"Mmmm." Harper felt herself waking up, but she wasn't in the cool and aromatic feel of a sheet and/or a bed. Instead, her head was pressed against a warm surface, which felt like a person, and she could smell what she thought to be leather.

Still a little groggy, she groaned and moved around a little bit. She looked up, and she saw that Edward was holding her - very, very carefully. However, his eyes were closed, and his breathing was quite slow, so she became amused at the idea that he'd fallen asleep with her. She gradually slid out from his grasp, cautiously moving his hands and maneuvering around the sharp shears of metal. She gently shook his shoulder, tapping him. "Edward," she whispered. "Edward, wake up. Are you okay?"

Edward shook his head and moved his hands, so she stepped back a little to avoid getting cut. "Harper?" he mumbled sleepily, reaching up to rub his eyes.

"Ah! Edward, no!" She grabbed his wrist. "Don't! Be careful. I know it's hard to really wake up without doing that and getting all the sleep gunk out of your eyes - but you could really hurt yourself. Let me get it." She tore off a piece of toilet paper and wiped his eyes. "There, is that better? Can you see a little better now?"

"Yes. Thank you."

She let out a breath, sitting down on the edge of the bath tub. "Edward, why didn't you take me to the bed? You could've laid down, too. But instead you stayed here and fell asleep holding me on the uncomfortable toilet. Why?"

He shrugged. "Well, I didn't even dare to move, Harper. I could have hurt you. I certainly couldn't carry you... not with these hands. I would have cut you up for sure."

"Awww." Harper smiled. It seemed like every time he spoke, he said something that made her heart cry. "You are the sweetest thing, Edward. That was very considerate. But I'm awake now."

He nodded. "Yes. Would you like to talk now?"

"I don't know what... I don't know, Edward. I mean, really... I don't want to fall asleep again and leave you alone."

"Well... at least you'll still be here, right? I wouldn't really be alone, if you're just asleep."

"Oh..." She reached out, and ran her fingers through his unruly hair, then smiled. "You really need a haircut, Edward. I'd think with those hands of yours, you'd do something about this hair!"

He gave her a smile. "I don't mind it this way. I actually like it."

"You like it in your eyes?" She carefully moved part of his bangs. "I like to see your eyes. You hide them too much. Your eyes are so pretty."

"Thank you."

Harper stood up, then stumbled, Edward just barely catching her with his arm. "Oh... sorry about that. I'm a little wobbly when I first wake up."

"No problem. How are your wounds? Do you feel better?"

"Oh, yeah. I feel great. Why don't we go into the other room and sit down for a little while?"

Standing up, he nodded and followed her. "Okay."

"How long was I asleep, by the way?" she asked, walking out and sliding into the other room.

"Oh... about an hour, I think. I didn't really pay attention to that. I just looked at you."

There he went again. On the first day, he'd kept staring at her, and he always stared at her. And now, when she'd been asleep, he was staring at her. It was like he was trying to figure out who she reminded him of or something. She sat down in the dark purple chair, which had apparently been named hers, and Edward sat in the blue one; his. "So... how was today before I got here? I mean, what did you do?"

"Oh..." His fingers snipped, like he couldn't figure out what to say. "The usual, I suppose. I did some gardening, and I tried to hold a paintbrush so I could do something more."

"Oh, wonderful! Could you actually hold it?"

"For about five seconds... before it fell to the floor."

"Well, that's better than nothing. I'm so happy to see you trying new things, Edward. See? You can do this stuff. You just have to put your back into it - give it a little extra effort. You can do anything you want to."

He looked down, blushing a little bit. "Mmm..." He glanced back up at her, shifting his position. "So, Harper... did you find your new guitar yet? Could you find a music store?"

She blinked. Oh, right. "Yeah, well..." She giggled. "There's no music store in town that sells instruments, apparently. The closest one that sells stuff like that is in Burbank, which is four hours each way, up and back, by car." She grinned. "Hey! Crazy idea - why don't you come with me? We could pick out one together. I bet we could even have it custom-designed any way we like."

At this point, he shook his head violently. "No... no, I never want to go back there. Never going back down."

Harper furrowed her brow, lightly reaching over and placing her hand very carefully over his. "Why not, Edward? What's the matter? You can tell me. I'm your friend, remember? I mean... if you don't want to go, I'll go by myself. I don't have to take you with me. I just figured you'd get lonely if I was gone for eight hours one day..." She swished some of her hair back, never taking her eyes off his. "And you... don't have to tell me. But I'd like it if you did. It would make me feel good."

"Not ready."

Harper sighed. There was no serious conversing with him when he reverted back into child mode. "Alright, Edward. You don't want to go with me. I get it. I'll go alone. And, I mean, who knows? Burbank's a pretty dangerous city. I'll take a gun - that way, if there's trouble, I can fight off whoever's trying to sneak a peek at my panties."

That got Edward going, his cheeks tinting pink a little. "Nobody would do that! Not to you!"

"You'd be surprised at the many people who would. But I have my daddy's gun, and I got a license for it. If I fire it at a rapist, it's technically counted as self-defense, and I might only have to spend one night in jail."

"... Jail?" His face fell, and he stood up swiftly, looking out the window at the town below. "Jail. Nobody will take you to jail."

"If I fire off that gun, and actually manage to shoot somebody, I'll spend the night in a cell."

Edward looked back at her, an unpleasant expression adorning his features. It was a mix of something like pity and anger. He just looked at her for a few minutes, but finally he spoke. "... I'll think about it."

She grinned. "Yay!"

"I didn't say yes for sure."

"But you implied it!" She clapped, beaming. "Road trip! Road trip!" she chanted. "Come on, with me, Edward! Road trip, road trip, road trip! We're goin' on a road trip!"

Edward sighed, sitting back down. "Road trip."

"Road trip, babeh!" She began dancing happily. "Viva Las Vegas!"