I didn't know their names- all I knew was all four of them were insanely beautiful, and that every afternoon when they came into the coffee shop- sitting in the usual comfy couches near the back of the shop- they ordered the same thing.

The tall extremely muscular guy, with curly black hair and dimples ordered Irish coffee. The insanely beautiful blonde model, who appeared to be the muscular guy's girlfriend, ordered a macchiato. The lankier guy with the bronze hair that seemed to define gravity ordered an espresso. And of course, her. The petite girl with pixie-like features and spiky dark hair that always seemed to be in a beautiful disarray, she ordered a caramel latte. I wish I knew their names. Well I knew one of their last names, Hale. The blonde one would always order, leaving the name Hale for me to call out when their beverages were ready. But now that I recognised them, I no longer called out. I brought the coffees over for them. They tipped generously, extremely so. But that's not why I did it. This is going to sound sad, but hey it's my only vice. I did it because of the smile the pixie girl gave me.

Now the epilogue is short, but the chapters will be longer. Enjoy =]

-x H