So sorry for the massively long wait. But I was in the middle of GCSE's, but I'm done now so here we go! Oh and I'm sorry for the ending of the chapter. I just kinda...ran out of idea's and gave up hope. ^^;

CHAPTER FOURTEEN: Broom Cupboards Are A Bad Place For Confrontation

You just have to despise your own subconsciousness, don't you? It's fairly obvious that it's going to be your untimely demise, that thing seems to have it in for you. If you could turn off your subconsciousness, the world would be a far merrier place.

Just think about it. About every single time you subconsciousness has screwed you over. Like, when your sat in class and you know you need to listen because learning is important and what not. However, your subconsciousness has decided it'd be much more fun to go off on a wild tangent on whether Barium + Colbalt + Nitrogen, would equal BaCoN which as we all know is exactly the same as Bacon. And if therefore one could make a sandwich by adding together; (Barium + Colbalt + Nitrogen) and (Boron + Rhenium + Damstadium).

By the time you've returned from the fun world where you make food substances from elements in the periodic table. The lesson is nearly over and you've missed everything of importance.

Then there's also: nightmares, remembering embarrassing situations that happened years ago and you haven't thought of since, getting that song stuck in your head all day and the completely random attacks of emotion that have you in tears at the most inappropriate of times.

All in all, your subconsciousness is a bitch. And there's nothing you can do about it.


Allen awoke with a start, his mind reeling. He blinked frantically as his gaze flicked around the darkened room. He could feel a light sweat on his brow, making his white hair cling sickeningly to his forehead.

He moved his discoloured left hand up to his chest, feeling his heart beat beginning to slow down from it's erratic pace. He let out a shaky breath and fell back down into his pillow, unaware he had even sat up.

"You alright?" questioned a voice from the darkness on his right, making him start and his heart speed back up again.

Allen sat up and peered into the darkness, silver eyes focusing on the silhouette of his temporary room mate that was visible only due to the green light from the alarm clock, which read 2:27AM, and the slight yellow blur that faded through the curtains.

"Y-yeah." he replied. His ears picked up the sound of Lavi shifting underneath his covers. And then a bright light blinded him.

"Bloody hell that's bright." Lavi croaked out, fumbling around blindly for something or other as Allen blinked the spots away from his vision.

The red heads hand closed around a glass of water, from which he promptly drank, presumably to rid himself of his croaky voice. The glass reconnected with the bedside table gently, clinking onto the surface.

"So," Lavi said, sitting himself up and turning to face the still slightly shaky Allen, "What up?"

Allen just rubbed one of his arms wearily, turning to face the floor.

"Nightmare?" Lavi questioned gently.

Allen's head whipped up, his grey eyes connecting with Lavi's concerned green one. He nodded. Lavi tilted his head slightly, looking at the pianist for a while. Allen shifted nervously under his gaze.

"What was it about?" the red headed guitarist finally asked, noticing Allen's cheeks flush slightly.

"You'll laugh at me." he mumbled, crossing his legs and placing his hands in his lap as Lavi continued to look at him. A few minutes passed on the clock, before Allen finally sighed.

"I dreamt I was in one of 'The Silent Realms', alright." he said.

Lavi's face cracked into a small grin. For a moment he had thought it was going to be something about Allen's father. Now Lavi wasn't a heartless bastard, but he wasn't quite sure how he would have dealt with that situation.

"Don't worry Lil'Buddy." he said, reaching an arm across the gap between their beds and placing a hand on his friends shoulder, "We've all had our nightmares about 'The Silent Realms'. Those things are just plain evil. I'd rather spend a whole night watching Paranormal Activity than face another one of those."

Allen grinned, "Tell me about it, those things were worse than Ghirahim and Demise combined." He seemed to consider something for a moment, "Although...I do love Ghirahim. He is no doubt the best villain ever."

Lavi snickered again, "Damn straight...or not in his case..." Allen gave him the eye. Lavi waved his hands in defence, "Hey. No offence mate. But c'mon, he practically felt Link up. And, and! The freaking to tongue!"

Allen giggled, it was far too early in the morning but he was happy that Lavi was finally talking to him. It had been pretty tense upon their return yesterday evening.

Both of them had walked into the rooms, and had acted pretty normal. In fact to an outsider, they would have looked like the best of friends.

But, in reality. It had just been a big heap of awkward. It's probably best not to explain, it's just that awkward.

They were talking now, properly...well if you could consider debating the sexual orientation of an over dramatic Demon Lord, a 'proper conversation'.

Lavi glanced at the slightly younger man. His green eye roaming over his amusing black shirt, upon which there was a picture of a sleepy kitten. Said sleepy kitten was rubbing on of it's eyes, while the other stared out in cute cerulean blue, and was yawning beneath fuzzy white fur.

Cute. But what made the shirt amusing, was the fact that this particular little kitten was wearing oversized glasses and was sat next to a pile of video games.

Beneath this kitten, were the words 'Adorkable'.

Lavi snorted, only Allen Walker could pull off a shirt like that.

Actually; Lavi thought, eyeing Allen's prominent collar bones, pulling off didn't sound like a bad idea. He mentally slapped himself. Once again he needed to sort out his thoughts and tell them exactly when was the 'right time and place', seeing as they seemed to take joy in surfacing at the most inappropriate of times.

There was a moment of silence, well relatively speaking of course; how silent can it be in the middle of London? Cars and taxi's trundled past the window, late night travellers making their way home from vigorous parties.

"Well..." Allen said, tipping his head back onto the headboard. "What now?" He glanced out of the corner of his eye.

Lavi shrugged his shoulders and grinned lopsidedly, "Well...considering it's nearly 3AM...and we have to perform...I think delving back into the world of sleep would be a good idea." He flicked off the light, plunging them into darkness.

He heard a small snort from Allen, "Cheers, mate. Now I can't find my pillow."

Lavi snickered, "Oh man up. I'm sure you'll be fine." Allen laughed, "You know, that's the second time I've been told to 'man up' today."

Lavi cast his mind back to the previous day; unless of course Allen had snuck out at some point between half-eleven and now and some weirdo with a moustache (because all weirdo's who hang around near posh hotels in the middle of London have moustaches) had told him to 'man up' for some unexplainable reason.

Ah. Kanda. KFC. "Technically, that was yesterday. But I'll let you off just this once." Allen huffed, he knew Lavi was a stickler for the tiny details but that didn't stop it being unbelievably annoying. It was the grammar corrections that got on his nerves the most.

Though he knew Lavi only did it to annoy him, seeing as he didn't do it to either Kanda or Linalee.

Lavi seemed to have a habit of showing his affection, if you could call it that, for someone by driving them round the bend, to wits end, up the wall and any other analogy you may come up with in your spare time.

He pissed off Kanda too the point of his, most probably, brutal death at the hands of said Samurai-Ninja-Drummer.

He seemed to tease Linalee to no end, just for the sake of it.

And Allen. Well. To Allen, it seemed as if Lavi got his high by annoying the younger boy. But, he couldn't help but enjoy it, it was just the way their...relationship (for want of a better word) worked.

The two lay in darkness, Allen wanted to go back to sleep...but he could tell Lavi was thinking about something. And that that 'something' was a question he wanted to ask Allen. It was actually rather odd, the pianist thought, he'd only known Lavi about a Month, maybe a little over, and he already seemed to know every little detail about him.

He was Allen's best friend, really. Allen hadn't ever had a best friend...he'd had friends...quite a few...but he seemed to have lost contact with all of them only a few months after leaving Sixth Form.

There was a shifting from the bed next to his, Allen could sense a question on Lavi's lips.

"Allen?" came hesitantly from the shadows.

"Yes?" he replied, calmly smiling as his eyes traced non existent patterns in the darkness.

"This is going to sound really rude..." Lavi began. To most , this wouldn't have been a good sign. However. Allen was used to Lavi's self doubt when addressing certain situations...often situations revolving around Allen's sexuality.

He took a deep breath, "But...Why don't you act Gay?"

There was a brief pause, a car whizzed passed the window.

"You mean...why don't I act Camp? As in stereotypically Gay?" Allen asked, wanting to be sure of what Lavi was asking him.

"Hm." was Lavi's conformation.

"I act how I want to act. I'm just who I am. Just because I prefer guys, doesn't mean I have to act over excitable, dance my way across rooms and walk around waving a rainbow flag...and to be brutally honest...I find those types of people...just a little annoying. I'm just like any other guy...except I have much better fashion sense, obviously."

Lavi laughed lightly, "You really are a pretty impressive guy ya know." Allen smiled in the dark, even though he knew the red headed companion couldn't see him. He heard Lavi's breath hitch in the dark again, "Have you ever...this is a weird question...but...have you ever 'fallen' for a straight guy?"

Allen smiled bitterly, "I try my best not to. But...well as someone, although I'm not to sure who, once said; 'The heart wants, what the heart wants.'"

Lavi made an affirmative sound, "I guess your right."



That was the first word of the day. Quite a strange thing to say first thing in the morning though.

Lavi shouted it actually.

Which in turn startled Allen into wakefulness and into the cold clutches of the floor.

"L-lavi." Allen squeaked, trying to untangle himself from the duvet which had collapsed on top of him. Allen was staring into the dark confines of his duvet-prison when he heard footsteps approaching him.

He could feel hands ghosting over the soft sheet, sometimes pressing into his skin, as they (he assumed) looked for the edge to untangle him.

Suddenly a face appeared in his vision, "We can't play New Divide." it stated. Allen blinked a few times, trying to get the face into focus. He knew it was Lavi's face, he recognised the voice. He vaguely recalled their conversation, that they must have had...three maybe four hours ago.

"New Divide...oh the competition...wait why?" Allen asked, standing up and kicking the duvet back onto the bed before turning to face his panicking friend.

"Your thumb! Your bloody thumb!" Lavi exclaimed, smacking a hand to his forehead and spinning on the spot. Allen glanced down at his injured thumb, noting that the cut had reopened during the night.

He absent mindedly made his way to their bathroom and began the simple task of cleaning and re-bandaging the wound.

"What about my thumb?" he asked.

Lavi gripped his shoulders, he had apparently been following him, and spun him around "Think Allen! Think! How many times in New Divide do you play a note with your thumb?"

Allen began to mentally play the music, his fingers automatically trying to play the notes where they rested on the rim of the sink. He felt a sharp pain jab into the open skin every time he patted the ceramic.

"Shit." he said.

"My sentiments exactly." Lavi agreed, removing his hands from Allen's shoulders and placing them on the rim of the sink too. Which effectively trapped Allen.

He was considering mentioning this tiny detail, but he decided against it. Lavi seemed deep in concentration. And, with the way he had been reacting to Allen's close presence recently, he had a strong suspicion that the red head would recoil away.

There was the sound of movement nearby, Allen glanced over Lavi's shoulder in time to see Linalee appear in the doorway.

She caught his eye, "I...I see you two...sorted everything out then." she said, turning her gaze too look at the floor, "Sorry if I'm interrupting...but me and Kanda heard swearing..." She made a half hearted gesture, and the slid from the room.

Lavi looked down at him. And then he recoiled away as if he'd been burned, fast enough to turn and leave after Linalee without Allen even registering it. All he could think about, was how much it hurt.

Allen had faced a fair amount during his life. And most of that had been painful. But this hurt. This hurt more than the scars on his face, more than the lingering regret, more than all the punches to his blackened arm added together and much much more than anything Lavi had ever done to him before.

He stayed in the bathroom, staring blankly at his feet. Silently rearranging his thoughts and putting a smile onto his face. He sighed and began the short journey into the main room.

Allen was met with an odd sight. Linalee, who was currently wearing loose fitting tracksuit bottoms and a very tight shirt, was leaning over Lavi (who was in nothing but a pair of pyjama trousers, and was sprawled across one of the sofa's holding a cushion in front of his face.) brandishing a toothbrush.

Allen chuckled, sighed, and sat down on the remaining sofa. Most people probably would have reacted differently. But Allen was used to this madness, and found it much easier to watch the chaos unfold rather than getting directly involved.

However, trying to not get 'directly involved' was proving rather difficult. What with Linalee yelling "I swear to God Lavi! If you're pulling my leg!"

and Lavi replying, "Don't blame me! It's his thumb!"

Lavi pointed at Allen, who rolled his eyes; "What did I say yesterday Lavi?" he asked the red head, as Kanda entered the room.

Lavi looked around sheepishly, "That...if you couldn't was my fault."

Kanda pinched the bridge of his nose, "So the midget can't play." Allen scowled up at him, "The names Allen. And I can play, just not New Divide."

"Oh God this is a nightmare!" Linalee cried, fisting her hair and sitting on the floor. Allen eyed her suspiciously, turning to Kanda "Is she always like this in the morning?" he whispered.

Kanda nodded, running a hand through untied hair. "Look. Linalee." he said calmly. "You're overreacting."

"Yep overreacting." Lavi chimed in. Kanda glared, "Will you just shut the Hell up for once in your life? Look. We can play another song. One the midget-" "Allen" "-can play."

The other three occupants of the room looked expectantly toward Allen. He fidgeted uneasily and began to run possible songs through his brain. The list he could actually play, was shrinking swiftly...and the list of ones he could actually play well was even smaller.

"Well?" Lavi interrupted his thought process.

"Give me a minute. Some of us have normal brain capacity." he snapped.

There was silence. Well not complete silence. There was the muffled sound of the other Hotel dwellers, the sound of cars and people outside and the steady sound of Lavi's breathing.

"Let The Flames Begin." he said, snapping his fingers. "That'll do it."

"Allen I'm sure I have told you this, but I'll tell you again, setting fire to the other bands is not the answer" Lavi said, looking worriedly at the younger pianist.

"Well if Adele can set fire to the rain, I don't see why we cant burn a few bands." Linalee chipped in, earning a few worried looks.

"Right...I'll pretend I didn't hear that..." Allen mumbled, shaking his head before turning to Lavi and Kanda. "What I meant was that I can probably play 'Let The Flames Begin' without to much issue..." he let his sentence trail off. Watching Lavi and Kanda exchanging looks.

"Sounds fine to me."

"Me too."

The three men glanced to their female companion. She sighed, "Fine by me...who are we up against today anyway?"

Allen picked up the sheets of paper, "Uh. A Little girl that plays the harp."

"We'll be fine." Lavi chipped in.


"Hmm...they might scrape the female vote..."

"Some old guy who can sing baritone."

"Easy peasy~"

"Did you just say easy peasy?"



"And a couple of other many people/groups go through again?"

Lavi scratched his eye brow, "Two...I think."

"Well then..." Allen said, looking up nervously. "We should be okay, right?"

And yes. There was trembling, nerves, confusion and hope mixed into that sentence to create one big flobby mess of...well trembling, nerves, confusion and hope.

Allen thought he hid that flobby mess well.

He didn't.


"This is what will be, oh glory..."

Lavi's fingers continued to strum out the last few notes of their song. Trailing off into silence as Allen continued to tap in the slowly silencing notes into the piano. Kanda's drumming had stopped long ago, along with Linalee's bass.

"Well that went well." Lavi said, flopping onto the floor. He back sliding down the wall with little difficulty.

The four band members were practising in one of the recording studios, that were situated in a building not all that far from 'the stage'. They had traversed their way there shortly after attempting to eat breakfast, which you will know if you've ever had serious nerves is really difficult.

Allen managed though.

In fact Allen managed so well, that he just managed to eat three bowls of cereal, seven waffles, four pancakes, a poptart (god only knew where that came from, Americans must have been stealthily invading London in a bid to take over it's epic Englishness and steal all the red buses!), an Activia (because Linalee insisted that he needed something healthy to stop his gut from imploding) and a Snickers.

Lavi ate a single pancake. He then cut the remaining three into shapes which vaguely resembled Llama's and made them battle it out in a syrupy lake.

And now. Well now he was hungry.

"I'm gunna go see if there's anywhere to get some food, because I am starving. I'll pick you guys up some stuff." Lavi flopped onto his side and tried to pull himself to his feet. Needless to say he failed miserably.

He heard Allen chuckle from somewhere infront of him, he glanced up only to see a pair of white jeans. He assumed the skinny legs, clad in overly tight pristine white jeans, belonged to their resident pianist. Allen Walker.

"Need a hand?" came his sarcastic voice. Lavi reluctantly took Allen's outstretched hand, fingers brushing against some of the smaller boys 'man bracelets'.

Lavi was yanked to his feet, nodded his thanks to Allen and began his epic journey out the door and down the hall.

"Whoa there cowboy." Called Allen, his footsteps speeding up until he was striding along next to the red head. Lavi swivelled his eye down to look at Allen's folded arms.

"I'm coming with you." he said, nodding his head defiently.

"Why?" questioned Lavi, running a hand through his hair.

Allen rolled his eyes, "No need to sound so dejected mate. I'm just here to help carry anything, that's all."

Lavi wasn't keen on that idea to say the least. It wasn't that he was angry at Allen. Afterall this whole mess was his own fault. He couldn't blame Allen.

But, he didn't know what to do.

He sighed mentally. He really had enough to deal with without shamelessly shoving this issue with Allen on top of the teetering pile.

Lavi had decided, he wasn't to sure when but it might have been when he cruelly blanched away from the white haired boy earlier this morning, that he had to tell Allen what happened. The younger boy clearly didn't remember, and Lavi doubted he'd let their friendship return to the way it was before without clearing the air between to speak.

But how was he supposed to tell him?

Delicately hint?

Shout it too his face?

Write it down?

Text it?

Sing it?

Maybe he should leave a series of increasingly challenging clues; which would take the boy all over the world to collect symbols which, when rearranged, would point to some old building in Puerto Rico to find a book containing the co-ordinates of their hotel room where Lavi would have left a 1000 piece puzzle which, when put together, would reveal a picture of a condom and the words 'whoops, my bad'.

Lavi stopped walking.

That didn't sound like such a bad idea.

"Uhm, Lavi?" Allen asked. Lavi flicked back into reality, "Sorry." he said, scratching the back of his head. "I was just wondering where we were actually headed."

Allen chuckled, "If I remember correctly, there are some vending machines around the corner."

Lavi looked at him curiously, "But we don't have any money with us..."

Allen rolled his eyes, sticking his hip out slightly "They're free for us lot. You really weren't paying attention this morning were you?" he said.

Lavi scoffed, continuing to walk down the corridor. Though Allen had a point, he really hadn't been paying attention this morning.

They reached the vending machines and Lavi began pressing buttons at random. Haphazardly picking items up and holding them out to Allen, who scoped them into his arms.

And then dropped them.

Lavi laughed from his crouching position on the floor, continuing to grab items and place them on top of the newly formed pile.

He heard Allen sigh and prop himself up on the machines. Lavi glanced at him, "I must say Allen, you're looking particularly gay today."

Allen looked critically at his own attire. White skinny jeans, very tight baby-blue shirt (which did, admittedly, have a picture of Rainbow Dash on it)...he was beginning to see Lavi's point.

He huffed, Lavi chuckled and pointed at the Pegasus. "You're not wearing that on stage are you."

Allen smirked, "Actually I was thinking about wearing the Pinkie Pie one."

Lavi held his head in his hands, "How can someone who plays rock music, laughed when the guy got sliced up in Cube, be an avid Superwholock-" "SuperWhoLockErlin" Allen corrected, he didn't like it when they left out Merlin.

"Sorry," Lavi replied sarcastically, "Superwholockerlin fan and own 'emo boots'...possibly be a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic?"

Allen laughed, "If you watch it, you'll understand."

Lavi stood up and looked at him indignantly, "I will never, ever, watch My Little Pony."

Allen shrugged and flicked his fringe out of his eyes. "Your loss mate."

The two of them made their way back down the corridors, passing by two members of Ouran, one of which was whining about cake. Lavi chuckled slightly.

They quickly found their way back to their temporary practice room. Lavi dumped their spoils onto a round table and swiped up a scrap of note paper. His working eye scanned across the neatly written words.

He felt Allen peek over his shoulder, "What is it?" he asked.

"It's a note from Linalee." he replied, folding the note into his pocket.

Allen looked at him curiously. "It says she and Kanda have gone out to find the nearest Starbucks because we're all in desperate need of coffee." he elaborated.

Allen furrowed his eye brows and shuffled over to the far wall, where a schedule had been pinned.

"What's the time?" he asked, even though there was a clock no less than 3 feet away from him. Lavi glanced at said clock, "'Bout half-eleven."

Allen nodded, "We've got the recording, you know for the i-tunes thingy," Lavi had completely forgotten that all the finalists had their semi-final and final songs recorded for i-tunes. Allen continued, "at 2pm. We've got our stage planning straight after that, which includes a really short rehersal so the 'Crew' no how to set stuff up. Then we have a technical rehersal at 4:30pm. And we have to be backstage by 6pm and ready at 7pm."

Lavi made a mental plan, which he was damn sure he'd forget.

"We're third on, after the first AD break." Allen muttered, turning another page.

"Right before us." Came a smooth Portuguese voice.

Allen and Lavi spun around, to meet two sets of Golden eyes. Tyki Mikk and Sheryl Kamelot.

"What the hell are you two doing here?" spluttered Lavi, quickly glancing to Allen and finiding a similar expression of shock.

"We just came to say hello." Sheryl taunted, his voice implying something much more sinister.

"Well to Allen," Tyki continued, winking at the shortest man in the room. "Not to you." he finished, looking disdainfully at Lavi.

Sheryl reached out a hand and gripped Allen's chin, turning his head this way and that. "You were right. He is rather cute."

Lavi was fuming by this point, "Oi." he raised his voice, drawing their attention. He reached up and pushed Sheryl away from Allen. No violently, but with enough force to send a warning.

"Oh you've done it now." Tyki chuckled.

"Tyki get the cupboard door." Sheryl snarled.

"With pleasure, brother."

Lavi wasn't too sure how it happened, but he felt hands grasp at his shoulders and push him, arse first, into a supply cupboard. His head thumped against the back wall, but he still tried to push himself to his feet. Unfortunately another weight crashed into him, sending him backwards in a mess of flailing limbs and red hair.

"See you later~" chimed one of the brothers.

And then it got very dark, very fast.


Lavi heard Allen shuffling around above him, "Door's locked from the outside." he called softly. Lavi groaned. His head still swimming from the smack into the wall.

"Fuck my life." he moaned.

Allen chuckled.

"We're stuck in a supply cupboard..." Lavi supplied uselessly.

He hadn't thought this happened in real life. When did this ever happen in real life? Sure it happened in cheesy rom-coms and badly written stories. But seriously? Real life? Nope. Nada. Never happened. EVER.

Well now what were they meant to do? If they followed the line of rom-coms...Lavi flushed and shook his head. Nooooo. That was dangerous territory. Best get out of the forbidden area as fast as ya can, Simba.

Oh great now Lion King references.

How hard did he hit his head again?

"We're stuck in a fucking supply cupboard!" he reiterated.

Allen laughed softly. And suddenly his face was illuminated in pale blue light. Ah. A phone. Allen's white hair glowed ominously in the dark cupboard. He shone the light around.

" least it's the fun kind of cupboard. No disinfectant, just music supplies. And for some reason an industrial sized crate of matches..."

Lavi chuckled, scanning his eyes up and down his slender friend. Eyes eventually focusing on the point where Allen was, apparently, straddling him.

Lavi's first though was 'Damn this guy's light.'

His second was just 'Damn...'

because lets face it, that summed up the situation perfectly. His gay friend, who he'd slept with unknowingly, was straddling his lap and looked god damn gorgeous.

Even Lavi had to admit that, with his milky skin illuminated by a strange blue light, his scar standing out starkly, and his white hair falling softly past doey silver eyes, he looked incredible.

Not that Allen didn't always look incredible...No! No. Dangerous territory again!

"Uh..." he said eloquently. Allen tilted his head to the side, and then finally seemed to notice just what he was sat on.

"Ah. Sorry Lavi." he pulled himself to his feet and had a quick scan around the shelves, before folding himself back down onto the floor. Legs drawn up to his chest, back propped against the door.

"We should text Linalee." Lavi stated. Allen rolled his eyes. "What?" Lavi huffed indignantly.

"We could, or we could just wait for them to come back, then we'd have coffee too."

Lavi opened his mouth to protest, then closed it again. "Fair point." he admitted.

There was silence.

"LET US OUT!" Lavi yelled, jumping to his feet, towering over Allen and thumping the door with his fist.

Allen looked at him with wide eyes, as soon as the little fiasco started, it was over. Lavi slumped back against the wall, legs brushing Allen's in a way that shouldn't have felt as intimate as it did.

"W...what?" The pale boy stuttered.

Lavi grinned lopsidedly, "I felt it would waste an opportunity to scream 'Let us out'...It had to be done."

Allen burst out laughing, "You, Lavi Bookman, are bloody insane!"

Lavi snickered, "Why thank you. I do try my best."

A comfortable silence settled upon the two. They just sat there, listening to the sounds of each others breathing.

"Well what should we talk about?" Allen asked. He leaned his head back against the door, exposing his pale neck.

Damn. Lavi thought again. He needed something, a conversation topic, that would distract him from the little sexy minx infront o-...did he just think of Allen as a minx? Shit. What was the most revolting, un sexy thing ever?...

"The Human Centipede." he blurted out.

Allen blanched back, "No. Just no. That is the sickest most horrifying film in existence." he actually looked like he was about to be sick.

"it's not as bad as the second..." Lavi mumbled, glad to have something else to focus on.

Allen look appalled, "You're kidding me? You actually sat through both of them?"

Lavi grimaced, "Unfortunately, yes."

"Do not tell me what happens..."

Lavi nodded, watching as the light on Allen's phone timed out and he didn't bother to make it light up again.


"Hey Lavi?" Allen asked tentatively.


"I don't mean to pry but...and I know this really isn't the time or place but...uhm...why have you been acting Lavi-ish? And why just toward me."

Well. Lavi certainly hadn't been expecting that. He was suddenly very thankful for their lack of light.

"Allen I-" "Don't." Allen cut across, stilling the movement of his lips, "Don't give me some bullshit 'I don't know what you're on about' answer. Please."

Lavi took a deep breath, "Well I guess it's now or never then..." he ran a hand through his hair nervously.

"Look...I'm not...I just..."

Be a man, Lavi. He told himself. Be. A. Man.

"Allen. I dunno how to break this too you but...I may have...sort" he trailed of meekly.

"Ah." Allen said finally.

"Ah indeed." Lavi agreed, and couldn't help the small smile that flickered onto his lips.

There was more silence. This was actually going better than he'd expected...he hadn't been punched in the nose. Yet.

"I'm sorry." Allen mumbled.

Lavi did a double take, "Wait? What? You're sorry? I should be the one saying sorry." He heard Allen laugh.

"Well yes you should. But, I should've had more self control. And for that. I'm sorry."

Lavi laughed, a proper laugh. He could practically hear the smirk on Allen's face.

"So are we friends now or what?" he asked. Lavi laughed awkwardly, and rubbed the back of his neck.

"Allen...I'll try go back to being friends like before...but we...ya know..."

Allen chuckled, "I know. But you need time to figure things out, so until then we can just be friends."

Well that was rather cryptic, Lavi thought. But at least they were back on good terms.

Allen thumped his head back against the door, "Now that that's settled. Will you take me to go see 'Avengers'?"

Lavi laughed, and shuffled around in the small space until he was sat next to his friend. He draped an arm across his shoulders. "Not right now mate. Not right now." he said.


They sat in companionable silence for roughly 15 minutes. Then abruptly the door had dissapeared behind their backs and left them flailing in the air momentarily, before the crashed to the ground in a fit of very manly giggles.

"Why exactly were you two locked in a cupboard?" Linalee asked them over coffee. The four of them sat wherever they could nursing reasonably hot foam cups of coffee.

Lavi took a big gulp, "Tyki Mikk and that guy...Sherly?...locked us in."

Kanda and Linalee exchanged glances, "Okay...but why?"

Lavi looked over to where Allen was propped against the wall. "No reason..." he muttered.

"Ooookay." Linalee raised her eyebrows and shook her head slightly. She knew there was really no reason trying to get information out of Lavi that he really didn't want to give.

"Right. Let's get on with...whatever the hell we're meant to do next." Kanda grumbled. Moving to check their timetable.


The four band members were nervously waiting in centre stage. The lights had been dimmed and the results were in.

It was. Well. Rather terrifying. Standing there. In the darkness, while tones of people watched you. Yeah. Not fun. Andd what made it just that little bit worse. Was the fact that Noah's Ark had already gone through.

Yep. The tanned bastards that had locked them in a cupboard, and then spent three minutes on stage singing about being drunk and having sex, had gotten through to the finals.

Lavi cast his eyes across the crowd nervously. If they didn't get through...their dream was over. Gone. Swept up into thin air and then thrust into an alternate dimension.

"And the final act, through to the semi-final'"

Chomesuke's voice rang out, before pausing in that long drawn out way that they always did when announcing results on tv shows. It was annoying when you watched it, and panic inducing when you were actually stood there on stage.

The pause continued. Lavi turned to glance at Linalee, she was staring studiously at the floor. Kanda was glaring at the audience. And Allen.

Allen was staring right back at him with those silver eyes, face partially hidden in the darkness.

Abruptly a light flashed into existence above their heads. Cheers burst through the silence as their band name was shouted to the crowd.

But for some reason. All the cheers and clapping, and the sheer fact that they'd gotten through. Didn't seem as important, as the smile spreading across Allen's face.

Which was rather that Lavi thought about it.


Authors Note:

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