Five Hundred Words

~Arnold and Helga Drabbles

Final Two Hundred

Inspired by theme #46 ~ dust

Helga was finally moving out of the Pataki home.

"What would you like me to do?" her fiancé asked as they entered her bedroom. Biting back the temptation to reply "me" and whisk him over to the bed, she paused.

"Hmm... you could put those books into that box for me." He looked at the bookshelf and nodded his football-head.

"Whatever you say, Helga."

Helga took the closet, placing clothes into suitcases and avoiding Arnold as he stretched up to gather the books from the top shelf. Suddenly, the off-balance books tipped, and one dropped to the floor. Dust dispersed from the neglected shelf. Arnold coughed as he bent to pick up the pink book.

"You ok, Arnold?" Helga asked, popping her head out of the closet. She froze. He was sitting on her bed, reading one of her old poetry books! "What are you doing, Football-Head!" she screeched, "That's private!" She strode over and tried to yank it from his grip, but he pulled her into a hug.

"You should write more poetry. It's beautiful"

"If you like that old junk, then you'll love what I've written for our wedding.."