Disclaimer: Sadly, I do not own any of the Devil May Cry characters in this fiction, if I did, Kyrie would have died in the first ten minutes of the game, very brutally and with lots of blood, Dante and Nero would be together...and Vergil would be shirtless in the third game...and Arkham would wear a frilly princess dress for my entertainment.

Rated Mature for Blood, Language, Angst, Hot Man Sex, and Hurting Nero (An addiction that I love).

Chapter Eight: Fiery Snow

Dante nipped lightly at the pounding pulse in the younger man's neck, smiling when he heard Nero swear at him. He felt the tension slowly leave the other man, taking the chance to pull him from his sitting position on the couch and into his lap. The younger hunter still protested lightly even as Dante slid off the denim coat and unzipped the red sleeveless hoodie, gloved hands finding creamy skin almost immediately under the navy shirt. Dante smiled when he felt human fingers drag through his silver hair, the hand lightly pulling at the strands when he tweaked a perk nipple. Nero glared halfheartedly at him but it slowly faded, replaced with a blush as the elder rubbed the palm of his hand over the growing tent in his jeans.

"What's the matter, kid? Why the glare?" Dante smirked playfully, knowing that he had said the same words before in a very different situation. He did not wait for a reply as he leaned in and attacked the other man's exposed throat again, wanting to taste the sweetness of his flesh and mark the man under him as his. He sped up his hand on the younger demon slayer's groin, hearing the man above him moan at the increased pressure. Nero pulled on his hair again, harder than before as he bit his lower lip and shut his eyes tightly. Dante left one last kiss on the tempting neck before pushing the younger man back onto the couch gently, standing up and leaving the other there.

Nero opened his dark blue eyes in confusion to see the older man standing over by his desk, ignoring him completely and gathering up the papers that were still strewn over the top of the dark brown oak. The younger man felt annoyance sink in through the haze in his mind. Mere seconds ago, they were making out on the couch and now it was as if it never happened. He glared at the bare back of the older hunter before getting off the leather couch and storming across the room.

Dante only smirked when he felt a clawed hand grab his shoulder roughly and practically slam him into the wall behind his desk. Nero pinned him to the weapon covered wall, not offering any explanation except for his lips covering the older hunter's. The elder smirked into the kiss as Nero forced his tongue into Dante's mouth, fighting for dominance but quickly losing to the older devil hunter. The younger man ground his hips into his, eliciting a moan from his own throat instead of Dante's.

"Eager aren't you, kid?" Dante said after he parted their lips in order to breathe, both hunters panting as they stared into each other's eyes. Nero glared at him again, his cheeks a pretty light pink and his eyes fogged over with lust. It was all Dante could do to hold on a few moments longer before ravishing the young punk.

"Shut up and take me, old man." Nero growled, making Dante shiver slightly at the permission the younger man just gave him. A nagging feeling in the back of his mind told him to wait, to see if this was just nothing to Nero even if every other part of him begged to have him for at least one night.

"How do I know I'm not just a quick fuck to you, kid?" Dante asked, acutely aware that his lips were brushing against that dark chocolate and strawberry tasting mouth. His hands betraying his intentions with the question as they descended to the younger man's perfect ass. He heard Nero growl deeply in the back of his throat, their hips still grinding against each other all through the short conversation.

"I love you, alright, old man? Now hurry up and fuck me before I lose it!" Nero blurted out, panting heavily and closing his eyes with a moan.

"Exactly what I wanted to hear, ki-Nero." Dante smiled before yanking off the red hoodie and tossing it away from their entangled bodies. He felt himself pulled down the mere inch difference in height into another kiss, groaning at the addicting taste he could not get enough of. The elder trailed one of his hands to the front of the young hunter's jeans, about to undo the zipper and button before Nero pulled away slightly.


"Too far away."

"What do you mean 'too far away'?" Nero furrowed his brow and looked at the older hunter as if he had uttered something absurd. His expression dropping with a moan as Dante's hand found his groin again.

"I mean 'too far away' as in I don't think you'll make it that far. We might end up fucking on the stairs, kid." Dante whispered into the younger hunter's ear, feeling the shiver run down Nero's spine as his hot breath brushed past his ear. "Besides, haven't you ever thought of having sex in the middle of the office? On my desk?" The other's deeper blush was Dante's answer. He smiled as he guided Nero towards his desk, pushing him down onto it after he shoved the miscellaneous papers off its surface.

The younger man was still panting from their heated kisses as he lied down on the oak surface, not knowing how coming to Devil May Cry had ended like this. He had never expected this but now that it was happening, he did not mind as much as he thought he would. Nero gasped as he felt his navy t-shirt tear in half, the older hunter grinning down at him when he glared at him but did not move to do anything about it. His human hand found Dante's hair again, tangling itself into it as Dante leaned down to lick and nip at his chest. Nero gasped and dragged his devil bringer across the wood under him as the elder licked along the flesh connecting his demonic arm to himself, small unknown spikes of pleasure making his body feel a lot warmer.

Dante chuckled when Nero moaned softly, giving one last lick to the younger man's collarbone before standing up straight. He unbuckled the younger hunter's belt and popped open the button before pulling down the zipper. Nero lifted his hips to help the elder pull the jeans off his legs, blushing before noticing that Dante had not taken off one article of clothing.

"Why are you always the last one to get undressed?" Nero asked, still glaring even if he did not look threatening with the deep red blush on his cheeks. Dante laughed, shrugging before taking a step back from the desk.

"If you want my pants off, you have to take them off yourself." Nero pouted lightly before sliding off the desk and onto his bare knees in front of the older hunter. He quickly unbuttoned the tight black and red leather pants and yanked them down with the silk boxers underneath.

"Good enough for you, old man?" Nero asked, not letting Dante answer as he placed a long lick along the erection in front of him. The elder moaned then growled softly as the younger man got back up without doing anything more. Dante pushed him roughly onto the desk, capturing his lips in a bruising kiss and running his hands on the lithe body under him again. Nero forcefully parted their lips after a few more almost torturous moments of pleasure.

"Dante...Stop teasing. Just-" He gasped sharply as Dante bit at his collarbone, drawing a thin stream of blood before the wound closed. "J-Just fuck me! Please..."

"You sure, kid?" Dante asked, a hand stroking the straining arousal between the younger man's legs. Nero gasped and nodded, arching his back towards the faint touch along his cock. The more experienced hunter held a few fingers of his right hand up to Nero's mouth, surprised as the young slayer took them into his mouth without hesitation. Dante groaned softly at the sight and feel of the younger man sucking on his fingers, pulling them away from the hot mouth after he determined they were lubed enough. The elder ran the fingers down Nero's body, leaving a small wet trail behind them before he circled the younger hunter's entrance.

Nero gasped lightly as he felt a finger push into him like the other night. It did not hurt as much as the last time. The elder was going slow, making him blush from the tenderness of his actions and pissed at how long the other man was taking. He bucked down on the digit, wordlessly telling Dante of his need of more.

The older man smirked before easing another finger inside, increasing the pace of his strokes on the young hunter's erection. Nero moaned loudly, only part of it from discomfort. Dante began thrusting his fingers in and out of the young man, moaning himself when Nero arched his back and yelled in pleasure as his prostate was assaulted. The younger hunter tossed his head back and forth as Dante leaned down to lick across his chest, taking a nipple into his mouth and biting it harshly.

"Dante..." Nero breathed, his voice carrying a submissive tone he never used before. "P-Please...Please..."

"What do you want, Nero?" Dante purred the younger hunter's name, feeling the man under him shutter before arching his back again. Nero opened his lust filled eyes and peered up through thick eyelashes into the clear light blue eyes of the older man, his own eyes half hooded.

"You." Nero managed to stop his light moans long enough to breath the word, groaning in loss afterward as Dante removed his fingers from his body. He felt one of his legs being lifted over the older hunter's shoulders, the man above him leaning down so their noses touched and their breath mingled between them before being breathed in again. Dante licked across his lips softly before giving him a short kiss.

Nero shut his eyes tightly as Dante pushed in slowly, choking back a groan of pain that threatened to escape him. He felt the other man's hand resting on his cheek and leaned into the caring caress, not wanting the elder to stop now. He let out sigh when Dante was fully inside of him, waiting for him to grow used to the feeling. It felt a bit painful but oddly enough, Nero did not mind.

"Damn, k-Nero. You're tight. Now, I'm positive that I'm your first." Dante chuckled breathlessly, opening his eyes to see Nero panting under him. "I am, aren't I." The younger man glared lightly through the heavy blush on his cheeks and nodded even though it was a statement more than a question. Dante let out what sounded like a sigh of relief. "I'm glad I am. If anyone else had seen this side of you, they would have locked you up and kept you for...themselves."

Dante slowly started thrusting inside of Nero's tight heat, his teasing remark interrupted as the air abandoned his lungs. He panted heavily as the man under him moaned, half in pain and half in pleasure. The heat around him was almost unbearable, the muscles hugging him tightly as if they wanted him to cum already. Dante tried to ignore the pleasure, focusing on thrusting carefully so the younger slayer had time to adjust to the feeling.

Nero's devil bringer carved deep groves into the oak desk as the pain faded into a dull throb, the pleasure making him gasp and moan. He opened his eyes, not remembering when he closed them and looked up at the elder hunter. He was surprised how slow Dante was taking this but he wanted more than what the older man was giving him.

"Dante, more...Fuck me harder." Dante growled at Nero's pleading voice, slamming into the young man's ass and drawing out a surprised scream. The way Nero's back arched and his head fell back, he knew that he had found the other's prostate. Dante picked up his pace, moving faster and making sure to hit that same spot every time.

Nero pulled lightly at the silver strands in his human hand, throwing his head back hard enough to his the hard wood he was lying on. He bit his lower lip hard, muffling the moans coming from his throat and digging his talons into the oak as Dante devoured the side of his neck again. He let go of his lip and breathed the older man's name when he felt Dante bite the junction of his neck, drawing another stream of blood down his chest and licking it up.

"Nero." Dante kissed the man under him deeply, giving the younger man a taste of his own blood and slamming into the tight ass that was his to claim. Nero parted from the kiss, arching his back high and moaning with each rough thrust. His muscles tensed slightly around Dante's thick shaft, the heat in his lower stomach building from a simple spark into a wild fire greater than the one he had felt the night before.

"D-Dante! I'm...I-ah! I'm going to-ah...cum!" Nero gasped loudly as Dante stroked his cock roughly and thrusting into him hard enough to shove the younger slayer off the desk if his claws were not embedded in the dark brown wood.

"Cum, Nero." Dante panted, using his free hand to hold to other man by the small of his back and started increased his pace to an almost animalistic level. Nero moaned loudly before arching his back completely off the desk, shutting his eyes tightly and biting his lip hard enough to bleed as his orgasm hit him hard. He breathed Dante's name softly, feeling his release dripping down his chest.

Dante slammed a few more times into that delicious heat before howling Nero's name loud enough to disturb the people outside on the street. He kept thrusting as he emptied his seed deep inside the younger man, only stopping when the last sparks of pleasure had left his body. The two hunters panted in silence, attempting to fill their oxygen starved lungs as they rested.

Dante pulled out of Nero reluctantly, wishing he could have his cock buried in the younger man for hours on end but he knew Nero would not allow it. He leaned down and placed a small, passionate kiss on the other's lips before leaning over him propped on his elbows. The man under him was still blushing faintly, turning away from him and staring out the large windows of the office.

"It's snowing outside." Nero said, his voice a little horse. Dante laughed openly at the sudden statement.

"We just had mind blowing sex and you're more interested in the weather?" Nero shrugged before looking back at him, no annoyance for once in his expression, instead a soft smile took its place. Dante ran a hand through the silver mane of hair spread over the desk's oak top, stopping it to rest on the other slayer's cheek.

"I love you, kid. Don't leave me here alone without you." Dante said, the softest look in his eyes that made Nero blush and believe the words. He opened his mouth only to have Dante's lips back on his again, kissing him tenderly. When they parted, Nero smiled and stared into the light blue eyes of the man above him.

"I love you too, old man, and trust me, I won't." Nero kissed him again before Dante pulled away, his smile turning into a sexy smirk.

"So, round two? I think we can make it to the bedroom if we hurry." Dante said, getting up and grabbing his clothes from the floor. He was about to run up the stairs and into the bedroom but Nero's voice stopped him.

"Hey, Dante. Can you help me out here?" Dante raised an eyebrow and looked over at Nero who was still sitting in the same spot on the desk. "My arm's stuck." The elder blinked a few times before he glanced at the younger hunter's devil bringer. The kid's talons were, in fact, literally stuck in the dark brown oak. He blinked again before he covered his mouth and started laughing.

"You know what? Fuck you, old man! I don't need your help!" Dante only laughed harder at his spitfire lover as he tried to free himself.

The End

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