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"Are you sure you have to go?" the man behind the large oak desk, wearing the expensive suit, asked Olivia Benson, Special Victims Unit lead detective, as she got out of her seat.

"I'm sure," Olivia replied. "I've got work."

"Right," the man said, nodding. "Before you go, uh, tell me about Elliot."

"Elliot?" Olivia questioned, surprised.

The man smirked. "Yeah, you know him, don't you?"

"He's just this guy at work, why?"

"Just this guy?" the man asked, sipping his brandy. "Come on, poppet. He's more than that."

Olivia sighed. "He's my partner, my best friend. He's, I don't know, he's Elliot."

"You are aware that I know everything that goes on in this city, and I know everything about you, everything about him. You're in love with him," the man said, rising from his chair.

Olivia scoffed. "You don't honestly think..."

"Why are you so afraid of it?" the man asked, interrupting her. "Is it the idea of..." he paused to make a disgusted face, "Having sex with him?"

"What?" Olivia gasped with a shocked laugh. "No! No, I mean, I could have sex with Elliot. If there was a blue moon, and I had enough whiskey in me, and the world were finally crime-free and peaceful, I could have sex with Elliot."

The man smirked. "So you're afraid of being in love with him." He watched Olivia scoff and shake her head. "He's in love with you, too, ya know."

Olivia looked at him, stunned, for a moment. "He's married."

"Yeah, for, like, another five minutes," the man said, stepping closer to her.

Olivia put her hand on the doorknob. "I gotta go," she said quickly.

"Goodbye, poppet," the man said, pulling her into a hug.

Olivia patted his back gently. "Goodbye, Dad."

"Sorry I'm late," Olivia said, walking into the bullpen. She saw Elliot, smiling up at her, and shook the thoughts her father had given her away. "What have we got?"

Elliot got out of his chair and handed her a pink slip. "Body on Thirty-Ninth and Broadway," he said. "I was waiting for you."

"Great," Olivia muttered. She nodded at Munch, Fin and Cragen, then followed Elliot out.

"Why were you late?" Elliot asked, as they waited for the elevator.

Olivia chuckled. "I was only late by five minutes!"

"Yeah," Elliot agreed, "But you are usually the first person here besides me. And why didn't you want me to pick you up this morning?" They stepped into the lift and Elliot pushed the button for the lobby.

"I got a ride, El," Olivia said. "I was, uh, visiting someone."

Elliot leaned over and whispered, "Your father?"

"Yeah," Olivia sighed.

"I'd like to meet him, Liv," Elliot said. "Look, I know you don't want anyone to know you found him, and I'm the only one who does..."

"Because you helped me find him," Olivia interjected.

"Whatever," Elliot said, rolling his eyes. "My point is, I don't know why you're keeping him this big secret. It's been almost three years! It's not like he's a serial killer or anything, right?"

Olivia's eyes widened slightly as she cleared her throat and said, "Right. Yeah, he's, uh, not a serial killer."

"Okay, so what's the problem, baby?" Elliot asked, stepping out of the sliding doors.

"Baby?" Olivia questioned. Then she brushed it off. "El, I just wanna get to know the man before I introduce him to two dozen cops."

"I'm only one cop," Elliot said. "As your partner, as you best friend, I reserve the right to meet him before anyone else does."

Olivia chuckled. "You will," she said, stepping toward the car. "Eventually," she added.

"Oh, hey, uh, Kathy kinda wants me out of the house for a few days," Elliot said, as if it was normal. "Something I said, or did, so uh, can I..."

"Yeah, you can," Olivia sighed. "Your room is right where you left it."

"I still can't believe you bought a townhouse," Elliot chuckled, pulling out of his parking spot.

"I didn't," Olivia said. "I told you, it was a gift. My father's trying to prove..."

"That he's not a raping psycho, I know," Elliot said, rolling his eyes. "Are you upset that your mother lied to you?"

Olivia shrugged. "I'm still not sure she did. Ya know, she was drunk. She probably remembers it being a rape, since she was so trashed...anyway, I can't ask her about it now, can I?"

Elliot sighed and shook his head. "No, I guess you can't," he said.

They talked, more than they had in a while, as they drove to the scene, and when they arrived and stepped out, Olivia was met by Don Stefano, a uniformed officer from their precinct.

"Olivia, I..."

"No," Olivia said, cutting him off. "You ask me every day, Donny, and I always say no. Just give it up."

Don shook his head. "I can't do that, Detective Benson. We could be great together," the young cop said.

Olivia rolled her eyes. "Well, tacos and peanut butter could be great together, but I'm not gonna slather some Jiffy on a chalupa to prove it."

Don chuckled and sighed, walking away from her.

Elliot was trying to hold in a laugh, but couldn't. "You really don't wanna go out with him, huh?"

"Not in the least," Olivia said, walking toward the body. "What have we got, Melinda?"

Melinda Warner, the medical examiner, looked up and said, "She was definitely raped. But cleaned. With bleach and ammonia. She was killed with a single shot to the head. The bullet's gone, Detectives. Your killer knows what he's doing."

"Professional hit?" Elliot questioned.

Olivia closed her eyes and gritted her teeth. "No, El," she said, shaking her head. "It was a mob hit."

"How the...yeah, I guess it could be," Elliot said. He looked up at Olivia and saw the evil look in her eyes. "Liv, what's that look for?"

"You said you wanted to meet my father, right?" Olivia asked, raising an eyebrow.

Elliot nodded, biting his lip. "Yeah, babe, but is now really a good..."

"Now is perfect," Olivia said. She rose to her feet, pulled out her cell phone, and dialed the second number on her speed-dial. The first was Elliot. She waited for him to pick up, then said, "Dad? You're getting company."

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