Episode Tag: Sabotage

Prompt: 026 Teammates

A/N: Don's final comment can be taken as sarcastic or not… depending on how you want to read it.


Alan smiled as he watched the group interacting. Charlie was giving David and Terry a lecture on mathematics, while Don and Amita spoke about her involvement with the consulting. The mood was relaxed and jovial, everyone unwinding after a successful – but stressful – case.

As he took some empty plates through to the kitchen, Alan took another look at Don and Amita. If he didn't know better, he'd have thought they were flirting – but surely it was just being friendly. After all, Amita liked Charlie, and he liked her as well. They just hadn't gotten around to telling each other yet.


Charlie watched from the corner of his eye as Don and Amita talked. He could clearly remember Don's earlier comment, and couldn't help but be a little concerned. Don had always been more popular with women than he had, whether in high school or in adult life.

Then he had to wonder whether or not he had the right to feel territorial about Amita. She was a beautiful, intelligent girl – no, woman – and could have any man she wanted. Just because he didn't know of any recent boyfriends didn't mean there weren't any, and it wasn't as though he'd told her of his thoughts.

But the fact remained that she was his student – and he felt reluctant to ask her out while she was.

Sighing, he turned back to the conversation, idly dropping a hand to stroke Zillah's head as she nuzzled his side.


Don caught the concerned look that Charlie sent him, and toned down his smiles. He kept forgetting that Amita was Charlie's girl, even if it wasn't official. They'd make a great couple eventually, he knew. He'd just have to admire Amita without making a move on her.

He'd treat her like a team mate - after all, it was working so well with Terry.