"Sophie! Wait please Sophie!" a girl with green-black hair tied up in high pigtails called after another girl with shoulder length curly brown hair. The brown haired girl stooped to slip on her shoes and pick up her bag.

She then wheeled round, her green eyes blazing. "No way! I cannot be bothered to put up with you guys any longer! I've got enough problems as it is without having to listen to your stupid ideas! I don't need to put up with your crap personalities any longer! I'm leaving! I quit!" and with that she left. Slamming the door on the way out.

The pig tailed girl whirled around to face a boy who was sitting on a dark leather sofa, a smirk adorning his face. He laughed and said, "Good riddance!" The pig tailed girl strolled over to him, she raised her hand and slapped the boy across the face.

The boy, who had his hair tied up in a long pony tail, stood up and swore colourfully at the shorter girl.

"What the fuck was that for you bitch?" he shouted. Said 'bitch' placed her hands on her hips.

"What was that for?" she asked sarcastically. "You just caused us to lose our pianist!" she ran a hand through her hair.

Suddenly a tall red headed boy came running out of the kitchen. "HE DID WHAT?" he asked pointing at the boy who was still rubbing his cheek and muttering swears under his breath.

"He made Sophie quit!" the girl said while slumping into the sofa.

"Why does this always happen every time I leave the room?" the boy, who for some reason was carrying a bowl of freshly cooked chips, asked 'god' or anyone who could tell him why the things happened the way they did. He sat down on another sofa, stuffing a chip into his mouth. The girl grabbed some, eating a few and throwing the rest at the boy she had slapped.

"We need a new pianist." Stated the red head simply.

These people are all members of a band called 'DGRAYMAN'. Unfortunately for them they haven't had a 'big break' in a while now. They mostly record songs, send them to companies, post them on YouTube maybe even perform at clubs. They don't exactly make much money, and they're stuck in a rut. None of them can be bothered to do anything, but hey. That's teenagers for you.

The red headed boy is called Lavi. He is lead singer and has an extremely good memory. He can also play guitar when needed.

Lavi's tall, really tall, he has emerald green eyes, red hair which he keeps out of his eyes with a green or black bandana when he is writing music. His favourite colours are, green, orange, blue and black.

He is normally seen wearing some form of branded shirt, jeans, trainers and an exceedingly long orange scarf. Lavi not only sings the songs but he also writes them, with a little help from Linalee. He also comes up with the basic feel of the music.

As well as being in this band Lavi attends collage; he's taking History and English Literature. Lavi's grandfather, they're not actually related by blood just so you know, Bookman is a History professor at a prestigious school and that's how he got into history. Lavi travelled the world with his grandpa until he was sixteen, thus he knows almost every, no EVERY language on the earth. Oh and some alien ones too.

The pigtailed girl is Linalee Lee.

She plays base and dose some back up singing. Linalee is average height, she has long green-black hair that is usually tied up in pigtails, violet eyes and very long legs.

Her favourite colours are purple, black and white. She normally wears short skirts or shorts, long sleeved tops, dolly shoes and stud earrings.

Linalee helps Lavi write the lyrics to the songs she helps with the music too. Linalee is also is collage, the same one as Lavi and Kanda, she's just taking Science, but to be fair it is made up of Chemistry, Biology and Physics. All in separate lessons.

Linalee is of Chinese origins, easily seen in her facial features, and lives with her older brother Kimoui. Kimoui is a science professor and a temporary manager of the band, he doesn't really do anything…they just need an adult to sign all the papers and legal nonsense. Kimoui also has a sister complex and won't allow any boy to get near his 'darling little sister'.

Linalee also has very distinct green tattoos on her legs, they almost look like alien symbols. You can see an alien theme here can't you? No. They're not aliens, it just happens to be coincidence.

The boy who got slapped is known as Yu Kanda. But if you call him Yu then you're dead.

Kanda is on drums and tends to make up most of the music. Kanda is tall, not as tall as Lavi but still tall, he has blue-black hair that reaches his waste and is usually in a high ponytail, his eyes vary from black and deep blue and he's normally scowling.

His favourite colours are blue and black.

He normally can be seen wearing skinny jeans, tee shirts, converse trainers and long jackets. Kanda is also in collage. He is taking English Literature and Martial Arts. Kanda is captain of the Kendo Club and thus has a katana which he named Mugen.

While other kids name their pets Kanda names objects that inflict pain. Yep, that's typical Kanda for you. Oh well, at least he didn't call it Mittens.

Kanda used live with his foster father Froi Tiedoll, who is a 'famous' artist, and his two foster brothers Marie and Daysia. But he soon got bored, and annoyed, with them so now Kanda lives by himself and works part time in a coffee hut called 'Fresh'. Personally he thought the name sucked.

These three very strange, very different, people are all in a band.

A band that is supposed to be playing at a club called 'ZONE' in three weeks time.

A band that, now, doesn't have a pianist.


"Lavi! Where are we supposed to find a pianist! We found Sophie at school but it's the summer holidays now!" Linalee said. She slumped further back into the chair and threw some more chips at Kanda.

"Oi stop that!" said Lavi, surprisingly.

Linalee raised an eyebrow.

"I'd rather not have chips thrown round my apartment please Lady Lina." He said as he stood up and walked to his room. Linalee folded her arms and glared menacingly at Kanda.

"What are we gunna do about the pianist though?" she asked, turning her head to look at Lavi who was returning from his room with a laptop. "Already on it!" he said.

Lavi placed the orange laptop on the coffee table and began to fumble with some wires. Soon enough the image of Lavi's wallpaper, an image of Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon, appeared on the TV screen.

"Uh?" questioned Linalee, looking at the TV.

"We are going to consult the almighty YouTube!" Lavi cried, punching a fist in the air and clicking on internet explorer.


They spent three hours looking for a decent person until they actually found one. Their account name was The14th.

"I'll email them." Said Linalee, both boys looked at her.

She rolled her eyes. "You," she pointed at Kanda. "Will just offend the poor person cos you're a natural arse hole. And you," she pointed at Lavi. "Will scare them away." This made Kanda laugh.

Seriously Kanda does laugh, but only at the expense of others.

"Do you think we should call Kimoui? You know, to let him know Sophie quit and we're getting a new one." Lavi asked. The way he said it made it sound as if they had just broken their mums favourite vase and were going to get a replacement before she found out. Linalee nodded. She dialled her brother and put it on speaker phone.

The conversation is as follows:

"Linalee! Hello! How are you?"

"I'm fine brother. You?"

"Great! To what do I ow the pleasure of talking to my darling sister?"

"Uhh…well long story short we're getting a new pianist."




"So is that ok Kimoui?"


"Just as long as it's a girl."


"God not another girl..."

" Because I'm not leaving my sister alone with three boys!"


"End of. If you want to keep Linalee in the band you get a girl pianist!"




"Good! "

And that's what happened. As Linalee was leaving Lavi's apartment she muttered to herself, "Dear God I hope 14th is a girl. If not…...well...I'm sure deceiving my brother will be fun. It'll be just like being a spy!"

^Playing The Part^

A boy with white hair removed the black apron and glanced at the clock, placing a small notebook on a pile with the others.

It was 7:58PM.

The boy sighed. He had worked over time again because one of the employee's hadn't showed up. Did he do it out of the kindness of his heart? No. He was getting paid.

He quickly grabbed his jacket and walked out the door. "See you tomorrow Jerry" he called over his shoulder.

A man with pink hair, who was wearing a cooking apron, poked his head through a door labelled 'Kitchen'. "See ya Allen!" he called. The boy walked out into the summer air and began his walk home.

The white haired boy go's by the name Allen Walker.

He hasn't had the nicest of past's but he manages to smile.

Allen was abandoned when he was little because his left arm is entirely black. He was then taken in by a man named Mana Walker. Mana looked after him and treated him like a son, unfortunately one day he was killed in a pointless mugging. The shock and stress of seeing his 'father' killed caused Allen's hair to turn white.

Allen was then looked after by a friend of Mana's named Cross Marian. It wasn't the best of experiences. Allen got out as quickly as he could.

Allen Walker go's to Uni, also known as Collage or University, he is taking Art and English Lit. Allen my be taking art but realism really is not his strong point, he's a lot better at the abstract side of things, often working in sketch books and water colours.

He lives in an apartment just round the corner from where he works, a coffee hut named 'Fresh'. Allen is short for his age, his eyes are a shade of grey and his skin is unbelievably pale. He normally wears grey/black skinny jeans, long sleeved shirts, trainers and long jumpers.

He has a small dog named Timcampy which he rescued from Cross, that man really was a maniac. Allen Walker doesn't have many friends due to his arm but he makes friends easily because he has a polite nature, people just need to open up to him.

Allen Walker is also a pianist.

A pianist that posts videos on YouTube under the name The14th.


Allen unlocked the door to his apartment. It was very well furnished for someone who only worked part time at a café.

Well Allen also gambled, and he always won.

This could be because he was lucky but it was most likely because he cheated. Yep Allen cheated at gambling.

He was best at poker. NO ONE would ever beat him at poker.

He walked over to his fridge and picked up a bottle of coke, a packet of crisps and a chocolate bar. Allen was unhealthy to say the least, but he never gained weight. Many girls would kill to know how he did it, but he didn't know himself.

He then walked to the sofa, pulled his laptop towards him and waited for it to turn on while he switched on the TV. He noticed a little message on his screen saying '1 new E-Mail'. He raised an eyebrow and clicked on it. He opened up the email and read it through.

' Dear The14th.

Hello. My name is Linalee Lee and I am the base player for a band called DGRAYMAN, you probably won't have heard of us ^^', we recently lost our pianist and we wondered if you would be interested in the position. We have seen your videos on YouTube and thought you were amazing. Seriously.

This is my MSN (it'll be quicker to talk like that) Darkbootsgirl .uk

Please E-mail me to say if you can talk or not. Thank you.

From Linalee'

Allen just stared at the screen.

Somebody wanted him in their band! This was brilliant! He quickly typed out a reply.

'Dear Linalee.

Yes I'm interested. I'll talk to you on MSN. This is my MSN the14th .uk

^Imaginative or what ^'

Only once he had clicked send did it dawn on him that he hadn't told her his name. "Oh well. I'll tell her later" he said to no one, maybe he said it to Tim.

He flicked through the TV channels until he found something decent to watch. Tim jumped onto the sofa and fell asleep on his foot. "Great…Now I'm gunna have a dead foot when you wake up." He said, but he smiled.

He took a long swig of coke before logging into MSN and registering Linalee as a friend. The rim around her picture was lit up green and sure enough he got a message through.


Hey. Your Linalee right?

Yep the one and only! So you're interested.

Deffinatly….wait what music do you guys play?

Mainly Rock. Infact all rock ^^

Yep then I'm in.

YAY! That's great!

Is that all there is to it?

Yeh. Let me give you some details about the band and our members.


Well there's me. I play bass guitar, I also do a little singing and help writing the songs.

Then there's Lavi. He's lead singer but can play a little guitar, he writes the songs and does most of the music. He's supposedly in charge but I think I am!

LOL. Anyone else?

Yeh. There's a guy named Kanda. He's on drums also does a lot of the music. He's what caused our last pianist to quit. ^^'

Ah. Kanda Yu?

Yeah. You know him?

We work together...


Oh there's also my brother Kimoui, he's not in the band we just need an adult to sign all the papers n shit like that

Lol. Cool.

Ummmm can I ask you a question?


What's your name?

Oh yeh I forgot. Sorry my bad.

It's ok.

My names Allen Walker.



Yeh…Ok this is gunna sound really weird but I was kinda hoping/praying you were a girl.


I know I know. Thing is my brother has a sister complex and won't allow another boy member. But we have a gig at ZONE in three weeks. So we really really need you! We need you in our band.

And how do you propose we do that?…

Well we simply need to make sure we keep you out of site of my brother. It sould be easy enough. He's hardly ever around anyways.

I dunno...

Oh c'mon. It'll be easy! And fun. It'll be just like being a spy. And it is only for 3 weeks, by then my brother will just have to deal with you being a boy.

Well I have always wanted to be a spy...

Hahaha~ So you're in?

I'm in!

Brilliant! Now I just need to explain everything to Lavi and Kanda...oh crap I forgot Lavi was a blabber mouth!


Don't worry. I'm sure everything'll be fine! Ah brother's home. I'll talk to you later Allen! Byeeee~


Cya Linalee~ xoxox

And so Allen found himself joining a band, acting like a spy and all together thoroughly confused.

Allen sighed; this was going to be a weird three weeks. Allen walked over to his kitchen to make his dinner. He wouldn't be able to pull it off. He just knew it…but he had seen a lot of James Bond films...

Maybe this would work. Maybe.

Allen groaned and smacked his head on the frying pan he just happened to be holding, which probably wasn't going to help him in the slightest. "This is soooo not going to work!"

^Playing The Part^


AN: this is going to be sooo fun! Poor Allen! I have edited this since I first posted it. Hopefully it's better now. This is a Laven! Seriously it is! It may even be Kanalee. I dunno. Yes. Ok incase you haven't noticed Allen DOESN'T have his scar YET. Lavi DOESN'T have his eye patch YET. And Linalee's hair is LONG FORNOW! ;)