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He was taught to live and die by the way.

But Kanda Yu had been taught to be many things.

He was taught that he was to do what someone else thought was best. To follow the way that had been laid out before him, a path that he had chosen and to follow it regardless of any attractive forks along the trail.

He was taught to be a good man.

To be good was to be bound to these virtues.

To be willing to die for something that you hate.

To follow the right path, even if it was the loneliest.

To cause the suffering of your miserable soul.

To expose your true feelings though they will be shot down and left to bleed.

To inspire all who laid eyes on your fabricated form.

To cling to tradition where you've been offered something much more desirable to embrace.

To leave life and leap into the dark, cold unknown.

To be good was to relinquish all hope for something far greater than redemption or virtue.

To be good was to cover what you really are, what you really want.

Kanda cut through the cloud of dust viciously and came face to face not with a Noah with a perm, but with a moyashi with a martyr complex. The dust fell away in the instant the moyashi called his name. Their eyes locked and he was once again glaring into those naïve eyes.

The shriek of steel interjected and exposed the scene for what it was, a wrecked and desolate battlefield. The veil of dusty air had lifted and in its stead another mask was donned, a mask of virtue, made to lie. A mask that starred in a play of warriors without passion or sin.

A mask that was to never be removed, lest it reveal the actors for what they were.

"This is supposed to be a touching reunion..."

He was taught to live and die by the way, not to walk his own.

But Kanda had already defied many things.

He was taught to never find his own path to follow. To never stray down one of those misleading trails, never to return. And he didn't.

He took only the path that led to that wandering child.

He was taught to never fall to the sins of man.

But to be sinful was to be free from a hateful way.

To be allowed to be loyal to another.

To forget what you hated and hold what you wanted.

To spend the rest of your life a happy fool.

To keep others from bitter tears with secret smiles.

To ignite care in the eyes of those close enough to see your sins and shadows.

To vanish in a summer mist of passion and bliss.

To have the miracles and lures of the tragic world you know.

But to be sinful was to know the feel of that sin.

To be sinful was to be but a man.

Blinded by the brightness of the Ark's streets as it trickled through the cracks of the dark doorways, Kanda stepped into the scene. Krory was unconscious and heavy on his shoulder. Lavi was being his usual bouncy self and shouting at the top of his lungs while Chaoji stared at him with a faintly disturbed expression. Lenalee and the moyashi were nowhere in sight. A deep wave of dread crashed down upon him and pinned his throat to the bottom of his gut.

Where was that stupid moyashi? The moyashi who never cried or killed for himself? The moyashi who only ever smiled and saved?

The moyashi who he supposedly hated.

A dark, troubled sky of loss and sorrow, then a trickle of sunshine as they heard that voice break through the clouds and shatter their sinless masks.

A voice that showed that they were not passionless warriors, but men.

And with a simple sin, he was free.

"The moyashi's voice descends from the sky..."

He was taught to follow the way.

But he wanted to be at his side walking down that long and winding road.

So was it any wonder that he ultimately submitted to those ways of treason, selfishness, foolishness, lies, dishonour, passion and tragedy, when they were all the ways that led to him?

"Tch, don't be stupid, moyashi."

The words are nothing…

"The name's Allen…BaKanda."

…yet everything.

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