This is a collection of three drabbles (100 word stories) plus a double drabble (200 word story). I plan on writing fanfics for the other 60 themes on the 64damn_drabbles community on LiveJournal. Not sure if they will all be 'Hey Arnold' but I hope so, as this fandom has so much love, but could always do with more :)

The drabbles are stand alone and can be read in any order.

Five Hundred Words

~Arnold and Helga Drabbles

First One Hundred

Inspired by theme #01 ~ 2am

It was 2am, and Helga once again found herself outside Sunset Arms. The air was bitter-cold. Helga shivered, pulling her jacket around her. No lights were on in the building so Helga made do with simply staring up at the roof in the low glow of the street-lamps, reminiscing over the times she spent there. Since Arnold moved away, she found sleep hard to come by. Every night she wandered her way to Vine Street just to wait and watch in the dark – knowing that he no longer slept in that attic bedroom. Knowing he was lost to her.