropping back on my shoulders, I felt his fingers slide over the sides of my neck, his fingers cupping my face as he pulled my head back forward so he could continue placing numerous kisses onto my lips.

"Please don't stop..." He murmured against me. I shook my head a little.

"I wasn't," I told him, letting my fingers trail up to his face so I could push the hair back behind his ear.

"You were, you tilted your head away..." He whispered. I chuckled, licking his lips playfully.

"Only because you kissed the bones out of me," I said, waggling my eyebrows a little. He chuckled one of his rare soft laughters, making me beam back at him.

We continued our kiss passionately, leaning against one another to make sure we didn't keel over. After a moment Zexion pulled away a little, blinking up at me.

"I...I want more..." He whispered.

My eyes widened a little right before I moaned at his words, attacking his lips feverishly as I pushed him into his apartment, knocking the door closed behind me with one of my feet. I felt his chest vibrate in amusement against me because of my reaction, right before his breathing hitched when I pushed him onto the couch placed in the middle of his small living area in his apartment.

Crawling on top of him, my body hovering over his a few inches apart, I let my lips trail their way over his jaw, down to his neck to pay reverent attention to the skin I could reach and find there.

His breathing was ragged against my shoulder as I continued to kiss my way down his neck to his collar bones. My hands pushing his shirt up gently to make their way underneath it to find more skin, as his own hands were tugging on my shirt so his hands could stroke my back.

"Are we going too fast?" His voice breathless as he spoke. I popped my head out of the crook of his neck, giving him a shrug.

"Does it feel like we are going to fast?" I asked, kissing the corner of his mouth, my fingers playing with his belly button.

"No. No it doesn't feel like we are going to fast... we were extremely slow before...'

He murmured, his eyes closed as he arched into my touch. I smiled, then kissed his nose right before I slid back down his neck to kiss the V between his collar bones.

"Demyx? Do you like me yet... or?" I sputtered in reaction to his question, right before I laughed and let myself plop down bodily on top of him. He made a coughing noise at the sudden weight on top of him, before he chuckled a little himself.

"You're tickling me..." He confided, making me laugh more. Propping my elbows beside either side of his head, I looked down at him in amusement.

"I'm kinda in love with you Zexion," I told him softly, making him blush and close his eyes. Tilting my head, I kissed one of his eyelids, making his eyes pop open again.

"Is that ok?" I whispered, slightly worried he would find that confession to fast. He nodded, giving me a small smile.

"I love you too. But do you like me?" He pressed the question again. I frowned.

"Of course I do. Yeah, I like you as I love you," I told him honestly.

He smiled, sighing in what sounded relief. The frown didn't disappear from my face.

"Why do you ask?" I wanted to know. Zexion fiddled a little with my shirt sleeves since he couldn't reach his own properly.

"I...I heard you. In the hospital. You know, when I was in my coma," He said softly.

My mouth dropped open to gape at him, and my eyes had never been this huge.

"You heard me? Why didn't you tell me?" I practically shouted, making him cringe back into the couch beneath me. I blinked, then relaxed a little.

"Sorry, sorry. I didn't mean to shout. You just surprised me. I'm not mad..." I blabbered out, kissing his cheek repeatedly. I felt him smile against my lips at my reaction. His hands no longer uncertain as he pulled me against me.

"I liked you since the first day I ever saw you Demyx. It's just that, with my social skills and what not, I wasn't exactly able to show you this. When I was in my coma I did hear bits and pieces of what you talked to me about. I know why you work so hard. I know you aren't actually blood related to yours brothers. I also know that you love me. I heard you say it. But I also heard you say that you didn't like me. I... I know I could have just told you I had heard you that morning when you realized I wasn't in my coma anymore. But, I wanted you to like me. Not just love me. And of course I was nervous when I saw you that morning, so I froze up and reacted the way I always react. Cold. I needed a little bit to recollect myself. And then once I did, I assembled the courage I needed to ask you out. I wanted you to like me before I told you how I felt..." His voice was so soft when he explained all this. He even had his eyes cast away from mine, and a blush on his cheeks.

Sitting up a little on the couch, I pulled him along with me. Framing his face, I kissed him deeply.

"I like you, I like everything about you. Your smile that doesn't appear often, your eyes, your nose, your lips. The way you speak, the way you move. The way you look at me. The way you tug on your sweater sleeves when you are nervous. I like you completely Zexion..." I murmured.

I kissed my way down his neck again as I tugged on his shirt. He lifted his arms, and I left his skin only momentarily to pull the shirt off over his head. Before I could attach my lips against his neck again, he tugged on my own shirt, and I let him pull it off of me as well.

And yet again, before I could latch my lips onto his skin, he placed his hands squarely on my shoulders, pushing me back into the couch so I fell onto my back. His eyes hooded with lust, he pressed his body into my own, our skins touching. I moaned softly at the sensation, my breathing ragged as he nipped onto my jaw.

"I want to top," He breathed against my ear.

I grinned, my eyes closed. Arching my back off the couch, I let my legs fall open so he was nestled between them.

"Do you, really?" I asked, smirking against his shoulder as I heard him growl ever so low.

His hand slid over my side, and then without hesitation, which shocked the hell out of me, he palmed my erection over my jeans roughly, making me groan loudly and press against his hand for more friction.

"I apologize for the lack of class in my demand," He whispered against my skin, not sounding all that apologetic. I chuckled and moaned at the same time at his words and his fingers working their magic.

Letting my hands slide into his jeans, I cupped his bottom through his boxer briefs, kneading the skin softly as his mouth sucked the skin between my neck and shoulder roughly.

"I like your class and very rarely, lack of it," I murmured, taking his earlobe between my teeth as I ducked my head down to bring our faces level again.

Framing his face, I held it so I could look him in the eyes. He stopped moving the hand that had a hold of my erection. "Have you done this before?" I asked gently,

I didn't want to step on any toes. He pursed his lips a little, his eyebrows knitting in concentration.

"I have been with a man before. I bottomed. The man wasn't very gentle. It didn't help me being encouraged to start a relationship," He confided softly, puckering his lips out slightly, basically telling me to shut it and keep going.

I gave him one quick kiss.

"How do you know Larxene?" I'd figured out by now that he did know her. The fact that Larxene had known Zexion would ask me out on a date had not been completely forgotten. Zexion grinned a little, surprising me.

"She was very angry at me for reacting the way I did, that morning in the hospital after I'd woken up. She came to visit the coffee house once I started working there, telling me that I had to 'Clean my act up together and get to it' I wasn't sure what she meant at first, until she mentioned your name. If I hadn't ducked down behind the counter and had my panic attack at the sudden and surprising visit of hers, she would have probably smacked me hard over the head.

She also told me that if I didn't do anything about our feelings for one another, then she would. She's a little scary, so I thought it better to do it my way..." He grimaced a little at the memory of Larxene, making me laugh. He cut my laughter of, by pressing down on me, making me moan loudly.

"Can we stop talking now?" He murmured against my lips.

I nodded energetically, returning my hands to his bottom to press down so he ground his hips into my own. Moving against one another, lips locked in a heated kiss, we drove ourselves sweaty and completely insane with lust.

"I...We need to go to the bedroom..." He breathed out, tugging me impatiently off the couch so I could shuffle after him to the bedroom.

Once there, he pushed me onto the bed, and his hands quickly went to unbutton my pants. As he pulled them off, I didn't leave him any time to check me out in all my naked glory. Instead I attacked his own pants, pulling them off with a little less grace then he'd used on me. Both naked, he blushed as he nervously rummaged through the drawer in his nightstand. Lube in hand, he kept it behind his back, his ears a shade of deep burning pink.

Grinning, I grabbed his wrist and pulled him on top of me. Our bodies connected skin to skin, I let my hands trail over his back, my fingers following his spine, down his butt crack to tease him there in between. His eyes closed and lips parted, I smiled at the quick intakes of breathes he was making. Rubbing him between the cheeks slowly, I moved my hips so our erection rubbed against one another at the same time.

"You... you have to stop... You're going to make me cum..." He whispered.

That was followed by a grunt as I didn't listen to him, quickening my pace instead. Lying on top of me, he put his hands above my hand, fiddling with the lube bottle clumsily as I continued to pleasure him.

After a moment, my eyes widened a little in surprise when a slick finger entered me from behind.

"Oh god...That's not... hmmmm ..fair..." He laughed softly at my response, fingering me gently as he took over the lead in our grounding hips.

"You started it," He replied simply, adding a second finger.

He let me adjust a little before starting to move again. He seemed hesitant at how to do things at times, but once he seemed to set his mind to it, he was determined to do it right. And right it was...

"I'm ok, I'm ready. Come on Zexy, stop torturing me..." I grabbed onto his hips, seeking more friction as I let my head fall back onto the bed.

My throat now exposed, he latched his lips onto the skin available in his reach, and as after a little moment he bit down onto the juncture between my neck and shoulder, he carefully slid inside of me. He did it in one swift motion, but stilling the moment he was buried in me entirely. I breathed heavily at the feeling, moaning his name softly.

"Oh, I like that. I want to hear you say my name again..." He murmured, moving out of me, only to plunge back in.

This time we both moaned, his body trembling a little underneath my hands. A light sheen of sweat covering both our bodies as we moved together. Both our lips parted as we breathed in and out deeply, soft noises of pleasure escaping the both of us. Our eyes locked on one another as he kept driving into me, picking up speed just a little bit every so often.

His arms shaky from having to hold himself up, I rolled him over, straddling his hips, taking over the lead. Hands on my hips, he helped guide me back in and out. My head dropped back on my shoulders, palms flat on his chest to keep me steady. I whimpered a little as I felt his hand close around my erection, adding more to the pleasure he was already giving me.

His other hand slid up my body, his fingers closing around my shoulder so he could pull me down on top of him, eyes locking with one another once more. The change in angle had my eyes widening, making me groan into his neck. He picked up speed, hitting the spot over and over again as he kept rubbing me with his other hand.

"Zex...oh...fuuuck..." I was loud, I was happy, I was in bliss, I could care less if the entire world could hear my orgasm.

Zexion seemed to agree whole heartily, following suite just as loudly as he moaned out my name, his back arching off the bed and his eyes squeezed shut.

Muscles tensing and relaxing on and off, he staid buried within me as I fell down on top of him, completely spent. His fingers in my hair, toying with the random lock of blond popping in every which direction. My lips were attached to his jaw, the tip of my tongue tracing the jaw line there.

We stayed silent for a long while, just appreciating each other's presence, and the warmth of one another's embrace. After a moment though, it started to get a bit chilly, so Zexion pulled the blanket on his bed over us, cocooning us safely inside. Pulling out of me, I winced just a little, but he kissed it away instantly.

"You won't leave, right? You're not going to leave me and never talk to me again, right?" He asked, sounding nervous and vulnerable all at once.

I was honestly not surprised that he was wondering about this. Not because I'd given him any reason to think this, but just because Zexion thought way to much for his own good. Flopping onto my back, I pulled him along with me, securely settling him against my side. Chin propped up on the top of his head, I wrapped an arm around his shoulder, and with my other hand, I twinned my fingers with his, placing them on my chest, rapid beating heart thundering beneath them.

"You really think I would leave after having been hung up on you for an entire year, believing there was no chance whatsoever? When things finally work out, I just up and leave? Course not, idiot. I'm staying right here. You can't get rid of me now."

He hummed happily in reply, his nose nuzzling into the crook of my neck as he settled comfortably against my side. I smiled, stroking his hair with the hand that was wrapped around his shoulders.

"In fact, I'm calling in sick tomorrow. I'm going to spend the entire morning in bed with you. I'm going to tell you I love and like you a million times. I'm going to fuck you until you are silly, and I hope you'll return the favor. Then, I'll make pancakes, and we'll eat that in bed. We'll eat lunch in bed too. And dinner as well. I do have to send a message to my brothers to tell them I won't be home though..." I frowned a little, then shrugged.

Zexion grinned, grabbing the jeans at the foot of the bed, and then tossed his cellphone my way. Kissing his forehead as he settled back against my side, I quickly typed out a text message for my brothers.

"I can't believe you put 'Fuck you silly' and 'Must be responsible adult to my little brothers' in the same sentence," Zexion said absently, toying with my nipple as I tossed the phone back at the foot of the bed.

"I'm a bit strange..." I offered.

Zexion smiled sweetly, kissing the corner of my lips.

'I beat you in that area though.' He challenged. My eyes widened, and I squawked indignantly his way.

"Are you seriously challenging me to 'who is the more strange one?' I'll beat you. I swear I will." I smirked as he rolled his eyes.

"OCD, homophobic mother attached to her two sisters by the hip," He tossed my way.

"Abandoned and not been reported as a missing person, that's just depressing," I tossed back.

"Complete seclusion, and as a result, too scared to actually talk to people normally. Now that is depressing," He offered.

"You're talking just fine now. Not that socially awkward. I mean, I had you moaning and groaning and grunting just a little while earlier...Ooooh Demyx..." I tried to imitate his voice, until he smacked my chest, chuckling softly and telling me I was an idiot and that I needed to shut my yap.

Shrugging, I smiled down at him, complying to his request as he started kissing me again. Bones gone jello. Mind high on lust. Not a worry in the world. Just me and him.

That is...Until my little brothers decided they'd lacked enough attention up until now and decided to grab onto the spotlight.

A/N: The end! On to Sora and Riku! :D