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Orihime carried Rukia to the dinner table and sat her down on three telephone books so she could reach the table. When Rukia was sat down the first thing she noticed was how thick her diaper was. Her leg's were wedged apart and her bottom felt as if it were one or two inches off the books she was sitting on. "What's wrong Rukia?" Orihime asked sitting a slice of pizza down in front of her. "Is the diaper uncomfortable?" Orihime asked poking the soft material in between Rukia's tiny legs.

"No Orihime, their nice and comfortable just like Usagi said they would be." Rukia's voice was getting lower and lower as she spoke, she was still trying to get over the shock from being tricked and getting diapered by Orihime.

"Here take a bite of your pizza Rukia, it's really good." Orihime held the slice of pizza in front of Rukia's mouth as she bit into it.

Rukia eyes popped open as the taste of the pizza was indescribably good. "Wow this Pizza stuff taste great Orihime." Rukia then took a bigger bite from the pizza and missing Orihime's fingers by a centimeter.

Afraid that she almost accidentally got bitten by Rukia, Orihime sat the remainder of the slice of pizza down on Rukia's plate. "Rukia can it be that this is your first time eating pizza?" Orihime asked.

"Yeah." Rukia replied what her mouth still filled with food. "They don't have food like this in the Soul Society, and the only food I eat here is the food that Ichigo's little sister cooks."

"Well now that where spending time together, you can eat all sorts of different foods." Orihime said holding up another slice of pizza in front of Rukia.

Like the other slice Rukia took a huge bite from it and swallowed it quickly, this time Orihime knew when to move her fingers away so she would not get bitten by the shrunken pizza demolishing soul reaper.

After eating another slice of pizza Rukia was incredibly full as she rubbed her belly in comfort. "Rukia would you like some juice?" Orihime asked while cleaning the plates from the table.

"Juice?" Rukia asked quizzically." Oh you mean that sweet water Ichigo always gets for me at school, yes I would like some." Rukia said. Rukia wanted to get down from the chair but because of the books she had been sitting on Rukia was pretty high up and was debating with herself if she wanted to risk the jump or not. Rukia decided to jump and landed on the feet but then lost her balance thanks to the thickness of the diaper and fell back landing on the diaper rump. Rukia looked up and saw Orihime standing over her again.

"Rukia you shouldn't do dangerous thing like that you might get hurt next time. Orihime playfully scolded. Orihime picked Rukia and carried her to the kitchen and sat her on the counter while Orihime dug through the cabinet look for some cups.

Rukia looked up and saw something round and had a rubber piece sticking out from it." Orihime what"s that thing up their?" Rukia asked pointing.

"This thing? It's a bottle." Orihime said handing it to Rukia."This is what kids who wear what you wearing around you waist drink out of."

"You mean babies drink from this right?" Rukia said annoyed." But I thought babies drink from their mother breast?"

"Yes that is true, but in this day an age babies need more than just milk, so people invented a way so babies could drink other liquids but in the same manner as drinking from the breast.

"Wow you humans sure do make some interesting things!" Rukia said completely amazed. "So dose this rubber part act as the nipple where the baby drink's from, I really don't see how anyone can drink from this thing.

Orihime giggled at Rukia's clueless-ness. "Here then let me show you then."Orihime said taking the bottle from Rukia and filling it up with fruit punch flavored juice. Orihime then screwed the top back on the bottle and stuck the nipple of the bottle into Rukia's mouth, Orihime then squeezed the bottle allowing the juice to squirt into Rukia's mouth as she started to drink from it. "You see Rukia all you do is keep sucking on the rubber part of the bottle and the liquid will come squirting into your mouth." Orihime picked up Rukia and carried her to the couch and lied Rukia across her lap as she continued to drink from the bottle until it was empty. "So how was your first time drinking from a bottle?" Orihime asked picking up Rukia and placing her over her shoulder.

"I-it was really hard to drink from that thing." Rukia said out of breath. "It took every thing I had just to get a little juice out of this contraction." Rukia took the bottle and threw it on the couch.

Orihime giggled again. "Maybe you just weren't doing it right." Orihime said as she started to rub Rukia's back.

"Well maybe you can tell me how-" Rukia stopped when she felt some pressure in her stomach, and was slowly rising into her chest. "Orihime I-" Rukia said as the pressure got more intense by the second.

"It's ok Rukia just let it go." Orihime said she kept rubbing Rukia back until she let out a giant burp along with a little drool.

"Y-you mind warning me before you do that next time." Rukia said breathing heavily with her head on Orihime chest.

"Sorry Rukia, but that's what a mommys dose to her baby after feeding them a bottle." Orihime said still rubbing Rukia's back trying to help her catch her breath.

"I did not know being a baby in the human world was so complicated, they such thick diapers that you can't walk properly in, and they drink from a devices that is hard to drink from."

Orihime giggled again buy suddenly became serious. "Hey Rukia, I hope I'm not forcing this forcing this baby stuff on you or anything? All of this is cute an all, but if it's too much then we can just stop right now ok."

"Don't be silly Orihime!" Rukia exclaimed. "You've been answering all my silly question all night and letting me experience them first first hand, So to answer your first question no I don't think your forcing this baby stuff on me. It's thank to you that I'm not freaking out right now because my soul is trapped in this stupid gigai. I am also grateful to you for letting me stay here when I was having problems at Ichigo's house. " Rukia said then letting off a long yawn.

Orihime now was satisfied with Rukia's answer."Looks like babies getting now sleepy isn't she?" Orihime looked down and saw that Rukia was snoring softly. "I guess we could start our super happy fun weekend when you wake up in the morning Rukia." Orihime picked Rukia up and carried her to her bed room and placed Rukia down in the bed and covered her up. Orihime who had forgotten to change out of own clothes because she was dealing with making Rukia comfortable went over to her dresser and pulled out a long light pink nightgown and removed her clothes and replaced them with her sleepwear. She hopped in the bed with Rukia and fell asleep with her arm's wrapped around Rukia.

Rukia woke up in the middle of the night to the feeling of Orihime's long soft hair in her face and her arms wrapped around her entire body. Rukia thought to her self. " This feel good, been snuggled up next to Orihime like this!" Rukia then tried to tuck her body closed to Orihime's, when she felt Orihime's hand slide past her stomach causing a tickling sensation in the stomach and that made her jump and giggle at the same time.

"I'm going to get you, and I'm going to eat you up!" Orihime said in her sleep.

Rukia was softly laughing at to herself. "I wonder what kind of silly dream Orihime's having?" Rukia then felt Orihime slowly flexing her finger across Rukia's stomach slightly tickling her again, but this Rukia could resist laughter as she could not get away from Orihime's grip.

"Is she doing this on propose?" Rukia asked trying to pry herself from Orihime's grip, but she was in a real bind because she did not have the strength to move Orihime's arm's and the thickness of her diaper kept her leg's from moving the way she wanted so she could get free

Orihime woke up from hearing Rukia's laughter. "What's so funny Rukia?" Orihime said rubbing her eyes sleepily.

"Whats wrong? You were having some strange dream and tickling me in your sleep that wrong." Rukia said.

"Hehe! I sorry Rukia, I tend to cling to things in my sleep, that why I always sleep with Usagi or any of my other stuff animals."

Rukia let out a sigh and smiled. "You know Orihime, you have that sweet and innocent side to you where know one can stay mad at you for long, but it's a good thing you stopped when you did or I would have had an accident."

"Well you don't have anything to worry about Rukia, that's what your diaper is for silly." Orihime said poking Rukia's diaper. "Now let's get you changed!" Orihime said happily.

"Changed? But I didn't-" Rukia looked down and saw her diaper was discolored in the front. "But wait, when did I?" Rukia asked shocked.

"It must have happened when I was tickling you in my sleep, you were probably laughing too much to even notice that you'd had wet yourself. "Orihime reached under her bed and took out the bag with the diapers and took out a small changing mat and spread-ed across her bed, Orihime then lied Rukia down on the mat and untapped her wet diaper.

"Orihime it's ok I think I can change myself!" Rukia said in a low tone blushing.

"Oh and I thought you were going to say 'not another diaper', but I guess you really do like wearing them don't you Rukia?" Orihime said as she used the baby-wipes to wipe Rukia privets.

"No that not what I-" Rukia was cut off when Orihime shoved a pacifier in Rukia's mouth.

"Now this what mommies use on babies when they get fussy." Orihime then took the baby-powder and sprinkled some on Rukia's privet then took the powder puff again and used it to spread it across Rukia's diaper area and repeated the process on her bottom also. Rukia was in heaven when the wonderful smell of the powder entered her nose, she no longer wanted to fight Orihime, she lied their with her eyes closed involuntary sucking on the pacifier Orihime had put in her mouth.

"I love that scent it smells so wonderful." Rukia thought to herself as her bottom was lifted in the air and a fresh diaper was slid underneath, the diaper was brought in between her legs and was tapped up tightly. "Thank you Orihime." Rukia said blushing again.

"No need to thank me Rukia I enjoyed it. Orihime said smiling. "You see I always wanted a little sister of my own to take care of so I use my doll's as practice."

"You wanted a little sister Orihime?"

"Why yes Rukia, sense I live alone It get lonely by myself and I would always daydream about having a little sister to play with."

Rukia crawled over and laid her head down on Orihime's lap." Well you have one until this weekend it over with ok Orihime."

"I know Rukia and your a little cutie." Orihime said picking up Rukia and hugging her. " Lets get back to bed, the sun won't rise for another couple of hours." Both girls lied back in the bed the quickly fell asleep again.