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Spouse Swap!

Everything was normal in the Cullen house—well, too normal for two very bored vampires. Everyone was in their allocated corners with their mates. Bella and Edward were enjoying each other's companionship quietly; Carlisle and Esme were playing a game of chess; Emmett and Rosalie were working on the new project for their bedroom; and, Jasper and Alice were waiting for the right time to play their latest prank to liven up the house a bit.

Prank-playing was always tough with Edward around as he could read anyone's mind, so Jasper and Alice had to think about their most personal times to drive him away. Not that they were complaining recalling—but it was doing the job right now.

"How's it gonna go Darlin'?" whispered Jasper very quietly to his future-seeing wife. He already knew his answer when he felt a strong wave of excitement and humour from Alice.

"Oh, you already know the answer feeling my emotions! I can't wait to get started Jasper!"

To that, Jasper simply replied "Come on then, let's get started!"

Edward's POV

I was sitting enjoying my Bella's company in our secluded corner when I found myself hearing to Alice's very personal moments with Jasper.

"Are you okay Edward? You look troubled" Bella asked me sensing my discomfort.

"Well, it looks like two vampires here don't care about keeping their experiences with each other very private!"

"Just ignore them. Now let's see, maybe I can distract you…" and with that my angel started kissing me, effectively distracting me very well.

Bella's POV

Just as I was taking a breather after kissing Edward, I suddenly felt a very strong emotion hit me. Automatically my head started turning away from Edward and in Carlisle's direction. My eyes were met by his, and I started feeling a strong pull towards him. Oh my God, what is happening! This is what I'm supposed to feel for Edward, not Carlisle! Apparently, my mind was detached from my legs which were slowly carrying me to him. My hands left my side and went up to touch his golden waves I've always wanted to touch them, well now's my chance. To say I was shocked was an understatement when Carlisle crashed his lips to mine.

Carlisle's POV

Her soft human lips were calling to me. I knew somewhere in a corner of my mind that this was wrong, I was supposed to feel this for Esme, but when Bella started to walk towards me slowly, I couldn't stop myself to stand up and meet her. Bella reached up to caress my hair hesitantly and that was my undoing; I could NOT stop myself crashing her lips to mine.

She was so soft and fragile, yet filled with so much passion that was veiled to even Edward. Edward! What was I doing! And where was Edward? Suddenly I felt all the love drain out of me in the mid-kiss and I opened my eyes to see Edward and Rosalie, and Esme and Emmett, in the same situation as us.

Edward's POV

Oh. My. God. This day can't get better! I was kissing ROSALIE, not BELLA! Well, too late to realise that now as me and Rosalie were in mid kiss just as Emmett and Esme, and Bella and Carlisle were. When I opened my eyes I was hit by the same thought from other four vampires saying "What the HELL!" and Emmett was the first to voice it.

"What the HELL!" Emmett roared in the living room.

That was so funny! Go Jasper! Was the thought that came from a very chirpy and excited Alice.Oh my God, we just got manipulated by Jasper! I escaped from Rosalie's death grip and turned around to face two very giggly vampires.

"What's the matt—Jasper how dare you?" At Rosalie's statement all the other four people worked out the situation and turned to face Alice and Jasper, who were literally rolling on the floor with laughter at our horrified expressions.

The first one to break the stupor was Emmett. "Guys, that was the best prank EVER!" and with that, he started laughing. Next were Esme, then Rosalie, and then I soon joined them realising the humour of the situation.

I actually quite enjoyed that! Esme's got awesome lip- "EMMETT! Did you just think that?"

"What? I'm allowed to think that I quiet enjoyed that-" At that, he was smacked by both Esme and Rosalie at the back of his head.

Bella's POV

Everyone in the Cullen family was peeling with laughter at this horrific situation. I, at the other hand, was still in Carlisle's arms and was blushing a red that would put a tomato at shame.

"Don't be embarrassed Bella. You, and everybody else, were simply influence by Jasper" Carlisle tried to comfort me but that only made me even more guilty.

"Carlisle, if I say I was REALLY enjoying the kiss even after I felt all the artificial emotions drain away, what would you say?" I whispered the question so low that I bet even he, as a vampire, would have had a hard time hearing me. But he did, and his answer surprised me.

"If I'm honest, I'm really pleased by your reaction" I gasped and raised my head to meet his face inches away from his face. Edward was actually in a secluded and shut in a small corner of my mind, and he was least of my concern now as I saw Carlisle lips slowly moving towards mine.

And I also saw 6 vampires glaring murderously at us.

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