You Found Me: Two Parkers!



Part One

"So we don't have any new cases?" Parker asked and Nate responded, "No." "So if I have to leave with Sophie then…" "What are you doing with me?" Sophie asked her blonde girlfriend. Parker smiled mischievously and Nate still trying to get used to them together, he excuse them both. "Do you want to go and meet my sister?" Parker asked and Sophie thought this is a big deal. Parker very private person wanted to bring Sophie in and so the Brit agreed to it.

"We are going to take a plane." Parker said and so they would going to go to Torrington, Connecticut. As they got on the plane, they remember the mile high job and Sophie turned to Parker recalling when she was flight attendant. Parker snickered a little and as they went on the plane. "Why now? Why take me to meet your sister know" Sophie asked and Parker responded, "Because I'm sleeping with you ."

For Parker that was the one of the best term of endearment. See with men that would be insulting for Parker that was one of her best…"it's also because we had sex one hundred feet away from the world, I stole the movie of one of our favorite books and I love you." Parker said and Sophie responded, "I love you too…" They kissed and Parker wanted to know. "Does your family know your gay or bi-sexual?" Parker asked and Sophie just shook her head. "No. They never got used to it." Sophie said and Parker just let it go. "There stupid. They gave birth to you, did your mother have stretch marks?" Parker asked and Sophie gave her that look. "Yes Parker!" Sophie exclaimed