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A/N: Happy birthday Kanda! So this will be my contribution for Yullen week, a nine chapter drabble story on the virutes of the way of the warrior and how Kanda both follows these virtues for the Order, and abandons them for Allen.

That's right, there might actually be some undisputable romance in this story. Shocking, I know.

The middle seven chapters of this story are based off of a virtue of Bushido while this chapter is the prologue and there shall be an epilogue. I kinda feel like doing another one of these in Allen's POV for the week of Allen's birthday.

As for WARNINGS, I think we're safe with SHOUNEN AI, VIOLENCE, HORROR and SWEARING but that's mainly because I use a lot of quotes from the actual series. But I digress.

Thanks to readers and reviewers who have liked my stories so far, I hope you enjoy the prologue of Bushido.

Without further ado, the code of virtues...


He was taught to live and die by the way of the warrior.

After all, Kanda Yu was a fighter. A destroyer.

A soldier.

He was taught to adhere to the virtues of the warrior. To follow the virtues of loyalty, integrity, empathy, sincerity, honour, respect and bravery, and follow them until death.

He was taught to live and die a warrior.

To be a warrior was to serve with strength and dignity, to fight with justice and valour and to die with honour and integrity. To be a warrior was to die earning redemption.

To be a warrior was to be bound to the way of the warrior.

The dark lit walls of the underground wept as the white-haired rookie bled his heart out for the old man and doll's last wish. The kid was wasting time and endangering their cause with his soft-heartedness. Kanda had watched silently until then, but he wouldn't stand for this sort of idleness.

They were destroyers, not saviours.

"This coat isn't a pillow for the weak…it's the uniform of an exorcist! There are sacrifices that must be made, rookie."

He was taught to live and die by the way of the warrior, and to never stray from that path.

Kanda Yu was not a hero. A savior.

A stray.

He was taught to never abandon the way of the warrior. To never sin until his dying breath.

He was taught to live and die a warrior, not a stray.

To stray from the way of the warrior was to desert in weakness and indignity, to flee with crime and cowardice and to live in disgrace and shame. To be a warrior was to live without redemption.

To be a stray was to be free from the way of the warrior.

It had been three days after they'd defeated the level 2, but he and the moyashi were still in Southern Italy. He had been assigned his next mission by Komui and was scheduled to depart, but…he couldn't leave just then. Waiting with the idealistic new kid on the cold steps of Martel he felt that idleness.

He felt the want to stray…just a little while longer than before.

"Kanda, although what you said is true, I want to be a destroyer who saves."

He was taught to live and die by the way of the warrior.

He was taught to never stray from that way.

So why did he constantly abandon the virtues of the way and commit sin, all for him?

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