Title: Motherless Child

Spoilers!: MAJOR SPOILER FOR SEASON 4 "A Day at the Office"

Summary: A little one-shot I wrote a while ago. It's set during "Kaddish" - a little scene we didn't see.

Disclaimer: I don't own Water Rats or the characters and I never will. They belong to the lovely Hal McElroy & co.

He brushed a hand across his eyes, he couldn't let himself cry. His eyes were forever glazed over, a thin layer of tears desperately wanting to give way. But he couldn't let them. He had to be strong like his grandfather. He knew if he did let them come, they'd take over his whole body and never stop. He wouldn't want them to stop. His heart ached, and a dull pain continuously surged throw his body, making him choke back sudden sobs. His ghostly pale face was a ghastly contrast to his dark hair, making him look ill. He wanted to be ill, and then he wouldn't have to face everyone. Yes, they were only trying to be nice, but he didn't want them. He wanted his mother. He wanted to hug her, hear her tell him to be a big brave boy, let her button up his shirt and fix his blazer. He could hear people saying how much he looked like her, which only made it hurt more. She was a beautiful woman, and a lot of people respected her, he had never understood why his father said such cruel words towards her. He hadn't even come today, not even for his son. So now there was no one to stand next to him, he had to face it alone. He straightened his back up, standing tall as his mother's colleagues walked into the quiet room, their faces also dejected. Each sent their personal condolences, offering cheerless smiles and some gently squeezing his hand as they walked on. One man, his mother's partner, stayed a short while. The boy liked him, the man and the boy had shed tears together once and it had felt good knowing that his mother had been really loved. But then the man also walked on, greeting the boy's grandfather, his mother's father. Next came a woman, who looked like she had cried a million tears, yet was still holding many back. Her short brown hair was scraped back and she wore no make-up. He recognised her as Helen, his mother's good friend. She stopped before she met him, titling her head back and just staring, grief pouring out through her expression. Then she ran towards him, pulling him into a tight hug which lasted for a small eternity before she pulled up. She tenderly brushed a hand through his hair, like his mother had so many times before. Subsequently she put an arm round his rigid shoulders, soothingly rubbing them as she stood next to him. Ready to face the battle they both had to partake. Rachel had been his mother and Helen had always acted as Rachel's mother. The loss was vast for the both of them, but together maybe they could get through it. Rachel would never be forgotten, everyone knew that. She had been a living legend. Now she was a legend and a role-model to her son and others. Both David and Helen stood together as mourners greeted them, proud of the woman they both knew so well, memories flooding through their brains.

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