It was a warm Friday morning , and a young orange haired half human half soul reaper was awoken to the feeling so something soft hitting his cheeks. Ichigo finally opened his eyes to find Kon, the annoying mod soul trapped in a stuffed lion's body in directly front of his face. "What the hell do you think your doing Kon? It's too early for this crap!" Ichigo yelled picking Kon by the head and throwing him full force into the closet causing it to shake.

The closet door opened up swiftly as a young annoyed raven haired soul reaper stepped out folding her arm's. "Yeah your right Ichigo it's too early in the morning for all this noise, every day it's the same thing I wake up to you two making a ruckus, CAN'T A GIRL HAVE A LITTLE PEACE AND QUIET?" Rukia screamed at the top of her lungs turning red in the face and breathing heavily afterward.

"Well out of me and Kon your the one who's been the loudest Rukia." Ichigo replied back in a slightly smart/ slightly annoyed tone.

Rukia growled and clenched her fist angrily. "Oh shut up! "Rukia yelled again kicking Kon at Ichigo, but Ichigo moved out the way allowing Kon to fly past him and out the window. Rukia went bach into Ichigo's closet and slammed the door behind her. She exited the closet a few minuets later fully dressed in her high school uniform and walked past Ichigo and jumped out his window landing on Kon. Rukia walked angrily down the street as she was on her way to school, "Ahhhh stupid Ichigo! All I wanted wanted was some peace and quiet, not having to wake up to him and Kon fighting every morning. It's drives me crazy it's makes me want to scream ARGGGGGGG!" Rukia yelled knelling down pulling her hair in anger.

"Is there something wrong Rukia?" A taller girl asked with carrot orange hair and two ice-cycles shaped hair pin on each side of the hair

"Oh Orihime good morning." Rukia said regaining her composure and forcing a smile.

"Rukia what's wrong you so pale, are you not feeling well?" Orihime asked placing her hand on top or Rukia's forehead so feel if the girl had a feaver. "Maybe you should go see the nurse when we get to school."

"Oh no I'm fine Orihime." Rukia throwing her hands up. "I've just been tried that all, the soul reaper women's club has been running long lately because our president, eleventh squad lieutenant Yachiru Kusajishi won't let us leave until we all make her a snack to eat. When I finally get back to the real world its really late at night and I only sleep three maybe four hours at the most. Then to make matters worse that stupid Ichigo and Kon are always making noise in the morning."

"I see well a girl dose need her beauty rest, Rukia I've got the perfect idea!" Orihime cheerful said clapping her hand together. "Why don't you spend the weekend at my place it will be just us girls, and their will be no Kon or Ichigo to wake you up in the morning."

Rukia's mad scowl quickly turned into a smile."You really mean it Ohihime? Rukia's asked grabbing Orihime's hands.

"Yes of course Rukia what do you think friends are for?"

"Thank you so much Orihime." Rukia replied back parising Orihime as if she were a saint.

"Don't mention it Rukia, so do you want to meet me after school, in front of the school gates?"

"Sorry I'm supposed to take my gigai to Kisuke for some maintenance work, it hasn't been moving the way I want it to lately." Rukia held out her twitching hand trying to close it but found it rather difficult.

"Oh you mean Mr. Urahara, would you mind if I went with you? He has the most delicious candy in all the world." Orihime said using her arms to make a giant circle.

"Not at all Orihime I'd love it if you came" Rikia said before letting out a giant yawn.

"Maybe you should sleep in the nurses office, you look so pale the nurse really will think your sick." Orihime rubbing Rukia's back trying to comfort her.

"Yeah I think I will." Rukia said weakly.

Later that morning Ichigo walked into his class room with his trademark scowl looking around the class room. "Man where the hell is Rukia? First she storms out of my room, and now she's no where to be found."

"Good morning Ichigo." Orihime polity greeted him.

"Oh hey Orihime." Ichigo said with a slightly said cold tone.

"If your looking for Rukia, well she's sleeping in the nurses office."

"What is their something wrong with her? Is she sick?" Ichigo asked worriedly grabbing Orihime by her shoulders.

Orihime was shocked by Ichigo's sudden actions but realized that he was just worried about Rukia. Calm down Ichigo, Rukia's just sleeping because she isn't getting enough at night."

"Oh is that it? Ichigo said calming down. "Man don't scare me like that, you nearly gave me a heart attack Orihime.

"Oh I'm sorry Ichigo I did not mean to make you worry, I wanted to tell you that Rukia will be spending the weekend at my house so please do not be concerned if she dose not come home tonight."

"Oh well I guess it's ok." Ichigo said looking away. "Have fun I guess." Were Ichigo's final words before going to his seat.

It was now 3 pm and school was now over Orihime waited at the front gates for Rukia. Rukia shortly met Orihime looking slightly less pale as some color returned to her skin tone. "Oh their you are Rukia your looking a lot better then you did this morning."

"Thanks Orihime I slept the whole morning and went to afternoon classes so I'm doing a little better thanks to your advice."

"Then let's head over to Mr. Urahara's place to we could enjoy our super awesome fun weekend! Orihime cheered throwing her hands in the air.

"Yeah let's do that...Orihime." Rukia said flatly with sweat dropping from the side of her forehead.

After a short walk from the school Rukia and Orihime arrived at Kisuke's shop with Kisuke waiting out side to meet them. "Welcome Rikia, Orihime glad you could make it, why don't you both come inside." He said with a smug look on his face.

Both girls entered the shop and were seated at a table. "Here you go please have some tea" A small girl wearing a white shirt and a pink skirt with floral patterns and wore brown sandal's on her feet sat down three cup's filled with hot green tea.

"Thanks Ururu." Kisuke said taking a sip of his tea. "So what seems to be the problems Rukia."

"It's this Gigai Kisuke, I can't move in it properly." Rukia shows Kisuke her twitching hand.

With out a word Rukia feels something touch her forehead and her soul and thrown out of her gigai and land's on her back. "Hey why don't give me a warning before you do something like that!" Rukia yells now in her soul reaper form.

"This gigai look's like it's been through hell." Kisuke tells her bluntly but then smiles. "Oh well theirs nothing we can do about it now with all the stuff you've been through sense you met Ichigo it was bound to malfunction sooner or later. Come back tomorrow and your gigai will be as good as new."

"But what am I supposes to do, I can't stay in my soul reaper form until tomorrow?"

"You're right, hey Ururu you mind grabbing Rukia here a sub gigai out of the basement for me?"

"Yes sir." Ururu then scurried off to the basemant to look for the Sub gigai's. Urura look the countless boxes until she found a box the red tape sealing it shut reading "Sub Gigai's" As strong as Ururu was she had problems removing the tape, in the end she was able to get the tape to un-peeled and open the box. Ururu took one of the gagia's out the carried it up stairs. "Here you are." Ururu smiling handing the sub Gigai to Rukia.

"Thank you." Rukia riplied as she stood up and merged her soul with the gigai.

Kisuke noticed the peace of red tape stuck on Ururu's skirt and began to worry. "Ururu from what box did you get that sub gigai from?"

"A box with red tape sealing it sir." The girl replied

Kisuke's eyes shot out his head with fear. "Rukia Stop don't merge your soul with that gigai!" Kisuke yelled getting up trying to stop her but it was too late, Rukia had completely merged with the gigai.

"What's the matter-" Rukia's whole body pulsed, then waves of pain spread-ed throughout her whole body as she fell to the floor.

"Rukia's whats wrong?" Orihime asked trying to ease her pain by rubbing her back.

"AHHHHHHHHHH!" Rukia screamed as big burst of light her spirit energy left her body. Rukia's glowed so bright that it could not been seen as more of her spirit energy left her body until she had no more. Once Rukia's stopped glowing and the pain was gone she stood up to find Orihime in front of her.

"R-Rikia are you ok?" Orihime asked with a horrified look on her face.

"I'm fine Orihime but when did you get so big?"

Orihime reached in her school bag and pulled out a mirror and showed it to Rikia. "Rukia I'm not the one who's gotten bigger, you're the one who's gotten small. Rukia saw her reflection in the mirror and saw a smaller version of her self who looked at lease five of six years old.

"W-W-What happened to me?" Rukia yelled now freaking out.

"I'm sorry Rikia." Kisukesaid bowing in font of her.

"What do you mean you're sorry what did you do to me?" Rikia asked angrily.

"That gigai that Ururu gave you was a defect. That gagai drains the spirit energy of any soul reaper who enters it and shrinks the soul down to the size to a toddler, then creates a block keeping the soul from absorbing spirit energy."

"What? Then get me out of this thing now." Rukia demanding pulling the at the gagia's skin.

"No can do, if I were to remove your shrunken unstable soul from the gagia right now, you would surly die."

"Why would Rukia die Mr. Uarhara?" Orihime asking very concerned.

"It's like I said before, right now Rukia's soul is unstable because it shrunk down to child size, taking her soul out of the gagai would be like taking a fish out of water."

"So you mean I'm stuck like this?" Rukia's asked as she trembled with fear, her eyes were so wide that looked like they were dilated."

"No in due time your soul will adapt sooner or later, I'd give to two day's or so, after that I can safely remove your soul from the gigai. Once that happen's your soul will start to absorb spirit energy again and you will return to normal."

"So I'm stuck like this the whole weekend." Rukia looked like she was about to cry be was hugged from behind by Orihime.

"So cute!" Orihime yelled turning Rukia around and hugging tight smothering her with her breast.

"Orihime What are you doing?" Rukia asked gasping for air trying to catch her breath.

"But Rukia you really are cute, so cute it made me want to hug you." Orihime said smiling. "And where going to have so much fun this weekend just you and mw ok."

"Yeah but-" Rukia was about to speak but was cut off by Kisuke.

"There's nothing that can be done right now Rukia, by Sunday night your original gigai will be fixed and this will all seen like a dream."

"Guess I have no chioce then" Rukia said as she sighed heavily but was grabbed and pulled by the hand by Orihime.

"Come on Rukia lets go start our Super fun awsome weekend! yaaaaaaaaaaa!" Orihime cheered as she dragged Rukia out the door.