Neon Genesis Evangelion – The Forgotten Past, Commencement of Third Impact




This is a Re-launch of a fanfic I wrote years ago, I've been going over it recently, changing a few grammar and spelling mistakes, and got back in the mood to mess around with it some more and write a few new chapters. However, since it has been years since I last did anything with it I'm re-launching this story as if it were brand new to attract a new fan base and draw in a few old ones as well. I hope everyone likes it.

NGE/Prophecy X-Over

This story takes place after the Neon Genesis Evangelion series, in the last scenes of the final episode, you see Shinji struggling with himself and his self worth. He is shown at what his life could be like as a normal kid. Going to school with all of his close friends, having a loving family and not a worry in the world, just any other normal teenage boy, he was happy. Asuka was his best friend who would wake him up in the morning to make sure he makes it to school, Rei was a normal teenage girl, with a wide spectrum of emotions and Misato was his teacher. After he finally learned to accept himself for he is and what he wanted out of life, he became surrounded by everyone in his life, congratulating him on his acceptance to love himself and others.

Year: 2020 AD
Plot Summary: Shinji Ikari defeated SEELE's plan, to unite all of humanity into a single consciousness under the Human Instrumentality Project and to create their own God using EVA Unit-01 as the template, and was granted what he truly wished for above all other things, to live a normal life and be happy. All of his friends were given the same gift and were brought back to life because of his willingness to accept himself for who he is, and whom he wanted to become, and thus Third Impact never took place and humanity was saved. Four years later, Shinji and his friends, Toji, Kensuke, Asuka, Rei, Hikari and everyone else, are now seniors in high school and are looking forward to the future, and the rest of their lives. However, as the school year progresses, Shinji is having flashes of frightening images of people dying and giant monsters fighting in the middle of the city, and nightmares of his friends getting hurt and killed. He doesn't know what to make of these images but they are getting worse as each day passes, and they feel so real, like old forgotten memories, as if he's actually lived through them. But he can't figure out why, and now the Angels have returned to carry out what they've wanted the most, to erase mankind from existence and to return to the ways before our birth, when they were loved above all of God's creations. With the aid from God's most trusted angels, Shinji Ikari must completely relive the memories of his original, forgotten past in order to regain the knowledge to defeat the Rebel Angels and save humanity once again.

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