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It was late at night at the Kurosaki house hold, Ichigo was sleeping sounding in his bed along with Kon who was sleeping near his feet at the end of his bed. Ichigo woke up to the sound of the phone ringing, he tosses to the other side of his bed ignoring the loud ringing sound hoping some else get up and answer it would answer it. No one else ever got up so Ichigo got up out of bed ready to tell off the person calling his house at that time of night. Ichigo walked down the hallway past his sister's room to the stair way where the phone was located, he picked it up and put it to his ear. "Hello?" Ichigo asked in a tired voice.

"Ichigo its Kisuke sorry for calling so late."

"It's Okay Kisuke, what is it, did something happen again?" Ichigo responded.

"Yes I'm afraid so, there's an emergency that needs your immediate attention, It involves Rukia!"

Ichigo straitened up from his post sleepy slump. "What is it Kisuke, did something happen to Rukia?" He asked worryingly.

"I think it will be better to just show you, can you meet me at my shop?" Kisuke asked.

"I'm on my way!" Ichigo hung up the phone and ran back to his room. He grabbed his substitute soul reaper badge off his desk and pressed it against his chest, his soul popped out of his body and he was now in his soul reaper form. Ichigo jumped out of his window and landed on the roof to his neighbor's house, from then he jumped from roof top, to roof top until arriving at Kisuke's shop. Ichigo was shocked to what he found, the side of the shop had a huge hole and the inside was a wreck, it looked like a battle had taken place inside. Jinta, Ururu, and Tessia were badly injured. "W-what in the hell happened here?" Ichigo yelled out.

"I'm glad you could make it Ichigo." Kisuke said grunting and limping over to Ichigo covered in blood.

"Kisuke are you Okay?" Ichigo ran to Kisuke's side and helped him down to the table, Kisuke was also badly injured his clothes were ripped up and had a deep slash across his back, Ichigo was real careful not to aggravate any of Kisuke's injuries when setting down. "Alright Kisuke now tell he what the hell happened here?" Ichigo demanded.

"It was a hollow." Kisuke replied.

"What a hollow did all of this, and why didn't my soul reaper badge go off?" Ichigo asked.

"That hollow we fought is a rare type of hollow, it has the ability to steal and seal sprit energy to make it's self stronger and it's enemies weaker, you see the gigai that Rukia is currently trapped in was made from that hollow, that's why she was drained of her sprit energy and was sealed up after wards."

"What? why would make such a thing in the first place?" Ichigo yelled grabbing Kisuke by the collar if his shirt.

I thought maybe we could use it to trap Aizen, but now….." Kisuke drifted off. "Look Ichigo that thing will go after Rukia next, you need to find and kill it at once." He said weakly.

"Right I'm on it!" Ichigo said as he ran out of the shop in search of the hollow. It did not take long for Ichigo to find the hollow; it was in the park chasing a wandering sprit trying to eat it. Ichigo quickly reacted and took his sword off his back and undid the cloth wrappings on it. As the hollow grew closer trying to devour the sprit, Ichigo swung his sword at the ground creating a giant shock wave of raw energy. "Why don't pick on some one your own size you hollow scum!" Ichigo said fiercely.

He charged at the hollow with every intent on killing it with his first strike. The hollow caught Ichigo's sword with its claws, it then opened its mouth letting an ear shattering screech, the screeching sound made Ichigo extremely dizzy. Ichigo was too dizzy to stop the hollow from hitting him with its steel covered tail that sent him flying through the slides and swings. Ichigo slowly got up as the hollow was walking towards him, he charged full force at the hollow to only have his sword caught yet again, and Ichigo pulled his sword away from the hollows claws and jumped back. The hollow lunged at Ichigo with its razor sharp claws, he flash stepped away avoiding getting slashed and came flying down above that hollow's head. The hollow looked up and shot out a green beam from it's mouth, the beam hit Ichigo full force and he hit the ground, suddenly Ichigo felt himself getting weaker as his sprit energy was leaving his body and was being absorbed into the hollow's body making it bigger, Ichigo still was getting weaker and weaker and was feeling sick as the hollow walked closer bearing it's fangs. Ichigo lifted himself up with his sword and stumbled back, his vision was real burry as the blood trickled down his face. Ichigo gripped his sword with both hands and fired his getsuga tenshou at the hollow heavily injuring it but not killing it, but at the same time he was hit full force with a cero blast that send him flying into a wall making a huge crater behind. When all the smoke cleared the Hollow was gone and Ichigo cursed him self for letting the hollow get away and passed out from his injuries.

Rukia woke up the next morning, she tried flexing her injured arm and found that the pain was gone; Orihime must have used her powers to take away the pain from her dislocated arm. Rukia was extremely tired thanks to yesterdays events and the pain killers given to her by Yuzu. She rolled over on her side and saw her stuffed bunny rabbit Usagi lying right next her, she reached out grabbing the stuffed animal by its ear and pulled it towards her hugging it tightly.

"Awww! How cute Rukia, you look adorable hugging her like that!" Rukia looked over to see where the voice was coming from, it was Orihime who saw sitting across the bed brushing her hair trying to brush away her messy bed hair, and she was still wearing her night gown.

"Orwahime." Rukia said through the pacifier in her mouth, she blushed, one, not knowing how it got there in the first place, and two, at the fact Orihime was admiring her for hugging a stuffed animal.

Orihime walked over to Rukia and placed the small girl on her lap and began brushing her hair to get rid of Rakia's messy bed hair also, Rukia closed her eyes and sucked on her Pacifier in comfort enjoying the quality time she was currently spending with Orihime as today would be the last she could do all this with her.

After Orihime was finished combing Rukia's hair she laid her down on her back and up-zipped her footed sleeper. "Now then let's check and see how your diaper is doing." Orihime un-zipped the sleeper all the way back reviling Rukia's diaper to be soaked to the bone."

Rukia had horror in her eyes as she could not believe that she wet her self in her sleep, she spat her pacifier out in a panic."Could this be from the side effects from this gigai?" She asked her self. "Why did I..." Rukia looked like she was about to cry when Orihime placed her hand on her tummy trying to comfort her.

"Don't worry, Rukia the reason why you probably wet you diaper last night without you noticing is because of the medicine you were on last night, it kept you asleep the whole night, and with you being stuck in the form of a preschooler the medicine must have been extra effective towards you." Orihime's words calmed Rukia down as she was no longer shaking, she was glad to see that Rukia was not troubled anymore but was now faced with a different problem now.

"Thanks for reminding me how small I am Orihime!" Rukia pouted crossing her arms and turning her head give off a fake frown.

Orihime laughed and placed the pacifier back into Rukia's mouth and reached under her bed taking out another diaper and some powder and wipes. Orihime spread out a changing matt over her bed and placed Rukia on top and pulled back the clear tape holding the diaper together, Rukia shivered when the cool are hit the part of her skin that was covered by the diaper. After sliding the diaper from under her, Orihime pulled a couple of wet wipes from the plastic container of baby wipes and began wiping her neither regions clean. Orihime took a fresh diaper and slid it under her bottom; next she took the baby powder and sprinkled a large amount on Rukia's diaper area then took the powder puff to spread the soft powder across her skin. Once again Rukia was giggling to herself as Orihime glided the powder puff across her skin, she even playfully ran it across Rukia's tummy and inner thighs making her giggle even more which Orihime found to be cute. Last Orihime brought the diaper between Rukia's legs and tapped up the diaper using the clear diaper tabs.

"There now all finished." Orihime said giving Rukia's diaper a soft pat making the plastic outside material crinkle. Orihime then zipped Rukia's sleeper back up and picked her up by the arm pit's then supported Rukia with her arm's on the her diapered behind.

Rukia wrapped her legs around Orihime's waist and was carried out of the room while laying her head on Orihime's shoulders. Orihime walked over to the refrigerator and opened it up and took out a bottle filled with a pink substance. Rukia was then carried over to the couch and was laid down, her pacifier was taken out of her mouth and was left hanging thanks to a pink ribbon and a clip and was stuck onto her sleeper and was replaced with the bottle that was in Orihime's hands. Rukia used both hands to hold on the bottle and began to drink from it, the substance was nice and cool and it was sweet, it was strawberry milk. Orihime picked up at remote and turned on some cartoon's for Rukia to watch.

"Now you stay here and finish your bottle while I'll prepare breakfast ok." Rukia shook her head through the bottle while watching an American cartoon of a gray and white rabbit eating a carrot saying 'what's up doc' to a bald man with a shot gun.

After fifteen minuet's, Rukia was finished with her bottle, before she could even sit up Orihime had walked back over to the couch and picked Rukia up again and began patting patting back. "There, there just be a good girl and let it all out." Orihime said softly, she continued to stroke Rukia's back until she let out a huge bubbly burp. "Good girl." Orihime hugged and Rukia blushed.

Rukia was carried over to the table and was sat down on the telephone books; Orihime tied a bib around Rukia's neck then pulled up a chair next to her. Orihime picked up a bowl off the table; she dipped the spoon into the bowl and scooped the yellow mush that was inside. Rukia looked at the spoon full of mush rather confusedly. "Orihime what is that?" She asked.

"Mashed up banana's with cream and sugar." She said happily. "I heard it's good for babies to eat so I thought I'd give it a try."

Rukia was about to protest about being called a baby, but sense she has been treated like one the whole weekend by Orihime and allowed her to do so she remained quiet. "Open up for the air plain." Orihime said making plain noises, Rukia pouted some more but did what she was told. Her eyes shot open when Orihime put the spoon in her mouth, the mashed up bananas and cream had to be the best thing she had ever tasted in her life, she quickly swallow and opened her mouth for more. After breakfast Rukia was given another bottle and sat on Orihime's lap while she drank it, to Orihime's surprise Orihime felt Rukia's diaper get warm while sitting on her lap, but Rukia just continued to drink from her bottle while they both watch TV until late into the morning .

After watching cartoons for another couple of hours Orihime and Rukia were in the bathroom, Orihime was giving Rukia a bath, Rukia actually splashed around in the tub because it was filled with pink bubbles, Rukia had never taken a bubble bath before so was very happy to be in the water playing with a rubber ducky. Orihime let Rukia play around in the water for a while when she looked at the clock and saw that noon was fast approaching. Orihime took a towel and made it soapy thanks to the countless bubbles in the bathtub and proceeded to clean Rukia's body then rinse out her hair. She took a drying towel and quickly dried Rukia off and carried back to her room.

Rukia was lotioned from head to toe and a fresh pull-up was slid up her legs. Orihime wanted to hurry because she had a big surprise in store for Rukia and wanted her to look her best. Orihime tore through her closet and took out a pink and white dress with frills and laces on the hem of the dress and its sleeves, she pulled the dress over Rukia's body and then went on to fixing up Rukia's hair by tying a pink lacy ribbon in the back of her hair. "There we go; I got you looking all cute now!" Orihime said admiring her work.

"Wow Orihime this dress really is cute in all, but why would I be wearing it when we are just going to sitting around your apartment all day?" Rukia asked.

"Because your not going to be sitting around all day, you have a date today?" Orihime responded.

Rukia nearly choked. "What? A date?" She blushed. "With who, and why didn't I know about this."

"Hehe!" Orihime laughed mischievously. "You'll see in a minuet." She sung. Orihime took Rukia by the hand and walked her into the living room where Rukia relieved the shock of her life. Byakuya was standing in the living room wearing an all white Tuxedo with a top hat and silver cane.

"B-brother." Rukia was stunned.

"Rukia are you ready to go?" Byakuya asked.

"Go where? What is this all about?" Rukia asked still stunned.

"Well Rukia, you and you brother will be spending some quality time together with each other." Orihime said.

Rukia was speechless again when Byakuya walked up to her. "Let's get going Rukia." He said this turning his back and walked towards the door. Rukia followed closely behind.

Before Rukia walked out the door Orihime stopped her and handed a backpack in the shape of a rabbit. "Use this just in case ok." Orihime smiled. "I want you to have a good time and I'll meet you at Mr. Uraharra's place tonight."

Rukia ran up to Orihime and gave her a big hug. "Thank you Orihime for everything…I'm going to miss all this."

"Yeah…me to." Orihime said holding back the tears building up in her eyes. "Now get going, Orihime gave Rukia a playful swat on her padded behind and she was out the door.

An hour later Orihime was sitting on her couch think about the time she spent with little Rukia, her thought's was soon interrupted her she heard some banging at her door. "I'm coming!" Orihime yelled out. The person on the other side of the door kept banging relentlessly; Orihime approached the door with extreme caution. She slowly turned the door knob and opened the door. "Oh no Ichigo!" Orihime yelled hysterically. "Ichigo what happened to you." She asked. Ichigo was covered in blood, there was blood was still oozing from his head.

"Rukia's in trouble…..where is she?" Ichigo asked before passing out on Orihime's floor.

"Oh no Ichigo speak to me" Orihime yelled shaking him. "Ichigo please wake up." She cried. "Ichigo!"